Railway Shippers Of Dangerous Goods Qualification Approaches

Original Language Title: 铁路危险货物托运人资质许可办法

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(April 1, 2005 the Ministry released 18th come into force April 1, 2005) first to standardize the qualification management of railway dangerous goods shipper to ensure railway transport safety, under the railway safety regulations on the protection and the safety management of dangerous chemicals Ordinance, these measures are formulated.
    Article II dangerous goods mentioned in these measures refers to explosive, flammable, poisonous, corrosive and radioactive properties, in railway transport, handling and storage storage, in order to avoid personal injury and property damage, and goods that require special protection. Dangerous goods into explosives, compressed gas and liquefied gas, flammable liquids, flammable solids, Spontaneously Combustible and flammable when wet materials, oxidizers and organic peroxides, toxic and infectious substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances, and miscellaneous total of nine categories.
    Specific name by the Ministry of railways in the nomenclature of railway dangerous goods to the public.
    Railway dangerous goods shippers in these measures refers to authorized by the State, access to dangerous goods in the production, storage, use and management qualifications, units engaged in railway transportation of dangerous goods consignment business.
    Article in the People's Republic of China territory of railway dangerous goods consignment business shippers, railway authority having jurisdiction should be applied for the qualification. Fourth article application railway dangerous goods checked people qualification of, should has following conditions: (a) has national provides of dangerous items production, and store, and using, and business of qualification; (ii) dangerous goods owned goods (tank) car, and container (tank), transport tool of design, and manufacturing, and using, and filling loaded, and maintenance, meet railways of security management provides; (three) dangerous goods container and the packaging real of production meet national provides of Sentinel production conditions and made products certificate book; (four) needed reinforcement transport of dangerous goods, Should by railways railway goods mount reinforcement rules developed reinforcement technology programme; (five) shipment compression gas and liquefied petroleum gas body of, should by national provides installation weighbridge, security measurement equipment; (six) handle dangerous goods job places of fire, and anti-mine, and anti-electrostatic, and security detection, and protection, and handling, and filling loaded, security facilities, and equipment should meet national about provides, store warehouse of refractory grade, and fire spacing should meet architectural design fire specification, about national standards; (seven) related professional technicians, and
    Transport handling and escorts should be of railway dangerous goods transport operations-trained, familiar with knowledge of dangerous goods related to this post, master of railway dangerous goods transport provisions; (h) rail transport of dangerous goods emergency response plan for accidents, rescue equipment and with emergency rescue personnel and the necessary equipment.
    V article applicants needed submitted following material: (a) administrative license application book; (ii) application handle dangerous chemicals, and explosion products, and radioactive items checked people qualification of, provides corresponding production license or business license; (three) license (copy); (four) railways or railway management institutions recognized of training institutions on professional technicians, and transport handling personnel, and escort personnel for training of qualified proved; application handle compression gas and liquefied petroleum gas body checked people qualification of, also needed submitted weighbridge annual certificate;
    (E) the transport of dangerous goods emergency response plan for accidents. Application form of administrative license shall be in rich text.
    Rich text provided by the railway management.
    Railway authorities in the relevant business sector VI after the receipt of complete information, shall promptly conduct a review of the material submitted by the applicant, if necessary, the Organization of expert review. Article railway management institutions to application materials are complete and comply with the statutory format, in the 20th (specialists in time, but should be required to notify the applicant in writing of the time) make a decision to approve or not to approve.
    Approval, since the date of the decision in the 10th issue of railway dangerous goods shipper's certificate of qualification; were rejected, notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons. Article Railway Administration approved shippers of dangerous goods qualification certificates reported to the Ministry of railways for the record in a timely manner.
    Published by the Ministry of unified qualification license of shippers of dangerous goods list.
    Nineth licensee shall be in strict accordance with the railway authority license approved by the scope of the matters and the Ministry of railway dangerous goods transportation rules and other regulatory requirements, handling dangerous goods consignment business. Article railway authorities should strengthen supervision and inspection of licensee.
    When conducting supervision and inspection, and licensee shall faithfully reflect the situation and provide relevant material.
    11th article railway management institutions supervision check Shi, found has following case one of of, should ordered checked people suspended handle dangerous goods checked business, and deadline rectification: (a) facilities, and equipment exists security hidden of; (ii) related professional technicians, and transport handling personnel, and escort personnel equipped with not align or not made training certificate of; (three) dangerous goods checked business security management system not sound, and not perfect, exists serious vulnerability of; (four) accident processing emergency plans not complete of.
    12th article found has following case one of of, railway management institutions can revoked dangerous goods checked people qualification: (a) altered, and reselling, and rental, and lending checked people qualification certificate, or to other form illegal transfer checked people qualification certificate of; (ii) fraud or violation provides handle dangerous goods checked, caused serious consequences of; (three) facilities, and equipment not meet dangerous goods transport security requirements of; (four) exists major security hidden, requirements deadline rectification and not rectification, or rectification Hou still not qualified of;
    (E) the safety of transport of dangerous goods negligently (vi) other violations of laws, rules and regulations. 13th article violates this way, unauthorized consignment of dangerous goods, railway management should be ordered to correct, and to a fine of less than 20,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan.
    Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    14th military railway transportation of dangerous goods in accordance with the relevant regulations.
    15th article explains these measures by the Ministry of railways. 16th article of the rules as of April 1, 2005.
                                                                                                          Before the implementation of these measures has made relevant qualifications continue to be valid.

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