Jilin Municipal Administration Of Registration Of Real Estate Transactions And Housing Provision

Original Language Title: 吉林市房地产交易和房屋登记管理规定

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Jilin Municipal Administration of registration of real estate transactions and housing provision

    (February 13, 2014 at the people's Government of Jilin city, 15 12 Executive Board meeting February 26, 2014, Jilin provincial people's Government order No. 232, published since April 10, 2014) first in order to strengthen the administration of registration of real estate and housing, protection of the legitimate rights and interests of property rights, promoting the healthy development of the real estate market, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city real estate and housing management activities related to registration and to apply this provision.

Article City real estate administrative departments responsible for the supervision of the real estate transactions in the city management and registration of housing within the city.

The County (City) real estate administrative departments in charge of real estate transactions within their respective jurisdictions of regulatory and housing registration.

    Land and natural resources, urban planning, civil air defense, price and other departments according to their respective responsibilities to management. Fourth in handling real estate transactions or when you apply for registration of housing, the party concerned shall provide real, legitimate, and effective materials.

    Concealing the facts and to provide false information and other fraudulent means to handle real estate transactions or apply for housing registration, the parties concerned shall bear legal liability.

    Article fifth party is required to apply for registration of housing provision of the contract or agreement, contract or agreement only for the wishes of the housing transactions Act stated, the rights and obligations not part of real estate administrative departments of the scope of the audit.

    Sixth planning uses for shops or underground parking, planning, fire departments, such as the acceptance of delegates after the initial registration of surveying and mapping, House property surveying and mapping unit shall, in accordance with the law approving housing construction plans to determine the boundary conditions, such as measuring within the construction area.

Seventh underground buildings registered, shall be registered in the housing area of the law, rules, regulations and technical specifications for processing. Underground structures in these rules, refer to underground civil air defense works and the owners of supporting outside public buildings, approved by law construction of the construction of underground space, boundary clear, independent use, can be registered in accordance with the basic unit of a permanent building.


(A) in underground parking lots and garages;

(B) underground commercial space;

(C) underground storage rooms;

    (D) other underground buildings.

    Article eighth combined with building development and construction of underground building in conjunction with initial registration, shall be registered according to ground and underground.

    Nineth housing people-schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other public institutions, for the purpose of social groups, and plans for education, health and other social housing may not be mortgaged.

    Article tenth of real estate development enterprises shall not advance without the license of real estate sale real estate; entity or individual without the pre-sale of licenses you have purchased houses, each Party shall bear legal liability.

11th presale independent development and construction of real estate development enterprises of underground buildings, shall comply with the following conditions and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the pre-sale of licenses:

(A) the ground floor main building work has been completed;

    (B) basic unit four to well defined, building area has forecast House property surveying and mapping units.

    12th attached underground parking garage real estate projects shall give priority to meet the needs of owners within the scope of the project. 13th real estate administrative departments should strengthen the pre-sale and stock transactions of regulatory capital. Real estate sale of storage, transfer and other procedures must be within the regulatory capital accounts for.

No unit or individual shall not itself or entrust other economic organizations to directly collect payment of pre-paid.

    Real estate administrative departments should set up stock trading fund supervision service platform, and dedicated account management.

    14th real estate administrative departments shall, in accordance with the progress of works, approved pre-sale regulatory accounts amount of reserve funds regulation and in accordance with the total construction area of 20 Yuan per square meter reserve approved funding for initial registration, for use in protection to handle the project initial registration for housing.

15th real estate development companies sales of commercial housing, real estate administrative departments to handle the online business registration, through the network operation system platform to handle the pre-paid license or selling filing certificate of commercial housing and other related businesses.

    When selling real estate real estate development enterprise should be adopted by the network operation system platform print sale contracts, and key results of the contract. 16th principal real estate brokers real estate development enterprise sales of commercial housing, shall conclude a written contract and the real estate brokers, and issue a power of attorney.

The power of attorney shall state the names of housing, is located places content, scope and duration of a delegate, the delegate permissions, and real estate brokers license and the filing certificate of real estate brokers and other materials in the sales field in conjunction with publicity.

    Real estate brokers shall not without the advance sale of commercial housing sales agent license or commercial record certificate of commercial housing sale.

    17th in violation of the provisions of article tenth, sale of real estate development enterprises without the license of real estate sale real estate, real estate administrative departments be ordered to desist from the illegal act, and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations will be punished.

    16th 18th in violation of these provisions of article, without the advance sale of commercial housing sales agents real estate brokers license or are filing certificate of real estate for sale commercial housing, real estate administrative departments shall be ordered to stop selling and fined 20000 to 30000 Yuan fines; the circumstances are serious, recommended that the industrial and commercial administration departments revoked business license constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    Article 19th real estate trade management and housing registration abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engages, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 20th article of the regulations come into force on April 10, 2014. Before the implementation of the provisions of the registration of underground buildings with reference to these provisions.