Foreign Trade Operator Registration Options

Original Language Title: 对外贸易经营者备案登记办法

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(Released June 25, 2004 by Ministry of Commerce, 2004 14th as of July 1, 2004) article to promote the development of foreign trade, according to the People's Republic of China foreign trade law (hereinafter referred to as the foreign trade law) rules of the Nineth, the formulation of the approach.
    Article engaged in import and export of goods and technology import and export foreign trade dealers shall provide the People's Republic of China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) or agencies commissioned by the Commerce register; however, provisions of laws and administrative rules and regulations and the Department of Commerce does not require registration except.
    Foreign trade dealers fail to register in these measures, the Customs shall not handle import and export formalities of Customs Declaration and examination.
    Article of Commerce is the work of national foreign trade operator registration authorities.
    Fourth foreign trade operator registration work for national networks and local management.
    Ministry of Commerce delegates meet the conditions of local foreign trade authorities (hereinafter referred to as the registration authorities) responsible for the region's foreign trade operator registration procedures; was entrusted with the registration of registration authorities may not entrust other bodies.
    Registration authority must have to register required a fixed office space, management, input, technical support, maintenance, professional and Ministry of Commerce foreign trade operator registration system (hereinafter "registration network"), related equipment, and so on. Registration authorities to comply with the above conditions, the Ministry of Commerce issued a written letter, issued by the Ministry of Commerce registration seal produced by the uniform and released. Registration authorities with written power of Attorney letter and registration of the Ministry of Commerce seal, through filing online filing registration.
    About changed circumstances, does not comply with the conditions mentioned above and is not provided for by the way sixth to seventh record registration authorities to register, Ministry of Commerce withdrew its delegates.
    Article fifth foreign trade operator registration procedures for foreign trade operator registration authorities to register in the region. Foreign trade operator registration procedures are as follows: (a) recipients of the foreign trade operator registration form (hereinafter referred to as the registration form).
    Foreign trade dealers may through the Government Web site ( download, or to the local registration authorities to get to the registration form (style). (B) fill in the registration form.
    Foreign trade dealers shall be as requested in the registration form carefully fill in all information in respect of matters, and to ensure that the information is complete, accurate and true, and carefully read the terms on the back of the registration form and signed by the legal representative of the enterprise or individual business person in charge and seal. (Three) to record registration organ submitted following record registration material: 1, and by this article second paragraph requirements fill in of registration form; 2, and license copies; 3, and organization institutions code certificate copies; 4, and foreign trade operators for foreign investment enterprise of, also should submitted foreign investment enterprise approved certificate copies; 5, and law handle business registration of individual industrial and commercial households (owned operators), must submitted legal notary institutions issued of property notary proved; law handle business registration of foreign (area) enterprise,
    Must be submitted to the legal notary proof of funds of credit files.
    Sixth record registration organs shall be from the date it received these materials from foreign trade operators in the 5th handle the registration formalities, stamped with the seal of the register in the registration form.
    Article seventh registration authority at the time of completion of the registration process should be completely and accurately record and save a foreign trade operator registration information and registration material, shall establish the registration files. Eighth foreign trade dealers shall be sealed by the filing of the registration form in the 30th to the local customs, inspection and quarantine, foreign exchange, taxation and other departments for the procedures required to carry out foreign trade operations.
    Fails to go through, and the lapse of the registration form.
    On the Nineth registration form of any change of registered particulars, foreign trade dealers shall, mutatis mutandis, the relevant provisions of article fifth and eighth, within the 30th for the change of the registration form, fails to go through the procedures of alteration, the lapse of the registration form.
    Registration authority upon receipt of the written material submitted by the foreign trade operators, shall immediately be dealt with change procedures.
    Article tenth foreign trade operators in the industrial and commercial sector for cancellation procedures or revoke its business license, business license from the date of cancellation or revocation of, registration form automatically invalidated.
    In accordance with the relevant provisions of the foreign trade law, the Ministry decided to ban foreign trade operators concerned within a period of one to three years engaged in related goods and technology import and export activities, the registration authority shall revoke its registration form; punishment expired, can be based on this approach to register foreign trade dealers.
    11th registration authority should be canceled after registration on foreign trade operators will be informed promptly of any relevant customs, inspection and quarantine, foreign exchange, taxation Department.
    12th foreign trade dealers shall not be forged, altered, altered, leased, lent or sold to the registration form.
    13th registration authorities to register or change the record registration, shall not be charged in a disguised form.
    14th before the implementation of these measures has been legally obtained goods and technology import and export qualification, and only within the scope approved by the original foreign trade operators involved in import and export activities, no longer need to go through the registration formalities; foreign trade operators such as go beyond the approved scope of business engaged in import and export business, still need to register according to these measures.
    15th explain these measures by the Ministry of Commerce. 16th the measures come into effect July 1, 2004.

