Wuhan Electric Power Facilities And Power Management Requirements

Original Language Title: 武汉市电力设施和供用电管理规定

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Wuhan electric power facilities and power management requirements

    (May 21, 2013 50th Executive meeting consideration of the people's Government of Wuhan municipality on June 4, 2013, Wuhan municipal people's Government order No. 239, published August 1, 2013) Chapter I General provisions

    First article for strengthening power facilities construction and protection, maintenance normal for electricity order, promote economic social development, according to People's Republic of China power method, and power facilities Protection Ordinance (State No. 239, makes), and power supply and using Ordinance (State 196th, makes), and Hubei Province power facilities construction and Protection Ordinance and Hubei Province prevention and investigation stolen electric behavior Ordinance, legal, and regulations provides, combined this city actual, developed this provides. Article within the administrative area of the city power facility construction, protection and power supply management and other activities, these provisions shall apply.

    Otherwise provided by laws and regulations, from its provisions.

    Third municipal people's Government and the District Government (including Wuhan East Lake high-tech development zone, Wuhan economic and technological development zones, cities, Wuhan East Lake ecological tourism scenic spot Management Committee of chemical industry area, the same below) to strengthen management of power facilities and power supply led, power facilities and power supply management into the Government's performance targets and scope of social comprehensive management, funding for protection of power facilities and power supply management.

    Municipal and district people's Government the establishment of electric power facilities and power supply management team, the Department of electric power administration and other related departments and grid operation, power supply, power generation and other power companies, regular research of power facilities and power supply management in major issues.

    Fourth of municipal and district (including Wuhan East Lake high-tech development zone, Wuhan economic and technological development zone, Wuhan East Lake ecological tourism scenic spot, and the city zone, the same below) electric power administrative departments are responsible for the area power infrastructure, protection and management of power supply, electric power administrative law enforcement activities carried out according to law.

    Article development and reform, land planning, urban construction, transportation, public security, urban management, environmental protection, water supply, forestry, gardening, and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, power facilities and power supply management related work.

    Township people's Governments and neighborhood offices responsible within their areas of responsibility, good management of electric power facilities and power supply.

    Sixth no unit or individual shall have the protection of power facilities and the obligation to maintain the power supply order, may unlawfully obstruct power infrastructure, endangering safety of electric power facilities, power supply and disorder; endangering safety, disturbing the order of power supply and power facilities, the right to stop and report.

    For the protection of power facilities and in the order of power supply and maintenance units and individuals who have made outstanding achievements, recognition and rewards.

    Chapter II power infrastructure

    Article seventh power administrative departments shall, in accordance with the city's overall urban planning organization of the municipal electric power facility layout planning, coordinated by the integrated territorial planning departments, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Power facility layout planning without legal process shall not be changed; needed changes, modified by the original organ of formulation development programme, submitted to the municipal people's Government.

    Article eighth overall land use planning and urban planning and layout planning of electric power facilities should be interrelated, integrated electric power facilities, overhead power line corridors, and cable channels. Territorial planning departments in revision of comprehensive land use planning and urban and rural planning, should take fully into account the land needs of power grid construction and development in the region, and to seek power administrative departments.

    Insufficient reserve lands should be perfected in the planning.

    Article new planned industrial parks and major projects of new land for construction of power facilities should be taken into account and synchronization and approval, supporting power facilities and other facilities construction.

    Urban construction departments should promptly of any new (modified expansion) roads, built new low-income housing construction plan and the list of projects to inform the city-level power supply enterprises to help solve power infrastructure projects involving access; construction of city-level power supply enterprises shall advance planning power point, the synchronization perfect power matching engineering.

    Real estate project of the construction area of 200,000 square meters, the construction unit at the time of preparation of the planning and design of construction projects, city-level power supply enterprises shall be advisory capacity and required land for substation facilities into project planning and scope and project planning and design.

    Tenth no unit or individual may unlawfully interfere with power in electric facility layout planning area facility layout planning of construction.

    11th power facilities units shall be in accordance with the law in construction project approval procedures, to be under construction.

