Flight Training Center Certification Rules

Original Language Title: 飞行训练中心合格审定规则

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(Civil Aviation Administration of China on October 12, 2004 the 128th announced as of June 1, 2005) Chapter directory a general 142.1 purpose basis 142.3 and 142.5 scope definition 142.7 authority 142.9 flight training centre certificate and operations specifications 142.11 flight training centre within the institutions and personnel requirements 142 142.13 training management manual. 142.17 branches overseas and 15 training centres in Hong Kong, Macau S.A.R. 142.19 flight training center training facility lease certificate of certification procedures and requirements in chapter b 142.31 application 142.33 application acceptance and validation of 142.35 flight training centre certificate and operations specifications issued 142.37 flight training centre certificate and operations specifications 142.39 flight training centre certificate valid 142.41 certificate and operations specifications amended 142.43 used to save and 142.45 supervision and inspection of the implementation of the training program requirements in chapter c 142.51 training program approval and use 142.53 outline curricula requirements personnel requirements in chapter d 142.61 142.63 ground General requirements for teacher trainers eligibility requirements, rights and restrictions 142.65 in Flight Simulator and flight   142.67 aircraft eligibility requirements on training as instructors instructor qualification requirements 142.69 faculty rights and restrictions on inspectors e 142.71 flight training center training equipments and facilities 142.81 142.83 aircraft flight simulators and flight training device requirements Chapter f record 142.85 training facilities at 142.91 record keeping requirements Chapter g penalty 142.101
    Warnings and fines h chapter I General provisions chapter by-laws 142.111 the timing a 142.1 purpose and basis in order to standardize flight training center certification and continuous supervision and inspection to ensure that those provisions of the civil aircraft pilots achieve and maintain training standards and quality, according to the People's Republic of China civil aviation law and the administrative examination and approval items really necessary to be retained by the State Council to set administrative licensing decision, this rule has been formulated.
    142.3 scope (a) this rule applies to offer the following training flight training center: (1) in order to meet Chinese civil aviation regulations (hereinafter referred to as CCAR) 121th, 135th Department requirements, civilian aircraft in public air transport carrier for the training provided by the driver, but public air transport carrier except for training rental training center training equipments.
    (2) China's Ministry of civil aircraft pilots according to CCAR 61st gaining and maintaining aircraft type rating required to undergo training and inspections.
    (3) Department of China's civil aircraft pilots according to CCAR 61st obtain airline transport pilot's licence required training.
    (B) according to CCAR 91st or 141th department granting approval, was approved to engage in this section (a) (2), (a) (3) the training referred to in paragraph commercial transport operators or non-flight schools, without again audited in accordance with these rules.
    142.5 definitions (a) dry lease: in these rules refers to flight training center training facility it leases to public air transport carrier, uses its own teacher training by the carrier leases.
    (B) core courses: refers to the flight training centre, not for specific models developed for customer-specific training courses.
    (C) special courses: refers to the flight training centres on the basis of one or several client's needs, apply only to these specific training courses.
    (D) operation specifications: by the General Administration of civil aviation of China, or the Civil Aviation Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Council) to pass the validation flight training center training center certificate of supplementary documents, including approval of the training centre of training and restrictions.
    142.7 management authority (a) the Civil Aviation Administration of China (hereinafter DGAC) centralised management according to the implementation training training center approval and supervision, responsible for foreign and Hong Kong, Macau S.A.R. 's flight training center certification and continuous supervision and inspection work. (B) civil aviation authority is responsible for the flight training centre in the area of certification and continuing supervision and inspection work.
    Civil Aviation Authority shall each designate a Director of flight training center within their respective jurisdictions the Ombudsman, responsible for flight training centre management.
    142.9 flight training centre certificate and operations specifications issued called for by this rule shall be applied for flight training center training center certificate and operations specifications, made flight training centre the Council issued certificate and operations specifications to be implemented by training.
    142.11 flight training centre's internal organization and personnel (a) flight training center shall have sufficient organization and implementation of training institutions and personnel, and can be run in accordance with these rules and regulations implementing training. (B) the flight training centre should be independent from other institutions of training quality control body or person, the institution or person is accountable to the Director of the training center, supervision and training centres for implementation of operations specifications.
