Operation Set Off Fireworks And Firecrackers In Nanning City Regulations

Original Language Title: 南宁市烟花爆竹经营燃放管理规定

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Operation set off fireworks and firecrackers in Nanning city regulations

    (13 in Nanning municipal people's Government consideration at the 61st Executive meeting on March 18, 2014, Nanning Government order 21st release since May 1, 2014) first to strengthen the management of fireworks safety, to protect public safety and personal and property security, maintain social order, under the fireworks safety regulations and other relevant provisions, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city fireworks operation, discharge and safety management the application of this provision.

Article production safety supervision and management departments, is responsible for the fireworks safety supervision and management work responsible for setting off fireworks and firecrackers safety management work of public security organs.

Industry and commerce, quality supervision, urban management, environmental protection, transportation and other departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do the fireworks safety management related work.

    Supply and marketing cooperatives should strengthen the management of this system Fireworks business activities.

    Fourth production safety supervision and management departments should be in conjunction with the public security, industry and commerce, quality supervision, urban management, environmental protection, transportation, administration, establishment of fireworks safety management coordination mechanisms.

Fifth of municipal, County, and city people's Government and the relevant departments, development zone management committee, Township people's Government, the streets, the village (neighborhood) committees should be carried out according to law, civilized and safe Fireworks publicity and education activities. 

Radio, television, newspapers, the Internet and other media publicity on safe Fireworks.

    Schools should educate students about civil, safe Fireworks.

    Sixth article Nanning around city highway three Bank, and II Tang, and xijin, and stone BU North, and stone BU South, and manholes, and kaolin, and jade hole, and good celebrates South, and pumiao, out entrance composition of ring road (following referred to high-speed ring road) within, Zhuxi Avenue, and white sand Avenue, and South Station Avenue, and sand well Avenue, and clear University Road, and show van Avenue, and van bamboo Avenue composition of ring road (containing ring road road, following referred to fast ring road) yiwai regional and the South Avenue for limit business Fireworks firecrackers district, fast ring road within other regional for ban business Fireworks firecrackers district. Article seventh banned Fireworks may not set up Fireworks and retail outlets. Restrictions operate Fireworks Fireworks retail outlet in the area as temporary point of sale.

Fireworks retail outlet for a long time can be set in other areas. Fireworks and general layout planning of retail points shall, in accordance with unified planning, security, the principle of strict control, rational distribution, by County and city work safety supervision and management departments together with public security authorities, urban management Department, reported to County and city people's Government for approval.

    Development zone, Fireworks retailers overall layout plan prepared by the development zone management committee.

Article eighth Fireworks retail operators are subject to the statutory conditions, Fireworks retail license obtained according to law, industrial and commercial registration procedures requires urban roads, should also obtain a temporary occupation of road permit may operate. Limited operation of fireworks Fireworks retail outlet in the region, can be determined by way of fair competition to the operators.

Fair competition and the specific measures formulated by the municipal work safety supervision and management departments.

    Retail license validity period is determined by the work safety supervision and management departments, maximum of 2 years, limit operate Fireworks Fireworks retail license period not later than 30th.

    Nineth Fireworks retail dealer shall provide the purchasing Fireworks wholesale license obtained according to law of fireworks, retail license period expires, should stop sales, yet sales of fireworks by wholesale businesses buy-back or keep, not stored on their own.

Article tenth of the following sites and regions, prohibited the discharge of Fireworks:

(A) cultural relics protection units, museums and archives;

(B) railway stations, docks, airports and other transportation hubs and rail, rail safety protected areas;

(C) fuel (gas) stations, liquefied petroleum gas supply station (point), oil depots, car parks, important materials warehouse fire district, or other production, selling and storage of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods sites within and around 100 metres;

(D) water infrastructure, water, electricity, gas supply facilities in protected areas;

(V) party and Government offices, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, homes for the elderly, welfare homes, radio, television, newspapers and other units;

(Vi) scenic area, woodland and green areas, nurseries, parks;

(G) military installations in protected areas;

(H) the town square, market, pedestrian streets, crowded public places;

(I) the Interior of buildings, structures and public corridors, stairways, elevators, roof, balconies, window;

(J) the urban primary and secondary roads, bridges (including overpasses, pedestrian bridges), tunnels, underground pipes, pavements, bomb shelters, underground shaft;

(11) the laws, rules and regulations and the city and County (district) people's Government, the development zone management Committee rules banning fireworks in other places or regions.