    Power infrastructure related safety of electric power facilities shall conform to the national standards and technical regulations, the introduction of new equipment and new technology, you may not use State power equipment and technology has been officially eliminated.

    The laying of power lines shall comply with the management measures of the Wuhan urban pipeline (municipal order No. 225) and the regulations on the city appearance (Takemasa rules [2012]11) regulations.

    12th power facilities and public works, urban greening and other projects in a new (modified expansion) when built in the mutual prejudice, should be established according to legal approval, in accordance with the "set priority" principle, by builders after shouldering the costs of migration, adaptation and measures to be taken.

    13th during the construction of power facilities in any of the following circumstances, the construction unit shall go through the relevant procedures, and compensation in accordance with the relevant provisions of provincial and municipal people's Governments:

    (A) overhead power line corridors, pole, tower base covers;

    (B) the new overhead power lines need to be cut down, removal or trimming the trees;

    (C) move out of the new overhead power lines needed to cross the flammable, explosive goods;

    (D) removed 500,000-volt overhead power line is really necessary and above across residential within its right-of-way, as well as other buildings in accordance with security requirements should be removed.

    14th no units or individuals shall engage in the following way or acts against the construction of power facilities:

    (A) illegal appropriation of power infrastructure projects in accordance with the expropriation of land;

    (B) alter, move, damage, removal of power infrastructure measuring and marking;

    (C) the destruction, blocking construction of roads, construction of truncated source or power;

    (D) forced contract power infrastructure works;

    (E) other acts that obstruct or endanger power facilities.

    Chapter III protection of power facilities

    Article 15th power facility owners, managers should strengthen the protection of power facilities, comply with the following obligations:

    (A) strengthen the protection of power facilities communication;

    (B) establish a safety management system, internal security and accountability system;

    (C) clear key power facilities and specialized security and full-time staff, take measures such as technology, equipment, prevent, prevent, protect the safety of electric power facilities;

    (D) clear line of responsibility, responsibility for regional and responsibility, implement professional line of personal responsibility, according to national standard and technical standards for electric power facilities for inspections, maintenance, repair and update, to take measures to eliminate risks;

    (E) when he found the acts against the safety of power facilities, to take measures to stop, and timely reports to the relevant authorities;

    (F) shall carry out other obligations under the laws and regulations.

    16th power facility protection scope and protected areas in accordance with national and provincial laws and regulations to determine.

    Power facility owners, managers, should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State establishment and maintenance of electric power safety warning signs, and assisting the district electric power facilities shall be determined by the Administrative Department of the scope of protection and reserves established to protect flag.

    17th no unit or individual is allowed to destroy, damage or move the protection of power facilities signs and warning signs shall not be legally demarcated power facility protection zones within the laws and regulations prohibited acts.

    18th power facility protection zones in the natural growth of the forest, its owners, managers may endanger the safety of power facilities should be trim the tree, ensure the natural growth of forest height and distance between overhead power lines and other electrical installations comply with safety distances stipulated by the State.

    According to the requirements of professional planning city greening in power facility protection zones should be planting trees, landscaping, forestry, water supply and other related departments and power facility owners, managers, consensus, can be grown in low trees or planting shrubs. Electric power facilities facility owners, managers, found naturally growing in protected areas of forest or newly planted trees may endanger the safety of power facilities, shall promptly notify the forest owners or managers to prune.

    The forest owner or Manager from the date of receipt of the notification within the 3rd should be pruned; no trim, power facility owners, managers, can be trimmed according to law and without compensation.

    19th power facilities outside protected areas, could jeopardize the overhead power line towers, cable based security operations, shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) shall not affect Tower, cable based on stability, may result in an unstable Foundation, relevant units and individuals shall be built in accordance with technical standards or safety requirements for reinforced slope;

    (B) not to damage to the device or power facilities changes its depth;

    (C) reserved to the towers, cable based for patrol and repair, vehicle access roads.

    20th no unit and individual power facilities within 500 m horizontal distance surrounded by blasting operations, shall, before blasting approval of power administrative departments written consent and approval of the public security organs.

