Guiyang City, Reform Education Management

Original Language Title: 贵阳市工读教育管理办法

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Guiyang City, reform education management

    (October 14, 2013 Executive meeting of the Guiyang municipal people's Government on November 5, 2013, Guiyang municipal people's Government released 10th come into force on January 1, 2014) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the reform of education management, improve the quality of work and social benefits and promote the balanced development of basic education, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on education and the People's Republic of China Law on compulsory education, the People's Republic of China Law on the protection of minors and the People's Republic of China juvenile delinquency prevention Act, and other laws and regulations and related policies, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article mentioned in these measures refers to the reform school refers to the illegal and petty crimes of minors in special education school, is a special form of compulsory education and supplement.

    The city's School of education and management in the application of this approach.

    Article reform school to "save the children, the nurturing of talent, based on education, and science education" for the purpose, adhere to the "loving, careful, patient and confident" principles of education, serious misconduct and petty crimes in juvenile education, save with ideals, morality, culture and discipline and knowledge production technology and vocational skills of citizens.

    Governments at all levels shall, in accordance with article IV reform education reform and development in educational planning and reform schools special education requirements fully into account in the adjustment and function, strengthening the standardization construction of reform school.

    Fifth creation, amendment and cancellation of school, according to the specified conditions and procedures.

    Chapter II management responsibilities Sixth municipal people's Government the establishment of reform education Management Committee, Management Committee, comprehensive management, education, public security, finance, justice, society, health and civil affairs departments and mass organization formed. Management committees set up under the Office, offices located in the city of comprehensive management, specific responsibility for the reform of education related work.

    Management Committee meeting held regularly every year, organization and coordination to solve work-related problems.

    Article seventh education supervision departments should include the supervision of school based educational inspection check regularly on the school-running conditions, circumstances and outcome evaluation, supervision, and guarantee the healthy development of reform education.

    Article eighth Administrative Department of education school administration, reform education, is responsible for the Organization and management of the city, plans and measures for reform education reform and development.

    Nineth public security departments should be accredited, a principal in school management and decision-making, while selecting competent 4-5 civilian police school, take part in school safety management, investigation and verification cases, admission information, assist in legal education.

    Tenth judicial administrative departments should strengthen the administrative departments of education and school implementation of publicity and education on social responsibility guidance, supervision and inspection of work combining the actual work, provide legal services to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors.

    11th health Administrative Department is responsible for coordinating medical institutions in reform school and upon application by the relevant departments, such as health education, medical examinations, clinic, medical institutions for treatment of sick students. 12th District Administrative Department is responsible for assisting the public security departments in reform school students early migrants back to survey preparations; do escort students return to their home countries on coordination work; coordinate related work of the school.

    Of begging minors eligible for work-study, finding out their parents or other guardian is not in the city, as a guardian responsible for the relevant matters. 13th the particularity of human resources and social security administrative departments are responsible for combining work, actively opening special skills who introduced the green channel, help school of talents introduction work required.

    Work-study schools professional titles evaluation of teachers must be tilted. 14th fiscal administration is guaranteed by the regulation reform school teaching as well as funding for compulsory admission student life.

    For compulsory enrolment in school arising out of medical expenses and other costs due to unforeseen emergencies, according to allocate.

    Chapter III into the school, out of school management

15th school team is targeting 12-17 years of age with serious misconduct or minor offences are not suitable for students studying in ordinary schools or vocational schools, but not enough juvenile asylum conditions of correctional or criminal penalties for minors.

    For the bad behavior of students in general secondary schools, work-study yubeisheng system can be established, work involved in helping education.

16th into the reform school students should be determined by its parents or other guardians and primary schools to apply, parents, guardians, or indeed, this could not be contacted by the Home Department as a guardian application. Public security departments at all levels have found serious misconduct or minor delinquent minors, should lead the escort to a reform school for corrective education and rescue.

    Offered to take comments from reform school to apply for the public security departments handling bodies, legal agencies of public security departments will be expected to submit reform schools minors related materials carefully examine, strictly, determined according to the jurisdiction of the public security department after signing the opinion.

Article 17th after confirmed by the administrative departments of education, public order Department handling agency to bring the reform school application for admission, the admission form, the Convention into the school recommendation, minor learning guide and escort to school.

    After determined should study in a reform school and refused to report, report or midway without authorization after fleeing, public security departments should actively help the school find its whereabouts and urged its entrance. 18th article provides for the establishment of reform schools should refer to the common school enrollment management student education record, student school retained by the original school.

    Graduation and completion, by the primary school general school regulations, schooling, employment, join the army and ordinary school students in terms of equal treatment. Article 19th school reference standard boarding secondary schools formed to establish internal management structure of the school, student accommodation, health care, and logistics services. Reform school implementation of semi-militarization, the residential management, implementation of the 24-hour duty system. Student dormitories must arrange for teachers on duty, to protect the safety of students and strengthening education management.

    Girls reform school, girls ' dorms are not allowed male teachers on duty. 20th article reform school in the length of time students can be based on student performance and learning to identify, no less than 3 months. Reform school students ' bad behavior has changed significantly, you can back to the original school, the original school may refuse.

    Community, police station, the former shall coordinate with the school leavers of the school consolidation of education.

    Article 21st work-study students shall abide by the rules of the school, good behavior should be encouraged and protected, very few after repeated education are still subject to management to continue a delinquent student, it shall be sent to the public security and judicial departments.

22nd article learning expires normal away from school of, in learning term expires 10th Qian, by du guardianship teacher proposed away from school recommends, by school handle away from school procedures; for special reasons need ahead of away from school, and extension learning of, by du proposed views, and fill in Guiyang du ahead of away from school (extension learning) approval table, by education administrative sector, and police sector signed views determine.

