Construction Survey And Quality Management

Original Language Title: 建设工程勘察质量管理办法

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(December 4, 2002, the Ministry of construction announced, 115th) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the management of construction engineering survey quality, and ensure the quality of construction projects, according to the People's Republic of China Law on construction, the construction engineering quality management regulation and the regulations on the management of survey and design of construction projects and other relevant laws and regulations, these measures are formulated.
    Article in the People's Republic of China territory of construction survey activities must abide by these measures.
    Construction survey in these measures refers to according to the project requirements, identifying, analysing, evaluating construction sites of geological and geographical features and geotechnical conditions, preparation of construction survey and documentation activities.
    Article quality of construction engineering survey enterprises shall be governed by laws, regulations, engineering construction compulsory standard and exploration contracts for survey work, and responsible for the survey quality.
    Investigation depth surveying documents shall conform to national requirements, must be true and accurate.
    The fourth construction administrative departments under the State Council shall exercise unified supervision on construction survey of national quality management.
    State Railways, transportation, water conservancy and other relevant departments under the State Council duties, is responsible for the relevant national professional construction engineering quality supervision and management of the survey.
    Local construction administrative departments of the people's Government at or above the county level shall exercise supervision within the administrative area of the construction survey and quality management.
    Relevant departments of the local people's Governments at or above the county level shall, within their respective areas of responsibility, is responsible for the administration of the professional construction engineering quality supervision and management of the survey.
    Chapter II the quality responsibility and obligation of the fifth the construction unit shall provide the necessary working conditions for survey work and to ensure a reasonable duration of investigation, provide true and reliable sources.
    Construction should strictly implement the State fees, engineering surveying companies at below-cost prices may be compelled to undertake the task.
    Sixth engineering survey enterprises must obtain engineering survey certificate and qualification license within the scope of contract prospecting business.
    Engineering survey enterprises shall not exceed their level of qualification license business scope or on behalf of other survey companies survey business contract and shall not allow other companies or individuals to contract on behalf of the Enterprise Survey business; not subcontract or illegal subcontracting undertaking the survey business.
    Article seventh engineering survey enterprises shall improve survey quality management system and quality responsibility system.
    Eighth engineering survey enterprises shall reject the user made unreasonable demands which are in violation of the relevant provisions, the right to make the field work necessary to ensure the quality of engineering surveying conditions and reasonable duration.
    Nineth engineering survey enterprises should be involved in the construction inspection, solve problems related to exploration work in the engineering design and construction.
    Tenth engineering survey enterprises shall participate in the construction project quality accident analysis and quality accidents caused by prospecting, put forward the corresponding technical solutions.
    11th engineering project leader, Checker, audited and the technicians should have the title or registration.
    12th project leader shall organize relevant personnel do a site survey, survey, in accordance with the requirements of the platform for the preparation of the survey and survey the job acceptance and signature information in the process.
    13th engineering survey enterprises of legal representatives, project leader, reviewer, validation and other relevant personnel, should hold one in the investigation file, and responsible for the survey quality.
    Engineering investigation and legal representative of the enterprise responsible for the Enterprise Survey quality; project leader the project bore the primary responsibility for the quality of the investigation file; project audit, validation of their audit, project audit, validation of the quality responsibility for the investigation files.
    14th engineering records shall survey the survey process to collect, check and ensure that the true and accurate sampling, recording, left the scene no worm or missing. 15th engineering survey enterprises shall ensure that apparatus, equipment in good condition.
    Drilling and sampling equipment, in situ testing, laboratory testing and measuring instruments shall meet the requirements of the relevant codes and regulations. 16th engineering survey enterprises shall strengthen technical training and education, improve the quality of the survey the sense of responsibility.
    Observation, experiment, record, Captain and other field operations personnel should receive professional training before they can post. 17th engineering survey enterprises shall strengthen the management of technical archives.
    After the project is completed, all data must be catalogued and bound archives. Chapter III supervision article 18th engineering investigation files should be by the people's Governments above the county level construction administrative department or other relevant departments (hereinafter referred to as engineering quality supervision Department) for review.
    Construction design of engineering quality supervision departments to delegate file review bodies (hereinafter referred to as review bodies) to review investigation files.
    Review body shall perform the following duties: (a) supervision on engineering survey enterprises quality management documents, writing reports, calculations, drawings, charts and data, it complies with the relevant regulations and standards, (ii) found that survey quality issues, and promptly report to the relevant authorities according to law.
    19th engineering quality supervision departments of engineering survey quality management procedures should be implemented, laboratories to check conformity to the standard of, and link examination results and management of enterprise quality inspection, announced to the public on a regular basis to check and process the results.
    20th engineering survey of a major quality, safety incidents, the authorities concerned should report to the engineering quality supervision departments in accordance with the provisions.
    21st any unit and individual have the right to quality supervision departments of engineering investigation report, complaint investigation quality and safety issues.
    Chapter fourth penalty 22nd engineering construction engineering investigation and design enterprises in violation of the regulations, the construction engineering quality management regulation, by engineering quality supervision departments given punishment in accordance with the regulations.
    23rd violates these rules, the construction unit of site work not for survey work to provide the necessary conditions or do not provide true and reliable sources, by the engineering quality supervision departments shall be ordered to correct the survey; losses caused shall bear liability.
    24th article violation this approach provides, engineering survey enterprise not according to engineering construction mandatory standard for survey, and fraud, and provides false results information of, by engineering survey quality supervision sector ordered corrected, at 100,000 yuan above 300,000 yuan following of fine; caused engineering quality accident of, ordered closed reorganization, reduced qualification grade; plot serious of, revoked qualification certificate; caused loss of, law bear compensation responsibility.
    25th article violation this approach provides, engineering survey enterprise has following behavior one of of, by engineering survey quality supervision sector ordered corrected, at 10,000 yuan above 30,000 yuan following of fine: (a) survey file no responsibility people signed or signed not full of; (ii) original not according to provides records or records not full of; (three) not participate in construction inspection slot of; (four) project completed Hou, survey file not archive save of.
    26th review bodies are not in accordance with the provisions of article review, causes losses to the construction unit shall bear liability for serious cases, commissioned by the engineering quality supervision departments to withdraw.
    27th article in accordance with the rules given to reconnaissance companies fined, by engineering quality supervision Department of enterprise legal representative and the other persons sentenced to corporate fines fines of 5% more than 10% below.
    28th State personnel in the construction engineering quality supervision management of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                            The fifth chapter by-laws 29th these measures shall come into force on February 1, 2003.

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