Fushun Government Investment Projects Management

Original Language Title: 抚顺市政府投资项目评审管理办法

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Fushun government investment projects management

    (November 22, 2013, Fushun city government executive meeting of the 6th review November 27, 2013, Fushun city people's Government, 170th release come into force on January 1, 2014) first to standardize the assessment of government investment projects, give full play to role of investment evaluation in government investment projects, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second City investment review Agency for Government-invested projects and the Government's decision to review other matters governed by this approach.

    Government investments in these measures refers to use in whole or in part, the financial budget funds, bond funds, Government funds, Government funds, government funding, loans from foreign Governments and international organizations or aid funds, enterprises to use State funds to invest in the construction and related projects.

    Third article this approach by said government investment project review, is refers to municipal government investment review institutions on government investment project proposal, and feasibility research report, and energy-saving report, and social stable risk assessment report, and project implementation programme, and preliminary design, and engineering volume listing and the pricing, and contract, and engineering settlement, and completed accounts, and land assessment, and ground attached real assessment, for of review, and on Municipal Government decided of other matters for of review.

    Fourth government investment project assessment should follow independent, scientific and impartial principle, pursuant to the relevant laws, regulations, and industry specifications and standards.

Fifth is the accrediting body of the municipal development and reform Department authorities, municipal government investment evaluation Center of city investment review Agency (hereinafter "review bodies"), commissioned by the municipal government and relevant departments, to review government investment projects.

Government investment in the municipal development and reform, the Ministry of finance sector review guidance, supervision and management, responsible for government investment evaluation system, identifying the need to review the Government investment project and assessment requirements, review review review report issued by the Agency ().

    Supervision and auditing departments, within the scope of their respective duties, and supervision of the Government investment project evaluation.

    Sixth government investment review report (opinion), is the Government investment project approval, bidding, allocation of funds and the construction and management of important references.

Seventh government investment project evaluation includes:

(A) project proposal and feasibility study report the necessity, feasibility and rationality;

(B) preliminary design of the project and estimate the legitimacy, integrity and the need for adjustments;

(C) social stability risk assessment reports of legality, rationality, feasibility and controllability;

(D) saving energy report (tables) are scientific and rational;

(E) the valuation based on engineering quantity list and the preparation of the reasonableness, accuracy;

(F) the validity, completeness of the project contract;

(G) project completion (AVN) is the legality, authenticity, accuracy;

(H) land valuation and attachments on the ground to assess the legality, authenticity and rationality;

    (I) the need to review other matters.

Eighth government investment project evaluation basis are:

(A) the relevant national and local investment planning, budget, accounting, government procurement, tendering, construction and contract laws, rules and regulations;

(B) the relevant national departments in charge of industry and local government standards, valuation basis and engineering technical specifications;

(C) investment projects with the Government relating to the pricing information, construction cost index, price regulation and other relevant information;

(D) project proposals, feasibility study, project energy efficiency reports, social stability, risk analysis, preliminary design and approval, land, planning, construction, environmental protection and other approval documents;

(E) project of surveying, design and construction contracts (contracts), contracts for procurement of materials and equipment (Agreement), bid books and other documents;

(F) the engineering quantity list valuation, project budget and final accounting, engineering and application (June), construction management, engineering design, design changes to negotiate (Visa), financial account statement and other related documents;

    (G) other relevant information.

Nineth project proposals, feasibility studies, energy-saving report, social stability risk assessment report, preliminary design and budget, project valuation based on engineering quantity list and review process:

(A) the project construction project review information to the accrediting bodies;

(B) the accreditation body for project construction unit to send a preliminary review of the information;

(C) the assessment agency site verification project;

(D) the accreditation body for project review;

(E) review institutions form a preliminary review conclusion to the project owner feedback;

    (Vi) accreditation agencies review reports to the client Department ().

Tenth construction contract review procedures:

(A) the project unit sent to the accrediting bodies review the required information;

(B) the accreditation body for project construction unit to send a preliminary review of the information;

(C) the accrediting bodies review the agreement and special terms of the contract;

(D) review institutions form a preliminary review conclusion to the project owner feedback;

    (E) review report issued by the accreditation body to the client Department ().