    21st no units and individuals need to be carried out in the legally demarcated power facility protection zones piling and drilling, excavation, lifting, endanger the safe operation of power facilities, shall take the following information, approval of the Administrative Department of power:

    (A) construction project approval documents;

    (B) the security risk assessment had been conducted of the construction program;
(C) operating units, power facilities and individual owners, management, work together in the preparation of the protection scheme of electric power facilities.

    More than 220,000-volt and electric power facilities construction in protected areas, apply to the municipal electric power administrative departments; 220,000-volt power facility construction in protected areas, apply to departments of area power administration. Power administrative departments shall, upon receipt of the application materials, make a decision on whether to accept on the spot; application materials are incomplete or not in compliance with the statutory form, inform all applicants need to supplement the content at a time on the spot.

    Decision of admissibility shall be from the date of acceptance of the application in the 10th to make decision on whether to approve job; not to approve, shall be made in writing to the applicant the reasons. 22nd ratification in accordance with the provisions stipulated in 20th and 21st job, work units and individuals should take security measures, the operation can be carried out.

    Costs required to take safety precautions, by work units and individuals.

    Work units and individuals in the operating electricity facilities damaged in the process, it shall promptly notify the facility owners and managers, site protection, and power facility owners, managers, to repair.

    23rd overhead power line safety across buildings and across it may not increase the height of the buildings; increase height without authorization, involving illegal construction, by the District Administration to investigate and punish.

    Article 24th against the illicit sale and purchase of used equipment of electric power facilities.

    Sell used equipment of electric power facilities shall issue a certificate or valid documents, and in accordance with the provisions of the regulation of renewable resources in Wuhan City handed over to productive enterprises of renewable resources recovery of scrap metal business.

    Power administrative departments shall, together with the public security organs and business Department of the municipal electric utilities of used equipment types list, and announced to the public.

    The fourth chapter power supply management

    25th of municipal and district electric power administrative departments shall, jointly with other relevant departments to formulate emergency response plan for emergency power facilities, reported the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.

    Electric power enterprises shall draw up the enterprise's emergency response plan for emergency power facilities, electric power administrative departments, and regular drills.

    Emergency power facilities, electricity and power companies by the Administrative Department shall, in accordance with emergency organizations remove danger assessment and repair, power up and running as soon as possible. Article 26th city electric power administrative departments should establish annual programme of orderly power utilization in this municipality, the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Orderly power utilization programme should give priority to safeguard the lives, flood control and drainage, hospitals, schools, and other public interest and national security an important user of electricity. Electric power enterprises and users shall strictly follow orderly power consumption plan.

    Orderly power consumption during programme implementation, electricity users should be taken in accordance with the provisions of peak, averting, pressure load reduction ordered measures.

    27th electric power enterprises shall, in accordance with the national quality standards and contractual safety power supply in its place of significant locations and Web sites, such as the power of publicity procedures, service standards, and standard fees and charges, damage reimbursement procedures and user complaints, optimizing electricity sales and payment networks, methods and processes. 28th electric power enterprises shall, in accordance with approved tariff and the records collected tariff electricity meters.

    Users shall, in accordance with the approved price and in accordance with the prescribed time limit, or the contract approach, pay the electricity bill. Used for settlement of electricity metering device of electric power enterprises shall be subject to legal metrological verification institution inspection and periodic inspection, replace in accordance with the provisions, the cost borne by the power companies.

    Inspection, replace the metering device shall be notified to the user, the user shall cooperate with.

    Uncontrolled qualified metering data, not as a basis for the settlement of electricity charges, users have the right to refuse to pay electricity bills. 29th electric enterprise in accordance with the national provisions implementing demand-side management, advocacy for users safe, rational, economical and guidance and providing power consulting services.

    Find the power users of electrical equipment failure, it shall promptly inform consumers, and guide them to develop solutions. Electric power enterprises shall provide users with electricity, electricity, electricity prices, as well as matters related to inquiries.

    The user disagrees with the results of the query, power supply enterprises should be dealt with immediately and reply cannot be dealt with immediately, shall from the date of user objects within the 2nd be addressed and responded to.

