List Of Classified Management Of Environmental Protection Of Construction Projects

Original Language Title: 建设项目环境保护分类管理名录

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(October 13, 2002, the State environmental protection administration released 14th) in order to strengthen the environmental protection of construction projects management and improve efficiency, according to the environmental protection of construction projects Management? Ordinance seventh requires to develop environmental protection of construction projects management directory.     First, level according to the environmental impact of construction projects in the country, in accordance with the following provisions on the construction project environmental conservation? nursing classification: (a) the construction project could have a significant impact on the environment, environmental impact report shall be compiled to build? project pollution and conduct a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the impact on the environment. 1, and raw materials, and products or production process in the involved of pollutants type more, and number big or toxicity big, and to in ring? border in the degradation of construction project; 2, and may caused ecological system structure major changes, and important ecological function change or biological diversity obviously reduced? of construction project; 3, and may on vulnerable ecological system produced larger effect or may raised and increased natural disasters of construction project; 4, and easy caused across district environment effect disputes of construction project; 5, and all basin development, and zone construction, and     New urban construction and regional development activities such as redevelopment or?-building project.     (B) may cause mild effects on the environment of the construction project, shall prepare an environmental impact report on the construction? pollution and the environmental impact of the project is analyzed or special evaluation.     1, single pollution factor, and low pollutant type, have a small amount of construction projects or less toxic; 2, topography, geomorphology, hydrology, soil, biological diversity has a certain influence, but without changing the ecosystem? structure and function of construction projects; 3, largely closed to the environmentally sensitive area impact small construction projects.     (C) the construction project environmental impact is small, do not require environmental impact assessment should be completing the environmental impact? registration form.     1, and basic not produced wastewater, and exhaust, and waste, and dust, and stench, and noise, and vibration, and hot pollution, and radioactive?, and electromagnetic waves, adverse environment effect of construction project; 2, and basic not change terrain, and landforms, and hydrological, and soil, and biological diversity,, not change ecological system structure? and function of construction project; 3, and not environment sensitive district caused effect of small construction project.     Second, was not included in the list of construction projects by the provincial environmental protection Administrative Department in accordance with the above principles, it? its environmental management categories, and reported that the State General Administration of environmental protection for the record.     Three, and this directory by said environment sensitive district, is refers to has following features of regional: 1, and needed special protection area: national legal, and regulations, and administrative regulations and the planning determine or by County above people? Government approved of need special protection of area, as drinking water water reserves, and nature reserve, and landscape places district, and? ecological function reserves, and basic farmland reserves, and soil erosion focus control ⑸ check Ah ⒌ Li makes Ah services territories heritage to, and national focus heritage protection units, and history culture protection to,.     2, ecologically sensitive and vulnerable areas: sandstorm source areas, desert oases, a serious water shortage area, rare animal and plant? habitat or specific ecosystems, natural forest, tropical rain forests, mangroves, coral reefs, fish spawning, important? wetland and fish and so on.     3, social concern: population centres, culture, government agencies focused on office location, health resorts, medical?, as well as historical, cultural, scientific, protection of national significance, and so on.     Four construction projects, located in environmentally sensitive areas, such as environmental impact characteristics (including pollution and ecological factors?) sensitive to the environmental protection goals do not pose a major environmental impact, whether the construction project environmental impact assessment? sensitive area management, with the approval of the Administrative Department of environmental protection of the right to seek after local environmental protection authorities view? to confirm.     Five, to promote the technical progress of enterprises and adjustment of industrial structure as the goal, using cleaner production processes instead of backward technology?, significantly reduced pollutant emissions, emission standards for existing sources of emission in accordance with national and local and total quantity control? asked for technological transformation projects, by the approval authority the approval of the Administrative Department of environmental protection, environmental impact assessment work? can be simplified.     Six, and into regional development of construction project, as prepared regional development planning Shi for has environment effect evaluation,? its environment effect report book has environmental protection administrative competent sector approved, and construction project of nature, and scale, and locations? or used of production process meet regional development General requirements of, by has approval right of environmental protection administrative competent sector with? meaning Hou, environment effect evaluation work can appropriate simplified.     Seven environmental protection projects, cross-compound construction management categories determined according to the most restrictive. Eight, national laws, regulations and policies explicitly prohibit construction or investment, such as inclusion in the Elimination of outdated production?, process and product catalogue and catalogue of business keeps building in the area of construction projects, and does not apply to the? list.     Environmental protection administration departments at all levels shall not approve the construction project environmental impact report, environmental impact report? will table or environmental impact registration form.     Nine, this list shall come into force on January 1, 2003.                           Ten, interpret these lists by the State environmental protection administration. List of classified management of environmental protection of construction projects

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