Administrative Measures For The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Electric Bicycle

Original Language Title: 新疆维吾尔自治区电动自行车管理办法

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Administrative measures for the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Electric Bicycle (December 27, 2013 State 12th 13th Executive meeting January 3, 2014, the people's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region people's Government, the 188th issue come into force May 1, 2014) first in order to strengthen the management of electric bicycles, maintain traffic order, to prevent and reduce road traffic accidents, according to the People's Republic of China on road traffic safety Act and the People's Republic of China product quality law and relevant laws and regulations, combined with State practice,

    These measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies to electric bicycles in the administrative areas of the autonomous region of production, sales, registration, road traffic and its management.

Electric bikes in these measures in article, refers to the battery as a secondary energy source, with two wheels, able to ride, electric or electric powered functions of human resources, design speed, empty mass, dimensions are in line with national standards for non-motorized vehicles.

    Design top speed of, empty, such as quality, size exceeds the national standards for electric bikes, but did not meet national standards for motorcycle electric bike (standard bicycles), these procedures apply to reach the motorcycle or other motor vehicle standards, light motor vehicle management.

    Fourth people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen the management of the electric bicycle leadership, establishing coordination mechanisms, and urge the relevant departments to carry out supervisory duties.

Fifth public security organs traffic management departments at or above the county level shall be responsible for the electric bicycle registration and management of road traffic safety.

Economic and information management Department is responsible for production of industry management.

Quality and technology supervision Department is responsible for the quality management of electric bicycles and related products.

Administration of industry and commerce is responsible for the electric bicycle sales and marketing management.

    Transportation, environmental protection and other relevant administrative departments according to their respective duties, is responsible for the management of electric bicycle related work.

    Sixth on radio, television, newspapers, Internet and other media, publicity and education should be strengthened to comply with relevant provisions of electric bikes, raise awareness of road safety for electric bicycle driving.

Seventh production and sales of electric bicycles technical parameters and performance indicators should be in line with national standards.

Prohibition of the production of electric bicycles, sales did not meet national standards.

    Assembling or refitted electric bicycles is prohibited.

Article eighth released electric bike product catalog management system.

    State of economy and information technology management Department of quality and technical supervision, industry and commerce administration, the public security organs traffic management departments in accordance with national standards and approve the registration of electric bicycle catalog directory shall include the electric bike brands, models, production companies and other content, and to the public.

    Nineth electric bicycle electric bicycle sales enterprises should be sold in accordance with national standards, and registered at the sales places prominently publicized electric bike product catalog.

Tenth electric bike sales enterprises may take the old for the new, discount buy-back recycling, including standard electric bikes.

    Encourage active replacement or excessive scrap electric bike.

11th electric bicycles used batteries in accordance with hazardous waste management in accordance with law.

    Electric Bicycle owners to replace the used batteries, electric bicycle sales company recycling of used batteries, shall be handed over to dispose of qualified enterprises to deal with.

    12th electric bicycle registration by the public security organs traffic management departments, before they can run on road.

13th electric bicycle electric bicycle registration applications made everyone shall be made to the home of County (City) public security organs traffic management Department inspection of electric bicycles, and submit the following materials:

(A) identification of Electric Bicycle owners;

(B) the electric bicycle purchase invoices or other proof of lawful origin certificates;

(C) electric bicycles factory certificate.

    Police organ traffic management sector should identification handle registration of electric bike, nuclear inspection related information; meet Qian paragraph provides and belongs to electric bike products directory by column products of, day be registration issued electric bike plate and driving card; not meet Qian paragraph provides, and not belongs to electric bike products directory by column products of, not registration and description reason; on information not complete of, should one-time told need added of information. 14th over electric bicycle implementation deadline eliminated, eliminated within five years from the date of implementation of this approach.

Expiry of the five-year standard electric bikes to eliminate itself, not on roads. The County (City) public security organs traffic management over standard electric bikes for temporary registration, issuance of temporary license plates and the provisional driving license.

    Standard electric bicycle temporary number plates and provisional driving license expiry date shall not exceed the time limit set out in the preceding paragraph.

