Administrative Measures On Groundwater Resources In Shiyang River Basin Of Gansu Province

Original Language Title: 甘肃省石羊河流域地下水资源管理办法

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Administrative measures on groundwater resources in shiyang River basin of Gansu province

    (January 3, 2014 province people's Government at the 35th Executive meeting January 6, 2014 109th published the people's Government of Gansu province since March 1, 2014) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the management of groundwater resources in shiyang River basin and protect the ecological environment, utilization and protection of groundwater resources, consolidating the watershed achievement, according to the People's Republic of China water and the water licensing and administration of water resources fee collection Ordinance, the management of water resources in shiyang River basin of Gansu province Ordinance and other laws and regulations, combined with practical basin, these measures are formulated.

    Second development and utilization of groundwater resources in shiyanghe River basin, savings protection, application of this approach.

    Article within the basin groundwater resource management and protection priorities, rational development, allocation, picking the principle of balance, reduce agricultural water, saving water and increasing ecological water, ensuring industrial water, promotion of inland river eco-construction of the security barrier. Fourth in shiyang River Basin Management Committee manage groundwater resources within the watershed.

Provincial Bureau of water resources in shiyang River basin management organization responsible for the unified management of groundwater resources.

    Basin city, County (district) Water Conservancy administrative departments according to their respective duties to groundwater resources management within their respective administrative areas. Article fifth practice a strict management system of water resources within the watershed.

    Relevant planning within the watershed and groundwater resources carrying capacity of adaptation, strictly control groundwater exploitation, illegal access to groundwater.

    Sixth article basin in the people's Governments at all levels should take effective measures, conservation and protection of groundwater resources, the prevention of groundwater pollution.

    Article seventh project involving access to ground water, taking water without approval, the project authority shall not approve or approve.

Article eighth watershed, all units and individuals have the obligation to protect groundwater resources has the right to supervise the acts of illegal exploitation and depletion of groundwater resources and reports.

    River basin management agencies and city and County (district) water when the administrative authorities to investigate and punish violations committed, shall cooperate with the relevant departments.

    Chapter II development and utilization

Nineth exploitation and utilization of groundwater in the Valley to enforce a rigid focus in shiyang River basin management planning, gradually reduce the amount of groundwater exploitation, encouraging the replacement of surface water part of the underground water supply.

    Development and utilization of groundwater resources in the basin for economic and social support and the construction of ecological civilization.

    Governments at all levels in the new building in the tenth Basin project and relocation and resettlement, shall be subject to scientific proof, where surface water or groundwater conditions within the area of rational distribution of water supply. The 11th annual water and control of total amount of project management principles. River basin management agencies approved by the provincial water control on the basis of monitoring the implementation of municipal and County (district) water and reduction of the total amount.

Basin city, County (district) people's Government shall be prepared within their respective regions, water allocation plans and the groundwater reduction plan, watershed management agency records.

    Adjustment of total water use under special circumstances, the agreed and watershed management organization need to prove, by the water conservancy administrative departments at the provincial level for examination and approval submitted to the provincial people's Government for approval. 12th River basin authorities should guide the river within the city and County (district) Government set water quotas, reasonably determining the industry water use, improve the water right transfer system, accelerate the construction of water right market.

    Encourage the use of advanced water-saving technologies and solutions to water conflicts, displacement of water rights.

13th River basin authorities should carry out investigation of groundwater resource evaluation and function Division, scientific reasoning, delineation of groundwater prohibited and restricted mining region, submitted to the provincial people's Government announced.

    Prohibit new wells in groundwater in mining areas is prohibited and strictly control the old well updated, except for drinking water and ecological water well updated.

14th update old wells in these measures refers to get well is dry or too little water and borehole collapse caused the well cannot be used, in original location as the Center, within a radius of 60 meters to the new pump. Updates of old wells drilling operations, old wells should be filled in advance. Drinking water wells because of too little water, updates cannot be filled in advance, be approved by the river basin authorities.

