Shenzhen Chief Electronic Supervision

Original Language Title: 深圳市行政电子监察工作规定

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Shenzhen Chief electronic supervision

    (May 22, 2013, Shenzhen People's Government of the fifth executive session of the 85th through June 9, 2013, Shenzhen People's Government announced order No. 250, come into force on July 1, 2013) first to standardize the administration of electronic surveillance, strengthening the administrative supervision and promote clean government, improved administration, according to the People's Republic of China on administrative supervision law and other relevant laws, provisions of the laws, regulations and practice, these provisions are formulated.

    Article II the administrative supervisory organs, electronic surveillance (hereinafter "electronic surveillance") systems, according to set regulations and monitor of administrative organs and their staff's duty to monitor activities governed by these provisions.

    Electronic monitoring systems in these rules refers to supervisory organs using modern information technology acquisition, analysis of administrative matters to handle data of administrative organs and their staff on duty to monitor the situation of working online platform.

    Electronic article surveillance, should follow the electronic monitoring and manual inspection combined, rectification error correction system with a combination of principles.

    Fourth municipal supervisory bodies co-ordinating, directing the city's electronic surveillance.

    Areas supervisory organ is responsible for electronic surveillance in the region.

    Supervisory organs shall designate a specialized, full-time personnel to carry out electronic surveillance.

    Fifth supervisory organs in accordance with the implementation of electronic monitoring on the following administrative matters:

    (A) implementation of the administrative examination and approval procedures, directory;

    (B) the implementation of administrative law enforcement;

    (C) the disclosure of Government information and the implementation of information resource sharing;

    (D) management of financial funds used;

    (E) Government investment projects, construction bids, land transfer, implementation of government procurement;

    (Vi) other administrative matters should monitor the implementation of the electronic.

    Article sixth electronic surveillance systems should be integrated into the city's e-government construction plan, in accordance with overall planning, resource sharing, information disclosure and security requirements.

    Article seventh municipal agencies coordinating electronic monitoring system of supervision of construction work, development, information, finance, audit, confidentiality and other departments according to their respective duties to electronic monitoring system in construction-related work.

    Eighth supervisory organs through electronic surveillance system in the following ways:

    (A) the construction of the electronic monitoring system and directly access the administrative matters of the Executive business information or exchange of Government information resource sharing platform dock.

    (B) the administrative matters of the Executive in business information systems, set the monitor module;

    (C) according to the development of modern information technology and administrative supervision need to use other methods.

    The supervisory organ shall provide necessary technical support for technical and docking work.

    Nineth supervisory bodies to be included in electronic monitoring of administrative matters (hereafter "electronic monitoring"), needs to build the electronic monitoring system, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the municipal government investment project construction management.

    Executive to the inclusion of electronic surveillance issues, administrative matters shall, in accordance with the rule of law and standardization requirements, and electronic monitor operation and management system, preparation of the list of powers according to law, clear implementation conditions, standard operation procedures; electronic supervisory matters involving more than one Administrative Department, sponsored in conjunction with other departments are responsible for the preparation.

    Electronic monitoring and operation management system analysis and specification, as an important aspect of electronic monitoring of project feasibility study.

    Tenth supervisory organs shall, in accordance with the executive authorities combing operation management system in administrative matters to determine rules for electronic surveillance, permission to run based on administrative matters, conditions, practices, procedures, deadlines, and other duties determined electronic points.

    11th electronic monitoring system construction of administrative organs shall, in accordance with requirements on administrative matters into the electronic monitoring, and administrative matters of the unit business information system and the electronic monitoring system of docking, or with the monitor module construction and other work.

    12th Executive business information on administrative matters shall be true, complete, accurate and timely transmission to the electronic monitoring system of administrative matters to handle data.

    13th supervisory organs shall establish a sound system of electronic monitoring of the daily management, strengthen supervision and inspection, maintenance, data management and information security work.

    14th supervisory organs through electronic surveillance system for approaching throughout time have not yet concluded the electronic monitoring of matters to the administrative organs and their staff sent reminder prompts.

    Administrative organs and their staff shall not be not receiving reminder prompt for the buck.

    15th supervisory organs of the electronic monitoring system should be found irregularities in real time, through the system of direct feedback to the Executive, asking for explanations and clarifications, or ordered to stop violations.

    16th in electronic monitoring of administrative supervisory organs, and found the following circumstances shall be verified:

    (A) electronic monitoring system in automatic monitoring of suspected violations;

    (B) the electronic surveillance systems video surveillance monitoring of administrative organs are Windows to the alleged irregularities;

    (C) manual supervision and inspection of electronic surveillance issues of alleged irregularities were detected;

    (D) a citizen, legal person or other organization through electronic surveillance reports, complaints;

    (E) other circumstances that shall carry out the verification.

    Violation referred to in the preceding paragraph, refers to the violation of laws, rules, regulations and regulatory documents and other relevant provisions, requires administrative liability of those acts.

    17th supervisory organs in the verification of the right to take the following measures:

    (A) administrative organs and their staff providing electronic monitoring-related documents, materials, financial accounts, and other related materials, inspection or copying;

    (B) administrative organs and their staff on matters of electronic surveillance involving the explanations and descriptions.

    18th supervisory organs shall, within ten working days to complete the verification work complex, approved by the head of the supervisory organ, you can extend the ten working days. 19th supervisory organs shall, without delay after the conclusion of verification verification results in feedback to the Executive. Verification identified as illegal, should be written feedback.

    Executive disagrees with the results of the verification, he may, within five working days as of receipt of the verification results provided a written objection, supervisory authorities should review and receipt of the objection within ten working days from the date of application to provide a written reply.

    20th supervisory organs verified to confirm irregularities the executive authorities shall order rectification of the Executive, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the performance evaluation, reduce its performance evaluation score; necessary administrative responsibilities, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and rules of procedures under; a suspected crime, transferred to judicial organs for handling.

    21st supervisory organs found in the electronic monitoring of administrative bodies need to improve integrity and diligent system should be monitoring recommendations in a timely manner, without any justified reason, the executive authorities should adopt and feedback the rectification.

    22nd supervisory organs may work to the administrative authority for electronic surveillance issues for performance evaluation, the evaluation results as an important part of government performance management.

    Article 23rd condition of electronic monitoring of supervisory organs shall report regularly to the Government at the same level, monitor the operation of the integrated analysis, to improve administration, countermeasures and suggestions to promote clean and honest Government.

    Article 24th of administrative organs and their staff in the following circumstances, the supervisory organ shall order correction within, in accordance with the relevant provisions of performance evaluation, reduction unit performance evaluation score; not corrective action by the deadline, shall be subject to administrative responsibility:

    (A) does not require the inclusion of administrative matters of electronic monitoring;

    (B) not truthfully complete the electronic surveillance a matter of recording data;

    (C) no real-time transmission of electronic surveillance a matter of data;

    (D) electronic monitoring system for construction of not complying with the regulations;

    (V) do not meet the supervisory organs of the verification work carried out;

    (Vi) other violations of this provision.

    25th supervisory organs and their staff in the conduct of electronic surveillance, failure to perform duties or does not properly carry out their duties, shall be subject to administrative liability; a suspected crime, transferred to the judicial organs according to law.

    Article 26th authorized by the laws and regulations of corporate public affairs management functions of the Organization and its personnel and administration authorities shall delegate the conduct of public affairs management of the activities of the Organization and its personnel engaged in public service e-monitoring the application of this provision. 27th article of the regulations come into force on July 1, 2013.

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