Completion Of Port Engineering Approach

Original Language Title: 港口工程竣工验收办法

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(April 12, 2005 2005 2nd release of traffic, come into force on June 1, 2005) the first to standardize the port engineering completion approval work to ensure project quality and protect people's life and property safety, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on ports, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach is suitable for new construction and renovation of the port project completion acceptance activities.
    Port Engineering completion approval mentioned in these measures refers to port after completion of the project, put into use before the port project quality, implementation of mandatory national and industry standards, investment matters such as the use of comprehensive check and acceptance, as well as port construction, design, construction and supervision of comprehensive evaluation.
    After completion of the third port, acceptance may be put into use.
    Fourth Harbor engineering completion approval, should follow the principle of openness, fairness, truth, science.
    The fifth project legal person in port engineering, design, construction, supervision and other units should be accepted, with the final acceptance of the work, provided the relevant information shall be true, valid.
    Sixth port project acceptance, unified management, graded system of accountability.
    Unified management over port completion approval work of the Ministry.
    Investment Department under the State Council for approval, approval and approval by the Ministry of port engineering completion approval, by the Ministry responsible.
    Provincial government investment authorities, approval and provincial traffic authorities for completion of the port, the provincial traffic authorities are responsible for.
    In this article, outside the provisions of the fourth paragraph of the harbour is located in Port Engineering port administration authorities are responsible for final acceptance.
    More responsible departments are collectively referred to as acceptance of the completion of the port sector. Seventh article port engineering for completed acceptance should has following conditions: (a) port engineering about contract agreed of the content has basic completed, application completed acceptance of construction project has tail left engineering of, tail left engineering shall not effect construction project of production using, tail left engineering investment can according to actual measuring investment or according to engineering estimates by column of investment included completed accounts report, but shall not over engineering total investment of 5%, construction units on engineering quality since check qualified, supervision engineers on engineering quality evaluation qualified, Project corporate organization design, and construction, and supervision, and engineering quality supervision, units for of completion acceptance qualified; (ii) main process equipment or facilities through debugging has production conditions; (three) General port engineering after 3 months try run, has system handling equipment of ore, and coal, and bulk grain, and oil and gas, and container terminal, port engineering, after 6 months try run, meet design requirements; (four) environmental protection facilities, and security facilities, and fire facilities has according to design requirements and subject engineering while built,
    And special inspection by the relevant authorities; navigation aid facilities, as well as other ancillary facilities in accordance with the provisions of the law on ports, and the construction of ports at the same time, and to ensure that regular use; (v) files are well documented, and through special acceptance; (f) the completed final accounting report and audit; (VII) construction contract has been fulfilled. Eighth before the test run in port engineering, project entity shall provide the harbour is located the port Administration Department for port works try running record.
    Pilot port project completion acceptance formalities shall, without delay after the expiration.
    Port works try running from the port works try to run from the date of filing is counted.
    Nineth port projects meet the acceptance criteria, legal seat of the port should be port administration authorities applied for acceptance.
    For a built in port engineering design, staging, project Corporation has built and meet the acceptance criteria can be part of the proposed phased acceptance of port engineering applications. Tenth Ministry and provincial transportation departments are responsible for acceptance of port projects, organized by the port administration authorities, where the port of the preliminary acceptance.
    After passing the initial acceptance, by the port administration authority to the provincial departments of transportation applied for acceptance, which is responsible for the completion of the Ministry, by provincial departments of transportation to the Department of transportation report completion and acceptance of the application materials.
    11th port engineering completion approval authority should be received within 5 working days from the date of final acceptance of the application to review the application materials that do not meet the acceptance criteria shall be promptly returned and informed the reason; for meet the acceptance criteria, should accept an application for acceptance. Port Engineering completion approval or initial inspection should be completed within 20 working days from the date of receipt.
    Cannot be completed within 20 working days after completion approval of the Department head, and can be extended by 10 working days.
    12th project completion acceptance by the acceptance of the port sector organizations for quality supervision agency, the local maritime authorities, relevant administrative departments, relevant experts acceptance Committee.
    Port engineering project legal person, design, supervision, construction units should participate in the work acceptance.
    13th article port engineering completed acceptance of main according to is: (a) according to national about provides should has of port engineering construction project of approval, and approved, and record file; (ii) preliminary design, and construction figure design, and change design and the estimates adjustment, file; (three) tender file and the contract text; (four) main equipment technology specifications or manual,; (five) national and Ministry issued of technology specification and standard and the legal, and regulations, and regulations of related provides.
    14th article port engineering completed acceptance of content is: (a) Review Port Engineering whether has national provides of approval file and the related procedures; (ii) check Port Engineering entity quality; (three) check Port Engineering contract performance situation, review about completed archives information; (four) check national and industry mandatory standard implementation situation; (five) approved terminal by parking grade, and Huff capacity and access port of channel grade; (six) check environmental protection, and labor security health, and fire, and archives, special acceptance situation;
    (G) the check port works on audit of completion final accounts report; (h) check the implementation of the construction contract and (IX) quality grade is determined; (j) dealing with comments on the problems and engineering, (11), adopted and signed the book of project acceptance and identification of the port.
    Section 15th of the acceptance, port engineering completion approval departments shall port identification project completion acceptance within 10 working days from the date of signing of the book, issued by the port certificate of completion.
    16th unqualified acceptance of, and legal persons should be in accordance with the completion of the project acceptance Committee process for rectification.
    After the completion of rectification, new port project completion acceptance should be applied for project legal person.
    Upon completion of the 17th port project acceptance, shall, within the time prescribed by the State for the transfer of fixed assets and other related procedures.
    18th by the provincial departments of transportation and port local port Administration Department is responsible for the acceptance, completion and acceptance of completed, provincial departments of transportation and port location should be acceptance by the port administration, traffic, related to the record.
    19th port project completion acceptance or acceptance is not qualified, shall not be put into use, port administration authorities not to apply for the permit for port operation.
    Article 20th project legal person violating these rules, without filing for the pilot, the harbour is located the port administration authority to order the suspension of trial operation.
    21st port works without the acceptance of unauthorized use, the port local port administration authorities shall order to stop using the correct within may be fined a maximum of 50,000 yuan.
    22nd article acceptance Department staff in the completion and acceptance of abuse of power, favoritism, bribe, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    23rd final acceptance of the Committee members in the acceptance of negligence, malpractice caused heavy losses constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    24th line with the use of the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and other international financial organizations or foreign government loans or aid in port engineering, lender, provider of funds for completion as otherwise provided can apply its provisions, but must not violate the People's Republic of China laws and regulations and social and public interests.
    25th article of the project acceptance and identification of the port and the port the completion inspection certificate shall, in accordance with the Ministry under the harmonized format. 26th article of the rules take effect on June 1, 2005, the Ministry of port construction projects (projects) completion and acceptance measures (base [1995]155) repealed simultaneously.
                                      These measures announced prior to the implementation of the relevant provisions are in contravention of these measures, from the date of implementation of this method to stop execution.

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