Provisions On Administration Of Agency Establishment And Staffing Of Public Institutions In Anhui Province

Original Language Title: 安徽省事业单位机构设置和编制管理规定

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Provisions on administration of agency establishment and staffing of public institutions in Anhui Province

    (January 8, 2014 provincial executive meeting of the 19th amendment, order No. 252 of April 30, 2014, Anhui Province announced come into force on the date of promulgation) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to regulate the Organization of public institutions, strengthen management, in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and administrative regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated. Provisions of this article apply to bodies of public institutions in the province set up and management.

State on institutions provided in Agency establishment and staffing management, from its provisions.

    Institutions in these rules refers to social purpose, organized by State organs in the province or other organization organized by the use of State-owned assets, engaging in activities such as education, science and technology, culture, health, as well as organs to exercise the function of social service organizations that provide support.

Article institution institution prepared the implementation of total quantity control and structure management and standards, implementation of dynamic adjustment policies, promoting the development of public welfare undertakings, and continuously meet the people's growing demand for public services. Institutions institutions work under unified leadership and management at different levels of the system, follow the principle of streamlining efficiency and specific guidance.

    Provincial agencies staffing authorities under the relevant national agency and staffing management laws, regulations and policies, as well as the province's population growth, the economy and fiscal revenue and other economic and social development, develop all kinds of institutions of the proportion of institutional standards, structure and control number, and organization.

    IV Agency and staffing management authorities at all levels in accordance with administrative privileges, is responsible for the establishment of public institutions and administration, guidance and supervision of subordinate establishments of institution management.

Fifth people's Governments above the county level should establish institutions agencies and staff wages, mechanisms of interaction and mutual restraint between budget, at the time of setting up institutions, authorized, should fully take into account the financial ability to support, shall not break through the provision of staffing agencies are, ensuring financial support only reduced rather than increased.

In accordance with statutory authority approved by the institutions, programs, settings, and the preparation, is the institution set up job, hiring and staffing, equipped with leading members and allocated funding basis. Forbidden to set up institutions and increase career preparation.

Unauthorized establishment institutions and increased staffing, not appropriated funds or diverting funds from other funding arrangements.

    Parent departments are strictly prohibited intervention in the junior sector institutions Agency and staffing matters. Sixth to encourage through the purchase of services development and social welfare.

    Encourage and support institutions within the approved total establishment, contracts for personnel management.

    Chapter II management

Article seventh application for the establishment of institutions, subject to the following conditions:

(A) compliance with laws, regulations and policies;

(B) in accordance with economic and social development;

(C) specific attributes and responsibilities of public service tasks;

(D) clearly organized subject;

(E) ensure funding for its normal business activities of;

(F) the business covers countries of accreditation or licensing issues should be made statutory body accreditation or licensing;

(G) to meet the requirements of reduced financial support personnel does not increase;

(VIII) other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.

Establishment of the institutions needed legal argument and review, holding the main body established by law should be provided together with relevant specialized Committee or jury argument and review reports and other materials.

    New social welfare services can be used by existing institutions, social power or the purchase of services provided, not new institutions. Article eighth applying for the establishment of public institutions, organized by subject to similar agencies applying management authority.

    Applications mainly include the proposed name of the Organization, establishing objectives, mandate, internal institutions, staffing, the number of leadership positions, developing structure, budget form, type etc.

Nineth established institution of examination and approval, in accordance with the following procedures shall be followed:

(A) establishment of provincial institutions, prepared by the provincial agencies managing authority, audit submitted to the provincial government set-up Committee approval.

(B) the establishment of cities divided into districts or institutions by the municipal institutions, agencies, managing authority, audit report approval, in terms of procedure submitted to the provincial agency and staffing management authorities for the record; Deputy-level institutions established shall be submitted to the provincial agency and staffing management authority for approval.

(C) the County (city, district) is a public institution established by the County (city, district) establishments management authority, audit reported to the County (city, district) approval of Government set-up Committee, according to program management authorities for the record submitted to the provincial and municipal agencies which Deputy Department established institutions and above, shall be submitted to the municipal agency and staffing management authority for approval. (D) the township (town) institutions established by the County (city, district) institutions managing authority, audit report County (municipal and district) approval of Government set-up Committee, according to program management authorities for the record submitted to the provincial and municipal agencies.

The township (town) institution number of institutions, shall not exceed the prescribed limits.

    Office of the Deputy in the provisions of the preceding paragraph above, Deputy Department level and above city divided into districts, counties (cities and districts) under section above the establishment of institutions, establishments of Government set-up Committee of agency audits, after approval, shall be reported to the relevant authorities to decide, in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Article tenth institution name from the establishment's geographical location or affiliations, basic content or nature of the work, organization sections on Word composition, and differences with the party and Government organs, enterprises and social organizations.

    Institution name "China" or "Chinese", "national" and "national" and "international", the words "shall be submitted to the State Council for approval city institution name" Anhui "," Anhui "," province ", the words" and not the Crown of the city or County (city, district) name, shall be submitted to the provincial agency and staffing management authority for approval.

    11th the responsibilities of institutions, shall, in accordance with public affairs separately, separate enterprises, in line with the principles, administrative departments will no longer authorize or entrust the administrative functions and institutions undertake.

    12th institution's budget should be based on its social features, functions, configuration, and operation mode of different situations, identified as full financial grants, financial assistance or funds themselves, different types of financial support from the institutions ' different approaches.

    13th institutions ' size, grade management, and general administrative level of uncertainty.

14th institution has determined the Executive level, Department level internal institution determined according to the level of the institution, Department-level organs of public institutions established by the section, section-level organs of public institutions identified by unit level.

    Smaller tasks of a single institution does not have internal institutions.

