State Reserve Warehouse Safety And Security Measures

Original Language Title: 国家物资储备仓库安全保卫办法

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(July 1, 2004, national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of public security released 12th come into force October 1, 2004) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen and standardize State reserve warehouse safety and security, protection of national stocks, storage and the life and property security of the masses of workers, according to the relevant laws and regulations of the State, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies to State reserve State reserve warehouse system belongs (hereinafter referred to as storage).
    Article storage and ancillary facilities is a key security unit and important part of any organization or individual shall not in any way infringe their security.
    Article fourth reserve warehouse safety and security implementation of the "prevention, unit, focused, and security" approach. Storage internal security should adhere to people-oriented, to protect personal safety.
    Unit shall not, for any reason at all levels ignore worker safety.
    Fifth article reserves warehouse security defend work of task is: case fire, and anti-robbery, and anti-theft, and anti-explosion, and anti-damage, and anti-terrorist activities and burst event, and anti-security disaster accident for focus, strengthening important parts of guard and control, established sound security defend work system, implementation security prevention measures, prevent occurred illegal crime and other security problem, ensure national reserves material and reserves warehouse of security. Article sixth reserve warehouse safety and security to implement local and higher authorities the system of dual leadership, dominated by local government leaders and accept the guidance and supervision of local public security organs. The national development and Reform Commission, State Bureau of material reserve (hereinafter National Council) to guide and supervise the security of the system.
    Reserve materials, offices of the Authority (hereinafter referred to as the authority) to manage storage security work under the jurisdiction and oversight. Article seventh reserve warehouse safety and security implementation of responsibility system of the legal representative.
    The first responsibility is the safety and security of the legal representative who, through the establishment of responsibility system for security, safety and security responsibilities to various departments, positions and personnel.
    Eighth article security defend work first responsibility people perform following duties: (a) implementation national about security defend work of legal, and regulations and regulations; (ii) organization developed and implementation security defend work of system and plans; (three) formed defend institutions, equipped with defend personnel; (four) implementation security defend work by needed funding and equipment; (five) layout, and check, and assessment security defend work; (six) to local government and superior competent sector reported security defend work situation, proposed work recommends;
    (VII) to handle internal security a major issue.
    Security first responsible person can specify the official in charge of security work.
    Nineth storage should be in local government under the unified organization, active in conjunction with relevant government departments and the surrounding towns, streets, businesses, and public institutions to set up security defense organizations.
    Tenth shall strictly implement relevant State reserve warehouse of inflammable, explosive, dangerous chemical management and security, fire protection and other laws and regulations and technical standards.
    Storage should carry out the rule of law and security awareness education, awareness and awareness of all personnel.
    11th reserve warehouses should be to eliminate security risks; resolve unstable factors; in the local public security organ under the direction of the development of security work programme and possible terrorist sabotage of major emergency preparedness and exercise regularly; important parts should set security protection facilities.
    Storage security protection for new construction, expansion, renovation projects, security guard and fire-fighting equipment should be the main part of the project planning, design, construction and acceptance of delivery. 12th reserve warehouses should be established and authority the duty room, 24 hour on duty. For criminal cases, security cases, public disasters, terroristic activities, emergencies and major destabilizing factors, significant security risks exist, shall promptly report to public security organs and competent departments of local government, and take corresponding measures to rescue, control and disposal.
    Local government, public security organs and competent Department after receiving the report, shall be dealt with in a timely manner.
    13th reserve warehouses shall strictly implement security checks and rectification system, promptly eliminate hidden dangers.
    Chapter II to protect institutions and defend the 14th reserve warehouses shall set up full-time security agencies staffed with full-time security personnel, establish security committees. 15th guards shall meet the conditions laid down by the State.
    Security personnel before they shall be subject to the relevant legal knowledge and security services, skills and knowledge training, assessment, job periods should also receive regular security training.
    Establishment of defence and security personnel equipped with, changes should be reported to the local public security organ for the record.
    The appointment and dismissal of the heads of security agencies should be consulted by the competent authorities and the views of local public security organs.
    16th defence agencies and security personnel should abide by the law and act with justice, about civilization, strictly carry out security duties, cooperate with the public security organs to carry out the work. No unit or individual may obstruct the security agencies and security personnel to perform their duties.
    To protect institutions and the instructions of the security personnel have the right to refuse to violate the law.
    Article 17th storage protect institutions should be equipped with safety protection equipment, transportation and communications tools, as required to defend their staff allowances, for the relevant insurance.
