Administrative Measures For The Protection Of Groundwater Resources In Nanjing

Original Language Title: 南京市地下水资源保护管理办法

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Administrative measures for the protection of groundwater resources in Nanjing

    (June 14, 2013 Nanjing municipal people's Government 9th Executive session on June 16, 2013, Nanjing Municipal Government announced order No. 295, come into force on August 1, 2013) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to standardize the protection and management of groundwater resources, rational development and utilization of underground water resources, promoting the sustainable use of groundwater resources, according to the People's Republic of China water law, Department of State of the water licensing and administration of water resources fee collection Ordinance, regulations on protection of water resources in Nanjing and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city of groundwater resources development, use, conservation, protection and management of the application of this approach. Groundwater resources in the third State.

    Groundwater resource management should follow a comprehensive plan, conservation priorities, rational development, science, mining the balance, the pollution prevention principle, give full play to comprehensive benefits of groundwater resources.

    Fourth municipal water conservancy administrative departments are competent administrative Department for protection and management of groundwater resources in the city, and its water resources management under the institutions specifically responsible for the day-to-day supervision and management of groundwater resources.

    Department of water administration in accordance with the classification of administrative permissions, is responsible for the protection and management of groundwater resources in their jurisdiction and supervision.

    Ministry of land and resources, housing and urban-rural development, planning, environmental protection and other administrative departments, according to the Division of responsibilities, and protection and management of groundwater resources.

    Article fifth municipal water resource development, utilization, conservation, protection of the main indicators in the comprehensive evaluation system of economic and social development, establish protection of groundwater resources management responsibility system and indicators for evaluation.

    Sixth article of any units and individuals have the obligation to protect groundwater resources has the right to destroy and pollute groundwater resources to stop the behavior and accusations and charges.

    Outstanding units and individuals to protect groundwater resources, municipal and district people's Government and the water conservancy administrative departments to give recognition and rewards.

    Chapter II plan

    Seventh of Municipal Department of water administration in conjunction with the relevant departments such as planning of groundwater resources protection plan, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Preparation of water resources protection planning should consult with relevant departments, experts, scholars and the public opinion.

    Groundwater resources protection plan should define the functions of groundwater district, establish the total amount of groundwater control lines, water use efficiency and water level control the red line, and with the national economic and social development planning, land use planning, urban planning and environmental protection planning in harmony.

    Division of groundwater when the Ribbon, it should be made clear and standby underground water source protection.

    Eighth municipal water conservancy administrative departments shall, together with the planning, land and resources and other relevant sectors delineation of groundwater mining area, restrictions on mining areas and mining areas, clear ground water exploitation and utilization planning of the line of control.

    Nineth water Administrative Department shall, jointly with relevant departments, the groundwater resources investigation and evaluation, as the basis for planning and implementation of groundwater resources. Article tenth water conservancy administrative departments shall establish a dynamic monitoring of groundwater resources sites and dynamic monitoring information system for on-line real time monitoring and monitoring information sharing.

    Monitoring of the daily management of the site by the units responsible.

    Chapter management

    11th total control, development and utilization of groundwater resources management system, adhere to the principles of optimal utilization, layered water intake, and conform to the underground water development and utilization planning and annual plan determines the recoverable amount, layout and take well water requirements. Article 12th municipal, district, water level water supply volume control system. Municipal water conservancy administrative departments according to the total amount of groundwater control, unified, groundwater water index, issued the plan.

    District Water Conservancy administrative departments according to the quota requirements and the situation of water users, water use plans to issue specific. 13th mining license for water drawing groundwater resources systems.

    Water unit or individual shall, in accordance with water metering water resources fee was paid to water conservancy administrative departments according to law.

    Article 14th mining of groundwater resources and its influence dewatering and drainage of underground engineering, Department of environmental protection administration prior to the approval of environmental impact assessment report shall seek the views of the water conservancy Administrative Department.

    Mining, underground drainage discharge of water for life and production operations, shall handle the water licensing procedures, pay a fee for water resources.