    But after the update operation old wells should be filled.

    15th River basin authorities should strengthen monitoring, city and County (district) and cut the annual completion of the withdrawal of groundwater, the province water conservancy Administrative Department shall prevail.

    16th watershed groundwater intake shall install intelligent meters facilities and to ensure normal operation of metering facilities. 17th ban new groundwater in the basin used for thermal power generation, landscape engineering, high water consumption.

    Prohibition of access to water for water source heat pump or cooling project.

    Chapter III water licensing

18th in access to groundwater in the shiyang River basin, shall apply for the groundwater water licensing. Units or individuals applying for new wells, should be located, County (district) water water license application to the administrative authority, after approval by the municipal water administration departments, river basin authorities for approval.

    Application for renewal of old wells, can be used by the County (district) Water Conservancy administrative departments direct catchment management authority for approval and submitted to the municipal water administration departments. 19th regional groundwater limits within the basin.

    On the index of total quantity control of water close to the County (district), limited approval in the region added water; the water intake meets or exceeds the total water volume, no added water. Article 20th groundwater control and management.

    By County (area) as a unit, water level lowering of groundwater in the area 1 m and continued to decline more than 3 years, moratorium on new water intake in the region, and strictly control the old updates. 21st new wells index control water management. In the river basin authorities approved number of wells as a base and every county (district) not added well quantitative indicators.

    Eligible added water, achieved through the closure of existing wells index.

22nd in line with one of the following conditions may apply for new wells:

(A) has been included in the planning of rural drinking water project, unable to overcome the water supply of surface water, with entire villages or village as a unit focused on drinking water;

(B) new rural demonstration sites or major resettlement area, concentrated population of 200 or more, no other water supply of drinking water;

(C) large-scale breeding facilities (field), housing construction area of 10,000 square meters, the main project has been completed, no other drinking water supply around;

(D) the major livelihood projects, ecological projects, or city-level people's Government, the State encourages the development of new industries or the Valley's industrial structure adjustment and development of circular economy above-scale industrial projects, no other water supply conditions;

(V) major natural disaster emergency drinking water;

(Vi) other exceptional circumstances needed a new pump.

    The preceding paragraph (c), (d) water shall be in the County (district) in the total amount of water through the replacement of water rights settlement.

23rd must apply for the construction of water projects, year taken in more than 100,000 cubic meters of underground water, the applicant shall entrust a qualified unit preparing report on water resources assessment; year taken at 100,000 cubic meters of underground water, and less impact on the surrounding environment and construction projects, the applicant shall fill in table water resources argumentation for construction projects.

    Report on water resources assessment (table) review by the Organization of river basin management institutions. 24th new pumping water permits should be based on water resources assessment report (table) to determine the amount of water in the County (district) within the total amount of water strictly controlled.

    To control the total index of County (district), new rights to water by turning off the water pump replacement.

25th water licensing the applicant shall submit the following materials:

(A) water license application;

(B) the applicant's legal identity document;

(C) the County (district) provided by the water conservancy Administrative Department scene investigation reports;

(D) water project water resources demonstration report (table);

(E) river basin management agencies of other materials.

    Application for renewal of old wells, the applicant shall submit a copy of water licenses and the preceding paragraph (a) to (c) of the material. 26th district (district) Water Conservancy administrative departments received new wells and radius exceeding 60 m old update application, shall be submitted to the municipal water conservancy administrative departments in the 10th. Municipal water conservancy administrative departments audited in the 5th and river basin authorities.

    Basin management institutions 5th within on application material for review, meet conditions of be accepted, 20th within made approved or not approved decided; site old well update of, County (district) water administrative competent sector should in 5th within reported, basin management institutions should in 10th within approval; not meet declared conditions or declared material not full of not accepted, and written form told city, and County (district) water administrative competent sector, County (district) water administrative competent sector timely notification applicants. 27th catchment management agencies shall, together with the city and County (district) Water Conservancy administrative departments of small-owned water wells census registration approved water and strict management.

