Guangzhou Municipal Science And Technology Incentives

Original Language Title: 广州市科学技术奖励办法

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Guangzhou Municipal science and technology incentives

    (April 14, 2014 Municipal Government Executive meeting of the 14th session of the 110 amendments adopted May 20, 2014, people's Government of Guangzhou City, the 103th publication come into effect July 1, 2014) Chapter I General provisions

    First article for award on this city science and technology progress and independent innovation made highlight contribution of personal and organization, mobilization science and technology workers of enthusiasm and creative, promoted science and technology progress, improve independent innovation capacity, construction national innovation type City, promote this city economic construction and social development, according to national science and technology award Ordinance, and Guangdong Province independent innovation promote Ordinance and Guangzhou technology innovation promote Ordinance, combined this city actual, developed this approach.

    Second approach applies to awards in the administrative area of the city of science and technology research and development, science and technology achievement transformation, as well as for the city's science and technology progress and innovation have made outstanding contributions to individuals, organizations.

    Third social forces are encouraged to undertake science and technology award, but must not violate the relevant provisions of the State.

    Fourth City Science and technology award of recommendation, review and grant, guided by science, principles of openness, fairness and justice; adhere to high standards and strict requirements, good options.

    The fifth article of the approaches implemented by the municipal administrative departments in charge of science and technology.

    Chapter Awards Sixth municipal people's Government established the municipal science and technology award, is awarded annually.

City Mayor award include science and technology prize of science and technology and science and technology progress award categories.

Major award does not set the level of science and technology.

    Science and technology progress award include science, technology classes, technology development, social categories and major in engineering, divided into first prize, second prize, third prize of 3 levels.

    Seventh annual Mayor's prize of science and technology is not more than 3, no more than 100 scientific and technological progress award.

    Article eighth Mayor prize of science and technology at the forefront of contemporary science and technology made great breakthroughs, in the development of science and technology to make outstanding contributions or achievements in scientific and technological innovation, science and technology and high-tech industrialization, create great economic or social benefit to scientific and technical workers.

Nineth contribution to the science and technology progress award in the following individuals and organizations:

(A) Science: science projects, to carry out basic research and applied basic research, explain natural phenomena, characteristics and laws, made important scientific discoveries.

(B) the technical invention categories: applied basic research project, to apply scientific knowledge to products, processes, methods, materials and their related systems by significant technological invention.

(C) technical development classes: technical development projects and technical transformation projects, major technological innovation, scientific and technological achievements, significant economic benefits.

(D) social class: public welfare projects, engaged in scientific and technological basic work or social non-profit science and technology programs such as universal access to scientific and technical knowledge, proven, significant social benefits; in management science, decision Science, soft science research project, which has been adopted by decision of the relevant departments, and applications, and achieve significant social benefits.

    (V) major project categories: major projects in the implementation of the plan for national economic and social development in the protection engineering to reach the domestic advanced level and in accordance with the relevant State industrial policies.

    Chapter III recommendation, review and grant

Tenth of municipal science and technology prize Declaration recommended by one of the following ways:

(A) the district and municipal people's Government at the county level recommended by the Administrative Department of science and technology.

(B) the body directly under the Department, provincial and municipal people's Governments, people's organization recommended.

(C) countries in ear unit, recommended provincial and municipal enterprises and institutions.

(D) more than three companies recommended.

    (E) two or more experts recommend. The 11th municipal people's Government the establishment of science and Technology Award Committee (hereinafter referred to as Committee) is responsible for the review work of the municipal science and technology award.

Review Committee made up of experts, scholars, administrators, experts, scholars, no less than 80%.

    Review Committee Office in the Municipal Department of science and Technology Administration, responsible for reviewing the Committee's work.

    12th Review Committee consists of several disciplines (Professional) accreditation group, responsible for all subjects (Professional), science and technology in the context of evaluation work. 13th article subjects (Professional) assessment group evaluation and award (Organization), project and reward level evaluation results reported to the Review Committee.

Review Committee to review evaluation results and presented the results.

    Evaluation committees and discipline (Professional) members of the review group and participate in selected science and technology award individuals and organizations interested in, should be avoided. 14th evaluation of the municipal science and technology award accepting social supervision and dissent.

Review Committee shall provide the public the proposed award and award project, publicity for 30th.

    Any unit and individual have any objections, may appeal to the Vetting Committee Office in the publicity, if inadmissible.

    15th results should be approved by the municipal people's Government. The 16th Mayor of scientific and technical award certificate signed by the Mayor.

    Science and technology progress award by the municipal people's Government issued certificates. 17th Mayor of scientific and technical award bonuses amounting to 1.2 million Yuan.

Science and technology progress award each of the prizes amounting to 300,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan, the second prize third prize of 100,000 yuan.

    City Science and technology prize for recommended, reviews, awards and other incentives in science and technology funding and manpower arrangement included in the annual budget of the Department of science and Technology Administration.

    The fourth chapter legal liability

    18th piracy, hijacking other people's discoveries, inventions and other scientific and technological achievements, science and technology award, or other improper means to defraud city by the Municipal Department of science and Technology Administration submitted to the municipal people's Government can revoke the reward to recover the certificates and prizes, announced to the public through the media, cancel within 5 years eligible for awards for science and technology.

    19th recommended units providing false data, materials, assist others to defraud City Science and technology award by the Municipal Department of science and Technology Administration criticized serious cases, suspend or cancel the recommended qualification, and announced to the public through the media, in charge of personnel and other persons directly responsible shall not be declared within 5 years of technology project, and the relevant competent authorities shall be given administrative sanctions.

    20th work in the science and technology award activities and related staff in the accreditation activities of fraud, deception, and cancel your participation in the activities of the municipal science and technology award qualifications, and processed by the competent authorities in accordance with the provisions of law; a suspected crime, transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The fifth chapter supplementary articles

    21st municipal people's Government departments do not separate awards in science and technology, except as otherwise provided by State or province. 22nd article this way come into force July 1, 2014. On March 23, 2001 issued by the Municipal Government of the Guangzhou science and technology incentives (Government orders (2001), 4th) repealed simultaneously.