Administrative Measures On Kindergartens In Chengdu City

Original Language Title: 成都市幼儿园管理办法

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Administrative measures on kindergartens in Chengdu city

    (August 14, 2013 municipal 13th Executive meeting January 21, 2014 and Chengdu municipal people's Government, the 183th announced March 1, 2014) Chapter I General provisions

The first (objective basis)

    To standardize the kindergarten management, promote healthy development of pre-school education, according to the People's Republic of China Law on education, the People's Republic of China private education promotion law and the kindergarten regulations and other laws and regulations of the State Council, Chengdu practice, these measures are formulated.

Article II (scope of application)

    Kindergarten within the administrative area of the city establishment, conservation education, supervision and management as applied to these measures.

Article III (Park systems)

    The city follow the principle of public welfare and benefits, Government-led, social participation, simultaneous development of public private kindergarten system.

Fourth (development)

    The district (City) County Governments should give priority to the development of pre-school education category, increase the proportion of public kindergartens, supporting inclusive private kindergarten development, expand public preschool education coverage, built mainly to public finance investment, public and public pre-school education in kindergartens the development pattern.

Fifth (Department)

Kindergarten within the administrative authorities responsible for the administration of education management.

    Development and reform (price), finance, construction, health, home, food and drug administration within their respective areas of responsibility, is responsible for the related work of the kindergarten management.

Sixth (layout)

    The municipal and district (City) County educational administrative departments administrative departments of urban and rural planning organizations prepare nursery space layout planning, implementation reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval.

    Chapter II establishment and exit

Seventh (set)

Hold kindergarten, education, should be consistent with the development plans, and to the following conditions:

(A) the eligible organization and articles of Association;

(B) meet the requirements of teachers, childcare, health care, security, accounting personnel;

(C) meet the required conservation education establishments as well as facilities and equipment;

(Iv) had the necessary funds and stable source of funding;

(V) other conditions stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    Applications to set up kindergartens, shall, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, rules and regulations established procedures.

Eighth (staff)

Kindergarten staff should meet the following conditions:

(A) the Director should have a college education, kindergarten teacher certification achieved, five years of experience in early childhood education, and qualifications for kindergarten training certificates;

(B) teachers should have the qualifications of kindergarten teachers;

(C) health-care personnel shall comply with State regulations on kindergarten health care management;

(Iv) nurses should have graduated from high school or above;

(E) canteen workers and accountants should be certified as required;

(Vi) security personnel shall comply with the conditions stipulated by the State, and through the relevant business skills.

All categories of staff should be legally required to participate in training, and training for seafarers. All kindergarten staff corresponding health certificate must be provided for by the State, and regularly undergo a medical examination, shall be not less than once a year.

    Patients with chronic diseases, the mentally ill, has a history of mental illness who is not working in kindergartens.

Nineth (license registration)

District (municipal), county educational administrative departments accepting kindergarten applications, the kindergarten canteen should be set up where the copy of the food and drug administration, and shall, within 20 working days from the date of acceptance of the application approval or disapproval of the decision. Private kindergartens after obtaining the license, it shall register any related administrative departments such as the home.

Public kindergarten and kindergarten of State-owned assets involved in the Organization of public services, may, in accordance with the relevant provisions to be registered as legal persons in public institutions.

Kindergarten-additional Park shall, in accordance with the provisions of licensing procedures of the newly established kindergarten.

Kindergarten licence adopt an annual inspection system, district (City) County educational administrative departments shall publicize the inspection result.

    Without obtaining the license, no unit or individual may hold a kindergarten.

Tenth (change termination) Change of sponsors, such as name, address, items in kindergarten or kindergarten is terminated, shall be submitted to the original examination and approval organ for alteration or cancellation procedures.

The approval authority shall, within 15 working days from the date of acceptance of the application completed and relevant information to the public.

    Apply for kindergarten is terminated, sponsor shall make proper arrangements in the child, in accordance with the debt settlement.

    Chapter III protection and education

11th (baojiao activity)

Should persist in combining care and education in kindergartens, follow the preschool age and mental and physical development of children, promote healthy growth.