    In the daily operation of the training center for teachers, teaching materials and conducting supervision and inspection, to modify proposals affecting the quality of training.
    142.13 training management manual (a) except in circumstances approved by the Council deviated from the outside, flight training centre should develop a training manual for use by the relevant training for managers and teaching staff. (B) training management manual shall comply with the following requirements: (1) contains the necessary instructions and information to enable the persons concerned to complete the burden of duties (2) the flight training center in China, should have a Chinese version for foreign and Hong Kong, Macau S.A.R. 's flight training center, should have Chinese or English version.
    If certificate holds people in run in the using has not familiar above text of personnel, is should for its provides corresponding text of manual, and should guarantee these manual of consistency; (3) used easily amendment of form; (4) in about of each page Shang, has last once amendment of date; (5) meet applies of China civil aviation regulations, and the certificate holds people of flight training center certificate and run specification.
    (C) training management manual should at least contains following content: (1) training center of total policy; (2) training center of internal institutions and the functions; (3) organization implementation training work of program and method; (4) training outline, and textbook effectiveness of control and management method, training quality of program and method; (5) teaching facilities, and equipment perfect sex of control, emergency and security equipment of listing and using description; (6) Faculty qualification effectiveness of keep method; (7) training records of keep method;
    (8) the Division of responsibilities and procedures in an emergency; (9) other content required by the Council. 142.15 training center branch established flight training centers at home and abroad according to the operation of branches, shall apply for running the branch specified in the specification of names, addresses, and training mandate. And meet following requirements: (a) domestic established of branch institutions in according to approved of run specification implementation training Shi, should meet following requirements: (1) facilities, and equipment, and personnel meet this rules in the corresponding requirements; (2) Faculty and quality control personnel of business work by Headquarters directly for management; (b) for in domestic across area established of branch institutions, by branch institutions location area authority is responsible for daily supervision check, and comply with following requirements: (1) monitored results not involved run specification modified Shi,
    Board may deal directly with the region and inform the training centre headquarters authority; (2) the monitoring results involves running code modifications, modifications shall be notified of the authority in the area training centre headquarters area Board.
    (C) outside Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R. established branches, branch training and quality controlled by the unified management and training centre headquarters, training centre headquarters authority to carry out supervision and inspection.
    142.17 overseas and Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R. 's flight training center (a) comply with the provisions of rule 142.3 outside Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R. 's flight training center, by the CAAC called for by this rule, organization certification and continuous supervision and inspection.
    (B) a corresponding bilateral agreements signed between the civil aviation authorities of foreign and Hong Kong, Macau S.A.R. 's flight training center, in accordance with the bilateral agreement requires the implementation of management. 142.19 training equipment rental (a) flight training center could lease aircraft, Flight Simulator, flight training and other training equipment used in training.
    Flight training center during the training device has the exclusive right to use leased, and shall submit to the Council the copy of the rental contract.
    (B) rental of flight equipment should meet the Rules 142.81, 142.83 requirements.
    B certification procedures and application for 142.31 certificate (a) foreign or Hong Kong, Macau S.A.R. of certificate applicants shall be submitted to the civil aviation training center application for certificate, China certificate the applicant shall submit to the region's civil aviation authority flight training centre certificate applications.
    (B) the flight training centre certificate applicants, their application and related application documents shall include the following: (1) the application shall include the following: (I) flight training center name, address and contact information; (ii) the approval of training courses, and (iii) the applicant's signature. (2) the applicant shall submit relevant application documents, including: (I) training management manual, and (ii) set forth the training centre's key management personnel, teachers and file resumes and qualifications of inspectors, and (iii) training in the use of aircraft, flight training, flight simulators and other equipment list. Shall be indicated in the list of category, level and type of aircraft, flight training devices, Flight Simulator class, as well as the property rights of these devices;

    (Iv) the use of various training programs and materials, and (v) in accordance with the Bureau published draft standard format specification for operation of; (vi) recommendations to the audited events.
