Treasury Complaint Reporting Approach

Original Language Title: 财政部信访工作办法

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(August 22, 2005, the Ministry of Finance announced 30th come into force on October 1, 2005) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the Treasury visits work, keeping close ties with the masses of the financial sector, legal rights and interests protection of complainants, maintaining the order of letters, according to the regulations of the petition, these measures are formulated.
    Treasury and the departments shall, in accordance with article II of the regulations organizations petition work, letters, reception, complaint against the complainant, complaints, reports, opinions and recommendations of studies, and correctly handle the complainant reflect the problems in a timely manner. Article finance petition work insisted exercise unified leadership, Division of responsibility, who is in charge and who is responsible for, according to law, a combination of timely resolution and guide education principles.
    Units shall in accordance with the Division of responsibilities organization work of letters and calls, letters and visits system, standardization, give full play to its ties with the masses, feedback, public opinion, the role of democratic supervision and resolving conflicts. Fourth Ministry work of letters and calls the main leadership responsibility system.
    Leaders at all levels should strengthen leadership of the work of letters and calls, read a letter from the reception, listen to the complaint report, instruction and supervision to the Ministry and work of letters and calls of the entity.
    Fifth Ministry letters working body and its staff shall carry out their duties, timely and coordinated mass letter, received mass visiting, without prevarication, perfunctory, delay.
    Specific Petitions Unit and its staff shall carry out the party and State policies, strictly in accordance with the law and properly handle the complaint. The sixth petition shall protect the petition of the Ministry and the.
    On complaints, reports and reflects the personal information of the complainant confidential; needs investigation and handling of the complaint, by the reporting unit level or the relevant departments to check on, report or report content may not be transmitted or disclosed to be reporting units and individuals. Chapter II establishment of complaint reporting institutional responsibilities the seventh finance petition work leading group (hereinafter referred to as leading group), responsible for Treasury work of letters and calls.
    Main duties are as follows: (a) carrying out work related to letters and calls and national guidelines, policies and laws, administrative regulations, (ii) develop Treasury visits work rules and regulations and (iii) Guide and urge the State Council on approving the Ministry of finance to handle complaint; (d) to coordinate the handling of major or unusual petition event. The eighth petition Office of the Ministry (hereinafter referred to as the letters and visits Office) is the leading Group Office, located in the General Office of the Ministry, responsible for the implementation of the tasks assigned by the leadership team, undertake the day-to-day work of letters and calls.
    Main duties following: (a) accepted petition matters, organization processing petition people letter, reception or arrangements reception petition people visiting; (ii) to Department within units assigned by petition matters, and coordination, and reminders, and check, necessary Shi tie understand petition matters situation; (three) in petition information system registration petition matters, announced petition matters processing process and the results (reported class except); (four) coordination handle State and the units assigned by of petition matters; (five) urged handle Department led instructions of petition matters;
    (Six) unified written reply petition people petition matters whether accepted and the processing results; (seven) research, and analysis Treasury petition work situation, prepared about work briefing, reflect, and report petition work situation; (eight) on Department within units petition work for Business Guide; (nine) law proposed on violation this approach about provides of responsibility people of administrative sanctions recommends; (ten) on major, and complex petition matters Organization held petition hearing. Nineth units within the Department pursuant to their respective duties, in particular, undertake the complaint.
    Main duties are as follows: (a) research, dealing with the complainant's complaint, (ii) submitted to the letters and visits Office a written reply to the complainant's complaint handling and (iii) research, analysis, reflected in the petition of the Organization, proposed improvement work. Chapter petition work program the tenth Ministry leadership responsibility system of letters and calls, periodically or regularly scheduled leadership reception.
    Leadership reception time and place to the public. 11th finance petition Office work address, zip code, e-mail address, work phone, announced to the public. Reception working hours and locations to the public.
    The situation changed, and should be republished in the 7th. 12th complaint handling procedures: (a) the information received.
    Letter from the complainant, date letter, opened the day, envelope, letter, and its annex be binding; e-mail, faxes, phone calls, visits and other means, receive information provided by the complainant will be on to writing and binding. (B) registration.
