Railway Emergency Rules

Original Language Title: 铁路交通事故应急救援规则

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(August 29, 2007 railways makes 32nd, announced since September 1, 2007 up purposes) first chapter General first article to specification and strengthening railway traffic accident (following referred to accident) of emergency rescue work, maximum to reduced personnel casualties and property loss, as soon as possible recovery railway transport order, according to railway traffic accident emergency rescue and survey processing Ordinance (State makes No. 501,) and the national about provides, developed this rules.
    Second national railways and joint-venture railways, local railways, industrial railways and railway accidents, causing casualties and property losses, drivers and other railway will interrupt normal driving, you need to implement emergency relief, these rules shall apply.
    Third emergency rescue work should follow the "people-oriented, progressive responsible disposal, emergency preparedness, efficient" principle.
    Fourth Ministry set up an emergency leading group and set up working bodies, establish and improve the system, to develop and improve emergency rescue plan, permission and in accordance with national procedures, organized, directed, coordinated emergency rescue work.
    The railway safety supervision and Management Office (hereinafter referred to as safety supervision Office) should be instruction and supervision to railway transport enterprise implementing the provisions of the emergency, legally organized, directed, coordinated emergency rescue work within their respective jurisdictions.
    V a railway transport enterprise shall set up an emergency leading group and set up working bodies, establish and improve the system, develop and improve the emergency response plan, strengthening the construction of the rescue team and rescue train, responsible for emergency management personnel training, equipment configuration, material reserves, drill plan and other infrastructure work, and actively carry out emergency rescue.
    Sixth public security organs should participate in emergency rescue, responsible for the protection of the scene of the accident, maintain law and order, conducting a site survey and investigation, to investigate and punish criminal suspects, and assist in the rescue of persons in distress.
    Seventh emergency rescue work, if necessary, by other railways, the coordination of safety supervision Office requests the State Council departments concerned, relevant local people's Governments and local support of the military, the armed police force to help. Chapter II article eighth emergency rescue report implemented step by step reporting system. Railways, safety supervision and railway transport enterprise shall clarify reporting procedures, modalities and time frame for release to report levels of telephone and emergency rescue Department.
    After the accident, the relevant units, departments, units and departments reporting to the supervisor shall, according to prescribed procedures. Nineth, after the accident, railway staff or other persons shall immediately to the nearest railway station, train dispatchers, the public security organ or the relevant reports of the unit holders.
    Received reports of units, departments should be required to immediately inform the rescue teams and relief trains.
    In case of loss of life or a fire, explosion, leakage of dangerous goods accidents, reports of units, departments should be based on the need to take protective measures, and to immediately notify the local first-aid, medical and Health Department or the public security fire-fighting and environmental protection sectors.
    Article train after the accident reported to the dispatcher for railway transport enterprises shall immediately report head of the enterprise according to prescribed procedures and Safety Office and the Ministry of railways in the region train dispatchers reported.
    11th railways train dispatchers after receiving the accident report, it should be immediately reported according to prescribed procedures.
    When particularly serious accidents occur, the Ministry shall immediately report to the State Council.
    12th rescue the main contents of the report: (a) the time and place of the accident (station name), interval (line, kilometers, meters), line conditions, accident-related units and personnel.
    (B) the type of train accidents, train, locomotive models, parts, towing number, tonnage, length and speed.
    (C) the number of visitors, number, sex, age, and rescue situations and whether they relate to foreign casualties.
    (D) the name of goods, loading conditions, flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods.
    (E) the rolling stock derailment and type in the number, line equipment, such as the extent of the damage.
    (F) the impact on the railway.
    (G) the accident preliminary judging, measures taken after the accident and accident control.
    (H) other matters requiring emergency rescue.
    13th emergency process, casualties, the number of derailed cars, equipment damage and other conditions change, should remedy in a timely manner.
    Article 14th emergency situations when you need to inform the community, by the Ministry of railways, responsible for safety supervision Office of the propaganda department. Chapter emergency 15th after the accident, train drivers and train guard, railway staff on site parking shall immediately take measures and provide for security of trains.
    In case when there are casualties, rescue to a nearby station or train dispatcher request and move casualties out of line, mark, should be in a position to emergency rescue the wounded. To ensure passenger safety or due to any special transportation needs should not be parked, you can stop.
