Xi ' An City, Implementing Rules For The Management Of Geographical Names

Original Language Title: 西安市地名管理实施细则

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XI ' an city, implementing rules for the management of geographical names

    (May 19, 2014 municipal people's Government adopted at the 84th meeting of May 26, 2014, 114th in XI ' an city people's Government promulgated as of July 1, 2014) Chapter I General provisions

    First, place names, to standardize the management, meet the needs of economic and social development and international and domestic exchanges, the masses, according to the State Department of the Administrative Regulations for Geographical Names and the Shaanxi Province, measures for the implementation of Administrative Regulations for Geographical Names, such as regulations, rules, combined with the city's actual, these rules are formulated.

    Article naming of geographical names within the administrative area of the city, changed its name and PIN names, use of standard geographical names, toponymic signs set and related management and public service activities, these rules shall apply.

Third place names mentioned in these rules refers to as a marked location, geographical entities names of area, including: (A) the name of the administrative area.

Administrative divisions and street names and abbreviations, nicknames. (B) the resident names.

Residential area (fillets), door (floor, unit) cards, cards and large buildings, plazas, public green spaces, gardens and other names; and names such as farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery. (C) the name of municipal traffic facilities.

Urban road street names as well as bridges, tunnels and other names. (D) geographical entity name.

Plains, mountains, canyons, hills, basins, passes, mountain pass, ping, dam, pond, rivers, lakes, valleys, waterfalls, springs and other names. (E) used by the professional services related with a place name meaning name.

    Places of interest, tourist places, Memorial, nature reserves, development zones and industrial parks, airports, stations, bridges, tunnels, ports, ferries, terminals, reservoirs, dams, power plants, power plants and forests, mines and other names.

    Fourth article names should stick to the history and current situation, maintain the relative stability of geographical names, geographical names standardization and translation of geographical names standardization.

Fifth of municipal, district and county people's Governments shall strengthen the names and public service leadership, supervision and guidance of the lower people's Government and the local government department names and related public service work. In under the leadership of the people's Governments at the municipal, district and County place names Committee, organize and coordinate the relevant government department names and public service work.

    Place names Committee Office in the people's Government at the Department of civil affairs.

Sixth Department is the name of the public administrative authorities, responsible for the management of geographical names within the administrative area of the city and public service jobs.

County Civil Affairs Department and the development zone management Committee is responsible for the area's geographical names management and public service.

Other relevant government departments in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, do the names associated with public service work.

    Town government, neighborhood offices shall cooperate with the relevant departments within the geographical area of geographical names management and public service.

    Seventh article names and requirements for the public service, in accordance with State provisions included in the budget.

    Chapter naming, renaming, and PIN names Naming and renaming of the article eighth place name shall, in accordance with national, provincial and these rules and regulations.

Without approval, without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to name names and changed its name. The naming and renaming of geographical names should respect local history and culture, reflect the geographic characteristics, adhere to the relatively stable, genuine and widely appealing, standardized and orderly, easy to find and remember the principle of respect for the wishes of the people.

    General shall not engage in naming, name, and title.

Named Nineth place name shall comply with the following provisions:

(A) standard geographical names in principle by proper names and generic term is composed of two parts, health should be concise, clear and in line with Chinese proper names used, generic term should reflect what is called geographic entity category property.

(B) place names in order to prevent arbitrariness, prohibit harmful to national dignity, style four-letter name, not to publicise the feudal elite color named after the words without science, nonstandard, not live up to the name.

(C) the characters for names to strictly abide by the People's Republic of China National common language law, and may not be intentionally used traditional Chinese characters, variant characters, avoid using obscure words, pronunciation.

(D) the names used by the characters in a print published in national General table of characters prevail, writing specifications.

(E) shall not use Chinese as a foreign language translations of place names.

(F) shall not be used as the names of people in General, but historical employment except for naming names.

(G) prohibiting the use of State names the names of the leaders, not with foreign names, place names, or translating a foreign language words naming, not based on industry, business unit named roads, bridges, tunnels and other public facilities.

(H) the Administrative Division, scenic spots, nature reserves and the name used by the various professional services has the significance of geographical names is generally consistent with your local place names.

(I) the construction and reconstruction of residential areas, roads, retaining the original name, rename really necessary, in accordance with the hierarchy, sequence, the standard required to be named.

(10) a town in the district and sub-district offices should not duplicate; road within the municipal district or County streets and residents should not duplicate; a village within the town, streets and communities should not duplicate should be no duplicate names to avoid using a homonym or similar sounding words.

(11) the administrative areas of no known natural geographical entities names for proper names, town to town resident settlement named subdistrict offices should generally be named in the street name.

(12) the road independent buildings on the street or the courtyard should be made also a house number.

    (13) other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations.