    The complainant's name, place of work (or home address), enter petition information system provides information and content. (C) accepted. Letters and visits Office from the date it received a complaint from the complainant, and decide whether the complaint is admissible in the 15th, and advise the complainant in writing. For matters not part of fiscal responsibility, agreed to the petition Office should report to the leadership group after the inadmissibility decisions, and advise the complainant in writing not to accept the reasons and shall accept a Department or agency.
    Except for the complainant's name, address all of the. (D) report.
    Complaints, appeals, and reporting letters and comments, suggestions related to important works, letters and visits Office shall promptly report to the leadership team. (V) transfer. For admissibility of petitions, letters and visits Office units in the Division of responsibilities in accordance with letters and transfer units to handle.
    Need two or more units jointly financed, should clear the organizers and co-organizers. (Vi) transferred. According to the responsibility belongs to the provincial financial department complaint, transferred to lower-level financial departments, and copied to the lower level people's Governments and complaint reporting institutions.
    To transmit important information in the complaint necessary feedback results, you can require that financial departments at lower levels within the specified processing time limit results, submitted that originally reported. (G) to undertake. Received letters and visits Office within the Department over to the handling of complaint reporting matter, it should be immediately appointed to handle. Contractor shall fulfill their duties, in accordance with the law. Employees can contact by telephone, interview, interviews, the complainant, hear the complainant to clarify the situation. Contractors can use the Advisory, education, consultation, mediation, hearings and other methods to handle the complaint.
    For major complaint, can take a major leadership visits. (VIII) supervision. On the tasks assigned by the State Council and related institutions, transfer Office, assisted by the complaint, the units should be handled as soon as possible to report.
    Petition Office to strengthen supervision work. (IX) response. Petitions should be concluded within 60 days from the date of acceptance; complex, approved by the leadership team leader, may extend processing time limit, but the extension period shall not exceed 30th, and advise the complainant to an extension on the grounds.
    Unit processing time should be as stipulated in the petition Office, submitted petitions to the petition Office comments, letters and visits Office consolidated reply to the complainant.
    Units of the 13th to the complainant to civilization, passionate, sincere, patiently listening to the visiting public statements, understand points basic requirements and visitor record.
    Visitors who ask about fiscal work, report violations of tax legislation and other issues and, if necessary, in accordance with responsibilities assigned directly by the relevant units within the Department interview.
    14th complaint after investigation and verification, make the following decisions: (a) the clear facts and sufficient evidence, make appropriate decisions, and a written reply to the complainant.
    (B) the complainant requested a certain rationality, the complainant should be explained, while perfecting the system to the unit's recommendations.
    (C) the complainant's request does not comply with laws, regulations and other provisions does not support, and a written reply to the complainant. 15th complainant refuses to accept the complaint reporting handling of local financial sector, finance review, a review of the application, procedure in accordance with article 12th of this approach and other relevant regulations.
    For major, complex complaint review, a complainant may apply to hold the hearing.
    16th petition Office shall submit an annual report on the work of the leading group on the following matters: (a) the complaint data statistics, Petitions and complaints involving areas of the unit, (ii) to Office, overseeing the case; (c) complaint processing; (d) complaint reporting made in improving policies and recommendations for improving the work and be accepted.
    17th archive management. (A) petition information manuscript letters and visits Office archives, properly bound for safekeeping.
    Shelf life 3 years, at the destruction. (B) the personnel unit is responsible for the work of letters and calls, and should promptly clean up the host of petitioning material will collect, collate relevant material back after the letters and visits Office archives.
    Units according to the need to retain the original copy of the letter.
    (C) local financial departments to investigate the report, sent and returned after the unit read letters and visits Office of the leading group archive.
    (D) the complaint reporting handling Office briefing from petition Office archives.
    (E) annual report on the work of letters and calls the read and later returned to the petition Office of the leading group archive. Fourth chapter supplementary articles article 18th these measures shall take effect on October 1, 2005.
                                                                      Released on October 21, 1998, the Treasury complaint reporting procedures abolished at the same time.

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