Kindergarten should be based on the game activities, not to teach primary school teaching content in concentrated instruction in advance, shall not be contrary to children's mental and physical development of the activities carried out shall not be organized child care to attend to commercial activity.

    Without consent of the territorial administrative departments of education, kindergartens are not allowed to close for holiday.

12th (environmental health) Kindergarten building, when finished, should provide the territorial environmental monitoring report issued by the Environmental Protection Department, and publicity to the parents.

    The newly established kindergarten in front of the entrance to the district (municipal), County issued by the Education Department of the Administrative Department of health of health care of kindergartens-compliant health evaluation report.

13th (admissions requirements)

Kindergarten students should meet the district (City) County Department of education regulations. Kindergartens focus, open enrollment in the fall each year.

Usually if there are vacancies, may at any time make up.

Kindergarten enrollment, classes may be held for any forms of examination.

    Should receive education in kindergartens of school-age children with disabilities learning in regular class, and to provide a suitable education.

14th (for Park)

    Required for admission of school-age children, the guardian should issue a booklet, effective vaccination to kindergarten certificates, children's Park health check certificates and other materials.

15th (equipment specifications)

    Nursery garden House, equipment, facilities, decoration materials, appliances and toys and other materials, shall conform to the national standards of safety and quality and environmental protection requirements, its facilities and equipment configuration should meet provincial and municipal kindergarten equipment specification requirements.

16th (safety management)

Kindergartens should strengthen safety management and safety education to children, develop emergency plans and implement safety prevention measures, tighter monitoring of key sites within the Park.

Kindergarten should be organized at least once each semester the Park safety emergency drill.

    When there is a public emergency, kindergartens should give priority to the protection of children's safety and rescue in a timely manner, properly treated, and shall be reported within two hours after the incident, territorial education administrative departments and related to health, fire, food and drug administration, may conceal, delay and false negatives.

17th (survey)

Kindergarten cafeteria food and Drug Administration should be made the food service license issued by the Department.

    Kindergarten should be according to the different age groups to develop nutritionally adequate, reasonable recipes, and publicity to the parents, ensure that daily intake of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and other standards, ensure that dietary, health and safety.

18th (professional standards)

Child care education personnel shall respect and care for young children, focusing on individual differences, equal treatment of children.

    Prohibited discrimination, insult, threaten, abuse, corporal punishment and disguised corporal punishment of children.

19th (interactive education)

    Kindergartens should strengthen cooperation with the family, community, guidance parents scientific child-rearing, and use of all types of educational resources, expansion of child care spaces.

20th (lingering garden services)

    Primary and secondary schools during the winter and summer, and should be based on need among parents of infants in kindergarten and kindergarten offers garden services light and arrange staff take turns to leave.

21st (grading)

    Kindergarten required implementation of the grading system.

    Chapter fourth safeguard and supervision

22nd (resource allocation)

District (municipal), county educational administrative departments shall create a new supporting residential kindergartens for public kindergarten.

Surplus, adjusted for encouraging primary and secondary schools education and other public resources, into a public kindergarten. Independently set conditions of public primary and secondary schools with kindergarten should be stripped of public schools.

    Every town should have at least one independent establishment of Center for public kindergarten.

23rd (funding)

Municipal, district (City) County Governments should increase investment in pre-school education, adjusting the structure, additional education funding skewed towards pre-school education, fiscal funding of pre-school education in financial education funds to be accounted for in a reasonable proportion, and has improved significantly. The municipal and district (City) County people's Governments shall establish public kindergartens are public funding standard dynamic adjustment mechanism of government subsidies and public kindergartens, and gradually improve the level of protection.

Public kindergartens are public funding from the Municipal Finance Department, in conjunction with the municipal educational administrative departments.

    Children with disabilities are attending ordinary child care funding criteria should be as per student funding 6-10 times the standard arrangement.

24th (Special Fund)

    Municipal, district (City) and County funding of pre-school education and special arrangements should be included in the budget, development, public kindergartens for public kindergarten operating subsidies and incentives, and skewed towards rural kindergartens.

25th (charges)

Kindergartens, according to the Municipal Department in charge of price, the municipal financial Department and charging fees and charges prescribed by the municipal educational administrative departments shall not charge any costs of separate projects.

