Guangxi Power Grid Construction Incentives

Original Language Title: 广西壮族自治区电网建设促进办法

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Guangxi power grid construction incentives

    (November 18, 2013 consideration at the 12th session of the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region at the 18th Executive meeting on December 3, 2013, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region people's Government, the 94th issue come into force February 1, 2014) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the power grid construction to guarantee demand, promote economic and social development, in accordance with the People's Republic of China electric power law and other relevant laws, administrative regulations, combined with this practice, these measures are formulated.

    The second autonomous region within the administrative area of transmission, transformation, distribution, dispatch communication and their subsidiary facilities of the public power network planning and construction procedures apply. Article people's Government above the county level grid should be incorporated into the national economic and social development planning, coordinating the integration of various resources, adapted to protect the power grid construction and economic and social development.

    The township (town) people, neighborhood offices should assist the relevant departments in power grid construction work within their respective administrative areas.

    Fourth Department is responsible for co-ordinating the development of the people's Governments above the county level shall reform power grid construction, other relevant departments according to their respective functions, power grid construction and related management services.

    Article fifth autonomous regions to promote reform of the management system of power supply, and raise development funds, increase the intensity of power network construction, promote the coordinated development of urban and rural power grids.

    Sixth power belong to social welfare infrastructure, institutions, enterprises, institutions and citizens should support the construction of power grids, protection of power facilities, the right to stop and report acts endangering grid security.

    Chapter development program

Article seventh autonomous regional power grid development plan formulated by the State development and reform, reported to the municipality for approval before implementation.

    District municipal development and reform Department formulated according to the State power grid development plan the administrative power development planning, reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval before implementation.

Article eighth grid construction shall be coordinated with social and economic development, in line with national policy of energy development strategy and the power industry. Power development planning should be integrated into the urban and rural planning and land-use planning, and with power, municipal, forestry, water conservancy, railways, highways, waterways, ports, environmental protection, telecommunications, radio and television, and other related planning link.

    Special planning involving grid construction and related sectors in the preparation, amendment or approval shall, before seeking the views of network planning department.

    Nineth people's Governments above the county level for urban and rural construction, planning, land resources, forestry, land reclamation and other departments shall, in accordance with the development plan and related design of substations (), the switching station (opening and closing) and grid facilities, such as overhead transmission and distribution line corridors, power cable channel, reserved power facility protection zones for better planning. Tenth compilation of urban area, industrial park plan, the grid infrastructure planning should be incorporated into the controlled detailed planning, reserving public land used for auxiliary power supply facilities and access. New residential areas, old city reconstruction and new rural land for building public facilities plan reserved power supply facilities and access.

    Newly built, rebuilt or expanded urban roads, bridges, tunnels, culverts and other infrastructure should be considered underground, underground network of distribution lines and other facilities, reserved for its location and access.

    11th no unit or individual may alter approved power development planning; land shall not be occupied have been incorporated into the planning of power facilities and overhead transmission and distribution line corridors, and cable channels and power facility protection zones, shall occupy public facilities plan reserved land for power supply facilities and access.

    12th construction units for construction of non-network needs, absolutely necessary to the planning of land for grid facilities, overhead transmission and distribution line corridors and adjust power cable channel location, shall solicit opinions of power grid enterprises, according to planning procedures.

    Chapter III administration building 13th construction by grid enterprises in accordance with the power grid development plan implementation.

    Power companies should increase investment in construction, organization of power network construction project, full implementation of the power development plan, priority protection of key construction projects of electricity. Article 14th power grid enterprises in accordance with the capital construction program for the power network construction project approval procedures.

    Power grid construction projects construction, power grid enterprises should use the project land and overhead line programme submitted to the local city and County Government, Governments should support and cooperate with us.

    15th grid construction shall comply with the provisions of laws and regulations on environmental protection, the grid shall make the environmental impact evaluation of construction project.

    16th construction shall comply with the technical specifications prescribed by the State power grid, the power of the State shall be used that has been officially eliminated, power equipment and products to ensure safety. 17th grid construction project site and path choice of transmission and distribution lines, should avoid the basic farmland protection, key cultural relic protection areas, nature reserves, scenic areas, mining and other environmentally sensitive areas.

    Cannot be avoided, according to the relevant approval procedures. 18th in construction and renovation of urban network, combined with the level of economic development of the city as well as the actual needs, a gradual development of cables into the building.

    Cables into the building, and municipal people's Governments shall provide channel for cable construction and renovation projects. 19th underground transmission and distribution lines and other facilities with underground power grid construction, reconstruction, expansion of urban roads, bridges, tunnels, culverts and other infrastructure is designed, built and put into operation simultaneously.

    Public facilities should work with the new residential quarters power supply facilities, old city reconstruction and new rural building designed, constructed and put into use simultaneously. 20th design, construction of overhead transmission and distribution lines, shall in the case of existing and natural conditions allow, take measures such as increasing tower height to reduce forest logging.