    Provisions inconsistent with this approach, since these measures as of the date of repeal. 附件:

备案登记表编号:                              进出口企业代码:
│  经营者中文名称  │                                                      │
├──────                  ───┼───────────────────────────┤
│  经营者英文名称  │                                                      │
│   组织机构代码   │                │      经营者类型      │            │
│ │                │(由备案登记机关填写)│            │
│     住    所     │                                                      │
├─────────┼───────────────────────── ──┤
│ 经营场所(中文) │                                                      │
│ 经营场所(英文) │                                                      │
├─────────┼────────┬───────┬─ ─────────┤
│     联系电话     │                │   联系传真   │                    │
│     邮政编码     │                │   电子邮箱   │                    │
├─────────┼────────┼────── ─┼──────────┤
│     工商登记     │                │   工商登记   │                    │
│     注册日期     │                │    注册号    │                    │
┌─ ────────┬────────┬───────┬──────────┐
│企业法定代表人姓名│                │  有效证件号  │                    │
│     注册资金     │                          │                (折美元)│
└────              -The-the-the-the-the ┴-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the ┴-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the ┘ law handle business registration of foreign (area) enterprise or individual industrial and commercial households (owned operators) also must fill in following content ┌-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the ┬-the-the-the-the-the-the-the ┬-the-the-the-the-the-the-the ┬-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the ┐ │ enterprise statutory representative people/│ │ effective documents, │││ individual business head name │ │ │                    │

│ 企业资产/个人财产 │                        │              (折美元)  │
│备注:                                    │                                    │
│                                    │                                    │
│                                    │                                    │

                                                            ││└----------------------┴----------------------┘ Before completing this form please read the terms on the back of, and signed by the legal representative of the enterprise or individual business person in charge and seal.
    Registration authority signature year month day =tbl/> the foreign trade operators the following guarantee: first, adherence to the People's Republic of China Foreign Trade Act and its supporting regulations or rules.
    Second, comply with the import and export trade customs, foreign exchange, taxation, inspection and quarantine, environmental protection, intellectual property rights and other People's Republic of China laws, rules and regulations.
    Three, respect for People's Republic of China on nuclear, biological, chemical, missile and other sensitive items and technologies export control regulations and other relevant laws, regulations, rules, do not engage in any activities that endanger State security and social and public interests.
    Four, not forged, hand-made, altered, leased, lent, sold under the foreign trade operator registration form.
    Five, fill in the information in the registration form is complete and accurate, true; all materials submitted are complete, accurate and valid.
    Six, of the foreign trade operator registration form to fill out any items change date of 30th to the original registration authorities for the change of the foreign trade operator registration form.

                                      More than failing, will assume all the liabilities.
        Signed and sealed by the foreign trade dealers date _____________________________________________________________________ Note: 1, the registration form in the "institution code" column, by enterprises, organizations and access to individual businesses to fill out organization code. 2, according to the registration of foreign (region) enterprises, in business activities with limited or unlimited liability.
        According to industrial and commercial registration of individual businesses (sole proprietors), business activities, and assume unlimited liability.
          3 industrial and commercial registration, license, such as the scope does not include the distribution of imported goods, the registration authority shall indicate in the remarks column of "no import distribution business."