Zhuhai Xiangzhou Port Regulations

Original Language Title: 珠海市香洲渔港管理规定

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Zhuhai xiangzhou port regulations

    (30 December 23, 2013, Zhuhai city people's Government Municipal Government Executive meeting January 25, 2014, Zhuhai city people's Government announced since February 25, 2014, 98th) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the xiangzhou port management, maintenance of port security and order, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

Article in xiangzhou port range navigation, operations, moored ships, and units and individuals engaged in other activities, shall comply with this regulation.

    Xiangzhou port includes the waters and land, the scope of the municipal people's Government according to the harbor construction plan.

    Third municipal fishery administrative departments in charge of organizing the implementation of these provisions, fishing harbour xiangzhou shall administer its fishing port supervision and management.

    Fourth, xiangzhou district people's Government in accordance with the principle of territorial management, organize relevant departments to xiangzhou port implementation of the integrated management and responsible for defense against typhoons, leading fishing zhuangang shelter work.

Fifth Zhuhai maritime affairs departments are responsible for merchant ships berthing area water safety supervision, assist the relevant departments of Central Plaza port water safety regulation.

Xiangzhou public security organs traffic management Department is responsible for management of road traffic safety in fishing port around.

Public security border Defense Department responsible for fishing xiangzhou port sea ship register and the crew of the boat people at sea permit inspections, handling vessels entering and leaving Hong Kong border visa procedures; maintenance order fishing ports, shoreline and surrounding waters.

Macau Ferry landing, is responsible for Hong Kong and Macau mobile management of fishing boats, fishing in violation of relevant provisions of the Hong Kong and Macao flows, coordinate relevant departments dealt with according to law.

    City Administration of departments responsible for regulating fishing and trading goods stalls, stop the set construction, set about to sell.

    Chapter II functional division and basin management

    Sixth of municipal fishery administrative departments based on actual xiangzhou port, preparing fishing port Harbor and terminal function zoning.

    Seventh xiangzhou port basin dividing the city national fishing vessels (flow fishing boats containing Hong Kong and Macau) and foreign nationals fishing, special parking area fishery support vessels such as fishing boats and no stopping zone. Article eighth ship xiangzhou port should be under the command and control the fishing, according to the planning area in fishing port waters within the Park, prohibited from parking in the fairway, no parking zone.

    When docking berth No ship should be self-zhuangang.

    Nineth repair ships, oil tankers, transport within the fishing boats, leisure boats and other special fishing vessel shall specify the location of designated parking, and to comply with the regulations. Tenth xiangzhou ships entering and leaving port shall, in accordance with provisions of article visa and truthfully report the situation under the security check the fishing harbour.

    Do not have a Hong Kong visa requirements, prohibited from leaving Hong Kong.

    11th ship moored in the port range should be in accordance with the regulations show lights, shapes and arrangements of the crew on duty.

    12th in the context of fishing ships shall sail navigation signs, enhanced look and pay attention to avoid, traveling at a safe speed.

    Within the 13th ship in the harbor water traffic accidents occurred, the Parties shall in accordance with the regulations to the fishing report and survey processing.

14th fishing prohibited within the context of the following behaviors:

(A) the discharge of fireworks, firecrackers.

(B) storage of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods on board the ship.

(C) engage in illegal passengers, smuggling and other illegal activities.

(D) to refit the ship tank, electric welding and gas cutting.

(E) to engage in fishing or aquaculture.

(F) building facilities on shore or on the Bank to build shacks.

(VII) to the harbor dumping of mud, garbage and waste or discharge of oil, sewage damage fishing port waters environmental substances.

(VIII) for free shipping, free shipping, ship certificate, no port of three ships and tankers to provide maintenance-free service.

    (IX) other behaviors prohibited by laws, rules and regulations.

15th in the port range to engage in the following activities shall be approved by the fishing port supervision agency shall:

(A) electric welding, gas cutting and laying fiber operations.

(B) the loading and unloading of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods such as oil and gas.

    (C) the fire operation.

16th section of ships entering port shall not be any of the following circumstances:

(A) without a valid ship's certificate.

(B) did not identify the ship name.

(C) engaging in smuggling and other illegal activities.

(D) unauthorized repair or refit the fuel tank in Hong Kong.

(V) handling inflammable and explosive dangerous goods without authorization.

(F) a security risk and is not corrective action within a specified period.

(VII) not to obey the command zhuangang for shelter during a typhoon warning.

    (VIII) breach of other fishing fishing regulations, if the circumstances are serious.

    17th for supplies needed to use a boat, a child-vessel only per mother ship for personal use in the basin.

18th article of the city blue Typhoon warning signal and above grade warning signal when all ships within the port shall be zhuangang of the wind.

    Unattended in port, during a typhoon warning does not obey the command zhuangang the wind, take up the fairways and security access, such as port security vessels from fishing bodies disposed of.

    Chapter III administration Terminal

    19th fishing port Division, nationality, the fishing boats unloading supplies, xiangzhou district, outside the municipal cadastral vessels loading and unloading supplies, Guangdong, Hongkong and Macao mobile vessels loading and unloading supplies, for ice water recharge and recreational fishing boat pick-up and drop-off areas.

    20th berthing vessels fishing port, should be subject to fishing port supervision and management of dispatch. 21st port terminal limited-berthing system. Berthing ship should dock function zoning, berthing time not longer than 6 hours.

    Loading and unloading ships and supplies complete shall promptly left the pier. 22nd leisure fishing boat at the time of drop-off and supplies, reliable parking designated terminals.

    Berthing time not longer than 2 hours, supplies and drop off and left the Terminal. 23rd among large trawling vessels, for the sledge and the ongoing ice replenishment ship, ships without authorization shall be lateral berthing.

    Berthing ships should be required to arrange the crew on duty, emergency dispatch ship. 24th approved access to the pier should be subject to the terminal managers dispatch, stipulated payment, driving and parking, loading and unloading is completed should leave immediately.

    Parking time not longer than 5 hours.

25th enter the fishing port of the vehicle shall not be any of the following circumstances:

(A) independent of the fishing boat fishing service.

(B) the load of 10 tons or more or a total length of 11 meters.

(C) parking for more than 5 hours or not according to the Division of parks, refuses.

    (D) other circumstances that breach of port regulations. Article 26th pier for the berthing of ships and vehicles entering Terminal, staff shall not be damaged wharf facilities.

    Damaged facilities should be compensated.

    27th no unit or individual is allowed to heaps about, hawking goods at the dock, or engage in other activities of fishing port order.

    The fourth chapter by-laws

    28th of violations of the provisions of this article, by fishing agencies and other departments to be investigated and prosecuted in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The 29th article of the regulations come into force on February 25, 2014.

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