Hohhot Quality Award Approach

Original Language Title: 呼和浩特市质量奖评审办法

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Hohhot quality award approach

    (August 19, 2013 the Hohhot municipal people's Government at the 5th Executive meeting September 17, 2013 Hohhot municipal people's Government released 2nd November 1, 2013) Chapter I General provisions

    First article for implement implementation State quality development platform for (2011-2020), according to People's Republic of China products quality method, and Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Government on further strengthening "quality XING district" work of notification (Interior sent [2010]55,), and Hohhot City Government on full advance "quality XING city" work of notification (call political sent [2010]90,), related provides, combined I city actual, developed this approach.

    Article in Hohhot quality award (hereinafter "quality awards") are established municipal people's Government, grant organizations or individuals with wide social reputation and influence, its products, services, quality of management, the ability of independent innovation and market competitiveness in the industry with a benchmark role model, has made significant economic and social benefits.

    Third quality awards judging, uphold science, principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, the Unit recommended, expert review, the Government examined the Basic program to promote organizations or individuals making significant quality, economic and social benefits for the purpose of optimizing the city's economic development and improve economic competitiveness.

    Article fourth organization mentioned in these measures refers to in the administrative area of the city register, registration has an independent legal personality of all kinds of enterprises, institutions and scientific research institutions; individuals mentioned in these measures refers, relates to quality of work, the natural person, including the staff and engage in quality management, quality of education and training, quality research and quality information and other personnel. Fifth of municipal mayor of quality awards are divided into quality award and quality management award two grades, and established organizations and the individual awards, effective for a period of three years.

    Mayors Award applies quality management quality of organization and made a major contribution to personal; applies quality management award level good quality management organizations and the outstanding contribution of an individual. Quality award for the annual award. Mayor Prize unit no more than 5 per year (2-3, engineering quality award product quality award one prize: 1, service quality), individuals do not exceed 2; quality management award each year is not more than 7, individuals no more than 3.

    Reporting units or individuals are not up to the award conditions, awards that year vacancy. Sixth report, quality award does not charge any fees.

    Incentives and funding included in the annual budget.

    Chapter II Organization and administration Article seventh municipal people's Government established, quality award examination and approval Committee (hereinafter "the Committee").

    Director of the Audit Committee chaired by the Mayor, Deputy Director in charge of the quality work of the Deputy Mayor, appointed by representative and authoritative scholars, quality experts, business management experts, industry representatives and Government officials.

    The Audit Committee's main responsibility is to organize quality award activities, audited quality award criteria, implementation guides, assessment procedures, research, quality award process, decisions on major issues and reward list for consideration. Eighth, quality, Audit Committee set up under the award Office, located in the city of quality and technical supervision Bureau, responsible for quality award, for daily work.

    Main duties are:

    (A) develop quality prize awards a specific accreditation standards, implementation guidelines, work program and other work; (B) develop management system assessors.

    Form a group of assessors and experts and reviewed, duties meet the appraisal, supervision and evaluation, selection mechanism established reviewers;

    (C) preparation of the quality award of the annual work plan, acceptance, quality award application and organization review, summary, the publicity and promotion of typical experiences and outcomes;

    (D) summarize and report to the Audit Committee, quality awards judging results, proposing the list of winning candidates. Nineth quality award of the implementation review group reviews system review group made up of three to five assessors.

    According to the annual work plan according to different industries, respectively, form a special review group, the implementation team leader responsible system.

    Assessors main duty is based on the judging criteria, implementation guides, objective and fair reporting units for materials evaluation and site assessment, and save the record.

    Tenth, quality award process, should give full play to industry sector (associations), technical bodies, social organizations, the role of intermediary organizations and the news media, effective way to extensively solicit the opinions of the masses.

    Chapter III to declare conditions

    11th declared quality management award of the Organization shall meet the following conditions:

    (A) registered in the administrative area of the city, has an independent legal personality, engaged in production and business activities for more than three years and to pay taxes according to law;

    (B) administrative license, or for compulsory product certification system certification, product registration and other requirements of the products or systems have been licensing, certification or registration;

    (C) the quality management system, quality work results;

    (D) the products, projects and services provided in accordance with the relevant standards, nearly three years the State, municipalities and city supervision and checking of products or services are qualified;

    (E) has good economic benefits, for the past three years losses;

    (Vi) have a good credit record and reputation;

    (VII) nearly three years without significant quality, safety, environmental pollution, public health incidents; no service due to organizational responsibilities the objects, the user (customer) problems complaints; no other acts in violation of laws and regulations, and so on.

    12th declared Mayor quality award organization shall meet the following conditions:

    (A) legally registered in the administrative area of the city, has an independent legal personality, engaged in the production and operation of more than five years and pay taxes according to law, and was awarded the quality management within the period of validity; (B) actively adopted advanced quality management methods, with continual improvement mechanism of self improvement.

