Guiyang City Fire Safety Management

Original Language Title: 贵阳市消防安全管理办法

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Guiyang City fire safety management

    (December 2, 2013 Guiyang municipal people's Government Executive meeting of December 4, 2013 Guiyang municipal people's Government to the 13th release since February 1, 2014) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strictly implement the fire safety responsibilities, further enhancing the fire safety management, effective fire prevention and fire hazard reduction, in accordance with the People's Republic of China fire protection law and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article management of fire safety within the administrative area of the city, should comply with these measures.

    Forest fire prevention work in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial executive.

    Article fire safety management carrying out the policy of putting prevention first and combining prevention, based on self help themselves, the unified management.

Article at various levels shall be responsible for fire safety management work in their respective administrative areas.

Public security organs to supervise fire safety work within their respective administrative areas, public security fire control institutions, police stations according to the functions and powers, in charge of implementation.

Production safety supervision and administration, urban planning, education, health, tourism, culture, Commerce, housing and urban-rural development, people's air defense, Home Affairs, transport, sports, management and supervision of supervision and other relevant departments of the city and township (town) people's Government, the community management institutions shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, good fire safety related work.

    State organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions and the village (neighborhood) Committee shall fulfill its fire safety duties and responsibilities and perform our fire safety work units.

V people's Governments at various levels shall include fire safety management work in the people's Governments at the corresponding level of management by objectives, and of their respective departments, agencies, enterprises and villages (neighborhood) Committee will sign the target responsibility, an annual assessment, assessment as the level people's Governments and their departments and agencies, heads of enterprises, the main and important basis for comprehensive evaluation of the leading group.

    People's Governments at all levels and relevant departments, agencies, enterprises and villages (neighborhood) Committee will be mainly responsible for this region and Department, the system, the industry, the responsibility of fire prevention, in charge of the head as the main person responsible.

    Sixth no units and individuals in violation of the provisions of the Act are entitled to public security fire control institutions, police stations and other complaints about the Department, reported.

    Chapter II general provisions

    The seventh public security fire control institutions shall strengthen communication with fire safety information about administrative departments, fire supervision and management in a timely manner major fire hazards identified in reports, such as local government, and to inform the relevant administrative departments according to law.

Eighth municipal hydrants for planning, construction, use, management, management of municipal fire hydrants, and maintained in accordance with the relevant regulations.

    The township (town) municipalities and village fire-fighting water supply facilities by the seat of township (town) people's Government is responsible for construction, management and maintenance.

Nineth competent administrative departments of people's Governments at various levels and relevant should be on major holidays and the fire season, combined with the local area, the sector, the systems, the industry or the actual conditions, organizations to carry out fire safety checks of not less than 4 times a year, to special highlight fire hazards, to focus on the regional fire control, the serious fire danger is listed for supervision. Listed include supervision of serious fire danger, local Government should be listed for supervision within 15th of instructing relevant administrative departments or units develop corrective measures, clear responsibilities, rectification period, capital and organization, to eliminate fire hazards.

Overdue rectification, by supervision supervision Department supervising the people's Governments at the same level.

For historical reasons, without fire permission procedures pose a serious fire risk, organized by the local Government of town and country planning, housing and urban-rural development, the people's air defense and other public security fire control institutions and related professional and technical personnel for verification, by the relevant departments or units develop corrective action and implementation.

    Fire lanes, fire water, security arrangement and other urban and rural fire planning in the short term is difficult to rectification of serious fire danger, local Government instructed relevant departments to formulate plans for the implementation.

Tenth education, health, tourism, culture, business, and other relevant administrative departments of housing and urban-rural construction, and fire safety management, seven, shall, in accordance with the industry standard, for the system, industry standardization of relevant authorities to fulfil the fire safety responsibilities for fire safety management, and constantly improve the level of fire safety management and capacity.

    Schools, hospitals, homes for the aged, welfare institutions, urban transportation (stations), stadiums and other places the relevant administrative departments should strengthen the supervision and administration of fire safety measures in these premises, unable to fix fire hazard responsible for financing or to take effective measures to remedy.

    11th inspection found public security fire control institutions shall obtain the certificate of fire safety checks of public venues no longer meets the fire safety requirements without modification, cancellation of certificate of fire safety checks in accordance with law, and announced to the public in a timely manner, and log off the fire safety inspection certificate within 2 business days from the date of notification about administrative authorities.

    12th article community service management institutions, and property service enterprise, and village (home) Board will should strengthening its jurisdiction or service regional within residents fire security publicity education, in community, and residents residential, and village within set fixed fire publicity bar, for fire security knowledge publicity, focus on this regional within of old, and weak, and disease, and residual, personnel for fire security publicity education and help, and on this class personnel established corresponding archives.

