Digital Cities, Chongqing Municipal Management

Original Language Title: 重庆市数字化城市市政管理办法

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Digital cities, Chongqing municipal management

    (December 4, 2013 Chongqing Municipal People's Government Executive meeting of the 31st December 18, 2013, Chongqing Municipal People's Government order No. 275, published February 1, 2014) first to integrate management resources, standardized digital municipal management, enhance the efficiency of urban management and public service capacity, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second City urban planning area within the digital municipal management procedures apply.

Digital municipal management in these measures in article, refers to the use of modern information technology and quantitative management criteria, construct the digital municipal management information system, find and disposal of urban management, urban management event-related information, supervision and evaluation of the management and disposition of the activity.

City-management component in these measures is the municipal public facilities in an area of the city, including public facilities, road traffic, amenities, environment, landscape classes, housing and land, such as municipal facilities and public utilities.

    City management events are mentioned in these measures refers to anthropogenic or natural factors result in an urban environment and order is disturbed or damaged, needs related to urban management professional departments, so back to normal and behavior.

    Article fourth digital city management and manpower planning, resource integration, hierarchical management, Division of labor and cooperation, the principle of timely disposal.

Article fifth municipal Administrative Department is responsible for co-ordinating the city's digital city management; responsible for construction and operation of digital city management information system, work by their respective municipal management, digital city institution.

District (County) Government (municipal district, development zone, set up by parks and other regulatory agencies, the same below) is responsible for organizing the administrative area (area) digital city management.

City and district (County) of relevant administrative department in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, coordinate the implementation of digital city management.

    Municipal public utilities, sanitation, landscaping, public transport, water supply and drainage, add the oil and gas, electricity, gas, telecommunications, postal services, fire services and other parts of the city administration owners, managers and management unit (hereinafter referred to as the public service unit) shall perform maintenance obligations for the digital municipal management related work.

Sixth municipal Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with the relevant administrative departments and public service units organize digital municipal management planning in the city, approved by the municipal organization.

    District (County) municipal administrative departments of digital city according to the city's urban management planning, organized the preparation of the administrative areas (area) digital city management planning, district (County) after the Government approved organization.

    Article seventh pro bono public service digital city management information system infrastructure, the planning, construction, operation and maintenance and upgrades needed to be guaranteed by financial capital investment.

    Eighth municipal administrative departments shall, in accordance with the State of digital city management standards and norms, according to actual local organizations parts of urban management, event information, filing and disposition and closed places, such as standards and norms.

Nineth of municipal and district (County) of digital city management information system construction and operation shall comply with the provisions of laws and regulations and related specifications and standards.

    Digital city management information system should be compatible and can be expanded, and meet the needs of urban construction and development of wisdom, with the relevant administrative departments, as well as the urban management authorities construction of geographical information, emergency videos, public security, traffic management, underground pipe network and share resources.

Tenth of municipal and district (County) municipal administrative departments shall be equipped with the appropriate information collection, agent professionals such as traffic, technical maintenance, protection of digital city management information system for normal operation.

    City and district (County) municipal 12319 city administration service hotline should be established by the Administrative Department of public service platform, into digital city management information system, 24 hours of receiving the public consultation to receive reports, complaints. 11th of municipal and district (County) municipal administrative departments shall, in accordance with national and relevant standards and norms of this municipality, city management organizations parts, events, as well as regional unit mesh of digital city management objects, such as comprehensive survey.

Related units should provide true and accurate parts of city management, event-based information.

    Take of digital city management comprehensive census units, shall conform to the national provisions relating to qualifications and scope of business.

    12th Digital municipal management comprehensive census data should be in accordance with the State and this municipality provides timely updates.

13th part of urban management, event handling, managed by its owners, managers, or maintain the unit in charge.

City and district (County) municipal Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with relevant administrative departments, management of public services to the city part, dealing with divided responsibility, responsibility to dispose of the unit.

    Disposal units is not clear, from the district (County) Government responsibility to dispose of the unit for the coordination; cross-county, coordinated by the Department of municipal administration to dispose of units.

    Article 14th disposal units should establish emergency preparedness and everyday solutions. 15th of municipal and district (County) municipal administrative departments or the professional body should be entrusted, through routine inspections, urban management, system monitoring and other methods to collect parts of cities such as, event management and the timely transmission of information to a digital city management information system.

Relevant units and individuals shall coordinate with the information collected.

    Digital city management information collection should be consistent with parts, events, standards, and information collection specifications, to protect State secrets, business secrets and personal privacy. 16th of municipal and district (County) municipal administrative departments to receive information on urban management issues, should be in accordance with the criterion distinguishing case.

    Will not be filed, it shall explain the reasons.

17th of municipal and district (County) competent administrative departments shall, in accordance with the disposal of municipal responsibilities, dealing with standards and time limits, file task timely and responsibilities sent to disposal unit.

Disposal of responsibility for public service, municipal administrative departments should also be synchronized to inform relevant administrative departments, and relevant competent administrative departments shall supervise timely disposal of public service units.

    Appear not to dispose of emergency temporary duty unit, the local municipal administrative departments to send emergency-related entity.

    18th disposal responsibility unit after receiving tasks, shall promptly take effective measures to dispose of, and follow the disposal requirements of sending a mission to the municipal administrative departments feedback disposition.

    19th article set in City Road range within of fire, and public traffic, and garden green, and oil and gas raises, and water, and power, and gas, and communications, and wired TV, facilities subsidiary of various well cover, and box tank, and Rod column, and pipeline lost, and damaged, and logo not clear or effect vehicles, and pedestrian security of, by municipal administrative competent sector supervision disposal responsibility units immediately take security protection measures and in 24 hours within for added, and repair or moved except. Article 20th disposal units was not timely and effective disposal of missions they have undertaken, disposed of by the municipal administrative authorities ordered.

    Likely to endanger public safety or cause a greater impact, and municipal administrative authorities should be informed. Article 21st disposal units should be sent to the task after the completion of disposal unit closed.

    Meet the standards of completion of verification, to be closed; do not meet the standards of completion, task sending unit should once again dispatched units to dispose of.

    22nd municipal administrative departments should regularly on urban management components, event handling and outcome of cases and statistics, and to the public.

    Article 23rd disposal units dispose of parts of urban management, and evaluation results should serve as a basis for relevant departments to make performance appraisal.

    24th administrative departments and their staff in dealing with urban management issues in neglect, abuse, deception, by the authority in accordance with the regulations.

    Found in the article 25th digital municipal management units or individual in violation of the relevant laws, rules and regulations and dealt with by the relevant authorities for investigation.

    Article 26th threats, intimidation, insults information collection or resort to violence causes information collection the personal damage and theft, looting, destruction of information-gathering equipment, violating public security regulations, dealt with by the public security organs according to law; a suspected crime, transferred to the judicial organs according to law.

    Outside of the 27th article of the urban planning area of digital city management area in accordance with the measures implemented. 28th article of the rules take effect on February 1, 2014.

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