    15th under any of the following circumstances, not new construction, expansion, renovation of groundwater intake project:

    (A) meet or exceed the total annual plan recoverable by groundwater exploitation control;

    (B) groundwater levels significantly lower than the water level of water resources protection planning under control;

    (C) because of land subsidence caused by underground mining;

    (D) the coverage of water supply networks water supply can meet the demand;

    (E) with a surface water supply, to meet water needs;

    (F) the laws and regulations of other appropriate access to groundwater.

    16th-water units and water intake of individuals shall be installed in accordance with the national standard of water metering facilities and remote monitoring equipment, metering facilities should access dynamic monitoring information system of water resource management agencies, and ensure normal operation and use.

    Prohibiting unauthorized removal and replacement of measurement facilities. 17th existing water rights shall be made to the water resources management agency for filing procedures.

    Have not been checked shall, within one month following the enactment of these measures. 18th new construction, renovation or expansion projects require access to groundwater should organize water assessment, issued by the water-saving measures and supporting facilities design.

    Should be the main part of the project of construction project of water-saving facilities designed, constructed and put into use simultaneously.

    Completion of the construction project of water-saving facilities, the construction unit shall organize acceptance; acceptance or acceptance of unqualified, are not allowed to put into use.

    Article 19th-water units and individuals shall establish archives of water and water management systems, fill water report, annual monitoring of water quality and water levels of groundwater daily observation, security monitoring facilities intact. 20th sinking groundwater unit or individual shall, after obtaining the license for water, by construction units before construction qualification certificate and sinking construction programme to the water conservancy Administrative Department.

    Construction units shall in accordance with the programme of construction to prevent pollution of groundwater.

    After the completion of the article 21st water wells dug, to water resource management institutions should be transferred to the following information:

    (A) the floor plan of the area;

    (B) single column map;

    (C) single well water testing and water quality laboratory reports;

    (D) water intake equipment and measuring devices;

    (E) the laws, regulations and other information. 22nd is prohibited in cities, towns and other built-up areas using groundwater for ground-source heat pump systems.

    In other areas the use of ground source heat pump system using groundwater, the construction unit shall provide the water conservancy Administrative Department for water licensing procedures.

    Ground water source heat pump unit into the organization when it is completed, water conservancy administrative departments should be invited to participate.

    Article 23rd in addition to cities, towns and other built-up areas access to ground water used for ground-source heat pump systems shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) take credible measures to recharge, installation and production, irrigation and dual-use metering devices to ensure that water reaches the same aquifer;

    (B) the underground water supply tube and recirculation tube must not connected to municipal pipes;

    (C) the settings should avoid polluting ground water wells and formation, sinking wells and injection pipe should set the water sampling and monitoring;

    (D) for pumping water, recharge and water quality, water levels were monitored on a regular basis, and report the monitoring results water conservancy Administrative Department.

    24th ground source heat pumps, ground source heat pump system the employer shall, before construction of wells to water conservancy administrative departments shall submit the following information:

    (A) local hydrogeological investigation report;

    (B) sinking construction programme;

    (C) metering and monitoring facility design;

    (D) shaft sinking construction technology level material.

    25th article used units and individuals to stop using groundwater groundwater, should go through the water intake permit cancellation procedures.

    Surface water or tap water supply cannot meet demand, you need to re-enable has filled in well water, should renew the water licensing procedures.

    Fourth chapter protection Article 26th water wells should be based on soil type, water use, water delineation of the scope of protection.

    Mineral water source well delineation should be in accordance with the technical norms of the State protection list.

    Water well within the scope of protection the following actions are forbidden:

    (A) set the water seepage, seepage pits, pit toilet and garbage dumps;

    (B) stacking, landfills and toxic and hazardous substances;

    (C) the discharge of industrial waste water and domestic sewage;

    (D) other prohibited conduct stipulated in laws and regulations.

    27th well water in the muddy water, and the water level decline and collapse, metering devices or the spring fracture failure of exceptional conditions, such as, water units and individuals should immediately stop taking water and take appropriate protective measures, and report the water conservancy Administrative Department.