    13th no unit or individual is allowed in the residential or commercial building set within LPG, oxygen, acetylene, flammable and explosive chemical dangerous goods management, storage point.

    Chapter III administration of fire safety in high-rise buildings

14th high-rise buildings in the planning, design, construction, completion, filing and record checks, security checks shall strictly implement construction fire technical standards.

    Owners of tall buildings is the building's fire safety responsibilities, and its use in accordance with laws, regulations, rules and contract performance of high-rise building fire protection safety responsibility.

15th high-rise building, one of the following circumstances, fire safety liability of construction:

(A) the unit without authorization, was not in accordance with law, fire inspection, record deliveries of high rise buildings;

(B) the daily fire fighting supervision and inspection for construction causes found in high-rise buildings do not meet technical standards for fire protection of engineering construction;

    (C) is not delivered.

16th one high-rise building has 2 or more than 2 owners, users, owners, users should be on their proprietary clear part of the common parts outside fire safety management unit or entrust property management service (collectively the "management units") for unified management and public security fire control institutions, police stations, where the record.

    Total implementation of any part of the fire safety of high-rise building management, their police stations and township (town) people management, community service agencies, or (c) the Committee should urge and assist owners and users in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph to implement fire safety person responsible.

17th management unit in the context of its management carry out fire safety duties, shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) in accordance with the technical standards and regulations at the national, provincial, good fire safety management, clear security full-time managers and fire equipment management, maintenance, professional and technical personnel;

(B) its management within the scope of public fire facilities, equipment, equipment such as identity management, establish and implement the management, inspection, testing, repair, maintenance, archiving and other systems;

(C) in an Office or residential entrance, Elevator, fire doors and other conspicuous fire risk, safe escape routes, emergency exits and fire-fighting facilities, equipment used, such as tips, warning signs;

(D) fire prevention facilities, electrical circuit at least once a year a comprehensive testing, test reports archive for future reference, record and submit the public security fire control institutions;

(E) to delimit the path of a parking space within the Office or residential areas, shall occupy fire Lane, shall not affect the aerial work of the engine, and reported to the local public security fire control institutions and police stations for the record;

(F) fire control room 24-hour double shift systems, staffs certified;

(G) timely discourage, halt the acts of violation of fire safety regulations and found fire hazards timely corrective action, to discourage and stop refusing to fix and report in a timely manner where public security fire control institutions or persons in police stations;

(H) develop and implement a fire emergency evacuation, organized emergency evacuation drills at least once a year, is a key fire safety unit at least once every six months to organize a fire-fighting and emergency evacuation drills, and amended in a timely manner, and improve contingency plans;

(IX) regularly to inform the owners, using fire safety management;

(J) through radio, television, video, bulletin boards, Web sites promoting fire safety knowledge;

(11) other shall perform or carry out fire safety duties stipulated by law.

    High-rise building owners, who must be clear about its hand with regulatory agencies and make fire safety work.

18th fire control room shall be deposited to the following fire safety information:

(A) the General plane layout of buildings, fire prevention facilities in planes and exit plans, building fire fighting system, key parts and pump adapter positioning and outdoor fire hydrant location map;

(B) fire-fighting systems as-built drawings, system control logic instructions, use of equipment, system operation and system maintenance and maintenance of equipment, facilities, information, etc;

(C) the owner, including fire safety Manager, volunteer or professional fire fighters fire safety, such as organization chart;

(D) fire safety management systems, such as fire-fighting and emergency evacuation;

(E) staff fire safety training and emergency drills records;

(F) duty and operation of the facilities, equipment and fire safety inspections, inspection records;

(G) equipment operating status, alarm, fire detection, equipment maintenance reports and other information;

(H) the fire control room attendants attend fire safety training training certificates achieved.

    Information specified in the preceding paragraph shall, in accordance with the requirement of file management file. 19th high-rise building using gas piped gas supply should be used. Banned in high-rise building underground parts using LPG.

    In the high-rise building using other inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, and set up other inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, facilities, equipment, and shall conform to the technical standards and regulations.

20th in the establishments to be set in densely populated high-rise buildings, descending shall be equipped with, ladder, gas masks, smoke masks and other shelter rescue facilities.

    High-rise building owners or users should bring their own lifeline, whistles, flashlights and other self-help tools.

