Administrative Measures For The Full-Time Fire Troop Construction Of Shanxi Province

Original Language Title: 山西省专职消防队伍建设管理办法

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Administrative measures for the full-time fire troop construction of Shanxi province

    (January 2, 2014 33rd Executive meeting January 13, 2014, Shanxi province people's Government provincial government order No. 235, published February 13, 2014) Chapter I General provisions

    The first full-time fire in order to strengthen the team construction and management, and improve prevention, fire fighting and emergency rescue capabilities, Shanxi province, according to the Fire Services Ordinance, combined with the actual procedures are formulated in the province.

Second approach applies to full-time fire-fighters in the administrative area of the province-building and management. Full-time fire-fighters in these measures including full-time fire-fighters and full-time fire-fighters.

    Full-time fire-fighters of the Government is that in addition to public order other than active duty fire-fighting team, formed by the people's Governments at all levels professional fire-fighters; full-time fire-fighters are defined by enterprises and institutions set up full-time fire-fighters.

    Third full-time fire troop construction should adhere to government leaders, grade principles of construction, standardized management, and manpower development.

    Fourth Government of the people's Governments above the county level shall be full-time fire-fighters of the building into the local national economic and social development planning, responsible for the Administration in the full-time fire-team-building and management work of the Government.

Fifth above the county level administrative departments police are a professional fire brigade, public security fire control institutions to which it belongs assume full-time fire troop construction and management of the work.

Above the county level development and reform, civil affairs, finance, human resources and social security, housing and urban-rural construction, transportation and other related administrations and trade union organizations according to their respective functions to do full-time fire-fighters of the Government building and management.

    Enterprises and institutions shall strengthen the building and management work of full-time fire-fighters.

    Article sixth full-time fire-fighters of a social nature, full-time firefighters to implement labor contract management of the Government.

    Chapter II construction

Article meets the following situations shall form a Government allied Fire Department:

(A) fire brigade number does not meet the national standards for the town fire station construction provisions of the cities and town, where the people's Governments at the county level;

(B) farther away from the local public security fire-fighting team of State-level key towns and famous historical and cultural towns;

(C) the farther away from the local public security fire-fighting team provincial development zones and industrial parks, scenic parks, tourist resort, free trade zone;

(D) the built-up area of more than 5 square km, or resident population of more than 50,000 people of the Township;

    (E) required the establishment of full-time firefighters.

Article eighth the following units shall form a unit full-time fire department:

(A) from local public security fire farther, is listed as a national key cultural relics protection of ancient buildings management unit;

(B) large large power plants, coal mines, civil airport;

(C) large enterprises producing and storing inflammable or explosive hazardous goods;

(Iv) storing inflammable important goods of large warehouses and bases;

(E) urban rail traffic management unit.

    Except for the first paragraph to the second, third, fourth fire danger other than those provided for larger, farther away from the local public security fire units of other large enterprises should set up a full-time fire department.

    Nineth full-time Fire Department (station) planning and site selection shall conform to the distribution of urban and rural planning and industry, building standards, equipment, fire fighting vehicles, professional fire fighter protective equipment in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national and provincial, conditional standard executable secret areas and units of the fire brigade building.

Article tenth full-time Fire Department (station) when completed, shall be reported to the local public security fire control institutions and acceptance.

    Full-time firefighters are not allowed to withdraw, integration and renamed, if you need to undo, integrated and changed its name to the provincial public security fire control institutions record. 11th Government full-time fire officers into full-time firefighters and full-time fire clerk.

Full-time Government fire fighters recruited by public security fire control institutions in accordance with local practice plans, recruiting through open recruitment, and labor contract law. Full-time firefighters from the unit.

    Their own or by way of open recruitment recruiting and labor contract law.

12th Government of recruiting full-time fire officers shall meet the following conditions:

(A) full-time firefighters should have at least a high school degree, men aged 18 years old and above 25 years of age, meet the firefighter fitness test standards and medical requirements;

(B) the professional fire officer should have a college education, at the age of 20 years old and above 30 years of age;

    (C) ex-soldiers and fire industry fire-fighting and rescue skill level of personnel preference.

    Chapter III administration team

13th full-time fire-fighters should be integrated into daily operational sequence of local public security fire control institutions, accept the guidance of public security fire control institutions, the Executive on duty day and night duties, transfer, leave of absence from leave system.

    Full-time firefighters on duty during the collective dining, catering standard references public security fire control institutions on standards implementation, the cost borne by the unit.

14th full-time fire-fighters shall perform the following duties:

(A) carry out fire protection laws, regulations and policies;

(B) the development of fire fighting and emergency rescue plan, organize practice;

(C) responsible for the fire service in advocacy, fire safety inspections, fire fighting and emergency rescue work;

(D) the master of fire water within their respective administrative areas, roads, fire control key unit, the key spot and so on, a sound operational data files;

(E) local management and dispatching of public security fire control institutions, responsible for areas inside and outside fire fighting and emergency rescue task;

(F) to report regularly to the local public security fire control institutions;

(G) routine maintenance of fire-fighting equipment, maintain personnel and equipment are in good state of emergency;

    (VIII) shall carry out other duties in accordance with law.

15th Government full-time firefighters work the content of the contract and the conclusion, performance, modification, cancellation or termination, should the implementation of the People's Republic of China labour contract law and other laws and regulations.

