Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Construction Of Hengqin Island Of Integrity And Promote Methods

Original Language Title: 珠海经济特区横琴新区诚信岛建设促进办法

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Zhuhai Special economic zone construction of hengqin island of integrity and promote methods

    (February 17, 2014 33 Zhuhai city people's Government Municipal Government regular meetings to consider March 28, 2014 99th Zhuhai city people's Government promulgated by April 28, 2014) Chapter I General provisions

    First to promote the hengqin new District Government, business, community organizations and construction of island of personal honesty and integrity, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, based on actual hengqin, these measures are formulated.

    Article hengqin social credit system construction in the application of this approach.

    Hengqin new area Administrative Committee article promoting hengqin new credit system, enterprises, social organizations and individuals should be involved in hengqin new credit system.

    Fourth hengqin credit information sharing platform for industry and interdepartmental exchange of credit information sharing.

    Fifth hengqin strengthen the integrity of the business subject regulation, with a focus on strengthening the construction of Government Affairs, food and drug, engineering, service and integrity in the field of construction.

    Sixth encourages honesty and discipline dishonest behavior.

    Chapter II credit system construction

    Article seventh hengqin new area Administrative Committee establishment of hengqin island of integrity leadership positions (hereinafter referred to as lead agencies), guide and coordinate the hengqin new credit system.

    Article eighth hengqin new area Administrative Committee set up a credit information centre and hengqin the CMC is responsible for the collection of State organs, public institutions, enterprises, social organizations and individual credit information, establish credit information databases, and credit information in accordance with the public.

Nineth credit information database includes credit information database of the Administration Committee, business credit information databases, credit information database of social organization and individual credit information database.

    Credit information center call for focus on market access for businesses and community organizations, business, business credit, quality of product and engineering, food and drug safety, intellectual property protection, credit information and key people involved in the licensing, consumer credit, criminal record and other related information.

Article tenth credit network credit information center is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the good faith Island, as a platform for open credit information.

Credit information, including public information, public information and private information, credit information determined by the Administrative Committee in accordance with the Open Directory.

    Besides involving State secrets, business secrets and personal privacy of credit information, shall be in accordance with the public.

11th hengqin linkage established credit information sharing mechanism, progressive realization and the city and other regions and Hong Kong and Macao regions information sharing.

    Hengqin new area Administrative Committee, hengqin State bodies, financial institutions, responsible for the management of public affairs functions authorized by laws and regulations organization and industry associations should provide information related to credit data, and obtain appropriate rights to share credit information.

12th hengqin CMC cultivation, introduction of credit-rating service, credit rating information reports and other credit services products to use.

    Hengqin new District Council to make basic codes of conduct of credit-rating service, standard credit information institutions and their employees access standards, strengthen the supervision on credit rating agencies.

13th hengqin new area Administrative Committee on government procurement, bidding for major construction projects, financial support, land, planning approvals, selecting the best rating, the SME loan guarantee applications, science and technology development fund, State-owned enterprise property right trading and other areas, should take the lead in rating reports toward the use of credit information.

    Encourage market players in bank credit, bidding for construction projects and other fields using the credit information database of credit history or credit rating report.

Integrated law enforcement article 14th hengqin, and people from the Hong Kong and Macao as a professional consultant.

    Hengqin new area should strengthen food and drug, safety, environmental protection, law enforcement in the field of power.

    15th hengqin to establish credibility early warning mechanism, incidents of food and drug safety, product quality and so on, to early warning information release.

    16th Association of guide and support industry self-regulatory mechanism of good faith-building, encouraging industry associations to develop standards of honesty, standardize enterprises ' credit behavior.

    Article 17th hengqin adopting a credit institution system, establish a credit blacklist system, corrections to credit blacklisted subjects. 18th hengqin new area set up reporting hotline, 24 hours to report dishonest behavior.

    Report verified, provide appropriate rewards to informants.

Article 19th hengqin to strengthen credit management professionals on the CMC's introduction, training, promoting the development of specialization and standardization of credit market.

    Educational institutions, the media should actively promote and advance social honesty and credit education.

    Chapter Government

    20th hengqin new area Administrative Committee, through to administrative information disclosure or any other means, power Sun system riser Board's social credibility, to Government-led social credit.

    Article 21st hengqin new area Administrative Committee should improve the decision-making mechanism, standardize decision-making procedures, improve the decision-making system, strengthen decision-making responsibilities, raise the level of scientific and democratic decision making.

    22nd hengqin new area Administrative Committee should further strengthen the legal construction of Government credit, improve the system of the construction of legal Government, establish the rule of law index system of Government, and constantly improve the ability of administration by law. 

    Article 23rd hengqin administrations should be responsibilities of departments, major public policy, important matters and major issues, objectives and tasks, and completion of, via the Internet, to the public.

Article 24th hengqin State bodies, financial institutions, laws and regulations organization authorized to perform public administration functions should be timely, objective, complete disclosure of administrative fees project, basis, standard information, such as the chief information, access to public and social supervision.

    Chief credit information in accordance with State and provincial requirements credit network of islands in good faith in accordance with the public.

    25th hengqin new area Administrative Committee on a regular basis the social credit system construction of administrative functions related to assessment, evaluation should be integrated into the performance appraisal system.

    The fourth chapter business

    Article 26th hengqin build business credit information, ticket certificates, product traceability and commodity entry-exit monitoring, hengqin integrity shops, real-name system for advance payments, construction works, and gradually realize the business.

27th credit information center in hengqin new area should be registered commercial activities or commercial subject based information, suggestions for good credit information, credit information and alerts timely public credit network credit information in credit Island, but except for information involving State secrets, business secrets.

