Qiqihar City People's Government On The Decision To Publish The Results Of Municipal Administrative Approval Items Clean

Original Language Title: 齐齐哈尔市人民政府关于公布市级行政审批项目清理结果的决定

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Qiqihar city people's Government on the decision to publish the results of municipal administrative approval items clean

(January 13, 2014, Qiqihar city, Government 15 session 18 times Executive Conference through January 29, 2014, Qiqihar city, Government makes 2nd, announced since announced of day up purposes) for effective change government functions, strengthening administrative organ effectiveness construction, full advance law administrative, according to administrative license method and State, and provincial government about requirements, municipal government on city level implementation of administrative approval project for has concentrated cleanup, now will cleanup results be announced.

    Around, and the sector to according to municipal Government of deployment, active adapted economic social development need, put deepening administrative approval system reform as implement implementation party of 18 big and 18 session plenary session spirit of specific initiatives, strengthening organization led, clear work Division, increased on administrative approval implementation of regulatory efforts, increased on administrative approval system, and mechanism, aspects of reform efforts, firm to in-depth advance administrative approval system reform.

, Improving supervision to retain approval project implementation The published retention and consolidation of administrative approval items, are entering the city-government service center. All implementation units to publicize the optimization of the approval process and the processing time.

    Administrative Service Center, to strengthen the supervision of the project implementation, the "linkage service, a reception, vetting, limited time concluded" approval operating mode, sound and comprehensive real-time monitoring, early warning, error correction, complaints handling, performance evaluation of electronic monitoring mechanism, found and corrected in a timely manner for approval regulations.

Convergence, cancellation and adjusted the second item under review Convergence and all departments to do a good job to ensure cancellation of administrative approval items and adjustments put in place in a timely manner.

    On canceled of approval project, to developed regulatory measures, avoid appeared regulatory vacuum; on decentralization management level of approval project, city units to timely handle delegate procedures, while strengthening business guide and supervision, around to on undertake of approval project, optimization handle process, improve do efficiency; on record and to daily regulatory, change management way of approval project, to hold research developed specific management approach and measures, achieved from administrative approval to General management and active service change.

Third, establish the approval mechanism for dynamic cleanup project Led by the municipal Bureau of supervision, coordination of the Legislative Affairs Office and the Office, every two years on the implementation of municipal administrative approval items for a comprehensive cleanup.

    Setting basis for approval of the project repealed, amended or cancelled or adjusted by the State Council, and not adapted to real management requirements, difficult to achieve management objectives, outside the city, canceled or adjusted, decentralization of implementation after bad, cleanup comments in a timely manner and reported to the municipality decided according to the procedure to remove, adjust or withdraw administrative permissions.

Four, advance the reform of administrative services Continue to enhance municipal administrative service center, County (City) District Service Center, the Township's public service center and construction of service stations for the convenience of the village, establishing four administrative service system, consolidation and approval of the Department of resources, optimize the allocation of administrative examination and approval rights, incorporated internal approval, effective administrative examination and approval rights "three-set, three in place."

    Strengthen the administrative examination and approval of performance management, parallel implementation of online approval, approval and service quality of public commitment to such practices, improve service levels, saving administrative costs.

Five, standardizing approval agency action Adhere to "rationalize the system, strengthening the management, operation, and support the development of" principles, strengthen the intermediary bodies, in particular the administrative examination and approval and supervision and management of the relevant intermediary. Transactional work for public institutions and social organizations and management services, through the delegate, tendering, outsourcing of contracts given to institutions or social organizations. Research to strengthen agency management system, streamlining regulatory system, cutting off power, and realize the complete separation of intermediation and administrative functions.

    Drawing on the advanced experience, city chief administrative examination and approval service center established within the project "intermediary supermarket", the introduction of competition mechanism to build fair and impartial intermediary market, exclusive dealing, the monopoly of some intermediaries, using market means prompted the Agency to improve services and increase efficiency.


    Reserved list of municipal administrative approval items (302) (picture, text)

    Merge the actual list of administrative approval items (47 items combined for 22) (picture, text)

    Cancel the list of municipal administrative approval items (36 items) (picture, text)

    List of delegated management layers of administrative approval items (45) (picture, text)

    List of record municipal administrative approval items (19 items) (picture, text)

To day-to-day management of the municipal list of administrative approval items (11 items) (picture, text) From approval to list of administrative approval items owned (2) (picture, text)