Luoyang City, Volunteer Management

Original Language Title: 洛阳市志愿服务管理办法

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Luoyang City, volunteer management (August 16, 2013 Luoyang Government 16th times Executive Conference considered through August 18, 2013 Luoyang Government makes 122th, announced since October 1, 2013 up purposes) first article to promotion universal "learning Lei feng, and dedication others, and upgrade himself" of volunteer service concept, promote dedication, and fraternity, and mutual, and progress of volunteer service spirit, enhanced citizens of volunteer service consciousness, specification volunteer service activities, guarantees volunteers of lawful rights and interests of, promote volunteer service career development

    In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second volunteers within the administrative area of the city, voluntary service organizations, voluntary service activities as well as volunteer activities support and guarantee the application of this approach.

Third volunteer in these measures refers to the registration of voluntary service organizations not to receive remuneration for purposes, such as their knowledge and skills, physical fitness, willingness to help others and serve the community and natural personal care.

Volunteer service organization is legally registered, non-profit social organizations engaged in volunteering.

    Voluntary service is a not-for-profit, voluntary services organization, voluntarily implemented by the volunteer to help others, service to the community and caring nature of public welfare activities.

    Fourth voluntary service activities should be voluntary, equality, integrity, non-for-profit principle.

    Article fifth volunteer, voluntary service organizations and volunteer services are voluntary, equality and mutual respect in relationship between services and service.

    Sixth of Municipal Office of the spiritual civilization Steering Committee (hereinafter "civilization Office") is responsible for organizing the city's volunteer work.

    The seventh annual March for learning from Lei Feng volunteer awareness month in the city in April and months of voluntary service activities.

    Eighth voluntary personnel participating in volunteer service, an application shall be submitted to the volunteer organization, agreed by the volunteer organizations, can register as volunteers. Nineth volunteers engaged in volunteer activities, should work with the volunteer's age, State of health, knowledge and skills to adapt.

    Do not have full civil capacity of volunteer, volunteer service shall obtain the consent of guardians and can only participate in volunteer services commensurate with their age, physical or mental condition.

Tenth volunteers enjoy the following rights:

(A) according to their own will and time, capacity and other conditions, choose volunteer activities;

(B) obtain full information associated with the volunteer services:

(C) accept voluntary service activities required in the professional training and on the job training;

(D) request volunteer service activities organized to help solve the problems encountered in the voluntary service activities;

(E) preferential access to voluntary service organizations and other volunteers to provide assistance;

(F) refuse to provide services contrary to laws, regulations, and contrary to public morality;

(G) freedom, reputation, privacy, and beliefs are respected;

(H) apply to withdraw volunteers services organization:

    (I) the rights others.

11th volunteers shall perform the following obligations:

(A) to comply with laws, regulations, and voluntary organization's Charter and the system;

(Ii) participation in volunteer service organizations, education and training, accept the guidance of voluntary service organizations and arrangements, carry out voluntary service commitments, complete volunteer work;

(C) respecting the will and personality of voluntary service, privacy and other rights shall not be disclosed in the course of volunteering was informed that personal privacy, trade secrets and other information protected by law, and shall be without prejudice to the legitimate rights and interests of the volunteer service object;

(D) is unable to continue to engage in voluntary service activities, should inform volunteer organizations;

(E) shall not be charged to the voluntary service, disguised remuneration, property, or seek other benefits;

(F) may make use of volunteer to engage in behavior that is inconsistent with the requirements voluntary service activities;

(G) maintain the reputation and image of voluntary organizations and volunteers;

    (VIII) other obligations.

Luoyang City, the 12th Association of volunteers is registered according to law was established, an independent corporate social groups, accept the civilization Office of the guidance and supervision of other relevant departments, is responsible for the administrative area of the city under the volunteer organizations and their volunteers to guide and supervise.

Federation of Luoyang City, volunteers shall perform the following duties:

(A) to develop voluntary service system;

(B) voluntary services plans within their respective administrative areas, post volunteer information;

(C) Guide and coordinate the activities of voluntary organisations;

(D) to protect legal rights of voluntary organizations and volunteers;

(E) recognizes and rewards voluntary service organizations and volunteers;

(F) voluntary service publicity and foreign exchanges and cooperation;

(VII) other duties stipulated by the articles of Confederation of volunteers. Meet the Volunteers Association of voluntary service organizations in this city, Luoyang City, can apply to become a volunteer group members of the Federation.

    Other volunteer service organizations and volunteers shall be incorporated into the Federation of volunteer management in Luoyang, report on voluntary service activities carried out on a regular basis.

    13th registered volunteer service organizations, fund raising, management and use should be based on the People's Republic of China public welfare donations law, social organization registration regulations and other relevant laws, administrative regulations, and subject to community supervision.

    14th volunteer service organizations should establish archives for volunteers and volunteer personal information such as confidential, without the written consent of volunteers I, shall not be disclosed or provided to a third party.

    15th volunteer needs proof of volunteer services such as education, employment, voluntary service organizations should be provided.

16th volunteer service include:

(A) poverty relief, helping the disabled, old young;

(B) supporting education, health care, science and technology, cultural and sports services, environmental protection;

(C) the emotional and psychological assistance;

(D) the legal system and social advocacy, legal assistance;

(E) social activities;

(Vi) emergency rescue and disaster relief, emergency relief, prevention;

    (VII) other social welfare activities.

