Beijing Municipal Organization Code Management

Original Language Title: 北京市组织机构代码管理办法

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Beijing municipal organization code management

    (September 24, 2013 the 19th General meeting of the Municipal Government published October 1, 2013, order No. 248 of Beijing municipality as of January 1, 2014) directory

Chapter I General provisions

Chapter II registration code

Chapter III application code

Supervision and administration of the fourth chapter

The fifth chapter legal liability

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    Chapter I General provisions

    First to identify the Organization identity, promoting organization real-name-building and information-sharing, promoting a unified code of social credit system construction, services and innovative social management, according to the municipality, these measures are formulated.

Second approach applies within the administrative area of the City Organization code registration, application, and management. Organization code in these measures, based on national rules of coding for the preparation, gives statutory recognition identification code of the Organization, identify your organization's role.

    Each has a unique organization in the country, has always been the same corporate code.

Article city and district and county administrative departments in charge of organization code code identifies the organizations of the system organizations implement and manage, guide and coordinate the application of organization code, monitor the implementation of these measures.

    Other relevant government departments according to their respective responsibilities to the Organization code of the application.

    Fourth municipal people's Government set the Organization code management bodies responsible for the implementation of organization code management.

    Chapter II registration code

Article fifth unless registered with the relevant departments under the State Council approved the establishment of or outside the Organization, within the administrative area of the city in the following organizations established according to law, shall establish the date of 30th, seals and documents to prove their lawfully established material, apply to the Organization code management organization code:

(A) the authority;

(B) social organizations, foundations, private non-enterprise units;

(C) enterprises, the rural collective economic organizations, farmers ' specialized cooperative economic organizations;

(D) institutions;

(E) law firms, legal services, forensic institutions;

(F) the sites for religious activities;

(VII) the neighbourhood or village Committee;

(H) the individual industrial and commercial households;

(I) outside the Beijing Agency, foreign or overseas bodies of non-governmental organizations;

(10) other organizations established according to law.

    Organizations should provide seals and documents to prove their legally established the authenticity and accuracy of the material.

Article sixth organization code management for compliance with those requirements, registration, organization code certificate issued, due to system failures and other special causes beyond their control, cannot be registered on the spot, at the latest 2 working days to be registered; do not meet the requirements, all told on the spot corrections. Organization code certificate referred to in the preceding paragraph of this article, is organization code recognition identifies the carrier and the legal documents, printed by the national unity.

    Code is divided into an original and a copy of the certificate; original printed certificate, copies include paper certificate, a digital certificate or other form.

    Seventh article organization institutions name, and address, and institutions type, and business range, and main head, information occurred change of, organization institutions should since change of day up 30th within, holding proved change of file material to organization institutions code management implementation institutions handle change registration; change matters involved organization institutions code certificate Shang records of information of, organization institutions code management implementation institutions should for organization institutions replaced organization institutions code certificate. Article eighth organization terminated according to law, shall terminate within 30th of documentation to prove termination of the Organization Code Management Agency for cancellation of registration of organization code.

Upon examination and verification, organization code management institutions should cancel its organization code and to recover their organization code certificate.

Organizations not within the deadline for cancellation of registration of organization code, organization code management agency confirmed that the organization can cancel its organization code directly after the termination.

    Cancelled the Organization code certificate from the date of cancellation of inactive; cancelled organization code, no longer entrusted to other organizations.

    Nineth organization code certificate is lost or damaged, the Organization should apply for a certificate, and lost to society announcements and additional information.

Tenth term of validity of the certificate of organization code in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State; more than valid organization code certificate expires.

    In the 30th before the expiry of the certificate of organization code, organizations should go through formalities for extension, replacing the Organization code certificate.

    11th organization code management organization should be publicized failures of the Organization code certificate.

    Chapter III application code

12th article of the municipal administrative organs shall open the Organization code. Executive information system for construction or reconstruction of this municipality, organization code should be used as the Organization identifies and indexes to facilitate compatibility between information systems and shared.

    Informatization project approval authorities should review the information systems organization codes as identified and indexed.

13th article of the municipal executive administration, water supply, power supply, heat supply, gas supply and public enterprises and institutions to provide public services, need to identify the Organization shall examine the Organization code certificate of organization; organizations shall produce his certificate of organization code.

    In accordance with this regulation without obtaining organization code certificate or certificate of organization code expired, the city administration suggested it in accordance with this Regulation shall be applied for the Organization code or change the Organization code certificate; the Organization code certificate due to loss or damage is required for evidence of, can apply for a temporary certificate of organization code.

    14th to encourage financial institutions and other institutions in operational activities collection, use organization code.

    15th organizations engaged in related activities, you need to identify the identity of the right to use the Organization code certificate, relevant units and their staff shall not refuse.

    16th administrative departments should make full use of organization code of organization code information and assist the relevant departments, organization, timely analysis of the number, proportion, layout, and so on, for Government decision-making.

    Article 17th organization code management implementing agency shall provide to the community organization codes inquiry service.

    Supervision and administration of the fourth chapter

    18th organization code administrative authority shall provide for the establishment of a sound regulatory system of organization code, ensure the Organization code and the registration information is true and accurate.

    19th the Organization code management agencies should strengthen the Organization code registration, management of change, delay, cancellation, promoting the construction of organization code management information, convenience of the Organization for organization code, ensure the Organization code not weight code, bad code.

    20th organization code administrative authority should be setting up structures and organizations set up the approving authority establishment, alteration, delay, cancellation information coordination mechanisms, such as, implementation organization code registration and information updates synchronized with the Organization establishment and modification.

21st prohibits any organization or individual counterfeit, altered or fraudulent use of organization code certificate.

    , Executive authorities, public enterprises and institutions, the suspected use of forged, organization code certificate, altered or fraudulent use of organization code certificate, shall promptly inform the competent administrative Department for organization code and the public security organs.

22nd article of any organizations or individuals for acts in violation of these rules, has the right to report to the Administrative Department for organization code.

    Organization codes Administration Department telephone hotlines or mailboxes; to the admissibility of the report, investigation and treatment in a timely manner, or transferred to the relevant departments.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    23rd violates these rules, not within the time stipulated in the Organization code registration, change or renewal of, a rectification by the Administrative Department of organization code, can be fined a maximum of between 1000 Yuan and 100 Yuan.

24th article violates these rules, provides unaudited register the seal or false supporting documentation for the Organization code registration procedures, organization code management institutions shall not handle; completed, organization code administrative authority to revoke its organization code and to recover their organization code certificate.

    Circumstances set forth in the preceding paragraph of this article, organization code management institutions or administrative authorities shall inform the public security organ of organization code.

    25th article violates these rules, forged, altered or fraudulently use organization code certificate, the public security organ shall be given administrative punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 26th article this way come into force on January 1, 2014.

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