Wuhan Chemical Management

Original Language Title: 武汉化学工业区管理办法

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Wuhan chemical management

    (November 25, 2013 69th meeting consideration of the people's Government of Wuhan municipality on December 5, 2013, Wuhan municipal people's Government No. 246, published since January 5, 2014) first to standardize the Wuhan chemical industries (hereinafter referred to as Wuhan chemical industry zone) management, promote the construction and development of Wuhan chemical under State, provincial laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies to the Wuhan chemical zone. Third according to the national economic and social development planning, urban planning, land-use planning and planning of Wuhan chemical district master plan, development requirements, construction of Wuhan chemical area into an important petrochemical industrial base and the middle reaches of the Yangtze River chemical logistics base. 

    Wuhan chemical focus on the development of petrochemicals, fine chemicals, new materials, equipment manufacturing, chemical industry logistics and related industries. Article fourth Wuhan chemical District Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as Wuhan Chemical Management Committee) for the municipal agency, exercised within the chemical industry zone, Wuhan City-level economic management authority and regional social administrative functions.

Perform the following duties:

(A) the implementation of the relevant laws, regulations, rules and policies; (b) formulated in conjunction with city land Administrative Department of planning zoning, regulatory detailed planning, special planning, reported to the municipal people's Government for approval to organize its implementation;

(C) according to the urban land-use planning, land-use law of Wuhan chemical management;

(D) permission pursuant to the provisions of government investment projects for approval of enterprise investment projects for approval or for the record, carry out the assessment and review processes;

(E) the charge of Wuhan chemical zone within urban and rural construction, territorial planning, urban management, science and technology, environmental protection, work safety, State-owned assets, education, Home Affairs, health and family planning, financial administration;

(Vi) is responsible for chemical investment in Wuhan, introduction of talent and foreign economic and technological exchanges;

(VII) assisting relevant departments management agency based in Wuhan in the chemical area coordinating customs, inspection and quarantine, Foreign Affairs and other administrative departments in the administration of Wuhan in the chemical area;

(H) the charge of Wuhan chemical emergency prevention and emergency management;

    (IX) take municipal people's Government assigned other duties and tasks assigned by other matters.

Article fifth Wuhan Chemical Management Committee in accordance with the principle of simplification, uniformity and efficiency, establish the necessary internal institutions, in terms of total establishments of city agencies approved by the Department, can be adjusted dynamically depending on the work to be done; reasonable and effective use of staff, purchase of services, implementation of appointment, such as the civil service management system, building can be hired by the employer, using compiled mechanisms. Inter-plant in Wuhan, public security and taxation departments establish agencies shall, in accordance with statutory responsibilities in this sector gives agencies the appropriate administrative permissions.

    Agencies to accept agency leadership and guidance, coordination of the Management Committee of Wuhan chemical.

    Sixth city of Wuhan chemical CMC in conjunction with city Administrative Department in accordance with the national economic and social development planning, urban planning, land use planning, environmental protection plan, safety planning, and other related regional and program requirements, in accordance with the characteristics and construction of petrochemical industry leading eco-chemical industrial park objectives, formulating overall planning of Wuhan chemical and industrial development plan, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval organization. Article seventh Wuhan chemical land reserve institution commissioned by the municipal land reserve institution responsible for Wuhan chemical reserves of land arrangement and supply in the region.

    At the operational level under the planning and co-ordination of the municipal land reserve, and supervised by the Municipal Department of land planning.

    Eighth Management Committee of Wuhan chemical talent development program should be developed, establish and improve the flow of talent cultivation, use, and evaluation systems support unit in the district leader in the introduction of high-end talent and high-level personnel as needed and in innovation and entrepreneurship support, population management, minor children, such as education, social security provides preferential policies.

    Nineth Wuhan chemical should be in accordance with the concept of circular economy and eco-industrial development, good landscape and natural resources, build a high standard of natural ecological protection system, of conserving resources and protecting the environment of space pattern and industrial structure, production and life, and promoting the development of garden economy green, circular, low-carbon development.

    Tenth to encourage country (territory) and outside investors using advanced Internet technology to build a modern platform of warehousing and transport, development and construction of chemical logistics centers and chemical trade platform to promote chemical construction of port logistics zone.

11th to encourage enterprises, universities, research institutes and other organizations and individuals established in Wuhan chemical chemical industry new technology research and Development Center, large research and development centers, research base, construction chemical testing center and testing institutes and other high-end services platform, provides support for enterprise production and research activities. Encourage the establishment of small and medium sized sci-tech innovation business incubator in Wuhan chemical bases and other types of incubation services for enterprises to provide venues, equipment, financing, marketing and other business services.

Determined by the national, provincial and municipal business incubator, in line with the provisions of condition, can enjoy preferential policies.