Article 21st of high-rise residential building owners, occupiers, and fire safety shall fulfil the following obligations:

(A) strict compliance with the electrical safety regulations, shall not be overloaded with electricity, must not use electrical products as well as insurance or incompatible with line load earth leakage protection devices;

(B) strict compliance with the gas safety regulations, and may be supplemented, removed, modified, installed gas equipment and appliances;

(C) strict implementation of the Interior fire safety requirements, should not affect the fire-fighting facilities and equipment, evacuation facilities in normal use;

(D) strict implementation of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods management regulations shall not store flammable items such as gasoline, amyl or illegal discharge of fireworks;

(E) keep the stairs, aisles and exits clear, no stacking items, storage fees in these areas or to set up other obstacles;

(Vi) protecting fire control facilities and devices, damage, misappropriation or unauthorized removal, disabled;

(VII) to learn and master the necessary fire-fighting knowledge and fire escape mechanism and report fire, actively fighting fires from the beginning according to law;

(VIII) finds illegal use of fire, electricity or corrupt acts such as fire-fighting facilities, equipment, reporting management unit;

    (IX) other shall perform or fulfil the obligations stipulated by law.

22nd public security fire control institutions, police stations, Township (town) people to the area of fire safety in high-rise buildings should be strengthened guidance and supervision, strengthen the focus on the premises set in densely populated places, warehouses, production supervision and inspection.

    Community services management institutions should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Fire Services Ordinance in Guiyang City fire safety responsibilities.

23rd public security fire control institutions shall develop firefighting and rescue plans for high-rise buildings within their respective jurisdictions, the implementation of information management, organize fire fighting and rescue plan drilling, familiar with the internal and external environment of high-rise building fire-fighting and rescue, and constantly improve the plan.

    Fire fighting and rescue plan shall mainly include: General information, fixed fire-fighting equipment of high-rise building, external water source distribution and usage scenarios, the key spot fire forces deploy tactical measures, emergency evacuation, fire-fighting and rescue organization programs and measures, including communications, security procedures and measures.

Article 24th of high-rise building owners and users of fire-fighting and rescue should be enacted for public security fire control institutions plan and facilitate the exercise.

    Public security fire-fighting teams, full-time Government Fire Department for fire prevention, fire-fighting and rescue needs, area of live view or simulation training units, the units concerned should support.

    25th city appearance and environmental health Administrative Department should strengthen high-level architectural billboards, shop signs and appropriate landscape lighting set up supervision and management of the work, to comply with the fire safety requirements.

    Fourth chapter of small crowded place fire safety management

26th small densely populated areas (hereinafter "small place") interior decoration, place items, installation facilities, shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) flammable materials can not be used, complying with the technical standards;

(B) the premises electrical products, gas appliances, installation, use and technical standards for the laying of a pipeline fire, protection measures such as setting air switch and regular inspection and maintenance;

(C) the premises number, width of staircases in compliance with fire safety requirements, not using flammable and combustible materials such as wooden stairs, exits and evacuation corridors set up evacuation signs;

(D) setting indoor hydrant with difficulty, hose reels and fire emergency lighting can be set;

(E) according to the 75m2/standard on each 4kg portable ABC dry powder fire extinguisher, the area is less than the number of fire extinguishers 150m2 shall not be less than 2, small hotel each floor configuration of not less than 2 4kg ABC dry powder fire extinguishers;

    (F) no more than four-layer and four-layer of indoor hydrant system small hotels, in rest platform installed between each stair hose reels, water can be supplied by municipal pipe network or a water tank on the roof, the roof water tank capacity of not less than 1m3.

27th small sites set up temporary layer shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) the floor slab with reinforced concrete or steel plates through fire prevention; (B) the sandwich used to live, the floor space should be less than 15m2, and set the exit or have not communicated with the outside is less than 0. 5m×0.

Export 8M escape, rescue, and configured with a valid escape facilities, living persons shall be not more than 2 persons;

(C) the operation or storage mezzanine shall not be used for living, and set a minimum of 2 communicated with the other parts or outdoor places of exit.

    Prohibited from setting up production in the interim sandwich shop, dormitories and public entertainment business premises.

28th small public places of entertainment and residential hotel, hotel, hotel, hotels, hotel, each floor shall be equipped with at least 1 of evacuation Guide, work wear special identity, responsible for fire safety inspections and emergency evacuation, rescue, fire-fighting, and so on.

    Small private rooms for public place of entertainment rooms shall be equipped with at least 1 of every 5 evacuating pilots.

29th commercial and service outlets and commercial food service, public entertainment, production and processing, and other smaller sites, shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) when you use liquefied petroleum gas as a fuel shall comply with gas and safety regulations, according to the volume of use, gas hose may not be large in series or parallel with using other fuels, shall comply with the fire safety requirements;

(B) the kitchen flue, fuel piping should be checked, cleaned once every quarter, and to check and cleaning records;

(C) in addition to residential 1 to 2 staff on duty, shall not stay others;

    (D) small business service does not store, super store business.