    Place in the preceding paragraph, an area of the property owner or Manager, you should set up obvious banned Fireworks and firecrackers labels, and is responsible for supervision.

11th high-speed ring-road, and Pu Miao Zhen, yongning district, Xian Hu, qingxiu district, except as provided in article tenth of the prohibition of the discharge sites and areas outside the region in order to limit the discharge of fireworks.

    Limits the discharge of fireworks in the County area, by the County under the public safety and the public interest need to be determined and announced to the public.

Article 12th Fireworks zone, allowing the discharge of fireworks at the following times, other times shall not be set off:

(A) lunar new year's Eve and the first day of the first month;

(B) second day of the first lunar month to when初七because and 7 o'clock in the morning till 12 o'clock of the first lunar month a day;

(C) the "Zhuang nationality in March", during the Ching Ming Festival holiday. Municipal people's Government in accordance with relevant regulations of the State and the situation of the city time to adjust to the provisions of the preceding paragraph and to society announcements.

    During major festival activities, need to be restricted Fireworks Fireworks, decided by the municipal people's Government and to society announcements.

13th article, within the limit set to allow sale and set national standards in line with personal discharge of category c, d grade Fireworks products.

C-class products are suitable for an outdoor open space setting, less risky products; d products are suitable for close range setting, risk very small products. Fireworks outside the provisions of the preceding paragraph, prohibition of the sale and discharge of fireworks in the limit set.

    Organized Fireworks and the activities of other large fireworks shall be approved by the public security organs.

    14th County and city people's Government, the development zone management committee can set public lighting area, steer the public focus on fireworks.

Article 15th villagers ' committees, neighborhood committees, owners of residential Committee in accordance with this provision, the adoption of the Convention and provisions, conventions, community or allows fireworks in residential areas and locations.

    Restricted discharge area within the property management, residential, property services business can the owners ' Convention, or by seeking the views of the owners or the owners ' Committee, determining of fireworks is prohibited in residential areas, locations, or specify a concentration in residential setting.

16th Fireworks to units and individuals shall strictly follow the product instructions correctly and safely discharge and to comply with the following provisions:

(A) shall not be fireworks in a crowded place.

(B) the burning of fireworks may not be pedestrians, vehicles, buildings, structures, plant and animal cast, throw.

(C) does not impede the safe passage of pedestrians, vehicles and traffic order.

(D) shall not use other public safety and personal and property safety of fireworks and firecrackers.

(V) may not be kept always weighing more than 100 kilograms of fireworks products.

    Fireworks of minors under 14 years of age should be accompanied by an adult caregiver.

17th under any of the following acts, the public security organ shall order rectification, and a fine, activities contravening public security management, shall be subject to administrative penalties for public security:

(A) in violation of the provisions of article tenth to tenth, 12, and banning Fireworks sites, regions and time of fireworks, penalty of between 100 Yuan and 500 Yuan;

    (B) violation of the provisions of article 16th paragraph, to endanger public safety and personal and property safety of discharge and storage of fireworks and firecrackers, the unit shall be fined a maximum of more than 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan; for personal penalty of between 50 Yuan and 500 Yuan.

    16th 18th in violation of these provisions of article, minors under 14 years of age when the fireworks without adult escort, the public security organ shall order to stop setting off criticism and education, after they have been criticized, is still not corrected, may lead to his guardian warned or fined not more than 50 Yuan and 200 Yuan.

    13th 19th in violation of these provisions provides that sales do not meet the requirements of the city and of fireworks, by production safety supervision and Management Department ordered corrective action and for wholesale businesses fined a maximum of between 50,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan; for retail operators fined a maximum of between 5000 and 1000 Yuan.

    Article 20th against unauthorised operation of fireworks products, Super scope of license management, license expires to continue operation of fireworks, as well as operators of retail sale of illegal fireworks and firecrackers production, operation of fireworks, or sold in accordance with the national standard should be discharge of fireworks by lighting professionals, be dealt with according to the relevant regulations of the State.

21st police, work safety supervision and administration, quality supervision, transportation, business and administrative departments of the city administration and its staff, fireworks safety management in one of the following acts from related departments directly in charge of personnel and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) fails to observe the fireworks safety management responsibilities;

(B) the unlawful imposition of administrative penalty;

(C) neglects his duty, bending, abusing power for personal gain, such as taking bribes;

    (Iv) other illegal activities. 22nd article of the regulations come into force on May 1, 2014. November 4, 2010 the operation set off fireworks and firecrackers in Nanning municipal people's Government announced regulations (municipal, 36th) repealed simultaneously.