Wuhan Civil Air Defense Warning Facilities Management

Original Language Title: 武汉市人民防空警报设施管理办法

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Wuhan civil air defense warning facilities management

    (April 14, 2014 85th meeting consideration of the people's Government of Wuhan municipality on May 7, 2014, Wuhan municipal people's Government order No. 252, published July 1, 2014) first to strengthen the management of civil air defense warning facilities, meet the needs of peacetime and wartime alert, according to the People's Republic of China civil air defence law and the relevant provisions, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second this approach applies to the municipality's administrative area and units and individuals related to civil air defense warning facilities.

    Civil air defense warning facilities mentioned in this article measures (hereinafter referred to as alarm installations), war against enemy air strikes, usually used for flood, earthquake, nuclear accidents and other serious disaster warning for basic tools, including alarms, control equipment, power supply equipment, control station, a central control station.

Fourth city civil air defense departments was the city's air defense warning facilities management Department, responsible for organizing the alert facilities, to inspect and guide the alert facility maintenance management, work organization in accordance with the relevant provisions of air defense siren.

Competent departments for civil air defense within their respective regions, alarm installation, maintenance and other daily regulatory work.

    Construction, communication, management, industry, news, radio management departments shall coordinate with the alert facility construction and the management of related work.

Fifth of municipal departments for civil air defense shall, in accordance with the overall urban planning alert facility construction planning, balanced by the urban planning department and approved by the municipal organization.

    City civil air defense departments should be elaborated under the alert facility construction planning alerts infrastructure programme, and inform the need to set alarm installation owners or occupiers of the building.

    Sixth must set an alert facility construction projects, the unit or individual alarm installations should be installed into the construction programme, reserved on the buildings where to install the alert facility, the construction of related infrastructure and provides alarm installation-specific housing and line pipe holes, power supply and other related infrastructure.

    Seventh civil air defense departments according to when planning to install the alert facility, the owner or occupier of the building shall cooperate, may refuse or obstruct.

Article eighth alarm installations the building owners or users should be clear authority and expert management alarm installations, and to establish and maintain systems and maintain files, to maintain good perfect condition; found affect the normal uses in alarm installations, shall take the necessary measures and to promptly report to the competent departments for civil air defense. 

    Alarm installations the building owner or used shall, by order of the superior authorities or municipal people's Government, at the municipal, district and of the competent departments for civil air defense command system under control or automatic warning signals in the form of payment.

    Nineth when you install the alarm installations of the ownership of the building changed, the original owner and is now one of the owners shall be from the date of changes in ownership in the 15th joint alarm installations and the transfer of management responsibilities to the competent departments for civil air defense procedures for transfer. Tenth no unit or individual may unlawfully removed, relocated alarm installations. Be removed, relocated, shall be submitted to the approval of the competent departments for civil air defense, and within the period specified in the reinstallation.

    Removal, relocation and reinstallation costs removed, relocated from units or individuals.

    11th Communications Management Department, information Department shall cooperate with the competent departments for civil air defense, usually do pass, issuing air defense alarm plan announcement and normal annual tried Ming's advocacy, and other preparatory work.

    12th Telecom Unit shall, in accordance with the mandate set out and alerting facilities construction program for alarm installations the control lines, command and communication network takes up the pipeline, line and trunk road priority protection.

    13th civil air defense radio warning net national distribution of frequencies, radio management departments should be protected by any organization or individual is allowed to occupy; wartime radio alarm frequency shall not be disturbed.

    14th electric industry sector should protect peacetime and wartime use power supply for alarm installations; adjust the alert network migration or when the newly installed alarm installations should also assist in the erection of power supply lines.

    15th construction project involves an alert facility performance and security, unit or individual shall, before construction of reporting to the competent departments for civil air defense, the relevant construction programmes and protection measures reported to the competent departments for civil air defense; seriously hamper performance and safety or damage to the alarm installation alarm installations, should be responsible for restoration or reconstruction. 16th people's air defense warning signals issued in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

    Alert issue right, civil air defense, wartime command authority, usually floods, earthquakes, disasters such as nuclear accidents and the need for organizations to try ming, by the competent departments for civil air defense, submitted to the municipal people's Government.

    17th civil air defense alert signal is activated, no units or individuals may use the same or similar to the signal.

    18th alert facilities management unit and individual achievements, rewarded by the relevant departments and units.

19th under any of the following acts, by the competent departments for civil air defense, municipal, district, Wuhan City, according to the civil air defense regulations, Hubei Province of the people's air defense warning facilities regulations for punishment according to law:

(A) removed, relocated the alert facility without authorization;

(B) use identical or similar with air defense alert sound signals;

(C) obstruct the installation alarm installations, refuses.

    (D) failing to fulfil maintenance duties affect the alarm installations of normal use.

    20th deliberately damaged alarm installations, does not constitute a crime, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ordinance constitutes a crime, the attention of the judicial organs shall investigate the criminal liability.

    21st party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty, presented to the people's Court may apply for administrative reconsideration or administrative proceedings.

    22nd article this way by the competent departments for civil air defense shall be interpreted. 23rd article this way as of the date of promulgation.