    However, the train operator or train guard rail staff should immediately report accidents near the station, the train dispatcher, adjacent to the station receiving the report, the train dispatcher should be immediately disposed of.
    16th passenger train accidents causing casualties or endanger personnel safety, conductor shall immediately organize the car emergency rescue personnel, stable person emotional, maintained order at the scene, and rescue to a nearby station or train dispatcher request. 17th rescue teams received after notification of the accident rescue, rescue team should convene rescue team rushed to the scene of the accident at the highest speed.
    After arriving at the accident scene, it should be immediately organized the rescue of the wounded, using existing equipment up and derailed rolling stock, clear obstacles, set up the necessary equipment and facilities, and creating the conditions for further bailouts.
    Article 18th where train fire, explosion, leakage of dangerous goods accidents, railway staff should be evacuated as soon as possible and take the necessary protective measures.
    19th after an accident at work in the line or the adjacent lane when railway staff on site should immediately provide for emergency protective measures.
    The fourth chapter SAR response after rescue incidents reported to the 20th, should be based on severity and the extent of the accident, as particularly significant, major, large, four level emergency response made by the corresponding unit, Department, activate contingency plans. 21st special major accident emergency rescue, started by the Ministry submitted to the State Council, or initiated by the departments authorized by the State Council.
    Railways in State accident emergency rescue led group of led Xia carried out work, opened and State about sector, and incident to provincial accident emergency rescue command institutions and site accident rescue command of emergency communications system, sought about Experts recommends and State about sector views proposed accident emergency rescue programme, by State accident emergency rescue led group determine Hou organization implementation, and sent experts and about personnel rushed to the site participate in rescue. 22nd major accident emergency rescue, from the Ministry of railways started. Railways accident emergency rescue work institutions should formed site accident emergency rescue command (following referred to site command), and according to accident specific situation established medical ambulance, and accident up complex, and logistics guarantees, and emergency scheduling, and security defend, and rehabilitation processing, working group, opened and incident to railway transport enterprise and site command of emergency communications system, Advisory about experts, determine accident emergency rescue specific implementation programme, immediately sent about personnel rushed to the site, mobilization various emergency rescue resources, Organizing and directing emergency rescue work. If necessary, the coordination to enlist people's Government, the local garrison and armed police force to provide support.
    In case of emergency rescue disposal capacity beyond this level, report to the State Council in a timely manner. 23rd article larger accident, and General accident of emergency rescue, by security regulatory do started or urged railway transport enterprise accident emergency rescue work institutions started, organization established site command, and according to accident specific situation established medical ambulance, and accident up complex, and logistics guarantees, and emergency scheduling, and security defend, and rehabilitation processing, working group, opened and site command of emergency communications system, Advisory about experts, determine accident emergency rescue specific implementation programme. Officials and professionals should be immediately rushed to the scene, mobilization of emergency resources, organization and command of emergency rescue work. If necessary, run by the safety regulatory coordination people's Government, the local garrison, the armed police force to provide support.
    In case of emergency rescue disposal capacity beyond this level, timely reports to the Ministry. Fifth chapter the rescue article 24th the rescue work of Director responsibility system, according to the emergency response level, by the corresponding responsible person to serve as Commander-in-Chief, or where designated by the higher emergency rescue work institution personnel as interim Commander, unified command of the rescue work. Working groups and participation in emergency rescue units, departments should identify the stakeholders.
    Rescue train for complex operations, personnel designated by the rescue train heads, or a single chain of command.
    Field commander and participate in emergency rescue team leader, heads of offices and departments, workers wear should be distinguished clearly marked.
    25th field headquarters should be in full knowledge of the casualties, as well as rolling stock, lines, catenary, signals and other equipment after damage, terrain conditions, co-ordination of rescue, site protection, investigations, identify and disposition, rescue, complex relief, equipment repairs and other emergency rescue plan, and rapid implementation.
    In the course of rescue units, departments should strictly enforce the code and standards to prevent derivative. Article 26th after the crash, dispatching Department of transport shall be based on the need for timely release of various rescue operation command. Focus of rescue trains out and transport of relief materials. Other railway companies sent relief trains, published by the Ministry of dispatching orders.

