On The Decision To Modify The Part Of The Municipal Regulations Of

Original Language Title: 关于修改部分市政府规章的决定

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On the decision to modify the part of the municipal regulations of

    (March 25, 2014 by the municipal people's Government of Tianjin Municipal People's Government, the 28th Executive meeting of December 5, 2013 4th release come into force on the date of promulgation) under the People's Republic of China administrative licensing law and the State Council concerning the strict control of the newly established administrative license notice (guofa (2013), 39th), municipal people's Government decided on the following Government regulations read as follows:

, The Tianjin Municipal domestic waste management regulations (2008 municipal 1th).

    Delete the 40th.

Second, of the Tianjin Municipal grain circulation management (2007 municipal people's Government, the 109th). To modify the article 20th to: "deterioration, do not meet hygienic standard of edible food, into the food market is strictly prohibited. Aged grain sales, management and supervision, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and this municipality.


Third, the regulations on the management of non-State-owned archives in Tianjin (13th of 2003 municipal). (A) will tenth article modified for: "archives owner can to city or district, and County archives donation or sold its archives; to city or district, and County archives yiwai of any units or personal sold, and transfer archives, or will archives gift to foreigners of, should Yu sold, and transfer or gift Qian 10th to archives administration sector proposed application, archives administration sector received application Hou, should Yu 5th within according to national and social public interests of need made decided, agreed of to approved certificate, Do not agree to notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons.

” (B) article 14th is amended as: "the violation of the provisions of, sell, transfer or give the archives to foreigners without permission, the archives Administration Department in accordance with the People's Republic of China archive law sanctions and provisions of relevant laws and regulations.


Tianjin City, and the radiation protection Regulation (2005 municipal people's Government, the 96th).

    Delete the Nineth article.

Five Tianjin City, the prevention of pollution by ship scraping of the environmental management measures (1993 municipal people's Government, 7th). The seventh paragraph is amended as: "remove washing of the ships discharging untreated ballast water and bilge water, ballast water, subject to prior application to monitor pollution by ship scraping of the competent departments, approval can be discharged.


Six, the Tianjin real estate mortgage Regulation (1997 municipal, 89th).

Delete article 15th.

Tianjin City, and the implementation of People's Republic of China teacher's methods (1998 municipal people's Government, the 118th). The seventh article is revised as follows: "obtain the qualification for secondary vocational and technical school teachers in supervising practice, should have secondary vocational and technical school graduated and above, or equivalent. For special skills, approved by the municipal educational administrative departments, the educational requirements may be relaxed.


Eight, the Tianjin municipal water Licensing Regulation (1998 municipal people's Government, the 126th). (A) the tenth revised as follows: "build once the project is approved, the construction unit shall prior to the preliminary design, the related documents to the water Administrative Department in charge of water permit application, initial design approval of water licenses receive procedures.

” (B) 16th is amended as: "groundwater water licensing after the application is approved by the water conservancy administrative departments, water intake unit in order to handle the sinking procedure, approved after the well water, taking water by the water conservancy administrative departments to permit.

” (C) article 23rd is amended as: "the water at the water intake permit shall automatically cease. Requires extension of water shall be 45 days before the expiration of the distance to the approval, apply to the licensing of water sector. Department of water administration of the date of receipt of the application within 20th approved or not approved.


Nine, of the Tianjin sports administrative measures (2001 municipal, 34th). The second article is revised as follows: "sports competition in these measures refers to the approval of the sports administration, organized by the sponsor and losses of international or national levels, various games and individual sports competitions.

” Terms of the above-mentioned Government regulations number adjusted accordingly under this decision.