    Overhead transmission and distribution lines through the forest for tree cutting, forestry sector shall be given for the harvesting procedures. 21st transmission and distribution lines across (through) the railways, roads, bridges, tunnels (water), water conservancy facilities, according to relevant procedures. Need to be removed or remodeled facilities, power grid construction according to the State and provides for alterations or compensation to the State.

    Apart from the provisions of laws and regulations, and relevant units of the ground of transmission and distribution lines across (to wear), the construction of these facilities and charge a fee. 22nd new overhead line generally not across the House. Need to cross houses, the employer shall consult with the house owner, according to standard compensation on compensation.

Construction should take security measures to ensure security across the House. More than 500,000 volt voltage new overhead transmission line should not be crossed home.

    Need to cross houses within the corridor for overhead lines in accordance with security requirements should be removed for other housing, the construction unit shall apply for demolition, and pay compensation in accordance with law. 23rd power grid construction projects construction location of units and individuals shall be to facilitate the construction of power network construction project, may obstruct, disrupt the power grid construction, shall impede the power grid access for construction vehicles and personnel, shall not be charged illegal tolls, not truncated construction water supply, power supply, may destroy the power grid construction of surveying markers.

    Caused by the power grid construction road, water, gas, communications, pipelines and other facilities damaged, by the responsible unit is responsible for restoring the status quo ante.

24th Tower foundation for overhead transmission and distribution lines to use land area basis calculated in accordance with the following provisions:

(A) the exposed parts of the tower its base extends 1 m outside the quadrilateral formed by calculation;

(B) the rod hole and pull the pit area calculated per 2 square meters;

    (C) to protect the Tower foundation of cofferdams or retaining walls, with cofferdams or retaining the Tower foundation of horizontal projected area calculation.

    25th power grid construction needed demolition of buildings, structures, or cutting trees, occupation of land, should be compensated according to law. 26th power grid construction needed demolition of buildings, structures, and after the owner is compensated, shall, within the time limit set by its own relocation. Fails to move the law.

    Power grid construction and need to cut trees, get permission from the forest cutting and pay compensation, cut by grid enterprises or in power grid enterprises agreed by the original owner within a specified period after harvesting. 27th after grid construction projects construction project specific planning approval, construction of the people's Governments above the county level shall, in accordance with project specific planning approval and grid infrastructure protection requirements for grid facilities are required by law to determine the scope of protection and power facility protection zones for announcements.

Bulletin express power facility protection and power facility protection zones without prejudice to the power grid construction in the following acts:

(A) the construction, reconstruction and extension of buildings, structures and other facilities;

(B) planting crops, forest trees and fruit trees, flowers, etc;

(C) the new excavation of ponds, wells, construction of the Tomb;

(D) building, expanding farms; (E) other acts that impede the power grid construction.

    Violation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, power companies without compensation, and the relevant administrative authorities according to law.

    Chapter fourth safeguard 28th people's Governments above the county level grid construction work coordination mechanisms should be established, and supervise relevant departments and people's Governments at lower levels to perform grid construction work responsibilities, coordinate the resolution of major issues in network construction in a timely manner.

    The township (town) people, neighborhood offices should assist in power grid construction and land expropriation, compensation and construction facilities, and so on. 29th power grid construction projects enjoying preferential policies of the State key projects.

    Power grid construction projects in accordance with the State key project approval procedures, in accordance with the provisions of the State and the autonomous region enjoy relevant preferential tax policies. Article 30th grid substation (), the switching station (opening and closing), land and resources administrative departments should guarantee and prioritize, the Executive compensation standard of the local government. Underground cable channel, grounding, and overhead transmission and distribution line corridors without land expropriation and compensation. Determined by the plan of Tower foundation for overhead transmission and distribution lines require land from utilities reference compensation criteria established by the local Government to pay one-off compensation.
Upon completion of the construction project, power grid Enterprise footprint of the Tower Foundation should be inventoried, along with an area of compensation agreements respectively County land Department and township people's Government kept.

    31st competent administrative departments of people's Governments above the county level shall perform duties involving grid construction work, power grid construction of project examination and approval procedures in time, coordinate and solve problems that occur in power network construction project. Article 32nd power grid construction and construction project is located and personal dispute, should be resolved through consultation.

    Through consultation, building local governments and related departments should timely mediation organizations, eliminate the obstruction and ensure the successful construction of power grid construction projects. Article 33rd County (municipality) and township (town) people and subdistrict offices should strengthen the comprehensive management of social order, where the power grid construction projects, protection of power grid construction and facility security.

    Public security organs shall hinder the construction of power grids, disrupt the power grid construction and production of construction orders, sabotage power facilities or steal power facilities and supplies equipment for violations in the investigation in a timely manner.

    Article 34th acts in violation of these measures, the relevant administrative authorities in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, regulations, rules, investigate its legal liability or administrative accountability.

    The fifth chapter by-laws 35th article of the rules take effect on February 1, 2014.

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