    28th reserve within the groundwater protection prohibit the following acts:

    (A) set the landfill, construction of polluting enterprises;

    (B) does not meet the State recharge of water poured into the underground water quality standards;

    (C) the use of, and sink into seepage wells pits, cracks and caves to discharge or dump toxic pollutants, waste water, sewage and other waste containing pathogens;

    (D) no effective measures to prevent the leakage of drains, playgrounds, pond, such as transportation or storage of toxic pollutants in wastewater, sewage and other waste containing pathogens;

    (E) the use does not comply with the relevant national irrigation water quality standard of wastewater for irrigation;

    (Vi) using sludge as fertilizer containing toxic pollutants;

    (VII) use highly toxic and high pesticide residues;
(VIII) other prohibited conduct stipulated in laws and regulations.

    Article 29th in the context of groundwater water recharge and jingliuqu, not new construction, renovation and expansion of have pollutant emissions of industrial projects; may not set up garbage, feces and easy to dissolve toxic waste dumps or transfer stations.

    Has built in a prescribed period of time, changing or moving.

    30th scrap, unused or unfinished construction of water source well, unit or programme of construction units should be prepared to fill out, and fill in the water Administrative Department under the supervision of water wells to prevent pollution of groundwater.

    31st underground mining or construction projects, different aquifers should be layered with water.

    Drainage of groundwater level decline, water sources dry up or ground collapse, mining or construction should take remedial measures on the lives of others and loss of production, should be compensated according to law.

    Hydrological monitoring, geological exploration drilling should be layered for the observation of water, after the rest of the hole should be at the end of the exploration block.

    Fifth chapter of supervision and inspection

    Article 32nd water conservancy administrative departments to carry out the following functions:

    (A) guiding, supervising and coordinating the protection and management of groundwater resources;

    (B) in conjunction with the planning and environmental protection departments to produce groundwater resources protection planning and designation of water function zones;

    (C) organize the implementation of total quantity control of water project;

    (D) groundwater water licensing rights, supervise and inspect the implementation of water resources fee levy system;

    (E) other duties stipulated by laws and regulations.

    Article 33rd water resources management institutions shall perform the following duties:

    (A) be responsible for the day-to-day supervision and management of groundwater resources;

    (B) organize the implementation of groundwater resources protection plan;

    (C) the supervision and inspection of water use, water conservation and implementation of the plan;

    (D) organizations to carry out surveys of groundwater resources, registration and documentation;

    (E) the arrangement of groundwater resources in the supervision and inspection stations and dynamic monitoring of groundwater resources;

    (Vi) other duties stipulated by laws and regulations.

    Article 34th administrative departments in charge of land and resources of geothermal, mineral exploration, supervision and management of mining permits.

    Department of housing and urban-rural construction administration responsible for ground-source heat pump system construction and operation supervision and administration.

    Environmental protection Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and management of prevention and control of pollution of underground water resources.

    Article 35th of water resource management should establish a regular inspection system, strengthen inspections preservation and utilization of groundwater resources.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    36th article violates these rules, rights should fill the well water well fails to fill, by the water conservancy Administrative Department ordered corrective action and fined not more than 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan each.

    37th article violates these rules, before sinking construction in construction qualification of water conservancy administrative departments for the record has not been proved and sinking construction programme, unauthorized construction, rectification by the water conservancy administrative departments, it fails, fined a maximum of 3000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan each, well supervised by the water conservancy Administrative Department units to be filled within the right.

    38th article violates these rules, unauthorized mines or underground construction of dewatering and drainage for the production of life, in accordance with the State of the water licensing 48th and water resources fee collection management Ordinance stipulates that punishment.

    39th article violates these rules, resulting in pollution of groundwater, by the Department of environmental protection in accordance with the People's Republic of China water pollution prevention law and the Nanjing water environmental protection regulations will be punished.

    40th water conservancy administrative departments who violate these rules, abuse of power, deception, negligence, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    41st article this way the meaning of the following terms:

    (A) groundwater resources, is stored in below the surface, including hot water, mineral water, various types of groundwater. (B) ground-source heat pump systems, refers to the soil, groundwater or surface water, shallow geothermal resources for low temperature heat source, heat pumps, geothermal Exchange system, heating and cooling systems in buildings system.

    Ground-source heat pump systems including groundwater source heat pump systems and ground source heat pump system. 42nd these measures shall come into force on August 1, 2013.

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