Hebei Province, Implementing Rules For The Management Of Coastal Marine Border Security

Original Language Title: 河北省沿海船舶边防治安管理实施细则

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Hebei province, implementing rules for the management of coastal marine border security

    (6th of July 16, 2013, Hebei provincial executive meeting considered by people's Government of Hebei province, on July 29, 2013 [2013] announced as of October 1, 2013, 6th) first coastal marine border security management in Hebei province, according to the Ordinance, these rules are formulated.

    The second article of the rules applicable in the province within berthing, navigation, shipping and production personnel.

    Military ships, ships, vessels of foreign nationality and country otherwise provided by other ships and their production staff.

    Article in the public security organs at all levels are responsible for the area of coastal marine border security management.

    Coastal seas, the people's Governments above the county level transportation, fisheries and other relevant administrative departments and maritime, customs and other regulatory bodies in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to assist public security organs in implementing coastal marine border security management.

    Article fourth sailing ship, its operator shall obtain the sea register of ships and the boat people at sea permit (hereinafter referred to as the sea border documents).

    Fifth sea ship after receiving related documents to the relevant administrative departments according to law, the owner or master shall hold, personal identity and ownership of the vessel registration certificate, show boat, ship hull and starboard front five-inch photos and other materials, to local border authorities to apply for household registration registration of a ship, of the recipients of the sea register of ships.

    In addition to article sixth of the People's Republic of China seaman or outside the service book of crew, production personnel at sea shall take personal identity or permanent residency issued by the public security authorities at their place of household registration certificate and a four-inch photos and other materials, to ship local border authorities apply for the certificate of the boat people at sea.

    Seventh public security organs should be at the sea border documents for site and related sites of public documents for basis, conditions, procedures and time limit, need to submit information such as the list of materials, establish and improve the online services platform, and provides a variety of convenient services and consciously accept supervision by society.

    Eighth article police border organ handle sea border documents Shi, on submitted of application material complete, and meet statutory form of applicants, should in 15th within issued related documents, can rates sent card of rates issued; on application material not complete or not meet statutory form of applicants, should spot once told need correction of all content; on not meet statutory conditions of applicants, law made not issued sea border documents of written decided.

    Nineth sea border documents issued in public security organs do not charge a fee.

    Validity of the tenth sea border documents should be marked.

    The sailing ship register and permanently employed in production personnel at sea the boat people at sea permit is valid for 4 years; temporary personnel engaged in production at sea the boat people at sea permit does not exceed a maximum period of 1 year.

    11th recipients on the sea border personnel, where coastal shipping documents effect of Hebei province border security regulations cannot be released under the sea border documents situations, public security organs shall, in accordance with terms of reference prevented its sea and write off their sea border documents. 12th frontier authorities imposed on sea border document annual audit system.

    Without the annual verification of documents is invalid.

    13th sea border guard shall properly keep and carry on Board documents, shall not be altered, forged or fraudulent use, loan.

    Alteration, forgery, fraudulent use, lending to the sea border documents, public security organs should be collected in a timely manner.

    The 14th sea border documents lost, damaged or the expiry of the need to continue to hold, sailing ship owner, Captain or production personnel should be armed with the details of the fifth, sixth article material, to the ship's public security authorities at their place to apply for a replacement or renewal of the relevant documents.

    15th sea the ship's loss or the death certificate of the boat people at sea, public security organs shall cancel its sea border documents in a timely manner.

    16th sailing ships in and out of ports, docks or other landing points, Captain or his delegate's production workers, shipping agency business shall, in accordance with the following provisions, to the local public security organ or its authorized ship visa point border visas, registration of shipping routes, the persons on board the number, name and access time of:

    (A) the fishing vessel half in three or more months in and out of port, once every half month border visas fisheries ship entering and leaving port number in the first half in the second below or access non-port, according to voyage to handle border visas;

    (B) cruise ships, tour boats, jet skis and other tourism (recreational) with ship handling border visas once a week, other passenger ships and tugs once every half year border visas, but above the sea change of route or navigation of the ship, immediately after the change to apply for border visas;

    (C) the other ship voyage to handle border visas.

    17th sailing ship voyage to handle border visas, should enter the ports, docks or other mooring promptly report to the local public security organ or its authorized shipping visa, instant or at least 6 hours within the border visa pulled out of the ports, docks or other landing points, should be pulled out within the first 6 hours for border visas.

    18th coastal County people's Governments shall establish and improve supervision and management measures of small ships, relevant departments or township-level Governments (Street) uniform for local small craft brush mark and number.

    Public security organs should be small vessel identification and registration number of the archive and daily security management according to law.

    Small ship logo and number should be kept legible and must not obscure, alter.

    19th ship building enterprises or individuals should establish comprehensive sea shipbuilding, transformation, dismantling and repairing file management system for business, accurate records related to the business.

    Ship building enterprises or individuals to repair ships damaged by collision, should be reported to the local public security organs in advance.

    20th article violates this rule fifth, sixth, 13th, 16th and 17th in the first paragraph article, from Hebei province, public security organs in accordance with the coastal shipping of border security regulations will be punished.

    21st article 19th could be in violation of this provision, be warned by public security organs and rectification.

    22nd in imposition of administrative penalty according to law, the public security organs, public security police stations can warn, fined a maximum of 1000 Yuan penalty; public security border defense Brigade can warn, fined 10,000 yuan penalty; public security frontier detachment can warn, less than 30,000 yuan fines, revocation of sea border documents punishment.

    23rd public security organ shall keep the measures to establish and perfect the law of arrest of ships to keep detained ship, the owners, masters and operators of the ship shall provide assistance. 24th public security organs in the law revoked the sea border documents or production personnel at sea more than 2000 Yuan fines, fines of more than 10,000 yuan for ships at sea before the decision on administrative penalty, shall be notified to the parties it shall enjoy the right to hold a hearing at the request of.

    Parties called for a hearing, public security organs shall, in accordance with procedures on the handling of administrative cases by the police under the relevant provisions of the hearing.

    Party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty to the public security organ may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.

    The 25th article of the rules the following terms shall have the meanings are:

    (A) the ship was in waters used by all kinds of motor and non-motor ship, but the equipment on the ship's survival craft and length of less than five metres and not except for offshore production and business activities of the craft;

    (B) the ship is located, refer to ship-owner census register location, location of the port or ships docked;

    (C) the port of registry, ownership registration refers to the ship's port. 26th article of the rules come into force on October 1, 2013.

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