    (C) applicants can application following a items or more items training courses of training: (1) for public air transport carrier provides of for specific models of training, including: (I) initial get qualification of training, including driver of initial training, and turned models training, and upgrade training and differences training; (ii) keep qualification of training and check, including regularly complex training, and again get qualification training and skilled check.
    (2) the CCAR 61st implement the type rating training and examination; (3) ground training of airline transport pilot license and (4) other special types of training, such as twin extended range, reduced vertical separation minimum, Polar running and class II/III approach. 142.33 admissibility and examination of the application (a) would the Council upon receipt of the applicant's application materials, the integrity of the material should be reviewed to determine whether to accept. Application materials are incomplete or do not meet the format requirements, the Council shall, within 5 working days after receipt of the application by notice in writing to the applicant need to supplement the entire contents of. Fails to notify is deemed accepted the date of receiving the application.
    All the correct materials in accordance with Council's notification of the applicant, the Council should accept the application.
    (B) the Council's decision to accept or to reject the complaint, issue stamped and dated by the applicant should be a written document.
    (C) the Director of organization of the Ombudsman to review the documents submitted by the applicant, to evaluate the implementation of teaching management and teaching, and write the validation report. (D) after the acceptance of the application of the Council, shall, within 20 working days to review the applicant's application materials and making licensing decisions.
    Parties to carry out the inspection, testing and expert review of the time are not included in the preceding period of 20 working days.
    142.35 flight training centre certificate and operations specifications issued by (a) upon completion of the review of the Council, that an applicant who meets the requirements of this rule, issued by the flight training centre certificate and operations specifications; can also be based on the review of the Council's actual situation, issued by the flight training centre certificate and operations specifications for approved applications.
    (B) the applicant has any of the following circumstances, flight training centre certificate shall not be issued. (1) in recently two years in the had was Council party revoked flight training center certificate; (2) applicants arrangements or plans arrangements served as main management posts of personnel, in recently 2 years within had served as another a certificate holds people of main management posts and on the certificate holds people certificate of revoked or temporarily buckle has main responsibility; (3) applicants for get certificate, provides not full, and not accurate, and fake or forged of information information; (4) applicants no equipped with right of or enough of personnel, and equipment, and facilities and information,
    Cannot provide qualified training in accordance with these rules.
    (C) the Council made no decision that issued the certificate of flight training center, shall inform the applicant has the right to bring administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation according to law.
    142.37 flight training center certificate and run specification of content (a) flight training center certificate contains following content: (1) certificate holds people of name; (2) certificate holds people of address; (3) certificate of number; (4) certificate of entered into force date, and validity; (5) is responsible for supervision the certificate holds people run of Council party institutions name or code; (6) description by validation, the certificate holds people meet this rules of corresponding requirements, approved its by by issued of run specification implementation training.
    (B) run specification at least contains following content: (1) main training base of specific address, and its file transceiver institutions of name and communications address; (2) authorized implementation of training type, including approved of courses; (3) training, and exam and check in the may with to of aircraft of category, and level and type don't; (4) each species flight simulation machine and flight training device of manufacturers, and model, and simulation machine, and training device of identification grade;
    (5) identified by the Bureau management to assess each flight simulators and flight training device identification number and expiry date; (6) name and address of the training centre for all divisions and each Division approved training and courses, (7) according to these rules authorize the derogation, exemption and limitation; (8) the Council requirements as other content.
    142.39 flight training centre certificate is valid (a) subject to this section, (b), in the case of, according to the issued certificate of standing.
    (B) the Civil Aviation Administration according to the rules for foreign and Hong Kong, Macau S.A.R. flight training flight training centre certificate or equivalent document issued by the Center, the validity period is 24 months. (C) the flight training centre certificate in certificate holders to give up or has suspended or revoked the certificate fails.
    After the certificate has expired, the Council should have its certificate, certificate holder shall, within 5 working days will be returned to the issuing certificate authority.
    142.41 certificate and operations specifications to modify (a) under the following circumstances, issued by the Council can be modified according to the flight training centre certificate and operations specifications: (1) would the Council consider to be safe and in the public interest need to be modified, (2) the holder of the certificate requests for changes, the Council considers that its application met the requirements of this rule.