    Security personnel injuries from performing their duties, unit should be responsible for medical expenses of disability or death, in accordance with State workers ' compensation insurance, assess, evaluate the heroes prescribe appropriate treatment. Chapter three guards working with warehouse facilities article 18th reserve full-time guard forces guarding work should be organized.
    Meet the conditions specified in internal security scope of duty of the armed police force and explosive storage, oil storage and synthesis of rare metals material storage warehouse shall apply in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State posted armed police guards. 19th reserve warehouse guards programme should be developed, to guide and supervise the implementation of guard duty guard force system, take on the important parts of the guard on duty combined with security patrols to guard the way.
    Guarded by armed police guarded storage programme by the armed police detachment and the approval of the storage, reported armed police corps and authority record; other reserve warehouse guards programme reported to the authority record.
    Guard inside and outside the programme should be based on objective circumstances, service deployment and force changes in time, and permission in the preceding paragraph for approval.
    Storage should be in accordance with the relevant regulations of the State in the target alert warning flag is set in the control area, depending on the circumstances for the guard force operational facilities, communication equipment and vehicles. 20th guards shall strictly perform their duties staff responsibilities, respect operational discipline, familiar with the relevant requirements, ensure the safety objectives.
    Main task is: (a) is responsible for library district, and station, and job district of alert control, on access of personnel, and vehicles and by carrying items for check, and validation and registration; (ii) maintenance alert district order, found exception situation timely report and be disposal; (three) prevention, and combat enemy and outlaws of damage and terrorist activities, prevention and disposal disaster accident; (four) completed reserves warehouse of other security defend task.
    21st reserve warehouses shall strengthen the guard work organization, supervision and guidance, the guards clear the special requirements and possible solutions, guarding the revision comments on time.
    Fourth chapter security protection facilities article 22nd reserve warehouses shall be defined in accordance with the relevant regulations risk level, set the security protection facilities.
    23rd reserve warehouse safety technology to prevent construction shall conform to the relevant regulations of the State.
    Reserve warehouses shall strengthen security protection facilities inspection, maintenance and repair, improve the technical training of operators on duty to ensure normal operation of equipment and facilities. 24th security protection engineering alarm control center should be designated personnel on duty for 24 hours, and communications with the local public security organs.
    Image and alarm information Office with a guard or guards unit connection.
    When an alarm occurs on duty personnel should review, in the event of situations should be reported in a timely manner and to inform the relevant authorities for disposal, and do a record.
    Fifth chapter 25th reserve warehouse fire of fire safety shall observe the relevant regulations of the State, implementation of the fire safety system.
    26th reserve warehouse fire safety leadership group should be set up to establish full-time or volunteer fire team, carry out fire safety duties. Professional fire brigade building of city fire station construction standards stipulated by the State shall be referred, under the guidance of local public security fire control institutions.
    Full-time firefighters from the employees or contract workers, shall comply with the conditions stipulated by the State, and through the relevant departments of professional training.
    Storage should be in accordance with State regulations, distribute the allowances to full-time firefighters.
    27th reserve warehouse fire facilities design, construction shall conform to the national standard of engineering, fire fighting vehicles, equipment, and fire safety signs shall conform to the specifications, and in accordance with the regulations for inspection and maintenance to ensure good performance. Fire safety design for new construction, renovation or expansion projects shall be conducted in accordance with the national fire protection technical standard of engineering construction, audit and report to the public security fire control institutions. Unaudited or audited is not qualified, the construction unit shall not construction.
    Completion of the project shall be carried out by public security fire control institutions fire inspection, acceptance or unqualified acceptance shall not be put into use.
    28th reserve warehouses should be carried out through a variety of forms of regular fire safety education and fire safety training for all staff at least once a year, for new posts and new posts of staff shall conduct fire safety training. Authority shall organize or assist the relevant departments on the following personnel for specialized training in fire safety: fire safety responsibility; fire safety managers fire control room, operators on duty.

