Provisions On Administration Of Traffic Safety In The Waters Of Bridges In Guangdong Province

Original Language Title: 广东省桥梁水域通航安全管理规定

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Provisions on administration of traffic safety in the waters of bridges in Guangdong Province (April 9, 2014 Guangdong Province Government 12th session 23 times Executive Conference through May 20, 2014 Guangdong Province Government makes No. 200, announced since July 1, 2014 up implementation) first article to maintenance bridge waters navigation order, protection bridge and past ship (including floating facilities, with) security, according to People's Republic of China Sea traffic security method, and People's Republic of China river traffic security management Ordinance, and highway security protection Ordinance, legal regulations, 

    Combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated. 

Second provincial waters to marine navigation, berthing, and operation of bridges, bridge and water traffic safety-related construction, construction, management and other activities, these provisions shall apply. Bridge water refers to the axis of the bridge on each side of the navigable waters within a certain range. 

    Bridges across the River, and its scope is the axis of the bridge downstream of the upper 400 meters to 200 meters bridge across the waters or waters with special needs, ranging from local transportation departments demonstrated a maritime administrative agency shall be determined and publicized. 

Article maritime administrative agency responsible for the supervision and administration of traffic safety in the waters of the bridge, is responsible for maintaining the traffic environment and navigation order, released navigation passes (police) report, organize and coordinate water traffic accident investigation work. 

    Transport, railway, water conservancy, housing and urban-rural development, oceans and fisheries, work safety supervision and management departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, legally responsible for waters on safety supervision and management work of bridge. 

    Fourth bridge constructed in navigable waters, should be based on the waterway and bridge design requirements, complying with provisions of water traffic safety facilities. 

Fifth bridge-building Unit shall bear the responsibility for safety production and supervise implementation of navigation safety guarantee measures during the construction period. 

    Bridge construction units shall ensure that water traffic safety facilities simultaneously with the principal part of the project design, construction, and put to use.

Sixth bridge construction in bridge within one month of use, to the local maritime administrative agency shall submit the following information relating to traffic safety in the bridge:

(A) the geographical position, the total length of the bridge, the bridge opening distribution;

(B) the bridge collision and collision facilities;

(C) the bridge navigation AIDS, facilities and safety signs

(D) required by the navigable limit of the argument, including the bridge navigation clearance height and width clearance, bridge traffic conditions (one-way, two-way trade and navigation navigation or prohibiting navigation), bridge water restricted speed;

(E) bridges sweep water depth mapping, flow velocity, direction and angle between the normal of the bridge and so on; 

    (Vi) other information you need to report. 

    Article seventh bridge management unit shall establish and improve the safety management system, maintain the water bridge navigation AIDS and traffic safety facilities, investigation and rectification bridge safety problems, and ensuring navigation safety-related capital investment. 

    Eighth bridge management unit when he found the bridge security breaches affect navigation safety, shall promptly send a warning message to passing ships, to take emergency measures, and to report to the maritime administrative agency and the waterway authorities.

Nineth in bridge in the waters of the following actions are forbidden:

(A) engaged in fishing, aquaculture, aquatic crops cultivation;

(B) the new ferry; 

    (C) other acts that impede traffic safety in the bridge or.

Tenth voyage shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) before the ship entered the waters of bridges, cars, and main navigation equipment, lights, shape checks to ensure in good condition;

(B) the ship through the navigable span, should remain high enough, and edge-preserving sufficient safety distance between the piers;

(C) to strengthen the look, drive carefully, using a safe speed;

(D) the bridge water navigation aids such as abnormality is found, if it cannot ensure safe passage shall not be forced through, and should take immediate safety measures and to report to the local maritime authorities, waterway authorities; 

    (E) other provisions of the laws, regulations and rules.

11th ship in the waters of the bridge, the following actions are forbidden:

(A) overtaking;

(B) sail side-by-side;

(C) turn around, cross drive;

(D) through restricted navigation bridge;

(E) sea trials (host test); 

    (Vi) other acts affecting the safety of navigation in the waters of the bridge. 

Article 12th except in cases of emergency, no ship shall anchor in the waters of the bridge. 

    Anchoring the waters of ships due to emergency bridge, it should be immediately reported to the local maritime authorities, and in accordance with the provisions in showing signals, VHF communications by way of ship dynamics, and adopt effective measures as soon as possible, leaving the bridge area.

13th under any of the following circumstances, ship through waters of bridges:

(A) the visibility is less than the prescribed requirements;

(B) when wind reached its limit of navigation of wind scale;

(C) the velocity limit navigation speed is reached; 

(Iv) waters of the bridge when the accident or serious security risks. 

    Any of the above circumstances, the maritime administrative agency shall legally issued a navigation warning information. 

    14th in violation of the provisions of article Nineth, by the maritime administrative agency shall order rectification refuses, fined a maximum of between 10000 and 2000 Yuan. 

    15th in violation of the provisions of article 11th, 13th paragraph, by the maritime administrative agency fined a maximum of between 10000 and 2000 Yuan. 

    Violation of the provisions of article 12th 16th article, by the maritime administrative agency shall order rectification refuses, fined a maximum of between 10000 and 2000 Yuan. 

    17th a violation of this provision, the maritime administrative agency, as well as other administrative Department staff negligence, malpractice and abuse their powers shall be given disciplinary action; a suspected crime, transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 18th article of the regulations come into force on July 1, 2014.

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