Safety In Industry Standard Management Regulations

Original Language Title: 安全生产行业标准管理规定

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(November 1, 2004 the State administration of work safety, the State administration of coal mine safety supervision Bureau promulgated as of December 1, 2004, 14th) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen safety standards (hereinafter referred to as safety standards) manage, standardize safety standards and procedures for amendments, in accordance with the standard method and the relevant provisions of the regulations for the implementation of the standardization law, these provisions are formulated.
    Safety standard is referred to in the provisions of article by the State administration of work safety (State administration of coal mine safety supervision Bureau) (hereinafter referred to as National Council) promulgated by the formulation and revision of relevant safety aspects of technology, management, and other requirements.
    Safety standards including mine safety, PPE, hazard chemicals safety management, fireworks safety management and other industrial commerce and safety procedures, and so on. Third production safety standards is mandatory standards and voluntary standards.
    Safety standards concerning the need to enforce safety conditions, security management, mandatory standard; other voluntary standards.
    Fourth safety standards should be coordinated with other industry standards, and unified. Safety standard needs to rise to national standards, should rise as the national standard in a timely manner.
    After the implementation of safety standards in the corresponding national standards, and shall be annulled.
    Fifth National Council to supervise and administer the national work safety standards, and encourage relevant government agencies, production and business operation entities, national standardization technical committees, trade associations, scientific research institutions and academic organizations, schools and other units and individuals engaged in work safety standards in accordance with law.
    Second chapter safety standard of plans sixth article following matters should developed corresponding of safety standard: (a) labor protection supplies and mine security instrument instrument of varieties, and specifications, and quality, and grade and the labor protection supplies of design, and production, and test, and packaging, and store, and transport, and using of security requirements; (ii) for implementation mine, and dangerous chemicals, and Fireworks firecrackers security management and provides of about technology terms, and symbol, and code, and code, and file format, and drawing method, General technology language and security technology requirements;
    (Three) production, and business, and store, and transport, and using, and detection, and test, and abandoned, aspects of security technology requirements; (four) mining trade safety procedures; (five) production business units of safety conditions; (six) emergency rescue of rules, and procedures, and standard, technology specification; (seven) security evaluation, and assessment, and training assessment of standard, and General, and guide is, and rules, technology specification; (eight) security intermediary institutions of service specification and rules, and standard;
    (I) the supervision and administration of production safety and coal mine safety supervision work of the technical requirements; (j) other safety requirements stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.
    Seventh article names should conform to the relevant requirements of the national standard of safety standards.
    Safety standards is the design, construction, manufacture, testing, inspection and other technical matters to make a series of uniform provisions, standardization should be the name of the object with the specifications, rule together as the name for safety standards.
    Standards is the process of production safety, operation, installation, identification, management and other specific requirement for a uniform safety requirements and procedures for the implementation and standardization should be the name of the object and security procedures or procedures together as the name for safety standards.
    Safety standards are for a specific equipment, safety requirements for equipment, protective equipment requirements or test methods, inspection rules, marking, packing, transportation, storage of requests, such as, standardization should be the name of the object and technical conditions together as a safety standard or technical conditions of the name.
    Content includes only part of the technical features of safety standards, should be standardized and standards technical characteristics as described in name of safety standards.
    Standardization of safety standards is a comprehensive account of the object should be standardized as the safety standard of the object name.
    Safety standards are general provisions, the object should be standardized and its technical characteristics and guidelines, general clauses together as a safety standard of name.
    Safety standards of safety conditions for production and business operation entity is provided for, should be standardized objects together as a safety and security conditions the standard name.
    Eighth National Council according to the work safety needs, prepare safety standards work plans and annual plans.
    Nineth safety standard drafting units should be submitted before December 15 in each year to the State Board next year development of project proposals and the revision of safety standards.
    Safety standards of project proposals shall include the following information: (a) the necessity of developing or revising; (b) the relevant national standards or trade standards, (iii) standard primary content and (iv) time frame for completion and (v) other relevant information.
    Tenth State Council work safety standards drafting unit proposed safety standards for reviewing project proposals, determine the annual plan of work safety standards, and issue organizations.
    Safety standards Chapter III drafting and review of the 11th production safety standard drafting units should develop a standard plan, set up a drafting group, and to identify specialized personnel are responsible for the drafting of standards.
    Standard plans and standard list of the drafting group should be submitted to the State Council for the record.
    12th standard drafting units shall be completed in accordance with the standards of production safety plan safety standard draft and widely seek the views of relevant units and experts. Views of relevant units and experts, safety standard drafting units should be adopted; inadmissible, it shall explain the reasons.
    View results summary table should be prepared in accordance with the relevant provisions of the standard views.
    13th safety standard drafting units should be based on the results of safety standards draft revised forming safety standards draft, National Council or national standardization Technical Committee for review.
    Safety standards at the trial, should be accompanied by a standard draft, standard description, summary tables, and other related accessories.
    The 14th National Council or national standardization Technical Committee after receiving the draft safety standards and related materials, should be dealt with in accordance with the following provisions: national standardization Technical Committee has been established by the national standardization Technical Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Statute of the national technical Committee of Standardization Organization standard of review.
    No formation of the national standardization Technical Committee, invited by the National Council under the safety standards related to content production, use, distribution, research, institutions and other units and expert review of organizational standards; review, users should not be less than one-fourth.
    National safety standards or national technical Committee of standardization in Organization review, safety standards should be mandatory or recommended for review comments. 15th Conference on production safety standards should be used to review manner.
    Review difficult, letters can be used. Conference review, should be well discussed and come to some agreement. Need to vote, and must have the consent of not less than three-fourths the number of representatives to the Conference for adoption. Function instance, also must have three-fourths reply to consent for adoption. Reviewed the results of the Conference should be included in the meeting minutes, meeting minutes should reflect the various views. Letters on the conclusion of the trial should be form letters and letter documents.
    Conference attendance and letter of reply rate shall not be less than two-thirds.
    16th Conference on production safety standard drafting units should be based on reviews or functions to modify the draft safety standards, form a safety standard approval and submitted to the State Council for approval. When safety standards approval, should be accompanied by a draft standard for approval, standards, instructions, standard of review meeting minutes or on the conclusion of the letter and the letter documents, summary tables, and other related accessories.
    Adopting international standards or foreign advanced standards, should be accompanied by the original or the translation of the standards.
    The fourth chapter safety standards published and recorded 17th numbered from National Bureau of production safety standards, release. Standard numbering by the safety standards of production safety code, number and title of the standard order form.
    Safety standard codes for AQ.
    18th production safety standards shall be published in the 30th after standardization Administrative Department of law submitted to the State Council for the record.
    19th safety standards published by the Publishing House of the State Council designated uniform, release. 20th after the implementation of safety standards should be reviewed. Not more than 5-year review cycle.
    Failed to pass the review, shall promptly be revised or repealed.
    Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 21st safety standards of writing, descriptions, reviews and other content shall conform to the relevant requirements of the national standard.
    22nd for the need to develop a new national standard, or increased safety standards as national standards or revision of the national plan, in accordance with national standards and regulations, as amended.
    23rd these provisions come into force on December 1, 2004.

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