    When you train a large number of late, should take measures as soon as possible to restore traffic order.
    Expect cannot be restored in a short time driving, should try to schedule passenger trains stop at larger stations, and organize to stranded passengers to provide the necessary food, drinking water and other services.
    27th when accidents causing casualties, field headquarters should immediately organize the coordination of the wounded for treatment, emergency mobilization of drug equipment, rapid transfer of the wounded to safety or transfer for treatment, take the necessary epidemic prevention measures.
    In case of serious casualties or major emergency transfer, placed along the railway passengers and residents, shall promptly notify the people's Government organized rescue, placement and transfer, if necessary, coordinated by the Ministry or of safety supervision Office. 28th field headquarters should be based on the need to quickly mobilize equipment, facilities, materials, transportation, accommodation, food, medical equipment and other relief supplies.
    Units of the railway transport enterprises, departments should provide unconditional support may not be refused for various reasons prevarication, delayed rescue efforts.
    Material called beyond the railway transportation enterprise's own abilities, units, departments or individual leases.
    Article 29th accidents involving freight trains, freight Department quickly about the loading of lorries and trucks, organizations mobilize loading staff and equipment to clear the accident truck and lorry loading cargo, disposal accident hanging train shipment of dangerous and perishable goods, preparation of cargo records. 30th emergency needs sent relief trains, rescue trains should be out within 30 minutes after receiving the out command, arrived at the accident scene, the rescue train heads should promptly identify specific complex work programme by the site immediately after the approval of the Commander to carry out complex operations. Rescue train in special areas such as bridge or ramp job should be coupled locomotives. Split up when two or more rescue trains conductor, coordinated by the field commander after the Division separately. Two or more rescue trains in the same work surface set operations or joint operations, responsible for this section of the rescue mission of the rescue train personnel responsible for the command specified by the field commander. Rescue train electrification in rescue operations, should confirm the area received the blackout order and good earthing protection of catenary rear.
    After EMU, the new rolling stock, special slings should be used. 31st emergency rescue when communication is required, the Communications Department should be notified immediately as needed to enable the "117" emergency communications manual attendant console, the Organization opened emergency communication system. Accident at the station, should be within 30 minutes of opening phone opening, 1 hour video transmission equipment. Accidents occur in the interval, shall be opened within 1 hour phone, image transmission equipment within 2 hours of opening.
    And designated personnel on duty to ensure accident scene real-time transmission of audio, video and data information, no person shall interfere with, impede incident information acquisition and transmission. Article 32nd when accident damage to railway facilities, relevant professional departments shall immediately organize the repair, cut off the scene of the accident in a timely manner according to actual situation power supply, dismantling, moving and restore contacts, the time required to set up lighting, adequate mobilization of rescue teams, materials and equipment, and actively organize to repair damaged lines, traffic signals and other road equipment and facilities to assist accident rolling up. Check to make sure the damaged rolling stock to be run, moving eligible for Hung yun, escort, if necessary.
    Up after the job is completed, should quickly open line would be ready. Article 33rd case of loading dangerous goods vehicles, field command after ensuring personal safety and job security measures should be taken in order to rescue. Dangerous goods vehicles when unloading, moving, or complex shall, under the guidance of professional jobs, removing harmful residues or controlled within safe limits.
    If necessary, run by the safety regulatory harmonization of environmental monitoring Department to detect harmful levels of hazardous substances, prevention and control measures.
    34th public security organs should organize the rescue and evacuation of persons in distress, setting the scene the warning area to prevent unauthorised persons off the site, designate an on-site inspection of evidence and, if necessary, the implementation of traffic control, responsible for the scene of the accident stranded trains along the passenger, cargo and security work. 35th emergency process, relevant units and individuals shall be properly protected accident scene and related evidence, and timely transfer of accident investigation team. Emergency rescue when you need to change the scene of the accident, it should be marked, draw diagrams, producing audiovisual material, and make a written record.
    No unit or individual may disrupt the scene of the accident, or forge, conceal or destroy evidence.
