In Gansu Province, At High Risk Of Fire Units Fire Safety Management Requirements

Original Language Title: 甘肃省火灾高危单位消防安全管理规定

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In Gansu province, at high risk of fire units fire safety management requirements

    (October 11, 2013, Gansu province, the people's Government of the 26th Executive meeting on October 16, 2013, 105th promulgated by the people's Government of Gansu province as of January 1, 2014) first in order to improve fire safety fire risk management, prevention and reduction of fire hazard, personal and property safety, according to the People's Republic of China fire protection law, the Gansu Provincial fire regulations and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.

    Second provincial administrative areas at high risk of fire units fire safety management activities, these provisions shall apply.

    Article at various levels shall be responsible for coordination and solution of fire-risk units within their respective administrative areas supervisory management major issues, strengthening infrastructure construction of public fire protection, fire fighting and emergency rescue work.

Fourth public security organs of the people's Governments above the county level shall supervise administrative areas at high risk of fire units fire service, and by the people's Governments at the corresponding level of public security fire control institutions responsible for its implementation.

    People's Governments above the county level in education, construction, safety supervision, industry and commerce, quality supervision, defense, culture, health and tourism departments shall, within their respective mandates, strengthen the fire-risk of fire safety regulations according to law, and lead the work of the fire safety works.

    Fifth public security fire control institutions shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of fire-risk unit, check for not less than 2 times a year; to fire safety assessment in good condition and units with a higher fire safety rating, checked not less than 1 time per year.

    Article sixth fire-risk units shall carry out prevention first and combining prevention guidelines for the fire service, self-examination, insisted security risk since, inter alia, the principle of responsibility, the implementation of fire safety responsibility system, and strengthening fire management to ensure fire safety. Seventh fire risk in these rules is prone to fires, and fire may result in significant loss of life or loss of property in densely populated, flammable and explosive places and high-level, underground public buildings.

Consists of the following units and places:

(A) the total construction area of 20,000 square meters or more than 10,000 square meters of the hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and markets;

(B) the building area of 15,000 square meters of civil airport terminals, passenger waiting room at the station;

(C) the total area more than 10,000 square meters of the stadium complex, a town hall, public exhibition, the exhibition hall of the Museum;

(D) the total construction area of more than 5,000 square meters of the theaters, libraries, nursing homes, institutions, hospitals, nursing homes, places of religious activity, labour-intensive production workshops and employee dormitories, school buildings and dormitories;

(E) the total construction area of more than 2000 square meters of nurseries, kindergartens, children's Arcade, indoor children activities place;

(F) the total construction area of more than 1500 square meters of dance halls, video halls, recreation Hall, sauna, Internet cafes, bars, and other public entertainment venues and restaurants, teahouses, coffee shops and other leisure entertainment venues;

(VII) total reserves of more than 10,000 cubic meters of the a and b more than 30,000 cubic meters of flammable gases or total a, b, c flammable combustible liquids production, storage, and business units;

(H) the total construction area of over 10,000 square meters of production, storage, management, class b flammable solids, combustible fibers unit;

(I) the building area of more than 40,000 square meters height of 100 meters above the high-rise public building or buildings;

(10) the floor space 5,000 square meters of public buildings and underground civil air defense projects;

(11) the large reserve warehouses and bases storing inflammable materials;

(12) the generating capacity by more than 300,000-kilowatt or 1 million-kilowatt per cent of total installed capacity of large power plants;

(13) with wood or wood national key cultural relics protection units;

    (14) other easy to fire and fire may result in significant personal injury or property damage.

    Eighth fire-risk units shall establish a comprehensive fire safety system, implemented step by step and post fire safety responsibility system, identifying fire safety responsibility, implementation of the fire safety work responsibility according to law.

    Nineth fire risk unit shall establish full-time fire departments or volunteer fire brigade, equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipment and equipment, combined with the actual situation of the unit to develop fire-fighting and emergency evacuation, and regular exercise.