Prohibition of new small-owned water wells.

    Small-owned water wells in these measures refers to the diameter of the well tube is not more than 20 cm of water wells. 28th after receiving the water licensing approval documents of the applicant, shall within 6 months of construction. Outstanding construction, and shall re-apply for approval.

    Shaft sinking construction units before construction should be the river basin authorities to register. 29th new 15th after playing well as well as applicants to the County (district) Water Conservancy administrative departments apply for acceptance, acceptance by the catchment management agencies in the 10th organization.

After acceptance, by the approved water catchment management bodies to take water permit.

    Acceptance of the old well updated, by river basin management agencies by County (area) as a unit, focused inspection on a regular basis.

Updated 30th new wells and old well acceptance include:

(A) the installation of metering facilities;

(B) whether in approved locations as well;

(C) quality of wells, water requirements are met;

    (D) water use is consistent with the approval documents. 31st well change of ownership, it shall apply to the approval authority for registration of changes.

    Parties shall be submitted when applying for change of identity, alter agreements or documents.

    Article 32nd water resources fee collection and collection standards in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and the province.

    The fourth chapter save protection Article 33rd groundwater basin in the people's Governments at all levels should develop the region conservation and protection plan and the annual implementation plan, and their implementation.

    Promoting the use of groundwater in water-saving technologies, new processes, new equipment, encourage water recycling. 34th under any of the following circumstances, turn off water intake facilities, prohibited access to groundwater.

Really necessary to be retained, by the city and County (district) people's Government for approval approval of the river basin authorities:

(A) public water supply network-owned water wells within the coverage area;

(B) serious contamination of groundwater;

(C) the geological and hydrological conditions not suitable for access to groundwater;

    (D) the provisions of laws or regulations prohibiting access to groundwater in other circumstances. 35th due to major projects within the watershed land acquisition and demolition (moved), and well within the original range should be closed.

Reservations due to special circumstances, must agree after the river basin authorities. The County (district) Water Conservancy administrative departments should be closed well in the 30th watershed management agency registration, cancelled water licenses shall not be re-enabled. Wells index and water can be used for replacement within 2 years qualified added water.

    Not registered, well index invalid. 36th high consumption of water industry-water management.

    Single well water years more than 200,000 cubic meters or years more than 500,000 cubic metres of water companies, progressive realization of catchment management agencies and city and County (district) networked real-time remote monitoring and management.

37th in carrying out underground prospecting, mining, construction works and other activities, protective measures should be taken; for scrap, unused or unfinished take wells, well everyone should take effective measures such as filling to prevent groundwater pollution and accidents.

    Prohibit into seepage wells pits (pit), leak-free facilities in ditch, pond of sewage or hazardous objects.

38th River basin authorities should be unified planning, reasonable layout of a number of monitoring wells to monitor groundwater levels, water quality.

    City, County (district) people's Government should have regular monitoring of water quality of drinking water sources.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

39th under any of the following circumstances, by the catchment management agency, County, or city (district) Water Conservancy administrative departments shall be punished:

(A) unauthorized enabled closed for pumping water, order filling, and fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan;

(B) not in accordance with approved water intake location of drilling wells for water, and fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan to the applicant;

(C) the unauthorized change of water use, rectification, and fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan, it fails to revoke water licenses;

    (D) well without the acceptance into use, more than 5000 Yuan and fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan.

    40th other acts in violation of these regulations, provisions of laws and regulations on punishment, from its provisions.

41st catchment management agencies and city and County (district) Water Conservancy administrative departments and their staff, have one of the following acts, the relevant departments in accordance with administrative privileges to the main head and persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) is inadmissible or does not meet the conditions of audit report on time, does not meet the conditions, fraud reporting;

(B) exceeding approved water licensing;

(C) not filed about violations investigated;

(D) accepting a bribe;

    (V) concealing, tampering, denial of report data and monitoring data for pumping water.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 42nd these measures come into force on March 1, 2014.