    Article 29th reserve warehouse area, transfer stations is fire safety, operation and other important parts important parts, shall strictly implement relevant regulations and technical standards. (A) fire safety key position should set clear fire signs are equipped with fire-fighting equipment, (ii) fire safe key parts of electrical, lighting, lightning protection, fire-fighting facilities and communications, work tool, shall conform to the requirements of the relevant regulations of the State; (c) the library area, transfer stations, work area and its perimeter is strictly prohibited within 50 meters pyrotechnics and Fireworks. Explosive storage underground cave and soil surrounding should be according to the design specifications set fire belt. Oil reserves warehouse of hole library, and covering library of measurement hole, and breathing valve (breathable hole) around and the ground tank of protection embankment within should meet across fire requirements; is located in fire focus area of reserves warehouse, should according to local Government of about provides set week territories fire belt; (four) library district, and job district, and station and the other has flammable easy burst dangerous goods of places is strictly prohibited using fire and all may produced fire of operation; for construction job does needed hot Shi, Hot work units shall in accordance with the fire management systems and personnel go through examination and approval procedures, and in the implementation of the guardian site, confirm the no fire, no explosion hazard be implemented.
    Hot construction personnel shall comply with the fire safety requirements, implementation of appropriate fire safety measures; guards set in the area should be designated with fire and isolation facilities; (e) storage should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and fire hazard classification criteria requirements for storage, store supplies, setting the fire separation and fire exits and proper use of tools and equipment.
    Sixth chapter important parts of managing article 30th reserve warehouse area, transfer stations, operation area for safety and security an important part.
    31st important site and external safety distances, no fire, blast, or hunting, shooting and other activities that affect safety.
    Important parts and ancillary facilities to external safety distances in accordance with State regulations and related standards. 32nd important parts of the staff should be subject to strict examination, meets the required conditions.
    Who should not be in the important parts of personnel shall not be arranged in an important part of the work.
    33rd important parts shall strictly implement relevant State regulations and industry standards, any person not allowed to enter without permission. Important parts should be conspicuous warning signs, and equipped with the necessary protective equipment.
    Protective facilities shall be equipped with fire, theft, explosion-proof, vandal-resistant features. Enter into an important part of personnel, inspection of vehicles shall be subject to the guard on duty shall carry the fire and inflammable and explosive dangerous goods.
    Enter places where inflammable and explosive and inflammable and explosive dangerous goods transport vehicle shall conform to technical requirements established by the State.
    Things to bring out important parts of the personnel, vehicles, should be proof of valid, guards will be on duty for inspection.
    Important parts shall not be carried out has nothing to do with photography, video, mapping and other activities, because of their work shall be approved by the authority.
    Major construction job, should strictly implement the State Council on safety management in warehouses during the reconstruction requirements.
    Article 34th storage warehouse (can) should be in accordance with the regulations set the lock, strictly enforce the lock key regulatory requirements. There is a rare and precious metals and inflammable and explosive dangerous goods warehouse (can) should be introduced for two people, an entrant shall be registered in accordance with the regulations, dress and use of tools and equipment.
    No persons shall not enter alone and stranded, unrelated persons is prohibited to enter.
    Seventh chapter corporate management article 35th of the gun storage gun use should strictly abide by relevant regulations of the State, and consciously accept the supervision of public security organs, check.
    36th reserve applications for full-time guards and escorts of warehouse certificates shall be approved by the authority documents and full-time guards and escorts reviews and other materials submitted to public security authority.
    Reserve warehouses to purchase guns, bullets, should be reported to the county-level public security organs. 37th arming with guns by full-time guards and escorts should be consistent with, and in strict compliance with State regulations on firearms use management.
    Full-time guards and escorts because of work, carrying firearms, should be reported to the examination and approval of the authority, and carrying the certificates.
    Implementation to protect mission personnel may not carry the bullet left the warning area, escort duties tasks after completing the mission shall promptly return the carrying of firearms. Article 38th County-level public security organs should be performed on the storage of firearms management system for supervision and checks on a regular basis.
    Public security organs at the county-level public security organs should be up every half a year level reported storage of firearms management, (City) as well as provincial-level public security organ for the beginning of each year to higher level public security organ gun storage the previous year. Eighth chapter supplementary articles article 39th storage should be in accordance with the requirements of safety management responsibility system, every six months on the implementation of the safety and security objective evaluation, annual appraisal and rating.
    Security outstanding units and individuals shall commend and reward; to cause accidents and hidden units for breaking the rules and personal penalties constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    40th head of the storage and associated personnel resulting from the violation of the provisions of accident and personal injury and damage to property, subject to penalties constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    41st this approach by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of public security is responsible for the interpretation.
    State Bureau of material reserve, stock Authority implementing rules should be enacted in accordance with these measures.
                                                                                              42nd these measures shall come into force on October 1, 2004.

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