Article tenth territorial unit, as well as professional departments have names meaning of names, rename, change its name in accordance with the national regulations.

    When the relevant professional sectors in the development of a place name meaning name shall consult the local Civil Affairs Department.

11th article residents to, and municipal traffic facilities, and natural geographic entity in district of, where area home sector developed named, and changed its name programme Hou, by District Government reported City Government approved; in zone within of, by zone CMC developed named, and changed its name programme, reported City Government approved; in city's County within of, by County home sector developed named, and changed its name programme, reported County Government approved.

    Development zone, involving two or more counties, towns and roads, bridges, tunnels, naming, renaming, by the road authorities submitted to the municipal people's Government.

Named 12th residential areas, large buildings, the construction unit for planning permission procedure to the peer before the Home Department or apply in naming development zone management committee, the civil affairs departments or development zone management committee shall promptly determine the name.

    Residential areas, large building was renamed by a management unit, building or the owners ' proposed renaming application for, of which there are two or more owners, shall obtain the consent of more than half the owners consent.

    13th village, community names named and renamed by the town government, neighborhood offices to apply to the County Civil Affairs Department, District Civil Administration reported that the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.

    14th write-off related to naming names in accordance with the rules of competence and procedure. 15th articles harmful to national sovereignty and dignity, with ethnic discriminatory, vulgar, affect social harmony place, should be renamed.

Historic names, common, meaning health shall not be renamed, it needs renaming, and handled in accordance with the principles set out in these rules.

    A number, or disunity of form, sound and meaning of place names, it shall determine a standard geographical names.

    16th place names names, changed its name, shall organize relevant departments, experts and scholars to fully prove to extensively solicit views of the community.

17th place names, changed its name, and marketing approval by peer departments of civil affairs or development zone management committee organization and superior home record.

    Used in the professional sector have names meaning of names, published by the professional sector, civil affairs departments at the same level for the record.

    Chapter III use of standard names and management Article 18th in line with provisions on administration of place names and place names as standard names approved by the law.

Before the implementation of these rules by the civil affairs departments included place names book, still using the old geographical names as standard names.

    Instruments, news, documentary publications, maps, advertisements, public facilities, places, signs, traffic signs, building signs, such as standard names should be used.

19th Chinese Roman alphabet spelling of the place name shall be in accordance with the development and the implementation of the rules of Chinese phonetic alphabet spelling of Chinese geographical names.

    Ethnic Chinese translations of place names and language names, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

    20th civil affairs departments, the development zone management committee shall, in accordance with relevant technical standards to establish the archives (room) and databases, strengthen the management of archives and databases of geographical names, update information and data on geographical names.

    21st civil affairs departments should make full use of various types of media offers a variety of forms of information services to the public. 22nd place name signs for the national legal markers. Names are named, was renamed after the release of relevant departments shall set the place name sign in a timely manner.

Similar patterns of geographical names should be consistent within a certain area. Natural geographical entities, administrative districts, residential areas, roads, street name signs, set by the civil affairs departments or development zone management Committee in accordance with national standards and management.

    Professional name signs used by professional sectors are responsible for setting up and managing.

    Article 23rd move name signs for municipal construction and other reasons, construction sector should be set prior to the place name sign informed and to take effective measures to keep upon completion should be reinstated.

    The fourth chapter of historical place names to protect

24th district departments, DCMA shall survey the historical place names in the area, establishing historical place names file.

    Evaluation system of public administration shall establish a historical place names, development of protection of historical place names directory, submitted to the municipal people's Government announced.

    25th article protection should insist on the use of geographical names in history, focusing on principles of inheritance, and combined with the historical and cultural city protection plan.

26th in the protection of historical place names directory names shall not be changed and is still in use.
Included in the protection list of geographical names and names that are not used in history, listing, set up a monument and other measures should be taken to protect it.

    27th for added protection of historical place names directory names of geographical entities involved, requires demolition or removal, except in accordance with the law relating to procedure, city and County Civil Affairs Department also shall, together with the relevant administrative departments to develop protection of geographical names.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    28th article violates this rule name, renamed or do not use the standard names, used by the departments of civil affairs ordered to stop, rectify; it fails by the municipal, district and county people's Government criticized, corrected and instructed relevant departments in accordance with the provisions of this rule.

    Article 29th name signs or move or conceal, alter, damage, or flag is set by the home sector Department to order compensation or restitution of limited duration, subject to a fine of 200 Yuan fines; activities contravening public security management, be dealt with by the public security organs in accordance with the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    30th State organ staff in violation of this rule, dereliction of duty, abuse of power, through misconduct, by the unit or by the competent authority, according to circumstances, administrative sanctions.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles Since the 31st article of the rules take effect on July 1, 2014. Municipal people's Government on August 15, 2004 of the implementing rules of the XI ' an city names (44th in XI ' an city people's Government) abrogated.

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