On The Modification Of The People's Republic Of China Motor Vehicle Driver's License Management Approach And The People's Republic Of China Automobile Driver Examination Way To Some Of The Provisions Of Decision

Original Language Title: 关于修改《中华人民共和国机动车驾驶证管理办法》和《中华人民共和国机动车驾驶员考试办法》部分条款的决定

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(On August 29, 2003 Ministry of public security makes 67th, announced) for adapted economic social development, meet people needs, now decided on People's Republic of China motor vehicle license management approach and People's Republic of China motor vehicle driver exam approach for following modified: a, and People's Republic of China motor vehicle license management approach modified content (a) in sixth article increased small automatically block passenger car associate driving type, code for z, only granted driving small, and micro automatically block passenger car.
    In the sixth section type a, b, c, grant number of driving other vehicles, increased drive model number z. (B) the Nineth fifth amendment: "normal limbs, trunk, neck exercise capacity. But the left lower limb disabilities, can apply for a small automatic passenger car driver's license.
    "(C) increased in the 11th, as the third item:" application for smaller cars, smaller automatic transmission passenger vehicle driver's license for 18-70; "the third as the fourth item, content unchanged.
    (D) article in the 12th, added to the second subparagraph of paragraph "active military personnel (including police) should submit the military identity documents and the regimental evidence" requirement. (E) the 20th one paragraph is added as the second paragraph: "the age of over 70 years of age, cancellation of type d, e, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, Q. "(F) the 26th is amended as:" motor vehicle driver's license loss, damages, shall apply to the issuing authority, where replacement application must be true replacement for disclosure reasons. Vehicle administration shall inform the applicant to truthfully disclose the obligations and liabilities, and auditing replacement card within 48 hours. "(VII) seventh 27th article is revised as follows:" age of over 70 years of age, but small cars except for driver's licenses and small automatic transmission of passenger motor vehicle driver's license; "second, the People's Republic of China automobile driver examination methods modifying content in the sixth article of small automatic passenger car test car, length of 4 meters or more.
                                                              Cancel "automatic transmission device of the vehicle shall not be used as test vehicles" requirement.

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