    Implementing excellent performance mode for more than a year and included a three-year data and information of self-evaluation reports; (C) outstanding performance or contribution to society.

    Engage in production and business activities, its quality level, the main target group was in the forefront of economic and technology; in the non-profit business, their contribution to society is located in the city's industry;

    (D) brand prominence, with good quality credit record and reputation;

    (E) strict compliance with the national environmental protection policy, the active use of advanced production technology and environmental technology, achieved outstanding results in energy conservation and environmental protection.

    13th report quality management award of the individual shall meet the following conditions:

    (A) engage in or relating to quality of work for more than eight years;

    (B) with a strong sense of quality and innovation, social awareness is high;

    (C) engage in jobs or for making outstanding contributions to the development of quality in the quality field, with effective quality management research and a wealth of practical experience;

    (D) abide by professional ethics and public morality;

    (E) within individual organization nearly three years without significant quality, environmental pollution, public safety incidents.

    Article 14th declare individuals deserve quality management award of the quality award and the Mayor during the term, quality made a significant contribution to the development in the field of quality, in terms of the quality of scientific research, quality improvement and research results, and good value for money, quality and social benefits.

    The fourth chapter criteria 15th urban quality awards assessment criteria based on the criteria for performance excellence (GB/T19580).

    Mayors Award and quality award criteria published by the review Commission, organizations and individuals in two parts. Unify the 16th in quality award criteria under separate assessment criteria by type of industry implementation guide to ensure consistency in the assessment of different industries.

    Implementation Guide according to the characteristics of each industry, focusing on the scale, quality, and scientific and technological progress, market share, credit record and evaluation criteria with regard to social contribution.

    Quality award criteria should be based on the development of the theory and practice of quality management, timely amendments.

    The fifth chapter review procedure and award criteria

    Article 17th quality award judges include applicant eligibility, materials evaluation, on-site review and Audit Committee for consideration.

    Before the 18th annual quality award, by the Vetting Committee's Office in this city's main media, posted on the website, quality awards, this year's review announcement.

    Article 19th applicant Declaration should be based on this year's urban quality award criteria, in submitting reports to the Office of the Review Committee within the prescribed materials, materials including the quality award application form and other related materials. 20th Review Committee Office of first instance, to meet the reporting unit submitted to the relevant specific evaluation group.

    The project review group according to the reviews, site reviews, and so on, form a comprehensive review report, ranking, raised quality award-winning candidates reported to the Review Committee, the Office submitted to the Audit Committee for consideration in plenary meeting of the Review Committee to be reward organizations and individuals, and inspection to verify. 21st Review Committee Office of the proposed list of rewards in this city's main media, website publicity, publicity for a period of ten working days.

    Publicity has no objection, Mayor of review, the Review Committee approval, issued by the City Government announced that medal and award-winning units and individuals (trophy), certificates and prizes.

    22nd were Mayor quality award organization rewarded 500,000 yuan, and personal reward of 50,000 yuan; won the quality award Organization award 200,000 yuan, and personal reward of 20,000 yuan.

    Supervision and administration of the sixth chapter Article 23rd winning unit visits and dynamic management system on a regular basis.

    Industry regulators should keep abreast of the winning units of production and quality management, and so on, urging it to maintain honor, continuous improvement in performance.
Article 24th of trickery and fraud in the process of reporting, quality awards, taken improperly to defraud the city of quality awards honor organizations or individuals, Office, quality awards, should be brought to the municipal people's Government to withdraw its titles to recover the medals (the trophy), certificates, prizes, and announced to the public.

    Office of the 25th Review Committee found that winning organizations or individuals in terms of their quality has smaller when there are irregularities or complaints shall be promptly communicated to such organization or individual, and urge them to reform.

    26th winning unit in one of the following circumstances after winning, Office by the jury after the investigation and submitted to the CRIC research, report to the municipal people's Government to revoke its quality awards, and announced to the public, may not be declared within five years, quality awards:

    (A) the quality of major accidents;

    (B) the product or service quality is not stable, or autonomous region by the national quality supervision and inspection of products judged to be unqualified, or there was a major quality accidents;

    (C) the significant problems in the quality of products, works, services, is concerned and the public complaints and verified;

    (D) export products because of quality problems were informed or foreign claims, causing greater damage to the image and credibility of the State.

    27th winning organizations and individuals have the obligation propaganda, communicate its quality work experience, can promote quality award of honor in related activities, but must be marked with the award-winning time.

    28th article shall safeguard people working, quality award application and individual business or technical secrets, and strictly abide by the relevant rules and procedures.

    29th Review Committee should strengthen supervision of the review work of the Office, to abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engage in the review process, resulting in negative consequences of human, cancel their accreditation, and drew attention to the relevant sectors shall be given sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws 30th article this way come into force November 1, 2013.

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