    Left school on time or early school leavers, the school notify the Police Department handling agency, handling bodies after receiving the notice, the reform school during three working days to complete the formalities and will be escorted to the guardians of minors; for parents, guardians, or indeed, this could not be contacted, original handling mechanism should be dealt with in conjunction with the Civil Affairs Department.

    The fourth chapter teacher

23rd School of teachers to implement the system, the school shall, in accordance with the "sense of moral good, new, high ability, knowledge" requires the appointment of teachers. Reform schools should meet the basic education teachers of teachers of the appropriate level of educational requirements, and obtain qualifications for teachers under the law through reform education training could not work.

    Does not meet the requirements and not up to reform education for teachers, educational administrative departments should support the school being out. 24th school teacher should strengthen the study of theory of education and research, and actively explore the growth of work-study students.

According to the physiological and psychological characteristics of students of different ages, focusing on adolescent education, psychological adjustment, and research on crime prevention strategies. Reform school to promote teachers ' professional development should be targeted, strengthening the continuing education of teachers, improve teachers ' knowledge and ability structure, focus on enhancing and strengthening the teachers.

    Application ability in vocational and technical and information technology, the overall quality of teachers improved. 25th article reform school teachers must respect the student's personality, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of the students, concerned with the students ' learning and well-being, preventing the working methods simple and crude, not abuse, corporal punishment or corporal students.

    The information shall not be open to the public when students make mistakes.

    26th reform schools shall establish and improve teachers ' professional file and checking the reward and punishment system, focusing on performance, comprehensive science teachers and other staff, and timely evaluation and engagement according to assessment results.

    The fifth chapter education

    27th article du should according to elementary and middle schools moral work procedures, and middle school moral outline and middle school students code, and middle school students daily behavior specification, provides, from students actual starting, implementation classification education and points stage education, insisted to moral for core, on students for patriotism education, and culture knowledge education, and moral quality education, and legal knowledge education, and psychological grooming education, and behavior correction and career technology training,, makes its reached basic education or vocational education of training target and requirements. 28th school to officially issued by the basic education curriculum requirements and education or vocational education based on the contents, according to reform education characteristics of the formulation and implementation of the teaching plan, teaching should be based on the students ' different, individualized, fruitful teaching activities to improve the quality of teaching.
Adjusted according to the needs of education and class, reduce the difficulty of teaching.

    29th reform schools should strengthen basic cultural knowledge, professional skill, labor, physical and aesthetic education.

    Help students learn about culture, and obtained certain skills and basic business skills; should be cultivating students ' habit of loving labor, develop productive lives; through a healthy arts and sports activities, students ' physique, cultivate students taste, cultivating students ' collective pride and the spirit of mutual help and cooperation together. Article 30th reform schools should strengthen students ' mental health education and early prevention of psychological problems, causes serious misconduct and its psychological characteristics of students, student counseling.

    For students who need strict discipline for special reasons, reform school education and management can take the necessary measures to ensure the completion of the education.

    31st Administrative Department of education school of education research into educational research and planning should be to create conditions to guide and strengthen the work of scientific research in education strengthening reform education research cooperation and academic exchanges, arrangements for training specialized research training funding to promote reform school education level and the improvement of research ability.

    Chapter sixth safeguard mechanism

Article 32nd student population reaches more than 100 people work, and should be in full scale in middle school setting, school principal responsibility system into practice. Teachers are equipped with the relevant provisions of the reform school, reform schools to implement teaching in small classes, no more than 25 students per class, no mixed schools for male and female students.

    Schools should be based on complete management functions and the number of students by teachers, scientific and effective service models established duty, life management, monitoring, and other positions.

    Article 33rd reform schools should set the infirmary, staffed with full-time or part-time care teachers, school health; health administrative departments shall coordinate medical institutions to be operational guidance. Article 34th school teachers receive appropriate wages and welfare benefits.

    Campus police treatment of wages and benefits, allowances and other original unchanged, issued by the public security departments. 35th article reform school funded by the education, the financial administration according to the school of practical needs, adequate funds. On training school should be increased capital input, teaching equipment and logistical facilities, to build a quality educational environment in schools.

    Reform schools must be scientific management, reasonable use of school funding, perfect management system, improve capital efficiency, and accept supervision by the financial and auditing departments. Article 36th school enrolled by parents and other guardians, school admissions, students in accordance with the prices, education, related departments to pay the costs. Student life fee shall be borne by their parents or other guardians. Du recruits did not find the guardian's student, studying and living costs are covered by the public service expenditures.

    Schools should educate students and guardians use of public funds to ensure funding for students and schools.

    37th article reform school apart from the payment of school liability insurance, should also pay the student accident insurance. 38th mass organization shall organize and coordinate the relevant departments, maintenance of reform school students in education, further education, employment and other aspects of the legal rights and interests, many forms of help. Education as the basic way for the students to experience, extensive ethical practice.

    Through the Organization of exhibitions, conferences, lectures and other forms of publicity activities for prevention of juvenile delinquency.

    39th school should be in close contact with students ' parents or other guardians, regular home visits, to inform the parents or other guardians of students at the school towards parents and other guardians of the understanding and support of the work of the school, should work together on the student's education. 40th school should strengthen its links with other relevant units of the school and community, actively fulfil an educational function, through external forms such as the yubeisheng system, help and education to the General bad behavior in schools a student through establishment of a Community system, educate and guide the work of the students during the summer.

    Reform schools should strengthen links with employers, actively carry out graduate students ' employment guidance.

    The seventh chapter by-laws 41st article these measures shall enter into force on January 1, 2014. July 19, 2004 Executive meeting of the Guiyang municipal people's Government adopted the reform education provision in Guiyang (trial) be repealed simultaneously.

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