    After the expiry of the contract, good performance and good health of business technical experts, upon his own consultations and employer may renew the labor contract.

16th under any of the following circumstances may dissolve the Government labor contract of full-time firefighters:

(A) in pre-service training exam failed, has not qualified make-up;

(B) dereliction of duty, and leaking military secrets, causing serious losses and impacts;

(C) unable to perform the work, after training or adjustment positions cannot be qualified;

(Iv) serious violations of rules and regulations;

(E) the recruitment have concealed crimes not reported before;

    (F) the provisions of laws or regulations may terminate the contract in other circumstances.

17th under any of the following circumstances, it may terminate the labor contract of full-time firefighters:

(A) due to illness or a work-related injury during the contract period, within the prescribed period;

(B) an occupational disease has been confirmed as having lost or partially lost his capacity to work;

(C) female fire clerk in pregnancy, childbirth and nursing;

    (D) other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations cannot terminate the contract. 18th new full-time fire personnel should conduct training, no less than a month. After the training, organization of training units should be in accordance with the provisions on the assessment of trainees.

Passing the examination, by the municipal public security fire control institutions to issue training certificates.

    Full-time firefighters national uniform certification of fire-fighting and rescue qualified occupational skill level, according to the regulations of the corresponding benefits.

    Article 19th full-time firefighters at work should be harmonized with uniforms, wearing identification.

    20th Government full time fire brigade fire fleet management fleet management provisions by public security fire control institutions shall not be used for matters not relating to fire fighting and emergency rescue work.

    Chapter fourth safeguard

21st Government allied fire troop construction and management requirements of local people's Governments shall be covered in full.

    Professional fire brigade requirements be covered in full by the formed unit.

22nd Government full-time firefighters should be in accordance with the level of wages and benefits is lower than the local equivalent, equal length standard of wages and benefits of staff in public institutions to be protected to ensure local economic development levels and adapted to full-time firefighters to take high risk occupations.

Dedicated consumer-like officers not less than the wages and benefits of unit equivalent, the same length of line production workers average treatment.

    To participate in the fire fighting professional firefighters and emergency rescue work to be high risk grants.

23rd Government full time fire brigade shall, for full-time firefighters to handle basic old-age pension, basic medical care, work injuries, unemployment and other social insurance and payment of the housing accumulation Fund and full-time firefighters for personal accident insurance, requirements by financial departments at the same level in accordance with national and provincial regulations to protect it.

    Full time fire brigade shall, for full-time firefighters to handle basic old-age pension, basic medical care, work injuries, unemployment and other social, insurance and payment of housing accumulation Fund and pay personal accident insurance for full-time firefighters, requirements borne by the unit.

24th the employer shall establish and perfect a full-time firefighter occupational health records, medical examination once a year, funded by the local people's Government or the burden of the employer.

    Full-time firefighters should enjoy as prescribed by the State family leave, leave, maternity leave and so on.

    25th in fire-fighting and rescue work has made outstanding contributions in professional fire-fighters and people should give recognition and rewards in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State. Article 26th full-time firefighters in business training, fire fighting, emergency rescue and other activities of injury, disability or death shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial treatment of work-related injury insurance.

    Was named the martyrs, and enjoy the benefits of national and provincial.

27th when full time fire-fighting teams to participate in fire fighting and emergency rescue, to the units and individuals shall not charge any fee.
Units outside professional fire brigade units fire or loss of fuel, fire extinguishing agent, emergency rescue equipment, such as equipment, fire or emergency rescue, after approval by public security fire control institutions, by people's Government of the accident compensation.

    28th full-time fire department fire engines in implementing fire fighting, emergency rescue tasks, you can use the alarm and signal lights, on the premise of ensuring security, not speed, routes, driving directions and restrictions of the command signal, other vehicles and pedestrians should give way.

Transport managers should ensure fire vehicle the right of way.

    Full time fire brigade fire-fighting vehicles require passage of toll roads, bridges, free of tolls.

Article 29th full-time fire-fighters should be without prejudice to the Government operations and training under the premise, there are plans to carry out other vocational skill training, creating favourable conditions for players to leave reemployment.

    Has a fire department occupational skill level qualifications of full-time firefighters in the Government after the expiry of the contract, can be used as a community fire safety practitioners recommend engaged in fire safety in enterprises and institutions.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    30th article on not perform this approach duties or not established full-time fire team of Government or units, by superior Government and has jurisdiction right of administrative organ give informed, and ordered deadline perform duties; established Hou unauthorized revoked of, by superior Government and has jurisdiction right of administrative organ ordered deadline corrected, late not corrected of, according to management permission and provides program, on location Government or units main head and directly responsibility people law give disposition.

31st article violates these rules, any of the following circumstances, give notice of criticism by public security fire control institutions; it fails, in accordance with the administrative rights and due process, principals and persons directly responsible shall be given disciplinary action:

(A) after receiving the police or public security fire control institutions deployment instructions, immediately rushed to the scene of the fire or emergency rescue;

(B) in fire fighting, emergency rescue and other missions against unified command of public security fire control institutions;

    (C) fire-fighting vehicles used for fire-fighting and emergency rescue work-related matters.

    Article 32nd full-time fire officials who abuse their powers, neglect their duties, adverse effects, disciplined by the unit constitutes a crime, terminate the labor contract by his employer, shall be investigated for criminal liability.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 33rd article this way since February 13, 2014.

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