Administrative Measures On Off-Highway Signs Along The Highway In Gansu Province

Original Language Title: 甘肃省公路沿线非公路标志牌管理办法

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Administrative measures on off-highway signs along the highway in Gansu province

    (September 13, 2013, Gansu Provincial people's Government at the 25th Executive meeting on September 22, 2013 103th promulgated by the people's Government of Gansu province as of January 1, 2014) first in order to regulate the management of off-highway signs along the highway, ensuring a safe, according to the Gansu Province Highway Management Ordinance and other laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

Article within the administrative area of the province's roads, highway construction control and highway facilities set off highway signs, these measures shall apply.

    Road signs mentioned in these measures refers to addition to meet the requirements of the national standard highway signs outside the traffic signs facility signs.

Third provincial Transport Department-highway signs along the provincial Highway Administration.

City (State), counties (cities and districts), transportation departments, and within the jurisdiction of provincial highway administrative departments are responsible for the management of off-highway signs.

    Safety and Ministry of the people's Governments above the county level, industry and commerce, public security traffic management departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, the management of off-highway signs along the highway.

Article-highway signs along the highway management should follow the same plan, standardize management and safety principles.

Road signs setting should be planning, clear road signs setting location, spacing, size, quantity, and so on. National Highway trunk highway, provincial road off highway sign planning prepared by the provincial highway Management Agency, reported to the approval of the provincial Transport Department.

    Rural Road off highway sign planning by the city (State), counties (cities and districts) transport authorities prepared according to their respective jurisdictions.

Article fifth set at the highway road signs shall be subject to approval of the provincial highways management authority; highway National Highway, provincial roads set off-highway signs, shall be subject to provincial cities (States) of road administration institution for approval.

    Road signs setting off the road in the countryside, city (State), County (city, district) approval of the Transportation Department, according to their respective jurisdictions.

Sixth application for non-highway signs, shall submit the following materials:

(A) the application, including the applicant, set, place, time, duration, etc;

(B) non-road sign design, including color, size, structure, materials and so on;

(C) security assessments and construction plans;

(D) contingency plans to dispose of construction hazards and accidents;

(E) laws, regulations, rules and regulations of the other materials.

    Set of public road signs, shall issue a written commitment without commercial purpose.

Article seventh set in operating non-highway signs license, in accordance with the principles of openness, fairness and justice, by auction, tender or any other means are taken to establish.

Set permissions of the public road signs according to the management authority for examination and approval, and to the higher authorities for the record.

    Public road signs shall not be transferable, are not allowed for commercial use.

    Article eighth licensing authority licensing settings, should make decisions in 10th in the management of off-highway signs contract with the setting.

    Nineth non-highway signs license for no more than 5 years.

Article tenth settings should follow the permitted content of non-highway signs shall not be changed without permission.

    Road sign set, licensing organ acceptance should be organized.

11th-highway sign design, manufacture and construction should adhere to the prescribed technical specifications and quality standards, should also meet the following requirements:

(A) layout using smooth, durable, resistant to breakage of the material;

(B) not use the road signs confused the surface color and pattern;

(C) non-highway sign lighting shall not direct or side-roads;

    (D) the card materials, painting must not cause traffic dazzled or affect production and daily life of the residents.

12th non-highway signs must not damage roads, ancillary facilities of roads shall not block the road signs shall not impede the Safe Horizon shall not affect road safety and the smooth flow.

Inside of the road bends, flat cross-roads near the non-highway signs, the distance should meet the need of driving sight distance.

    Outside the highway construction control in non-highway signs, their faces may not be into road construction within the controlled area shall not block the road signs or interfere with safe horizon.

13th in road use, construction control zones set up a highway sign, from roadside ditches its vertical projection (Swales and slope) RIM shall be not less than 1 m, and to ensure that non-highway signs dumping off without falling into the road surface or component.

    Across highway bridges, canals, pipelines and other facilities non-highway signs, you should use the independent supporting structure, and its layout shall be not less than the lower edge bridge, elevation of the bottom of ditches, pipelines and other facilities.

14th prohibition to the extent non-highway sign:

(A) in the road shoulder, highway toll station (Pavilion), middle of the road green belt;

(B) in highway large bridge 200 meters around and above the tunnel entrances and within 100 metres;

    (C) the use of street trees set off-highway road signs, road signs.

15th non-road signs should be non-highway sign quality, safety, and inspection and maintenance in accordance with the following requirements:

(A) check for corrosion, rust in a timely manner and take appropriate measures to ensure their safety;

(B) examine the format, the timely replacement of damaged, defiled, faded wrinkles, aging format;

(C) before and after the storms, heavy rain and other severe weather, check in time-highway signs security, taking safety precautions;

    (D) non-highway signs damaged, overturned, highway safety, timely repair or removal. 16th Highway administrative departments should strengthen Highway highways inspections to detect and stop illegal non-highway signs. Discovery of non-highway signs are damaged, tilted, fracture, such as safety and road landscape of should be set to put forward rectification opinions.

    In case of emergencies, shall take the appropriate security measures, relevant costs borne by the setter.

17th, off-highway signs settings should accept and cooperate with law enforcement personnel shall implement supervision and inspection, no unit or individual shall interfere or obstruct.

    No units or individuals found that illegal non-highway signs, right to Highway management agency complaint, report, road management agencies should be verified, processed in a timely manner.

18th in violation of these rules, any of the following acts, by road authorities be ordered to rectify, and concurrently impose a fine of less than 2000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan; it fails, managed by the Highways Agency removed according to law, the costs are borne by setting:

(A) unauthorized, unauthorized land for roads, road construction inside the zone or the use of facilities for non-highway sign on Highway;

(B) outside the highway construction control in non-highway signs block the road signs or interfere with safe horizon;

    (C) road signs setting expires, refuses to dismantle within the set deadline.

19th article violates these rules, any of the following circumstances, managed by the Highways Agency shall order rectification fails, annul of an administrative license, dismantle, restitution:

(A) does not permit non-highway signs;

(B) block the highway signs, interfere with safe horizon, road safety and the smooth flow of;

(C) non-highway signs are broken, tilted, breakage and other security risks or effects of Highway landscape, informed refusal to treatment;

    (D) unauthorized transfer or change of public use of off-highway signs.

20th article violates these rules, transportation authorities, road management agencies of any of the following acts, the competent authority shall order correction, managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions losses, liability:

(A) do not follow the road signs to prepare plans and relevant provisions of the administrative licensing;

(B) does not implement non-auction, the bidding system of highway signs;

    (C) the acceptance of non-highway signs were set up not organization.

21st transportation authorities, road management staff of any of the following acts, by their work units or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) abuse of authority or beyond the terms of reference to handle non-highway signs licensing;

(B) using his power for personal gain, or "take, eat, card,";

(C) impede the setter, operator, using the normal production and operation activities;

(D) participation in the operation of the off-highway signs along the highway;

    (V) enforcement transactions, providing paid services.

    22nd-highway sign auction, the bidding proceeds according to the non-tax income "two lines of income and expenditure" management, after approval by the financial sector, for use in road management, road maintenance and management of highways and other expenditures. 23rd these measures shall enter into force on January 1, 2014.