    Article 36th rescue after the field headquarters shall organize rescue workers to the scene to conduct a comprehensive inspection cleaning and confirming no casualties left behind, dismantling, recycling, removal and rescue facilities, removal of obstructions, confirm with opening conditions, immediately notify the persons concerned in accordance with the regulations for registration and by train dispatchers issued scheduling orders opening lines to resume normal driving. Sixth chapter 37th accident rehabilitation and rehabilitation working group to deal with the aftermath of the accident according to law, organizations do a proper field of stranded personnel in distress, lodging, transfers and travelers check, refund and other services, as well as notification of relatives of casualties, hospitality and compassionate funeral, economic compensation for disposal.
    Medical files to collect casualty data, approved for treatment costs.
    Article 38th of casualties caused by accidents, field headquarters should actively organize the rescue at the same time, is responsible for coordinating implementation of the casualty's medical treatment, funeral costs for casual, after treating the accident responsibility determination, borne by the responsible party. 39th accidents causing death, should consist of first aid, medical and Health Department or forensic proof of death, corpses by their families or deposited in the funeral services of railway transport enterprise units or deposited in the conditional first-aid, medical and Health Department. After the autopsy is completed, by the Working Group informed the families of the deceased in the aftermath of the accident in the 10th for a funeral matters. Unknown bodies, filled in by the forensic examination of the unknown body information registration form.
    Check is unable to confirm the identity of the deceased, and approved by the head of work group deal with the aftermath of the accident, published in the identification of the bodies announcements, published 10th of unclaimed, approved by of public security organs at or above the county level is equivalent to the handling of dead bodies.
    40th the accident causing the death of foreign people coming to China, and deal with the aftermath of the accident shall notify the relatives of the deceased of the working group or its home country Embassy (Consulate), corpse disposal in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    41st on the property left over by the scene of the accident and deal with the aftermath of the accident group or public security departments should be checking, recording and safekeeping. 42nd on the casualties caused by accidents, property damage, and emergency rescue costs, statistics should be carried out.
    Borrow the units and individuals of equipment and other materials, after use should be returned promptly and properly paid, should be reasonable compensation for lost or damaged.
    Article 43rd casualties and property loss caused by the accident, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the State and the rail accident emergency rescue, investigation and handling of relevant provisions of the Ordinance for compensation.
    Party to damages when there is a dispute, can be resolved through consultation, or request a mediation organization accident investigation group of institutions, may also institute civil proceedings.
    44th belongs to the responsible party liability losses caused to a railway transport enterprise shall be in accordance with the certificate of the accident paid for by the responsible party.
    Article 45th loss caused by the equipment or construction quality accident, railway transport enterprises are entitled to according to the accident report to the relevant responsible parties recover damages. 46th emergency rescue work ended, field command of emergency rescue work should be summarized, 5th in a written report, and emergency-related evidence, according to the accident report Ministry of emergency rescue leading group or safety record.
    Led by the Ministry of emergency rescue group or safety supervision organization to conduct a comprehensive analysis to evaluate the emergency rescue organization found, lessons, make the action plan, revise and improve the emergency response plan and related systems approach.
    Seventh chapter penalty 47th railway transport enterprises and their workers in violation of the rules, does not immediately organized emergency rescue or late, false negatives, false claim and skimming accidents delayed rescue, Ministry or safety supervision of responsible units of less than 100,000 yuan and 500,000 yuan fine, responsible persons of less than 4000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine. 48th, railways, safety supervision, State functionaries and other personnel who violate these rules, did not immediately launch emergency or late, false negatives, false claim and skimming accidents delayed rescue, the competent person in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given administrative sanctions.
    Suspected of a crime, in accordance with the relevant provisions transferred to judicial organs for handling. 49th article violates this rule, interfere with, hinder emergency rescue, Ministry or safety supervision of responsible units of less than 40,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan fine, responsible person to a fine of less than 2000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan. The circumstances are serious, responsible units to a fine of less than 200,000 yuan and 1 million Yuan, against those responsible the fines of between 50,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan. Belonging to the agents of the State, shall be subject to administrative sanctions. Breach of security regulations by the public security organs shall be subject to administrative penalties for public security.
    Suspected of a crime, in accordance with the relevant provisions transferred to judicial organs for handling.
    The eighth chapter by-laws 50th by the railways is responsible for the interpretation of these rules.
  51st article of the rules come into force on September 1, 2007, railways primary rules of railway traffic accident rescue (rail [1999]118) repealed simultaneously.

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