    (B) except this article (d) paragraph provides of case outside, Council party proposed modified certificate, and run specification Shi, should using following program: (1) Council party to written form proposed modified content, notification certificate holds people; (2) certificate holds people can in received notification Hou of 7 a days within on modified content proposed written views; (3) Council party in consider certificate holds people of views Hou, made modified decided and notification certificate holds people, certificate holds people can in received notification Hou 5 a days within proposed complaints views;
    (4) the Council after considering the appeal of the certificate holder, make a decision and reissuing certificate or issuing operations specifications to modify.
    (C) the holder of the certificate application to modify its certificate and operations specifications, reference should be made to this rule 142.31, 142.33 and 142.35 of provisions, the Council shall, within 20 working days after accepting the application make a licensing decision.
    (D) if the Bureau finds that threatens security and emergencies requiring immediate action, not in accordance with this section (b), (c) provides the application to modify the certificate and operations specifications, you can take the following measures: (1) the Council unilaterally decided to amend the certificate and operations specifications, modify the certificate holder receives the changes take effect from the date of notification.
    (2) the certificate holder in the notification are issued, it shall explain the reasons, pointing out that endanger the security and emergencies requiring immediate action, or that modify the delayed entry into force would be contrary to the public interest.
    142.43 saving and use of responsibility (a) certificate holder shall be prominently displayed in the training centre certificate and flight training center at its main training base to save a complete set of effective operations specifications, and ensure the ready acceptance of civil aviation and civil aviation authority check.
    (B) the certificate holder should be run in the specification for content or information, written into the Center's training management manual shall also operate every requirements specification were mandatory.
    (C) the certificate holder shall continue to ensure their participation in the training of each person, familiar with working duties of running the norms applicable to the relevant provisions. 142.45 supervision and inspection of the implementation of (a) the Bureau shall conduct supervision and inspection on certificate holders, to determine whether it continues to meet the provisions of this rule is consistent with its flight training centre certificate and operations specifications.
    Certificate holder shall be subject to the Council to carry out supervision and inspection.
    (B) the Council may, in accordance with inspection determines that the certificate holder is qualified to continue holding its flight training centre certificate and operations specifications.
    (C) the certificate holder is responsible for maintaining personnel records, files, reports, relevant information should be provided to the Council.
    Chapter c training program requires 142.51 outline the approval and use of (a) flight training center certificate of the applicant or holder should be the training program drew attention to Council for approval. (B) Training Centre's training program contains courses can be divided into core courses and special courses two training centre should indicate which courses are the core curriculum in the training program, courses for special courses.
    Public air transport carrier's flight training center courses for training, the course should be included in the carrier's training program. (C) according to CCAR 121th, 135th running of public air carrier flight training centers for training, you should use the carriers get their own approval of the training program. The training program without any changes, which would provide training for flight training center for the carrier.
    Flight training center training program provided for in part for the carrier to provide the carrier training, it should be made clear is what part of the training for the carrier.
    (D) the training program shall be submitted for approval to use the Council may accept the format and method of preparation.
    (E) according to the approved training program begins running, the Council found that the certificate holder's training is inconsistent with the approved training program terms of, can demand that its training program to modify or make corrections.
    142.53 training program course requirements of Flight Centre's training program includes courses must meet the requirements of these rules, and contain at least the following: (a) the training syllabus of each course applied for, including teaching, teaching contents, methods and standards of teaching and examination.
    (B) minimum flight training device used by each course requirements.
    (C) in each course using the minimum qualification requirements of teachers and inspectors.
    (D) employed in the flight training center as a teaching task of teachers and inspectors should receive initial training and continuing training programme. General requirements for chapter d 142.61 teachers were asked (a) flight training center shall have a sufficient number of qualified flight instructor and ground instructor, ensure the smooth implementation of training.

    (B) teachers should receive written approval from the training center teaching can be implemented, what content should be specified in the instrument of ratification teachers can implement the teaching.
    (C) Faculty in initial appointment Qian, should by following project completed at least 8 hours of ground training and through corresponding of written: (1) method; (2) training policy and program; (3) learning process of principle; (4) Faculty of duties, and right and limit; (5) each species courses on equipment of minimum requirements; (6) training subjects of amendment; (7) human factors, including unit resources management.
