On The Management System Of Land And Resources Issued The Ban For Measures And Staff Informed

Original Language Title: 关于印发国土资源管理系统行政为民措施和工作人员禁令的通知

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Land resources department file land funding sent [2004]11, on issued land resources management system administrative for people measures and staff ban of notification the province, and autonomous regions, and municipalities land resources Office (land environment resources Office, and land resources and Housing Authority, and housing land resources authority, and planning and land resources authority), bureaus land resources administrative competent sector, Xinjiang production and construction Corps land resources Council, Department directly under the units, organ the Division Council: now will land resources management system administrative for people measures and Staff ban of the management system of land and resources issued to you, the units must attach great importance to and strengthen leadership, implemented to ensure implementation. 
Please report on implementation.
    Annex I b o o January 14, 4: administrative measures for the people of the land and resource management system for implementation of the "three represents" important thought, and earnestly safeguard the basic interests of the people, and consciously accept the supervision, in line with the law, principles of openness, fair, clean, convenient, efficient, in land and resource management system to implement the following measures for the people.
    First, open to the public with the approval of the land use planning and mineral resources planning the main content.
    Second, public land, mineral items requiring administrative approval and approval procedures, the procedures and the results.
    Three, public lands, mining administrative punishment of illegal cases according to time limits, punishment, punishment, and the major typical cases deal with results.
    Four charges according to law, public lands, minerals projects, standards, basis and payment deadlines.
    Five, announced to the public by law of land expropriation and compensation and resettlement programmes, and demarcation of the land prices of benchmark land prices, announcements in national planning area, is of great value to the national economy of the area, after the delimitation of mining enterprises mining areas, bulletin sets of exploration rights and mining rights and continuity, change, reservations and other information.
    Six, other than confidential, public land registration, land change survey statistics, plan for land supply, the land transfer programme, the land transfer results, mineral exploration rights and mining rights to apply for registration, registration of mineral statistics, public geological survey and mineral exploration data and other information to facilitate public queries.
    Seven, open rural land use planning and rural residence status and plan and land use plan table into the content of village affairs, and make the masses to the House-building plan, clear and understood. Eight, imposed on statutory administrative approval items window to accept contract system.
    City approval of construction land in batches, separate site approval for construction projects, land development and consolidation projects, certification of land registration, registration of mineral resource reserves, applications for registration of rights of prospecting and mining rights were imposed isolation, limited reception, closed operation, take over the window handle.
    Nine letters, reports, and so on of public land, mineral law clues, land and resources administration departments at or above the county level are categorized by mandate immediately, within the statutory time limit to complete preliminary investigation and decide whether the case. Ten, land and resources administration departments at or above the county level, and land and resources law hotline has been established, provides free legal consultation service.
    Land and mineral resources, China Ministry of land and resources law hotline (Tel: 16829999).
These measures since March 1, 2004.
    Annex II: staff of management system of land and resources for the implementation of the ban "assuming power for the people" the essential requirement of land and resource management to ensure the fairness and impartiality of administrative behavior, and earnestly safeguard the basic interests of the people, land and resources management system in performance of their official duties, developed following the ban.
    First, the prohibition of compensation for items that do not meet legal requirements for land approval procedures or alternative approaches for, certification.
    Second, the prohibition in the land, mineral and other items requiring administrative approval for the project the applicant pitiaozi and say hello.
    Child I have three, prohibited spouses directly manage cases and land, mineral resources and other specific administrative services providing intermediary services.
    Four, the prohibition specified or to the Working Party, inspired by the designated intermediary agencies engaged in land use, mineral exploration rights and mining rights, geological disaster consulting assessment and project design and other related work.
    Five, prohibit the acceptance of grass-roots units and the management of cash, marketable securities and payment documents or impede corporate banquet waitress, reimbursement of costs that should be borne by themselves or relatives. The above prohibitions, land and resource management system to all staff must be strictly adhered to, and violators will be held accountable by the party responsible. (Source Ministry of land and resources site)

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