    Article 30th bathing, pedicures, gymnasium, beauty salon and other small places, except delimited separately outside of duty, are not allowed to set up residential rooms or areas.

31st little place employees shall perform the following duties on fire control security:

(A) skilled in fire-basic knowledge and basic skills such as fire prevention, escape, strict enforcement of fire-safety management systems and safety procedures;

(B) timely check the post facilities, equipment, the fire safety condition of the site, found hidden reports in a timely manner, and to take measures to exclude risks;

(C) be familiar with the workplace location of fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting facilities and exits, to organize and guide the evacuation if there is a fire, and take part in organized fire fighting from the beginning;

    (D) instruction and supervision to place staff members to comply with fire safety management system, discourage fire safety behaviors.

    Article 32nd Association small fire safety should be incorporated into the scope of self-regulation and to supervise and guide the industry good fire safety work.

    Chapter fifth penalty

    33rd people's Governments and relevant departments at all levels and their staff members in violation of these provisions, does not carry out fire safety duties, causing fire or other dangers, strict accountability for officials and other responsible personnel of fire accident responsibility.

The 34th article violates these rules, any of the following circumstances, a rectification, it fails, penalty of between 1000 to non-business nature, the nature of the business of the Department fined 1000 Yuan and 10,000 Yuan:

(A) violations of the 16th article, for unified management of high-rise buildings there are part or failing to report the record of public security fire control institutions, police stations;

    (B) violation of the 20th article, establishments to be set in densely populated high-rise buildings not equipped with descending, ladder, such as gas masks, smoke masks asylum life-saving facilities.

    35th disobey the 18th article does not store information about fire safety management in the fire control room shall be ordered to correct, it fails, fined a maximum of between 3000 and 1000 Yuan.

36th article violates these rules, any of the following circumstances shall be ordered to correct, it fails for non-business nature of the penalty of between 1000 and 2000 Yuan and of the nature of the business the following fines:

(A) in accordance with article 26th (e) provides standard configuration of fire extinguishers;

(B) no indoor hydrant system four-story and four small hotels are not in accordance with the above article 26th (vi) provides for installation of hose reels and sets of roof water tanks;

(C) a small set up according to law, the use of temporary layer does not conform to the 27th the first paragraph of article (a), (b), (c) provision of;

    (D) violation of the 27th second paragraph, setting up production in the interim sandwich shop, dormitories and public entertainment business premises.

37th acts in violation of these rules, impose administrative punishment by public security fire control institutions, laws and regulations provide otherwise, from its provisions.

Violation of these rules, activities contravening public security management, public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security shall be penalized.

Violation of these rules, other laws, rules and regulations on administrative penalties and punishment according to law.

    Violation of these rules constitutes a crime, transferred to the judicial organs according to law.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

38th herein, the following terms mean:

(A) seven categories of industry refers to schools, hospitals, hotels (hotel) and a-class tourist scenic spots, cultural entertainment, flammable and explosive places, construction sites and shopping malls, markets, hotels, bath places.

(B) high-rise building, refers to the building height is more than 24m of public buildings or ten and ten storeys of residential buildings (including settings, first floor commercial service facilities of residential).

(C) use people, refers to a lease or contract, entrusted with the operation of means of high-rise building and attached facilities, equipment, units and individuals and relevant sites.

(D) small crowded place, is according to the standards of local DB 52/T800-2013 the fire safety code for small crowded place, unit or place to meet one of the following conditions: 1.

Building area of 300 m2 the following shops and other small-business service network; 2.

Floor space below the 300m2 small restaurants, hotels and other small commercial dining establishments; 3.

Number of rooms at the 30 or beds in small hotel 30; 4.

Set in the building's first floor, second floor, three-layer and a total construction area of 200m2 the following bathing, pedicures, beauty salon body, bar, tea house, chess and card room, small cafes, health clubs and other public places of entertainment; 5.

Beds of less than 50 townships (towns), community health centers and other small hospitals (clinics), nursing homes, homes for the aged, welfare institutions; 6.

Student number of beds under 50 residential schools and nurseries, kindergartens, the number of students in non-boarding school 300 people, the number of students less than 100 non-residential nurseries, kindergartens; 7.

Total construction area of 300m2 below do not need to set up automatic fire-fighting equipment according to national regulatory requirements of non-flammable and combustible materials, small production and processing facilities;

(E) temporary dissection, refers to the buildings and structures in a single natural law set up in makeshift floor.

    (F) hose reels, fire hose reels, refers to components, such as valves, an input pipe, hose, spray gun, and in the process of rapid hose spraying fire-extinguishing agent in fire-fighting apparatus. 39th these measures come into force February 1, 2014.

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