    (D) teacher should assume the task of teaching in the course of a typical course, demonstrate the teaching skills and proficiencies to the Inspector.
    (E) in the core curriculum at the flight training center bear the task of teaching faculty, except article CCAR61.221 requires the flight instructor's license issued outside the faculty, approved by the Council shall, before the initial appointment. 142.63 ground Faculty of qualification requirements, and right and limit except this Rules 142.61 (c) paragraph of requirements outside, ground faculty also should meet following requirements: (a) completed related aviation based theory knowledge of training, or has in aviation college related aviation professional accept undergraduate education of experience; (b) on its bear of teaching task and by for of models, completed corresponding courses of initial training and through training center of exam; (c) in flight training device Shang bear teaching task of ground faculty,
    Should be consistent with 142.65 (a), (b), (c) the provisions of paragraphs and (d) implementation of the airline transport pilot licence theoretical training ground instructor, shall be held in accordance with section CCAR61.233 contains advanced ground instructor rating issued by the ground instructor's license. 142.65 in flight simulation machine and flight training device Shang served as Faculty of qualification requirements except this Rules 142.61 (c) paragraph of requirements outside, in flight training device, and flight simulation machine Shang served as faculty also should meet following requirements: (a) completed following project of ground theory and actual operation training and through corresponding of exam: (1) flight simulation machine, and flight training device control parts and system of normal using; (2) training equipment for training simulation of limitations; (3) flight simulation machine, and
    Flight training instructors control the correct use, (4) environment and failure to set the correct use of the Panel (5) the minimum training requirements for each course.
    (B) in flight simulators, flight training devices on coaching courses to complete its training.
    (C) every 12 calendar months complete a proficiency check according to the following requirements: (1) its coach on a Flight Simulator, or flight training device, (2) check the contents should be covered with his coaching course the method of theoretical knowledge and practical operation of the aircraft.
    (D) as instructors at the Flight Simulator, flight instructor's license should be CCAR61.221 requirements.
    (E) in flight simulation machine Shang bear route transport driver license training and aircraft type don't grade training task of faculty, also should meet following conditions one of: (1) in Qian 12 a calendar months within in corresponding models of aircraft Shang completed 2 hours flight, including independent manipulation aircraft completed 3 times landing; (2) in Qian 12 a calendar months within by run regulations requirements completed observation flight and completed 1 hours in simulation machine Shang of route simulation training.
    142.67 aircraft flight faculty of qualification requirements except this Rules 142.61 (c) paragraph of requirements outside, in aircraft Shang served as flight faculty also should meet following requirements: (a) holds effective of flight faculty license; (b) holds effective of a level medical certificate; (c) meet CCAR 61st Department of recently experience requirements; (d) for its implementation teaching of aircraft, should holds corresponding of category, and level and type don't grade;
    (E) every 12 calendar months in accordance with the following requirements to complete a proficiency check or regular refresher training: (1) its coach on board an aircraft; (2) the checks shall be covered with his coaching course the method of theoretical knowledge and practical operation of the aircraft.
    142.69 faculty rights and restrictions (a) teachers in the flight training center to undertake the following: (1) implement their qualifications in line with the content of teaching, is consistent with their qualifications examination and inspection, (2) recommend the trainee in the corresponding examination.
    (B) within any 24 consecutive hours of teaching time may not exceed 8 hours (comments excepted). 142.71 flight training center check Member (a) flight training center of check Member should meet following requirements: (1) by flight training center to written form appointment and get Council party of approved; (2) meet this Rules 142.67 article of requirements; (3) in initial appointment Qian, completed following project of training: (I) check Member of duties; (ii) implementation check of method, and program and skills; (iii) on driver performance of assessment; (iv) on driver check results not satisfaction proposed of corrected measures
    (B) Inspector in the flight training center to undertake the following: (1) is consistent with their qualifications checked and (2) recommending the trainees participate in the examinations corresponding to their qualifications.
    (C) subject to Council approval, its teaching himself is not checked.
    Chapter e training equipment and facilities of 142.81 flight simulators and flight training device requirements (a) in accordance with the rules for training and examination of each flight simulators and flight training device shall meet the requirements of China Civil Aviation Regulations standard.