Article tenth fire risk the legal representative or principal is in charge of fire safety first responsible person of the entity, responsible for fire safety, and perform the following duties:

(A) implementation of the fire safety laws, rules and regulations;

(B) determine the fire-fighting agency to prepare annual fire-fighting plans, job placement funding, regularly organizes Conference on fire safety work;

(C) sign a job goal responsibility of fire prevention;

(D) major fire potential for organizations to carry out fire safety checks and implementing corrective measures, dealing with the major issues of fire safety in a timely manner;

(E) organizations to develop fire-fighting and emergency evacuation, and regular practice;

    (F) the fire safety of other duties stipulated by laws and regulations.

11th fire risk unit should clearly fire safety Manager, assist the person responsible for fire safety fire safety work, and perform the following duties:

(A) organize the implementation of fire control and safety management;

(B) develop and implement fire safety policies and procedures;

(C) organize the implementation of fire safety checks and rectification work of the fire;

(D) organizational management professional fire brigades, regular full-time fire department fire safety knowledge and training in fire-fighting skills, assessment;

(E) the Organization of fire awareness training, organization of fire emergency plan implementation and practice;

    (Vi) other fire safety fire safety responsibilities authorized by the management.

12th fire units should be identified at high risk fire safety officer, responsible for the day-to-day management of fire safety, and perform the following duties:

(A) organize the implementation of fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting equipment and fire safety signs maintenance, ensure its good working condition;

(B) implementation of the supervision and inspection of fire safety responsibilities of each position;

(C) identifying fire safety spots, conduct routine fire safety inspections, inspections to ensure that evacuation channels and safety exits are, detect fire hazards, implementation of corrective actions;

(Iv) supervision and inspection departments do inflammable and explosive dangerous goods storage, use and management, use naked light in operation of site monitoring work;

(E) strengthening training, spread the fire of knowledge, increase the capacity of staff to put out the fire and escape from the beginning;

(F) promote the fire safety technology to prevent work, technology workers, ex-fire safety training;

(VII) establish a sound archive of fire prevention and fire safety inspections, corrective action account;

(H) in accordance with job requirements to report relevant data;

    (I) to assist in fire accident investigation and handling of public security fire control institutions, assist the departments fire accident handling and aftermath.

Article 13th of buildings with more than two property units and units, the property unit, and use the fire Lane, public fire safety evacuation facilities and other fire control facilities should be clear management responsibility, may entrust unified management.

    Same building consists of two or more high risk unit management or use of fire, fire safety responsibilities of all parties should be written clearly and develop joint fire-fighting and emergency evacuation plans.

14th fire risk unit used by the building (structure) shall have corresponding fire resistance rating, in accordance with national technical standards requirements fire equipment, separated implementation of fire, smoke, set up evacuation routes and emergency exits, outer wall heat preservation material shall conform to the relevant regulations of the State.

    No unit or individual may alter approved construction design in accordance with law, shall not reduce the standard, may not arbitrarily use, dismantle and stop use fire control facilities.

    15th fire risk unit of building components, construction materials and interior decoration, decoration material for fire performance shall conform to the national standards without national standards shall conform to industry standards.

    16th high risk unit shall be set to affect fire escape, fire smoke properties of obstructions and fire fighting and rescue.

17th belong to flammable and explosive fire risk unit should define the explosive and fire hazardous areas, establishment of clear warning labels, set the lightning, anti-static facilities, prohibited the use of open flames, prevent friction and impact-generated static electricity spark, mechanical fire caused explosion.

    Explosion and fire hazard electrical equipment within the area of selection, installation, laying power lines shall conform to the national explosion and fire hazard atmospheres code for design of electrical installations. 18th fire risk unit power, lighting and fire power should be set separately, by a qualified construction units and electrical installation qualification certificate of electrician is responsible for the installation, inspection and maintenance.

