Xining In Beishan Garden A Permanent Green Space Management

Original Language Title: 西宁北山美丽园永久性绿地管理办法

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Xining in Beishan garden a permanent green space management

    (January 16, 2014 municipal 27th Executive meeting January 21, 2014 128th promulgated by the people's Government of Xining as of March 1, 2014) first in order to improve and protect the ecological environment, strengthen Xining North Hills beauty permanent green space planning, construction and management of the Park, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on urban and rural planning, urban landscaping Ordinance and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies to Xining North Hills garden a permanent green space planning, construction, protection, and management activities.

Article Xining North Hills garden a permanent green space in these measures refers to Ning Hu flood dam, East from the small gap, West to Ning large high-speed Qi Jiacheng interchange, nanyining Highway, neishe Highway, your South Bridge, bayi road, bounded North and green belts in Beishan area.

    Permanent green garden area, Beishan, Xining by the urban planning Administration Department determines and sets the boundaries of identity. Fourth municipal people's Government for decision in Xining North Hills garden building a permanent green space.

    Planning theme park should be built with ecological fitness, landscaping, travel leisure, culture and so on.

Fifth no unit or individual is allowed to change the permanent greenbelt land use; may engage in independent of the landscape development, construction, leasing, management, production and other activities.

    Absolutely necessary to the construction of urban public infrastructure, urban planning administrative departments landscaping administrative departments and organizations related to verification, submitted to the Standing Committee of the municipal government for its consideration.

    Sixth municipal people's Government departments and Eastern, chengbei district people's Government shall establish a permanent green space construction and protection mechanisms, and increased funding for urban greening and conservation and management of costs included in the budget to ensure permanent green space needs in planning, construction and maintenance.

Article seventh Xining municipal administrative departments in charge of landscaping of garden green area, Beishan, planning, construction and maintenance work.

City planning, land, construction, water conservancy, transportation, environmental protection, public security, health, finance and other administrative authorities in accordance with their respective responsibilities, with city Administrative Department for landscaping and make related project approvals, planning, construction and supervision work.

    Chengdong district, Xining, chengbei district people's Government responsible for the area of Beishan beautiful theme park after the completion of the management of the Park.

    Article eighth administrative departments in Xining city, according to city landscape beautiful park, Beishan, green space planning, preparation of detailed construction plans, reported to the municipality for approval before implementation.

    Nineth Xining Beishan permanent Greenbelt planning of garden design and construction shall be borne by the appropriate professional qualification certificate for, and in strict accordance with the relevant standards, construction processes, design and construction specification for design and construction. Tenth Xining North Hills beautiful park after completion of the permanent green space, landscaping by city Administrative Department organize the relevant departments to acceptance, and landscape management bodies of conservation management.

    Urban landscape should be checked periodically by the Administrative Department's Green conservation management of the supervision unit green space conservation and management.

11th Xining North Hills beautiful park a permanent green space within any of the following acts:

(A) damage to green areas, destruction of trees, the destruction of facilities;

(B) setting up billboards, communications towers, electrical towers, graffiti, description and posting of advertising slogans at the facility;

(C) for parking, the parking of motor vehicles;

(Iv) stacking objects, borrow dredging, grazing livestock and poultry;

(E) the dumping or incinerating waste, emission of toxic and harmful substances;

(F) the excavation within the mountains, occupying the mountain land;

    (VII) other damaged Greenbelt and acts in violation of laws, rules and regulations.

    12th acts in violation of these measures, laws and regulations have been penalties from its provisions.

    13th in violation of the provisions of article fifth, the Department of landscape administration a rectification, restitution, has illegally obtained, confiscation of illegal income, and fined 200 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan below the fines, the unit shall be punishable by more than 10000 30000 Yuan fines, resulting in the loss shall bear liability.

    14th in violation of the provisions of article 11th, the Department of landscape Administration ordered to stop infringement, restitution and fined 200 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan below the fines, more than 5000 Yuan for units of up to 30000 Yuan fines, resulting in the loss shall bear liability.

    15th landscape administrative department or relevant administrative departments and their staff in the management of the neglect, abuse, deception, or fails to perform the statutory duties of, by their work units or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    16th article of the approaches on specific applications of the Department of urban landscaping administration is responsible for the interpretation. 17th these measures come into force on March 1, 2014.