    (B) Flight Simulator and flight training device should apply in accordance with the requirements of CCAR 60th training program listed in the subject of training.
    142.83 aircraft (a) aircraft used for flight training must have a valid certificate of airworthiness.
    (B) the aircraft continuing airworthiness requirements should be met.
    (C) practical training in the use of the aircraft shall be as listed in the specification for running the course aircraft.
    (D) flight training center for flight instruction in the use of aircraft, with at least two pilot seats and two seats on the driver should be able to easily use their engine control device and flight controls. 142.85 training center of facilities (a) certificate applicants or holds people must confirmed: (1) should has sufficient of flight training equipment and textbook, training equipment in the at least should including a Taiwan flight simulation machine or identification grade for 6 level (containing) above of flight training device, or a frame aircraft; (2) teaching places, including classroom, and training prepared and comments room, meet teaching need; (3) using of teaching places should has good of refrigeration (heating) lighting and ventilation facilities, guarantee its meet local in building, and
    Health and health-related standards, (4) environment do not often brought greater interference of teaching and training.
    (B) the Council when conducting supervision and inspection certificate of the applicant or holder should be taken at Headquarters and branch offices provided office space and (c) should have a place to hold the training records; (d) should have a place to hold the training syllabus and materials; (e) with other facilities.
    F chapter records keep 142.91 records keep requirements (a) certificate holds people must to written form for each trained who keep records, records of content should including: (1) trained who name; (2) training courses of name, completed of training time and using of flight training equipment; (3) trained who in each stage of performance and Faculty of signature; (4) implementation training outline requirements of practice exam of date and results, and implementation exam of personnel of signature;
    (5) Training Centre for inspectors to check the subject's name, test results, and date; (6) additional training after failing inspection or test subjects and hours; (7) after the training, copies of the certificates issued by the training centre. (B) be approved by chapter b, be appointed to a specific subject as the teaching tasks of each teacher and inspector training centre certificate holder must keep a record, to indicate that it meets the requirements of these rules on their qualifications.
    The record shall include: (1) the initial qualification and continuous qualification examination of records and (2) all training received by name, content, finish time and the results of training or training certificate, (3) training centre, the holder of a certificate of approval in its specific contents as instructors or inspectors of the instruments of ratification.
    (C) certificate holds people should meet following requirements: (1) this article (a) paragraph in the requirements of records, in completed training, and exam or check Hou, at least keep 2 years; (2) Faculty and check Member in was certificate holds people employment during or fired Hou 2 years within, must by (b) paragraph in the of requirements keep its qualification records; (3) this article (b) paragraph in the by requirements of complex training and skilled check records, must save 1 years above.
    (D) the certificate holder must within a reasonable time, in accordance with the Council's request to provide training records.
    (E) the certificate holder must within a reasonable time, upon the request of units where the trainee or trainees, to provide a photocopy record in personal training.
    (F) where the certificate holder only provides training equipment rental service, you only need to save the trainees using records. G chapter penalty is 142.101 warning and fine Council party found certificate holds people exists following behavior of Shi, can ordered its stop violations, and sentenced warning or 30,000 yuan following fine: (a) in qualified validation process in the fraud, cheat flight training center certificate and run specification of; (b) without Council Party approved, violation its run specification of provides implementation training of; (c) records keep violation this Rules 142.91 article of requirements of; (d) certificate holds people refused to accept check, Or cannot by Council party requirements provides its flight training center certificate, and run specification or any required of records, and file, and report of; (e) using without Council Party approved of training outline or not by by approved of training outline implementation training, or refused to according to Council party requirements on training outline made modified of; (f) not in its main training locations show flight training center certificate of;

    (G) not according to the demand of training equipment and aircraft training; (h) the training does not meet the requirements of this rule is used in the process of implementing staff teaching and training.
    H chapter by-laws 142.111 effective date (a) these rules come into force on June 1, 2005.
  (B) June 1, 2005 flight training centre approved by the Council, should be according to the specifications of its training, and before July 1, 2006, through the certification obtained flight training centre certificate, shall be continued in accordance with these rules through practical training.