15th under any of the following circumstances, institutions holding the main body shall apply to the Agency and staffing management organ changes:

(A) adjust the institution name, responsibilities, specifications, internal institutions, budget form;

    (B) institutions to merge or split.

16th institution has any of the following circumstances, their subjects shall apply to the Agency and staffing authority to cancel the units formed, or directly by the Agency and staffing authority to withdraw the units formed:

(A) in accordance with the laws, regulations and the Statute of the unit, decided to withdraw on its own;

(B) the administrative authority shall order revocation of;

(C) organizing principals decided to dissolve;

(D) the disappearance of original mandate;

    (E) other reasons for revocation or dissolution.

    17th institutions change, revoke, in accordance with the established by the approval authority and procedures.

    Article 18th approved the establishment, amendment or cancellation of the institution shall, in accordance with the provisions of the interim regulations on the registration and administration of public institution, apply for registration of establishment, change or cancellation of registration.

    Chapter management Article 19th career preparation institution should be used.

    Career preparation should not be used for administrative bodies shall be subject to administrative preparation of the mix.

    Article 20th institutions preparation are divided into management of staffing staffing, professional development and service skills, set up by the Agency and staffing authority in approval under the mandate and financial capacity, and so on, in accordance with national and provincial agencies standards promulgated by the approved; has not yet enacted national and provincial standards, in accordance with the functions and actual needs, approved by reference to the relevant standards.

Article 21st institution and the number of leadership positions in internal institutions, in accordance with Agency standards promulgated by the national and provincial approval, has not yet enacted national and provincial standards, strictly in accordance with the following provisions approved by the tight:

(A) the provincial, city and County (city, district) of institutions directly under the 1.

Institutions directly under the province: preparation of up to 30, with no more than 3; 31 to 50, with 4; 51 to 100, with 4 to 5; establishment of 101 or more, can increase from 1 to 2, but not exceeding a total of 7. 2.

Institutions directly under the city divided into districts: the establishment of 20 below, with no more than 3; 21 to 50, with 3 to 4; establishment of 51 or more, 1 can be increased, but not exceeding a total of 5. 3.

The County (city, district) directly affiliated institutions: the establishment of 10, with not more than 2; 11 to 20, with 2 to 3; establishment of 21 or more, 1 can be increased, but not exceeding a total of 4.

(B) departments (units) of institutions directly under the 1.

Establishment of 10, with not more than 2; 2.

11 to 30, does not exceed 3; 3.

31 to 50, and no more than 4; 4.

Establishment of 51 or more, you can add 1.

(C) the internal institutions at institutions 1.

Establishment of 5, 1; 2.

6 to 10, does not exceed 2; 3.

11 to 20, do not exceed 3; 4.

    Establishment of 21 or more, you can add 1.

22nd institution has one of the following conditions, prepared by the institution authorities established in accordance with the Agency's procedures and authorities adjusted the preparation:

(A) changes in responsibilities and scale;

(B) the establishments standard tuning;

(C) the approved merger, separation;

    (D) other reasons need to be adjusted.

    Fourth chapter of supervision and inspection
Article 23rd utilities setting up and staffing the real-name system management.

    24th establishments management authorities at all levels in accordance with administrative permissions, on the establishment of public institutions supervise and inspect the implementation of the provisions on the administration of, if necessary, can be carried out in conjunction with the monitoring bodies and other relevant departments.

    Conducting supervision and inspection, and shall strictly implement the provisions of the program.

    25th Agency and staffing agency should management of higher institutions institutions institutions institutions produce annual statistical information submitted shall not be making false statements on or concealing, forging.

    Article 26th Agency and staffing agency should regularly assess institutions institutions the preparation of implementation of the provisions of, and adjust the results as reference on organization and staffing of institutions. 27th article of any organizations and individuals for acts in violation of Agency and staffing regulations, right to establishment management organs, administrative supervisory organs and other relevant organs to report.

    Agency should be processed in a timely manner, and confidentiality for whistle-blowers.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

28th and held one of the following acts of the institutions, directly by the establishments of a rectification or the regulatory body be put right should be held responsible for liability, dealt with by the supervisory organ or any other right of authority:

(A) the violation intervention subordinate functions configuration of public institutions, institutions or establishment, the number of leadership positions are equipped with;

(B) the reporting institutions in the process of preparing deception;

(C) expanding or narrowing the scope of responsibilities of public institutions and privileges without authorization;

(D) establishing, merging institutions without authorization, increased body size or change the name, membership in public institutions;

(V) unauthorized adjustments cause the preparation of structure, funding, scope changes cause compiled using, mix, appropriate or divert the preparation;

(Vi) unauthorized preparation limit recruitment, deployment, staffing, or very few disproportionately staffed with leadership personnel;

(VII) for redundant nuclear provision, any procedure such as recruitment, deployment, employment or social security;

(H) take up, inter alia, staffing of making fraudulent use of funds;

    (IX) other acts in violation of Agency and staffing regulations.

Article 29th agency staffing management organ, one of the following acts, investigation unit and the responsibility of the persons concerned:

(A) beyond the powers or limit approval bodies, beyond permission to institutional size, add body, change the name, character or affiliations;

(B) the ultra system limits approval system, or to make their own creation, approval prepared in other categories;

(C) the approved number of leadership positions in violation of provisions;

(D) violation of the provisions of regulation of career structure and compilation forms of funding;

(V) counterfeiting, forgery, falsifying or concealing or refuse to report agencies producing statistics and the establishment of implementation;

(Vi) use the convenience of duty, to seek personal benefits for themselves or others;

    (VII) other acts in violation of Agency and staffing regulations.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 30th article of the regulations come into force on the date of promulgation.

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