11th settlement, final accounts of project engineering review program:

(A) the project Unit review information to the accrediting bodies;

(B) the accreditation body for project construction unit to send a preliminary review of the information;

(C) the assessment agency site verification project;

(D) the accreditation body for project construction program and organization management, funding and use, financial management and accounting, as well as preparation of final financial accounts financial statements review;

(E) review institutions review conclusion to the project owner, contractor feedback;

    (F) review reports issued by the accreditation body to its clients (comments).

12th Government review agencies investment review, shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) according to the Government investment project evaluation, evaluation work programmes established;

(B) organize the professional judges to carry out the work to review the conclusions of the authenticity, validity, accuracy;

(Three) independent completed review task, shall not to any form will review task again delegate to social intermediary institutions; on major project, and has special technology requirements of project and used technology, and new process project, in sought delegate units views Hou, can in review process in the hired about experts participation project review argument work; involved national secret, special project, shall not using this units official employees outside of hired personnel; (Four) project proposal, and feasibility research report, and energy-saving report, and social stable risk assessment report, and project preliminary design and estimates of review, should in 5 – 7 a days within issued review report (views); project contract of review, should in 3 – 5 a days within issued contract review submissions, by modified Hou of contract should in 1 – 2 a days within issued contract review finds single; engineering pre knot (summary) is, and engineering volume listing and the pricing, of review, should in 7 – 20 a days within issued review report (views),

Costing 30 million Yuan, the area of more than 15000 square meters of projects shall, within the 30 working days issue a review report (opinion);

(E) establish a strict project evaluation file management system, complete, accurate, truthful and record review projects, and manage all types of information collecting, archiving and preservation;

    (F) establishment of government investment project assessment feedback mechanism, a review system, visit system, improve the system of internal review, audit.

13th project construction in government investment in the project review work, shall perform the following obligations:

(A) provide information needed to review in a timely manner, and the responsible for the integrity, authenticity and validity of the information provided;

(B) to review agency matters that require verification or evidence shall not refuse, conceal or give false information;

(C) shall, within three months after completion of the project, complete the project budget and final accounts of the establishment, work, sent to the accreditation agencies review;

    (D) to review the conclusions issued an initial assessment shall, within five working days from the date of receipt of signed comments, and signed and stamped by the unit owner, fails to sign, as agreed with the preliminary assessment conclusions.

    14th the Government investment project investigation, design, construction, supervision and other units, shall cooperate with the accreditation body for government investment project evaluation, provide relevant information and assume the corresponding responsibility.

15th article the employer disagrees with the conclusions of the review to the accrediting bodies, may appeal to the municipal government applications, specifying relevant departments, review by the city.

    Disagrees with the cost of the construction project, organized by the municipal administrative departments in charge of construction cost review.

Article 16th project construction and surveying, design and construction in violation of these rules, any of the following acts, accreditation body should explain the situation to the relevant Department, by the relevant departments in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations to deal with:

(A) the necessity, feasibility discussion on project construction blurred, no justification;

(B) construction of supra-national or industry standards;

(C) does not comply with the overall urban planning or land-use planning and environmental protection requirements;

(D) infrastructure cannot meet the basic needs of construction projects;

(E) environmental assessment do not meet project requirements;

(F) the size or scale of investment approvals and investments;

(VII) without the appropriate qualification (qualification);

    (VIII) preparation of project texts do not meet accreditation requirements.

    Article 17th review agency staff working in government investment project appraisal, dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in such conduct, by their work units or higher authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

Article 18th client departments of government investment project appraisal should be included in the budget, including engineering, settlement of the budget and final accounts and land assessment, appraisal of attachments on the ground assessments should be included in the project costs.

    When client departments received review conclusion to review pay review costs.

    19th County and area (zone) management review on the level of government investment, in accordance with the measures implemented. Article 20th these measures shall enter into force on January 1, 2014.

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