    Article 30th maintenance for power supply facilities, according to power or illegal electricity among electricity users and other reasons, the need to suspend power supply, electric power enterprises shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of prior notice to the users. Power enterprises to suspend power supply, should take the necessary precautions to avoid equipment caused major damage and personal injury, and may not interfere with other normal electricity among electricity users.

    Reasons for suspension of power supply is eliminated, and electricity should be restored as soon as possible.

    31st electric power enterprises shall set up repair service problems in the supply system, open a repair call, received a repair should be commitment to the society after officers arrived at the scene within a period of repair.

    32nd power enterprises and their staff shall not be any of the following acts:

    (A) without interruption and undue delay in transmission;

    (B) any establishment fees, unauthorized charges;

    (C) to users ' complaints and enquiries shuffle saize, no complaints, reported in a timely manner;

    (D) other acts that harm the user's legal rights and interests. Article 33rd power users should enhance the awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, energy-saving measures taken to improve energy efficiency.

    Encourage users to comply with the relevant national requirements of efficient electrical equipment and technologies, and optimized power consumption, coupled with Administrative Department of power and power demand side management of power supply enterprises, implementation of load management measures.

    Article 34th unit power should strengthen safety management, perform the following obligations:

    (A) establish and improve the safety management system and procedures, implement the safety responsibility system;

    (B) in accordance with the relevant standards and technical specifications for design, installation, testing, maintenance, operation and management;

    (C) periodic tests, check the electrical equipment, eliminate security risks in a timely manner;

    (D) preparation of contingency plans, development and implementation of safe emergency measures to assist related departments and supply enterprises with the accident investigation work;

    (E) implementation of the relevant sector and power supply enterprise's safety car.

    35th banned any units and individuals of the following acts interfering with the order of power:

    (A) altering the power categories;

    (B) without exceeding capacity of power supply contract and power;

    (C) unauthorized use in electric Enterprise for the suspended procedures of electrical equipment;

    (D) unauthorized operation of electric power Enterprise electricity meters, electric power load control devices, power supply facilities or agreed to by the power companies electricity users in scheduling the power equipment;

    (E) unauthorized migration, changes in electricity metering device retrofitting or other measuring device;

    (Vi) without introducing, for the power grid-connected or you can own without authorization;

    (VII) without electric power supply company's wiring on electric power supply facilities;

    (H) wilfully causing electricity metering device errors, failure or around the metering device and power;

    (IX), ordered, coercion or abetting others stealing electricity, production, sale or use of dedicated theft unit;

    (J) the laws, regulations and other acts of disturbing the order of power.

    Fifth chapter of supervision and inspection

    Article 36th power administrative departments in accordance with the People's Republic of China provisions of the law on administrative punishment, entrusted by law with the management of public affairs organizations impose administrative penalties.

    37th conducting supervision and inspection, electric power administrative law enforcement personnel has the right to check the safety of electric power facilities and electricity users, check out, copy the necessary information to inquire about staff, collect evidence in accordance with law; access to on-site inspection found violations the right to stop and investigate.

    38th the public security organ shall investigate theft of power facilities, theft and violation of State regulations and acquisition of used power facilities and other illegal activities.

    39th power facility owners, managers and power users should accept the supervision and inspection of power administrative departments according to law, provide relevant information or to reflect the situation.

    Power facility owners, managers and power users of electric power administrative law enforcement organs and their violations of administrative law enforcement personnel in law enforcement activities, are entitled to superior power administrative departments or local government complaints and reports.

    40th power administrative departments and should establish and improve the reporting system of electric power enterprises, public telephone, mailing address or email address; reports received, it shall promptly investigate.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    41st in violation of the provisions of the Act, provisions of laws and regulations on punishment, from its provisions.

    42nd article violates these provisions, unit and individual damage, damage, or move the protection of power facilities signs or warning signs, the power administration penalty of between 500 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan.

    Article 43rd in violation of these provisions, non-power users are not in accordance with the requests of the residents perform an orderly measures, be ordered by the competent administrative Department of power correction; refuses, upon approval by the Administrative Department of power, supply enterprises can suspension of power supply to the power user.

    The seventh chapter by-laws 44th article of the regulations come into force on August 1, 2013.