    17th volunteerism focus on persons with disabilities, the elderly, minors and allowances as well as other members of society with special difficulties needs help. 18th must volunteer units and individuals could apply to the voluntary service organizations, and volunteer service and risk required to inform.

    Volunteer service organization risk assessment should be carried out promptly and to respond about volunteering, it shall explain the reasons.

    19th voluntary service organization for voluntary service activities, volunteers should be provided the necessary security, hygiene, medical care, transport, communications and other security-related knowledge and skills training.

20th volunteer service organization needs should be based on voluntary service activities, conduct necessary personal accident insurance for volunteers.

    Volunteer services volunteer human dignity shall be respected and informed risks and prevention measures of voluntary service projects; conditional, should provide appropriate training for volunteers, as well as the necessary material security and safety and health conditions.

    21st volunteers participated in the voluntary service activities, voluntary service identity should wear a uniform. 22nd volunteer service organizations and volunteers, voluntary organizations and the voluntary service between objects, volunteer service should be the main content of the consensus.

Any of the following circumstances shall enter into a written agreement:

(A) of higher risk to physical integrity, physical and mental health;

(B) full-time service of more than 7 consecutive days;

(C) provide volunteer services for large social events;

(D) voluntary service activities carried out outside the administrative area of the city;

    (E) any party to enter into a written agreement.

23rd the voluntary service organizations and volunteers, voluntary services organization with voluntary service voluntary service agreement between objects, shall include the following information:

(A) identity or company name and address;

(B) what, when, where and how of volunteer service;

(C) the rights and obligations of the parties;

(Iv) risks and safeguards;

(V) the alteration and termination of the agreement;

(F) the dispute;

    (VII) other promise.

24th in each County (City) district people's Government area volunteer activities at all levels should be given the necessary financial support.

    To encourage donations, contributions of the volunteer activities in the community.

25th voluntary funds should be used for the following:

(A) volunteer month Gen works projects funded;

(B) promote volunteering philosophy;

(C) training of volunteers;

(D) assistance for engaging in volunteer activities volunteers of the hardship caused by the damage;

(E) the award made outstanding contributions of voluntary organizations and volunteers;

(Vi) for registered volunteers participate in volunteer activities to provide the necessary personal accident insurance and transportation and communication subsidies;

(VII) social donations agreed by the Fund, in accordance with the contract;

(H) other matters arising and development of voluntary service.

    Utilization and management of funds shall comply with the relevant regulations of the State, shall be subject to financial, audit and supervision of social, and announced to the public on a regular basis.

Article 26th volunteers in volunteer service in the process, any of the following circumstances, voluntary funds should be financed:

(A) for reasons of force majeure cannot be imputed to a third party, such as physical damage, significant damage to property;

    (B) personal injury torts due to infringement of others who could not be identified, escape or without compensation.

    27th school, family and community will be to develop youth awareness of volunteer service within the scope of civic and moral education.

28th all types of news media shall offer voluntary services feature, column, published, volunteer public service announcements.

    Public spaces should be provided with a volunteer service environment with public service announcements.

    29th to encourage social organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations to recruit staff and schools when recruiting students, priority under the same conditions, employment, admission and a good volunteer services volunteer.

    30th of municipal assessment assessment by the civilization Office of volunteer services for implementation in each County (City) area, departmental support, accountability, and cooperation.

    31st volunteer assessment results as creating a civilized city (urban area), civilization, civilization, civilized communities in villages and towns of the important conditions.

    32nd article levels civilization units to put volunteer service activities carried out situation as civilization created of important content, into civilization city, and civilization village, and civilization units evaluation and city civilization degree index evaluation; provincial above civilization units registered volunteers per capita participation volunteer service activities annual many Yu 100 hours; city level civilization units registered volunteers per capita participation volunteer service activities annual many Yu 80 hours; County district level civilization units registered volunteers per capita participation volunteer service activities annual many Yu 60 hours.

    Article 33rd volunteering time and performance evaluation systems, introduction of volunteer star certification.

    The 34th volunteer or volunteer service organizations disclose in the course of volunteering was informed that personal privacy, trade secrets and other information protected by law, damage the lawful rights and interests of the volunteer, shall bear the responsibility. 35th volunteers to volunteer service charge, disguised remuneration, property or seek other benefits, voluntary services organization shall be ordered to correct, and the suspension of its eligibility to participate in volunteer activities in serious cases be publicized.

    Volunteer service organizations and volunteer services except as otherwise agreed.

    36th or disguised use of voluntary service organizations or volunteer services, the name, logo, conduct for-profit activities or non-voluntary service activities of units and individuals, voluntary services organization drew attention to the relevant administrative authorities shall order the rectification; refused to correct, or if the circumstances are serious, the relevant administrative authorities accountable.

    37th volunteers in the course of volunteering organized by volunteer organizations, volunteer organizations or voluntary service object at fault for personal or property damage of, voluntary organisations or voluntary service shall bear the responsibility.

    Article 38th of misappropriation of unit and individual volunteer activities, responsible for the relevant administrative or judicial authorities accountable.

    39th other acts in violation of these rules, the relevant administrative authorities shall be investigated for their responsibilities.

    40th within the administrative area of the city to work, study, living in Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese and foreign volunteers, these measures shall apply. 41st these measures come into force October 1, 2013.

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