The Railway Transport Safety Protection Regulations To Determine Railway Management Terms

Original Language Title: 《铁路运输安全保护条例》确定的铁路管理机构职责规定

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(August 18, 2005, the Ministry of railways announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 23rd) first for the implementation of the railway transport safety protection Ordinance to ensure that the administrative agency shall fulfil the railway transportation safety supervision and administration, these provisions are formulated.
    Railway authorities referred to in the provisions of article, at this stage, directly under the Ministry of railways (including the Guangzhou Railway (Group) company, the Qinghai-Tibet railway company, hereinafter the same).
    Railway authority responsible for safety supervision and management work of railway transportation in the region, issued separately by the Ministry to identify and publish the specific jurisdiction.
    Article directly under the Ministry of railways to add the word "XX railway safety regulatory office" sign and powers vested by the railway transport safety protection regulations of transportation safety supervision and management responsibilities, the use of "XX railway safety regulatory office" name and a special seal. Four railways related business units in accordance with the Division of responsibilities of regulatory bodies, shall perform the transport safety duty of supervision and inspection, the implementation of administrative licensing and administrative penalties.
    Railway authorities in legal affairs departments should strengthen the railway transportation safety laws and regulations and administrative law enforcement supervision and inspection.
    Article management agencies to monitor the safety of the railway sector is in charge of transport safety in the region law enforcement documents issued and supervision and inspection, and centralized management of railway safety regulatory office daily affairs. Railway authorities in Legal Affairs VI uniformly accept administrative licensing applications, administrative licensing decision.
    Railway management business unit is responsible for the substantive review of administrative licensing decisions are made.
    Railway authorities the Legal Affairs Department for administrative licensing items, production instruments of administrative license, use "XX railway safety regulatory office seal of administrative licensing."
    Article Railway Administration transportation security law enforcement officer in the execution of their duties, shall show the railways uniformly made the "People's Republic of China railway transportation safety law permits" and to perform their obligations. When the railway authorities impose administrative penalties, using a unified legal instrument and private bills.
    Legal document format provides centrally by the Ministry, private bills centrally by the Ministry of finance to receive.
    Railway authorities should implement requirements for the railway transport safety protection regulations to protect it.
    Eight railway authority shall establish and improve transport safety supervision and inspection system and the administrative licensing system, strengthening the railway transportation safety training for law enforcement personnel, and regulate the Administration and law enforcement to ensure that the management staff to perform their duties.
    The Nineth Ministry departments concerned should strengthen safety supervision and management work of railway transportation management agencies guidance and inspection, urged railway authorities to establish and improve the management system, timely detection and treatment of illegal or improper administrative action.
    Article railway authority to perform transportation safety supervision and administration, outstanding personnel should be given recognition and rewards.
    11th railway management personnel negligence, abuse of authority, abusing power for personal gain or administrative acts of omission, of railways, railway management should be given administrative punishments according to law constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    The 12th article of the regulation by the Ministry of railways is responsible for the interpretation. 13th these provisions come into effect as of the date. Ministry authorized the railway company of the joint venture, local railway enterprise security management responsibility notice (iron [2002]35), concerning the authorization of six joint-venture railway enterprises in Zhengzhou Railway Administration issued the notice on exercise safety management functions (letter of iron [2003]425) repealed simultaneously.
                                                                                                          Railways other content not in accordance with the provisions of regulations and regulatory documents, is subject to this provision.

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