    Public kindergarten and baojiao fees, accommodation fees of public kindergarten implements the Government price; according to the cost of running private kindergartens, reasonable baojiao fees, are local (City) County Department in charge of price and after the administrative departments of education and publicity, publicity standards.

26th (expenditure) Kindergarten fees should be included in full financial management, according to the requirement of subjects, independent accounting, earmarking.

No unit or individual may intercept or misuse and misappropriation.

    Kindergarten food usage should be exposed to parents and the community, subject to public supervision.
27th (preparation equipped)

New public kindergartens by main job are required, by the district (municipal) transfers from the General preparation of total solution remaining on the job generally take the form of buying services to address them.

Other kindergartens kindergarten teachers in accordance with national standard, with enough true staff. The district (City) County agencies Department of sequences into local institutions of public kindergarten managed according to law.

    The district (City) County educational administrative departments shall be equipped with dedicated cadre of pre-primary education and teaching and research staff, strengthen the management of pre-school education, service and professional guidance.

28th (supporting kindergarten)

Supporting new residential kindergartens as a public educational resources, should be synchronized with the district planning and construction, synchronous delivery.

Residential facilities after completion of kindergarten, the construction unit shall, in accordance with the provisions of the public facilities construction contracts, within three months of completion and acceptance of transfer of territory Department of education administration.

    Construction Administrative Department is responsible for coordinating and supervising supporting kindergarten units transferred to the territorial administrative Department of education in accordance with the regulations.

29th (preferential)

By law to protect, in accordance with existing state tax law tax etc, support social forces.

    Private kindergarten approval, registration, classification, grading, assessment guidance, teacher training, professional titles assessment, qualification, recognition awards, enjoy equal status with the public kindergarten.

30th (grants)

    The municipal and district (City) County people's Governments shall establish family financial difficulties children, orphans, disabled children's pre-school education funding system.

31st (special education)

    Encourage qualified kindergarten and special education institutions, persons with disabilities and rehabilitation institutions for children with disabilities.

32nd (treatment of guarantees) The municipal educational administrative departments together with the municipal finance, society and other departments to develop the city's kindergarten teachers ' remuneration system, safeguard mechanisms established kindergarten teachers.

Public kindergarten teachers ' implementation of the unified system of post performance salary, private kindergarten teachers ' salaries and social security legally guaranteed by the organizers.

Kindergartens should protect staff salaries, benefits, and pay the social security and other expenses.

    Public kindergarten teachers when participating in the basic old-age insurance for urban employees, district (City) County should give subsidies to pay old-age insurance portion.

33rd (dynamic)

    District (municipal), county administrative departments of education shall establish kindergartens information management systems and risk prevention mechanism, kindergartens have a dynamic control, and possessions to the public kindergarten in qualification, teachers, admission into the Park, charging policies and other basic information.

34th (supervisory monitoring)

Municipal educational supervision agencies should be (City) County development of teaching staff in public and public kindergartens, construction, financial management and support duties include supervision and assessment content, and to the public.

    Preschool education quality monitoring carried out by the Administrative Department of education, pre-school education annual reports published on a regular basis.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

35th (responsibility for violation of Park regulations)

    Violation of provisions of this approach the Office Park, the Department of education administration in accordance with the People's Republic of China private education promotion law and the kindergarten regulations shall be punished by the State Council.

Article 36th (for violations of the provisions for the charging of responsibility)

    Charge for violation of regulations, and by the price departments in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations will be punished.

37th (for assigning responsibility for violations of the provisions matched kindergarten transfer)

    Violation of this regulation, without altering the use of planning and supporting the construction of kindergartens, ex officio correction by the relevant authorities, and shall be investigated for criminal responsibility fails to surrender by building rectification by the Administration, as bad credit history included in the Chengdu City real estate information management system of enterprise credit and publicity.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

38th (definitions of terms)

Kindergartens mentioned in these measures refers to preschool children in more than three years of care and education in pre-school institutions.

    Public kindergarten, is signed by the district (municipal) County educational administrative departments found that the implementation of Government pricing, kindergartens in receiving financial aid.

39th (execution date) These measures shall take effect on March 1, 2014.