15th electric bicycle license plate shall be kept clear and complete, and shall not deliberate occlusion and defaced; shall not be lent, forged, altered or forged or altered electric bicycle license plates and driving permit.

    Autonomous region public security organs traffic management Department made electric bicycle license plates and driving permit.

16th electric bike number plates, driving license lost or damaged electric bikes all the registration counties (cities) public security traffic Administrative Department to apply for a replacement, renewal.

    Public security organs traffic management after acceptance of the application shall at the date of acceptance of the application, change the replacement electric bike number plates, driving license.

17th electric bicycle driver should be at least 16 years old and above, and no laws and regulations hamper the physical situation of safe driving.

    Persons who have not attained the age of 16 to drive an electric bikes on roads, public security traffic administrative departments shall stop it, criticism, and ordered the guardian to strict discipline.

18th electric bicycle shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) carrying driving license, electric bicycle suspension plates;

(B) follow the instructions of traffic signals, traffic signs, traffic line markings;

(C) should slow down before turning, turn signals indicate overtaking shall be without prejudice to be beyond traffic; crosswalk, should slow down;

(D) motorway, crosswalks or overpasses, should get off implementation;

(V) brake failure, should get off implementation;

    (Vi) other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations.

    19th Division on motorways and non-motorway roads, drivers should drive in bicycle lane electric bicycle without dividing center line, motor vehicle and a bicycle lane on the road, the driver should drive on the right side of electric bikes.

    20th electric bicycle after a road without traffic signal control, it should be noted that watch to ensure security over case of pedestrians crossing the road, it shall give way.

21st electric bicycle prohibits the following acts:

(A) drink for drink driving;

(B) passenger operation;

(C) driving;

(D) the installation, use or traffic safety devices;

    (E) other circumstances prohibited by laws and regulations. 22nd electric bike loading height from the ground shall not be more than 1. 5 metres, shall not exceed handlebar width around the 0. 15 m length shall not exceed wheels front and rear end may not go beyond body 0.

    3 m, carrying the weight must not exceed 15 kilograms, the handlebars shall fly.

    23rd drive electric bicycle accidents, road traffic safety laws and regulations applicable.

24th over electric bicycle driver shall comply with road traffic safety laws and regulations, through traffic safety knowledge and skills learning, studying, and prove.

Standard on-road electric bicycle driver, should wear a safety helmet.

    Prohibited from driving over electric bicycles run on highways and urban expressways.

    25th article violates this article seventh paragraph, third and Nineth article, by County (City) of quality and technical supervision departments and industrial and commercial administration departments to investigate and punish.

26th the County (City) public security organs traffic management sector acts in violation of these measures, be punished in accordance with the following provisions:

(A) violation of the 15th article, fine at 50 Yuan;

(B) violate the provisions of article 18th, correction; it refuses, fine at 20;

(C) contrary to article 21st (a) provision, 40 Yuan and fined in contravention of subsection (b) to (d) provision, shall order rectification refuses, fine at 40;

(D) violation of article 22nd, correction; it refuses, fine at 10 Yuan;

(E) violation of the 24th article, third paragraph, of 50 Yuan fine.

    Other electric bicycle violations, shall be investigated for legal responsibility, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the road traffic safety laws and regulations.

27th according to the regulations administrative personnel in charge of electric bicycles have one of the following, by their work units or by the competent authority shall order rectification are serious, the managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions:

(A) no electric bicycle production and sales market conduct supervision and inspection;

(B) does not meet the conditions for registration registration of electric bicycles;

(C) is not within the time provided in the electric bike number plates, driving license applied for or a replacement, renewal, etc;

(D) finding violations is not investigated or complaints are not processed;

    (E) violation of these measures under other circumstances.

    28th article this approach purposes Qian has using but not handle registration of electric bike, should since this approach purposes of day up 3 months within, according to this approach provides handle registration; has using but not handle temporary registration of exceeded electric bike, should since this approach purposes of said up 3 months within, to residence to of County (City) police organ traffic management sector application handle temporary registration. 29th these measures come into force May 1, 2014.

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