Shenyang Economic Conditions Of Low Income Households To Check Options

Original Language Title: 沈阳市低收人居民家庭经济状况核对办法

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Shenyang economic conditions of low income households to check options

    (12th of April 9, 2014 Municipal Executive Board meeting April 17, 2014, Shenyang city people's Government, the 43rd issue come into force on June 1, 2014) first in order to effectively implement social relief and social welfare system, standardize the economic conditions of low-income households to check work, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Section II of the application for subsistence, low-income families relief, medical aid, grants city residents, housing and other social assistance and family economic situation survey, check activities suitable for this approach.

    Financial investigation checking individual or family, collectively known as the checked objects. Third, low-income residents, is the public service department family financial status check.

Family economic status of residents to check bodies (hereinafter referred to as check agencies) in charge of the city's low-income households ' economic status check.

District and County (City) departments of civil affairs in charge of checking economic situation and review of first instance.

    The subdistrict office (village, town), communities (villages) the Commission assist in economic status check, review.

    Fourth financial, real estate, public security, human resources and social security, education, health, Commerce and housing, tax, finance and other sectors within the scope of their respective duties to do related work.

    Fifth check should adhere to the law, the principles of objectivity, impartiality, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of check objects. Sixth check includes checking the disposable income and property of the object.

    Disposable income including income from wages, business income, property income, transfer income, property, including real property, property, and so on.

Seventh Government related departments shall faithfully check provides the following relevant information:

(A) marriage, social relief, social welfare, treatment termination;

(B) employment and pay social insurance fees, to receive social insurance;

(C) pay and use of housing accumulation Fund;

(D) the registration of the enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households;

(E) the personal, individual tax situation;

(F) registration of real estate, real estate transactions, leasing has been registered record housing and access to affordable housing;

(G) residence identification, vehicle registration or entry and exit;

    (H) other relevant information should be provided.

    Eighth Government departments accept city residents or families for social assistance programs application, need to know when the economic situation of the applicant as evidence of the approval reference, by consent of the applicant and after written authorization may be entrusted with checking agencies carry out investigation to verify. Nineth check institution shall establish a survey and verification of work ethic and accountability, timely, accurate and fair security check.

    Check institution shall establish a strict uniform management system, to take the necessary measures to ensure the safe operation of information systems.

Article tenth checked bodies can obtain the relevant government departments and relevant information for checking, or according to the actual operational needs, household surveys, neighbourhood visits, letters, certificates, such as checking work carried out.

    Check agencies to conduct household surveys, neighborhood access, information access while waiting for the check, it should be sent at least 2 staff and produce the relevant documents.

11th check work carried out checks in accordance with the following approaches:

(A) wage income can use the survey of employment, wages, social insurance, Housing Fund, draw, such as for the payment of personal income tax;

(B) the operating net income can be through surveys and individual industrial and commercial household registration, WA production operation and payment of corporate income tax that;

(C) property income can be investigated on interest, dividends and dividends, rental income and draw;

(D) transfer income through investigation of pension, unemployment insurance and Housing Fund, welfare income recipients draw;

(E) real property through the investigation of real estate, vehicles, valuables, works of art and other valuable in-kind with draw;

(Vi) property through investigation of money deposit, securities holdings and debt conditions obtained;

    (G) the laws and regulations in other ways.

    12th the banking, securities and insurance institutions shall be based on the written authorization of the check object to law to check the bodies associated with the checked objects deposits, securities, insurance and other information.

    13th check shall cooperate actively checking institutions to carry out the verification work, truthfully provide information related to individual, family and economic status, not concealing and misrepresentation.

    14th check object of expenditure not in accordance with the income they provide obvious, or had obvious effects on their economic situation, check the Agency to investigate the corresponding expenditures.

    15th checks the object's place of work and residence (or place of residence) Street (village, town), community (village) Committee and other related departments and organizations should assist in checking agencies conducting investigations.

    16th check bodies for verification by providing access to relevant information, economic status report should be issued and submitted to the relevant Government Department. 17th Government departments economic situation should receive a check within 3 business days after the check report, to inform the check object to check the contents of the report.

No objections to the report of the check object, the relevant government departments should report as a basis for approval; check the object of objections to the report, to the district and County (City) civil affairs departments to submit written application for review. District and County (City) civil administration review shall, within 20 working days, issue a review report, will review reports tell the check object, with a copy to check the bodies.

    District and County (City) Home Department review review report final report check to check economic situation.

    Article 18th checking agencies, relevant government departments and other staff of family economic status of residents to check all contact information, obtained in the reconciliation of information should be kept confidential, not to check their work-related organizations or individuals leaks, information may not be used for checking purposes unrelated to work.

    Article 19th among the lowest living guarantee system, low-income families relief, medical aid, education funding, housing other than social assistance, social welfare systems, if needed check bodies for investigation and verification of the households ' economic status, should be implemented upon approval by the municipal people's Government.

    Article 20th checking agencies, relevant government departments and other staff of family economic status of residents to check all contact information, check illegal providing others with information, abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, according to relevant regulations of the State penalties constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 21st article this way come into force on June 1, 2014.