Shaanxi Province Implementing The Regulation On Nursery Management Approach

Original Language Title: 陕西省实施《幼儿园管理条例》办法

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Shaanxi Province implementing the regulation on nursery management approach  (12th of February 6, 1995, Shaanxi Province released February 25, 2011, Shaanxi Provincial people's Government to amend some of the first amendment of the decision of the provincial government regulations on February 22, 2012 on revising part of the provincial Government of Shaanxi Provincial regulations on administrative enforcement of decisions under the second amendment under the Shaanxi Provincial people's Government on March 18, 2014, abolition, declared invalid, and modified part of the third amendment of the decision of the provincial government regulations) article

    To strengthen the management of kindergartens, improving the quality of early childhood care and education, according to the State of the kindergarten regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Second this approach applies to this province aboard three years (including three years) of preschool children, for their care and education kindergarten (classes).

Article III the management of kindergartens is responsible for, the Division of management at different levels and all departments concerned the principle of responsibility.

    Provincial education administrative departments of the province's kindergarten management; the County (city, district) administrative departments of education kindergarten management work within their respective administrative areas.

Kindergarten health article health administrative departments at all levels are responsible for works supervision, examination, maternal and child health-care institutions to which they belong are responsible for the kindergarten health care business mentoring and monitoring.

    All levels of finance, human resources and social security, housing and urban-rural construction, and other relevant departments and trade unions, women's federations in accordance with provincial requirements concerning early childhood education management responsibilities, duties, close cooperation and good management of kindergartens. Fifth of municipal, County and district people's Government shall, in accordance with economic and social development situation in the region, formulate nursery school development planning, strengthen the leadership on early childhood education.

    Encourage and support enterprises, institutions, social organizations, UN-Habitat (village) Committee organises various kindergartens and citizens or donated money to park.

Sixth organized kindergarten must satisfy the following conditions:

(A) is consistent with the kindergarten of staff regulations and the conditions of this regulation;

(B) provision of reliable sources;

    (C) in line with national health and safety standards and meet the requirements of Park homes and childcare, education facilities.

Seventh town kindergarten and is located in the village of organs, enterprises or institutions holding kindergarten, subject to County (municipal and district) administrative departments of education examination, issue a certificate of registration.

Already registered kindergartens, finds it necessary to suspend or change the name, description, affiliations, should be made to the registration authority for cancellation or change of the registration.

    Without registration, no unit or individual shall hold kindergarten.

    Article eighth kindergarten, subject to County (municipal and district) administrative departments of education examination, issue a certificate of registration.

    Nineth kindergarten during the holding period shall periodically to County (municipal and district) Administrative Department of education required to submit statistics.

Tenth State organs, social organizations, enterprises or institutions holding capital investment in kindergartens, should follow the kindergarten's affiliation, the Declaration included in the authorities of the capital master plan.

    Construction at the administration building and rebuilding neighborhoods in town, shall make an overall planning and construction of kindergartens with the local population.

    11th to encourage units of kindergartens are open to society, children of absorption of the unit into the Park. 12th kindergartens implement quality class by class fees. And standard fees and charges in accordance with provincial administrative departments of education, in conjunction with the provincial fiscal, pricing departments charging handle.

Prohibition of arbitrary charges.

Kindergarten fees, provincial financial departments should be used uniformly charge bills. Kindergarten funding mainly for conservation, education expenses and the payment of maintenance or alteration, expansion of kindergarten facilities and Garden House, among others.

    Prohibition of funds withheld, misappropriated kindergarten.

13th kindergarten and staff appointment.

Kindergarten held by units or individuals employed in kindergartens and kindergarten registration authorities for the record.

    Kindergarten teachers, doctors, health workers, teachers and other staff members, appointed by the kindergarten, also could be held by the nursery units or individual appointment. 14th kindergarten principal accountability system into practice. Principal organizer and local education administrations under the authority and operational direction of, responsible for the Park.

    Director during the employment period, should receive the county educational administrative departments at or above the Organization's job training. 15th kindergarten teachers ' training, grading training.

    Primary school pupils (kindergarten) teacher training centres and districts and cities, counties (cities and districts) teacher training schools, responsible for early childhood education, kindergarten and early childhood teacher training of management staff. 16th kindergarten should be based on the game activities, and educational activities.

    Prohibited the use of whole-day primary school textbooks teach to young children.

    17th kindergarten should be health, safety, baojiao staff shift system and take concrete measures to prevent children's food, drug poisoning, cross infection of infectious diseases as well as electric shock, Burns, frostbite, broken and missing incidents from occurring.

    18th kindergarten Park homes and facilities should be fully overhauled once a year, eliminate dangerous case and ensure the safety of children.

19th in violation of these rules, with kindergarten, one of the following circumstances, by county educational administrative departments at or above depending on the seriousness of reorganization, stop recruiting, stop giving deadline administrative penalties, such as:

(A) without registration, Admissions Office Park without authorization;

(B) care facility does not comply with national health standards, safety standards and jeopardize children's health or threaten children's safety;

(C) the law of educational contents and methods contrary to early childhood education, harm children's physical and mental health, nursing care and education of poor quality;

    (D) no implementation fees, charges for unauthorized additions and to expand.

    20th contrary to article 17th of this approach, resulting in children's Burns, falls and other mild injury accidents, by the administrative departments of education to persons who are directly responsible for warning, fines, administrative penalties, or where recommended by the administrative departments of education units or authorities of persons be given administrative punishments, resulting in young children seriously injured, maimed or killed, the judicial organ shall investigate its criminal responsibility.

    21st to seize or damage kindergarten care, facilities, educational administrative departments at and above the County fined a maximum of 3000 Yuan; if the case is serious enough to constitute a crime, the judicial organ shall investigate its criminal responsibility. 22nd party not satisfied with the administrative penalty, from the date of the receipt of the notice of administrative penalty in the 15th, made the decision on administrative penalty organs at the next higher level for reconsideration; is not satisfied with the reconsideration decision, from the date of receiving the reconsideration decision on 15th, initiate litigation to the people's Court.

    Overdue party does not apply for reconsideration or initiate litigation to the people's Court nor performs the decision of administrative penalty, made the decision on administrative penalty authority apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution.

    23rd management with pre-school classes in ordinary primary schools may refer to these measures. 24th article this way as of the date of promulgation.

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