    Without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to change the electrical lines or increased load.

    19th fire risk unit duty room should be set on the first floor of part of the outer wall and set through an outdoor exit, should not be set in place and very dangerous in the region.

20th at high risk of fire units fire control room shall strictly implement relevant regulations of the State, a 24-hour double shift systems, staffs certified.

    Watchkeeping personnel should strictly implement the management of fire control room and emergency procedures, familiar with the functions of the fire-fighting linkage control room equipment and facilities, with the corresponding skills.

    21st fire risk unit should strengthen fire prevention inspections, inspections to detect and eliminate fire hazards, to ensure access to the emergency exits, evacuation, good safety evacuation signs, emergency lighting, fire equipment, fire safety signs and equipment in good working condition.

    22nd equipped with fire control facilities at high risk of fire unit shall annually by a qualified testing agency for overall testing of building fire protection facilities, regular maintenance of building fire protection facilities, and ensure that the fire-fighting equipment in good working condition.

23rd high risk unit shall, according to the fire risk of fire, with the necessary personal protective equipment and first aid, evacuation.

    Encourages tall, multi-layered construction of relative concentration of window parts set to slow down the escape device.
24th fire risk should be stricter fire safety management of using an open flame.

Banned in places with fire and explosion hazard use an open flame. Due to special circumstances such as the need for construction, maintenance, gas welding, hot work shall be subject to the approval of fire safety management.

Fire for fire departments and personnel should follow the Organization's management system, implementation of on-site monitoring personnel and measures to confirm the no fire and explosion hazard fire until construction.

Public gathering places or have more than two property units and use of buildings, local construction needs when using fire, construction units and units should jointly take measures, will be fire works and use separate fire areas are cleared of flammable, combustible, configuration of fire equipment, special care and ensure the fire safety of construction and use.

    Construction of public places of entertainment in the business during the prohibition against the use of an open flame. 25th fire-risk units shall entrust a qualified fire safety assessment bodies each year to evaluate their fire safety conditions.

Unit of fire safety assessment includes fire safety management, building (structures) fireproof performance, fire-fighting equipment operation and employees of fire safety qualities.

    Public security fire control institutions shall regularly area fire risk of fire safety assessment results to the public.

26th to encourage actively insured fire risk unit fire and public liability insurance.

    Insurance companies can insure fire fire safety conditions of on-site inspections in high-risk units, written recommendations against the unsafe factors and risks, and inform the local public security fire control institutions.

    27th fire risk unit fire archives and information reporting system should be established, implement security management information, fire equipment maintenance and fire safety self assessment reporting system.

    28th the production, storage and use of flammable and explosive chemical dangerous goods unit of fire risk, should be based on their production, storage and use of hazardous chemicals and dangerous kinds of properties, in workplaces set fire, explosion, lightning, static electricity, ventilation and other safety equipment, and obvious security warning flag is set.

    29th fire risk unit fire awareness training and education should be strengthened, improve employee checks eliminate fire hazards, extinguishing fires, the ability to organize personnel evacuation.

Article 30th high-risk fire safety fire first responsible person, fire safety management fire safety training, fire safety officer shall participate in the community. Fire-risk units should organize a staff fire safety training every six months.

Fire service training include the following:

(A) the fire laws, rules, regulations and management systems;

(B) units, fire hazard and fire protection measures for this position;

(C) the performance of building fire-fighting equipment, fire fighting equipment, methods and procedures;

(D) to report a fire, fighting fires, emergency evacuation and rescue escape's knowledge and skills;

(E) evacuation routes guide the evacuation procedures and methods;

(Vi) content, operation of fire-fighting and emergency evacuation procedures.

    Staff subject to the pre-fire education and training before they can post.

    31st fire risk in violation of the provisions of the Act, provisions of laws and regulations have been, from its provisions. 32nd these provisions come into force on January 1, 2014.