    Wuhan chemical industry encourages the creation and use of intellectual property in the region, strengthen the management of intellectual property rights, strengthening protection of intellectual property rights, and create a good environment for enterprise development. 12th to encourage country (territory) inside and outside investors according to the industries encouraged by the State, list of products and technologies, as well as outside (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) investment-related provisions of the guidelines, investment in Wuhan chemical chemical, utility and industry projects.

Encourage social capital by law in various ways to invest in infrastructure and public works.

    Wuhan chemical to set up special funds for industrial development, investment promotion, support for the collaborative development of enterprises in the region, technical innovation and the development of new materials, new energy and other emerging industries of strategic importance.

13th article prohibited in Wuhan chemical implementation in the region did not meet industry policies and overall planning of Wuhan chemical project.

Wuhan chemical investment project shall make the environmental impact evaluation, implementation, production and the use of advanced technology, ensuring standards of pollutant emissions and comply with relevant national and local regulations. Wuhan chemical environmental protection departments should strengthen the environmental management in enterprises in the region, the enterprise implementation of the environment protection system check and organize regular evaluation.

    Wuhan in Wuhan chemical in the Chemical Management Committee to assist the environmental protection departments carry out the construction project environmental impact assessment, pilot, acceptance and approval, and environmental monitoring, the total amount of emissions control, pollution investigation and handling of accidents and violations, and so on.

14th Wuhan chemical enterprises in the region should strengthen administration of production safety, establish, improve and implement the responsibility system for production safety and emergency plan, improve work safety conditions to ensure safety. Wuhan chemical CMC should take effective measures, according to construction nature Security Park of requirements, gradually implementation closed security management, and manpower established Park emergency institutions and team, law strengthening on dangerous chemicals production, and business, and store, and transport, and using and abandoned dangerous chemicals disposal and special equipment installation using, safety supervision management, urged enterprise according to about dangerous chemicals security management regulations and standard, equipped with necessary of security protection facilities and full-time security management personnel,

    Emergency disposal of hazardous chemicals.

15th local regulations specified that the Management Committee of Wuhan chemical district people's Government and the administrative rights of the authorities, Administration Committee of Wuhan chemical approval for administrative approval items that have been authorized by law.

Local regulation does not explicitly inter-plant CMC exercise in Wuhan district people's Government and the administrative rights of the authorities, within the relevant administrative departments shall, in accordance with its statutory mandate, related administrative approval items entrusted to the Management Committee of Wuhan chemical, implemented by its delegates on behalf of the administration. Municipal administrative departments shall delegate specific administrative examination and approval matters signed with the Management Committee of Wuhan chemical Attorney, Administration Committee of Wuhan chemical guidance and supervision of the implementation of administrative approval items, and to delegate specific administrative approval items released.

Wuhan Chemical Management Committee shall submit annual will be entrusted to carry out administrative examination and approval of delegated administration.

    Not the ability to delegate administrative examination and approval conditions, relevant administrative departments, by which act inter-plant administrative service center in Wuhan to establish Windows, direct handling of matters related to administrative examination and approval.

16th local regulations specified that the Management Committee of Wuhan chemical exercise of executive power, exercised by the Administration Committee of Wuhan chemical-related administrative law enforcement power, can also be related to entrusted to administrative law enforcement organs to exercise administrative jurisdiction.

Local regulations not specified that the Management Committee of Wuhan chemical exercise of executive power, administrative law enforcement matters, related administrative law enforcement departments should be commissioned inter-plant administrative law enforcement institutions in Wuhan, Wuhan chemical within the scope of administrative law enforcement agencies entrusted with administrative law enforcement on behalf of client departments. City related administrative law enforcement departments to delegate specific administrative law enforcement matters with the Management Committee of Wuhan chemical or administrative law enforcement agency commissioned a book and publicize specific delegated administrative law enforcement matters.

    Temporarily does not have a delegate, related administrative law enforcement departments of administrative enforcement, directly exercised by the chemical sector in Wuhan region related administrative law enforcement power.

    17th Management Committee of Wuhan chemical in accordance with "do not Park" principle established administrative service center, platform for improving government services and intermediary service system for citizens, legal persons and other social organizations to provide transparent, efficient and convenient, high quality standard service.

    Article 18th Wuhan Chemical Management Committee shall strictly implement relevant provisions of the disclosure of Government information, approval and services of the public administration of Wuhan chemical contents, basis, procedures, time limits, based on the results, pay and standards, Wuhan chemical Executive in public services and economic commitments in social services and other information.
Article 19th of investors and managers in the Wuhan chemical investments, income from property, income, and other legitimate rights and interests, protected by national law, any institutions, social organizations and individuals shall not be infringed.

    Article 20th Wuhan chemical CMC, municipal administration and its staff in dereliction of duty, abuse, favoritism or violate the legal rights of the investors and managers, by their superiors or a supervisory agency ordered corrective action and managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 21st article this way since January 5, 2014.