Resources In Huainan City Environmental Audit Approach

Original Language Title: 淮南市资源环境审计监督办法

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Resources in Huainan city environmental audit approach

    (October 28, 2013 City Government 20th times Executive Conference through November 19, 2013 Huainan Government makes 137th, announced since January 1, 2014 up purposes) first article to strengthening resources environment audit supervision, promoted ecological civilization construction, promote economic social sustainable development, according to People's Republic of China audit method, and People's Republic of China audit method implementation Ordinance and Anhui Province audit supervision Ordinance, legal, and regulations, combined this city actual, developed this approach.

    Article resources environmental audit oversight within the administrative area of the city, these measures shall apply.

    Article resources environmental audit in these measures, refers to the audit institution in accordance with the audit unit involving issues of resources and environment of authenticity, legitimacy and efficiency monitoring, evaluation and certification activities.

Fourth city, County (district) audit institutions are responsible for the administration of administrative bodies, enterprises, institutions, social groups, and so on, matters related to resources and environment supervision through auditing.

    In accordance with the needs and resources within its jurisdiction can be audited of audit institutions mandate County (area) audit by audit bodies, can also audit the County (district) resources of the audit jurisdiction of environmental audit-related matters.

    Fifth of municipal development and reform, urban and rural planning, land and natural resources, urban and rural construction, economic and information technology, transportation, environmental protection, finance, agriculture, water conservancy, forestry and other relevant departments, County (district) and township (town) people's Government shall assist the implementation of resource and environmental audit by audit bodies.

    The sixth audit institutions shall independently exercise their power of supervision through auditing of resources and environment, free from interference by any administrative organ, public organization or individual.

The seventh audit institutions shall, in accordance with the objectives and tasks of the management of resources and environment in the region, in accordance with the requirements of the people's Governments at the corresponding level and superior audit institution, determine audit priorities, preparation of the annual plan for the audit of resources and environment, the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.

    Requirements for audit institutions to perform their responsibilities of the environmental audit, arranged by the people's Governments at the corresponding level in the budget.

The eighth audit institutions can direct the audit or internal audit, commissioned by the social audit Agency resources, including environmental audits.

    Joint audit by the audit institutions may, joint audits, professional audits into its resources, such as environmental audits.

    Nineth audit organs shall establish environmental audit oversight coordination mechanism, improve joint audits, joint meetings, exchange of information and communications, auditing and audit results of rectification work. Tenth audit institutions should establish a resource and environment database auditing.

    According to the work required, you can hire has the resources, the environment, law, engineering and technical personnel resources related expertise such as environmental audit activities.

11th audit authorities shall audit the following matters:

(A) implementation of environmental policy;

(B) environmental management of funds;

(C) the resources and environment construction and operation of the project;

    (D) shall make other situations related to resource and environmental audit.

    12th audit institution to audit the implementation of environmental policy, the main audit of the resources of the environment laws, rules, regulations and policy implementation on resource and environment management system by establishing, implementing and monitoring, analysis, evaluation and implementation.

    13th audit institution to audit the funds management of resources and environment, the main audit fund raising, allocation, use and management of resources and environment, revealed money problems in the running, management analysis, evaluation and use of funds.

    14th audit institutions on the resources and environment project construction and operation supervision through auditing, mainly construction and target completion of audit projects, resource management and environmental protection, and construction, operational analysis, evaluation of the project.

15th audit institutions in the financial, investment, finance, business, foreign investment and economic responsibility auditing related to resource and environmental matters, shall audit the following contents:

(A) financial audits, audit of Government to develop, implement, resources and environment policy and financing, allocation and management of resources and environment and usage;

(B) investment in audit, audit State key construction projects in the planning, approval, design, construction, production and operation links the implementation of environmental protection policies, and the impact on resources and environment and its prevention and control measures of legitimacy, efficiency;

(C) financial audits, audit of bank loans to and uses of resources environmental policy implementation;

(D) in the audit of enterprises and audit enterprise implementation of national resources and environmental policy and environmental protection energy conservation effect of investment and use of funds, construction and operation of pollution control facilities;

(E) foreign audit, audit of foreign loans and assistance resources and environmental impact of the project;

    (Vi) in the audit of economic responsibility, auditing, audit unit heads to perform resource management and environmental protection responsibilities, complete energy-saving emission reduction goal, the protection of basic farmland responsibility goals.

    16th audit institutions implementation of resource and environmental audit, and shall present the audit report needs to be dealt with according to law, punishment, making audit decisions and issue a written decision on the audit needs by other authorities, penalties, audit transfer address book.

17th audit institutions should report to the people's Governments at the corresponding level, resource and environment audit results can also be disclosed to the relevant departments or audited results.

    Audit results to meet resource and environment management in discharging its duty of supervision and inspection needs, relevant departments shall use, can be used as a basis for assessment, to avoid duplication checking.

    18th audit organs shall provide the audit report, audit decisions made, auditees, to assist in the implementation units should be implemented.

    19th audit in violation of this regulation, refuse or delay in providing information on the audit-related matters, or the information provided is untrue, incomplete, or refuse or obstruct the inspection, Audit Office ordered corrective action, may be reprimanded and given a warning; it refuses, pursue their legal responsibility according to law.

    20th audit institutions and their staff resources in environmental auditing and supervision work, acts of abuse, malpractice, neglect their duties, shall be investigated for legal responsibility. 21st article this way come into force on January 1, 2014.

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