    Credit Island public credit network specific information determined by the hengqin new area Administrative Committee.

28th operators purchasing goods, shall examine the supply of permits and certificates, to the supplier to obtain the tickets and set up account, in order to ensure that the sources of goods is legitimate.

    Hengqin new area Administrative Committee encouraged and supported the establishment of complete product traceability system operators stationed in hengqin and activities.

    29th to ensure product quality, meet the compulsory requirements of the technical norms of the State as well as inside and outside China and exporting country (region) signed agreement provides for the testing requirements for products preferential access to Heng Qin.

    Hengqin is responsible for guiding the Consumer Council of 30th article food medicines, building materials, tourism, and other industry associations to establish code of honesty.

    31st hengqin hengqin is responsible for the integrity of the Consumer Council store review, grant, and revoke, and is responsible for the development of hengqin integrity shop identity specifications, style and flying standards. Article 32nd hengqin integrity shop is an important integrity hengqin operators certification mark.

    Island of hengqin integrity shop directory should be in good faith credit network publicity.

Article 33rd merchants that meet the following criteria and application, granted by hengqin Consumer Council "hengqin integrity shop" sign:

(A) accept the hengqin consumers relevant provisions relating to the advance payment system established by the Commission.

(B) in hengqin new consumers in the annual records of the Commission about the non-operator processing records.

(C) in merchandise sales, tourism and catering services industry to provide consumers with accurate information, as well as perfect after-sales service.

(Iv) to protect the privacy of consumers in transactions.   

(E) to provide consumers with complete instruments.

    (F) operators comply with and abiding by the rules of fair trading code of practice, and open to the public.

    Article 34th in hengqin integrity shop to purchase goods or services, because of quality problems to hengqin new complaints with the Consumer Council and a dispute through hengqin verification confirmation advance payment by the Consumer Council.

    35th hengqin Consumer Council annual assessment imposed on hengqin integrity shops and credit network integrity Island public examination results.

    Article 36th failed to pass the examination, hengqin hengqin conferred by the Consumer Council should withdraw credit shop logo, and within two years from the date of revocation shall not be granted again.

37th hengqin hengqin is responsible for store brand integrity of the Consumer Council monitor and promote, through honesty and hengqin Island recommended to consumers, including credit network store brand integrity.  

    Hengqin CMC hengqin integrity shops should be given encouragement and support policies. Article 38th hengqin implementation of real-name system construction project.

Construction unit should clear a building site set up a permanent sign, indicating the dates of commencement and completion, construction, survey, design and construction, the engineer's name and the name of the primary responsibility.

Permanent signage specifications, style and standards produced by the Administrative Department is responsible for construction.

    After the completion of construction projects, construction quality problems arise during the quality guarantee period, the construction unit and the main responsible person shall bear legal liability, should be credit blacklisted.

    Fifth chapter social organizational integrity

    39th hengqin to promote healthy development of social organization, through self-discipline and external supervision of social organizations, social organizational integrity.
40th social organizations should develop regulations, establish a perfect financial, personnel, seals, file management, reporting on important matters, legal representative of the outgoing audit management system.

    41st when social work organizations in their credit rating shall be subject to fees for credit rating standards.

42nd non-profit social organization should be of a public nature to the credit information center provides information, donations and funding information, annual financial report, annual audit reports and other related information.

    Encourage community organizations to provide credit information centre information listed in the preceding paragraph.

    The sixth chapter on personal integrity

    Article 43rd individual credit files include personal information, personal information, personal bad credit good credit information.                         

    44th credit information centre to explore the hengqin new district population and within the hengqin continuous residence or natural persons to provide services for more than six months to establish a personal credit file, and discipline dishonest behavior, guiding individuals and trustworthy performance and personal integrity.

    45th credit information center should strengthen the collection guides, supervising engineers, urban planners, construction designers, engineers and public works related industries designers, real estate appraisers, accountants and Auditors, cost engineers, lawyers, physicians, pharmacy technicians and other key people involved credit information.

    The seventh chapter disciplinary measures

Article 46th enterprises, social organizations and individuals to meet one of the following conditions, on credit blacklist: 

(A) environmental protection enterprises credit evaluation for red and yellow cards.

(B) quality assurance of significant quality accident in the construction unit and its Chief.

(C) identified as the default, or in default of payment of employee wages and benefits, social security, more than two months. 

(D) recognized as tax evasion, tax fraud, and refusal, or notice was tax authorities for unpaid taxes.

(E) being blacklisted by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities.

(F) people's courts into list of lose the trust of the people.

(VII) administrative punishment for illegal or irregular.

(H) be held criminally responsible.

(I) laws, regulations, rules and regulations can be documented other credit information.

    Credit network credit blacklist should be in good faith Island public according to law.

    47th credit blacklisted businesses, social organizations and individuals shall not enjoy the hengqin new rewards, preferential policies. 48th credit blacklisted businesses, social organizations and individuals the information since the 46th article (event) continuous disclosure 3 years from the date of termination.

    Public release expires, shall terminate the publication to record-keeping. 49th in violation of these rules, is not provided or not provided in time providing false credit information, credit information, or incomplete credit information, be informed and honest Island credit network publicity.

    Credit information users to unlawful disclosure of credit information, illicit use of credit information for profit, direct liable persons shall be processed and credit network of islands in good faith be publicized.

    50th credit information disclosure, query, used, objection handling, and more, according to the measures implemented under separate rules.

    The eighth chapter by-laws

    51st social organizations mentioned in these measures refers to except the Government, enterprises, social organizations.

    52nd hengqin herein shall be explained. 53rd these measures come into force on April 28, 2014.