Price Monitoring

Original Language Title: 价格监测规定

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(April 9, 2003 national development and Reform Committee makes 1th, announced) first article for science, and effective to organization price monitoring work, guarantees price monitoring data of authenticity, and accuracy and timely sex, play price monitoring in macroeconomic regulation and price management in the of important role, right guide production, and circulation and consumption, keep market total level of basic stable, according to People's Republic of China price method, developed this provides.
    Second price monitoring in these rules refers to the Government Department in charge of price of important goods and services price changes tracking, collection, analysis, forecasting and publication activities.
    Price monitoring basic task is to investigate and analyze important goods, services, prices, and the costs associated with the changes in market supply and demand situation, tracking and feedback an important economic policies reflected in the price field; implementation of price forecasting, early warning and policy recommendations in a timely manner.
    Third Department in charge of price under the State Council is responsible for organizing and coordinating national price monitoring, Government pricing departments at or above the county level shall be responsible for organizing and coordinating the work of price monitoring in the region.
    Price monitoring work by Government pricing departments at all levels of price monitoring agency and the relevant operational agencies responsible for its implementation.
    Fourth Government pricing departments at or above the county level shall establish a price monitoring agency, a clear price monitoring duties, with corresponding price monitoring staff, organizing price monitoring.
    Fifth Department in charge of price under the State Council to develop the national unified price system of monitoring reports, price surveys and price information collecting, compiling, computing, transmission, reporting, analysis, and publication of specific measures and the corresponding price monitoring project, indicators, standard code, expression, adjust monitoring projects, standards and monitoring cycle. Sixth of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the people's Government price departments according to economic activities within their respective administrative areas situation and price needs, develop or authorize the lower level people's Governments in charge of price the price monitoring departments for supplementary items and standards, but shall not contravene the price monitoring and national reporting system.
    Supplement price monitoring projects and standards, should be reported to the Department in charge of price under the State Council for the record. Seventh article, improving price monitoring network system, and gradually form a unified national price monitoring network.
    To strengthen price monitoring and information collection, processing and transmission equipment and network-building, and constantly improve the price monitoring tool.
    Article eighth price monitor based on fixed price monitoring and periodic monitoring reports, and special investigations, ad hoc investigations, non-targeted monitoring, strengthen the monitoring of important commodities and service prices and trends analysis, improving the timeliness and accuracy of price monitoring.
    Nineth Government price departments shall report according to the price monitoring system provides for the designation of the State concerned administrative organs, enterprises and institutions as well as other organizations monitoring Sentinel units as prices and issued certificates or signs.
    Price monitoring Sentinel units required to assume the price monitoring information for guidance and help, Government price departments shall give guidance and help.
    Price monitoring provided by fixed-point units need to be aware of their goods and services prices price average in the region, Government price departments shall be provided.
    Article tenth price monitoring units and individuals have the obligation to accept price monitoring surveys of Government price departments.
    Price monitoring the specified fixed-point units, monitoring reporting system should be in accordance with the provisions of information and providing real time price monitoring provides monitoring data must be examined by the head of the unit price.
    Non-sentinel surveillance units and individuals, have an obligation to meet the price survey.
    11th price monitoring Sentinel units shall establish a price monitoring system of internal management, the unit prices submitted monitoring data, monitoring to ensure information authenticity, timeliness; prohibited making false statements on or concealing, refusing or delaying to report, shall not be forged, tampered with the price monitoring information.
    12th price monitoring staff collect price information, should be reported according to the price monitoring system, standards, methods, and procedures.
    Price monitoring system, price monitoring and staff members shall be certified for monitoring and investigation activities. 13th price monitoring staff will sincerely perform their job duties, have engaged in price monitoring of professional knowledge in the workplace.
    Government pricing departments at all levels should strengthen price monitoring of professional training and assessment work.
    14th Government price departments above the county level to the people's Government at the superior Department in charge of price and timely reporting of a price monitoring reports and price analysis report that reflects important changes in the prices of goods and services as well as the implementation of pricing policies, proposed policy recommendations.
    15th Government pricing departments should publicize important goods and services, price monitoring, forecasting, information, or Government Department in charge of price issue to the Community system of monitoring bodies in accordance with the relevant provisions of price monitoring and prediction information.
    Price monitoring information classified as State secrets, business secrets and shall not be disclosed, or used for other than government regulation and price for any other purpose.
    16th price monitoring of operation may apply for inclusion in the budget at the same level.
    Article 17th price monitoring Sentinel units for production and management adjustments, as well as other reasons, cannot provide timely, accurate data of price, pricing departments in charge of specified should be adjusted in a timely manner separately specified price monitoring Sentinel units.
    Permanent monitoring unit is no longer price, price departments responsible for the specified time to recover their price monitoring fixed-point unit certificates or signs. Article 18th price monitoring agency according to the price monitoring reporting system under the price surveys, monitoring, resulting in timely, accurate reporting data on price monitoring, seriously affecting national or local data, by level or superior Department in charge of price correction is criticized.
    If necessary, the superior Department in charge of price can be ordered to stop price monitoring project on the reorganization.
    19th the price monitoring Sentinel units of any of the following acts, monitoring mandate issued by the people's Governments above the county level Department in charge of price correction is criticized in serious cases, may recommend to the appointment and removal of organs or organs directly responsible to the head of personnel and other persons to administrative sanctions.
    (A) making false statements on or concealing a price monitoring data; (b) falsifying or tampering with the price monitoring data and (iii) refuse to report monitoring data or repeated late-reported prices.
    20th for violation of price monitoring monitoring Sentinel units for a set price, local laws or rules and regulations of administrative punishment or administrative punishment in accordance with its provisions.
    21st County level staff of the price monitoring departments of people's Governments at or above the price where one of the following acts, by the people's Government price departments give criticism and education in serious cases, by the higher people's Government price departments give notice of criticism, and can be brought to the appointment and removal of organs or organs shall be administrative sanctions.
    (A) does not perform a price monitoring system, affects prices monitoring, (ii) report are data errors more severely affect the accuracy and representativeness of the data, (iii) the price of dereliction of duty, fraud, concealing, falsifying or tampering with data, summary data for national material misstatements.
    22nd local prices at or above the county level authorities and the relevant national administrative authorities, enterprises and institutions and other organizations in charge of price monitoring staff to perform their duties retaliation, by the higher people's Government price departments or monitoring mandate issued by Government price departments drew attention to appointment and removal or monitoring agency to sanction constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Article 23rd price monitoring of staff and price monitoring related personnel in breach of the confidentiality provisions, punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
    Article 24th the Government Department in charge of price level price monitoring outstanding units and individuals can give recognition and appropriate incentives.
    25th article of the rules by the national development and Reform Commission is responsible for the interpretation.
                                                                    26th article this provision come into effect June 1, 2003.

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