Coal Mine Water Prevention And Control Provisions

Original Language Title: 煤矿防治水规定

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Coal mine water prevention and control provisions

    (September 21, 2009, the State administration of work safety announced on December 1, 2009, 28th execution) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the prevention and cure of coal mine water, prevent and reduce flooding accidents, ensure the safety of coal mine workers ' lives, according to the work safety Act, the Mine Safety Act, and the special provisions of the State Council on the prevention of coal mine production safety accidents and other laws and administrative regulations, this provision is enacted.

    Second coal mine (mine), units of water prevention and control work, these provisions shall apply.

    Existing mine safety regulations, norms and standards relating to the prevention of water content inconsistent with this provision, in accordance with this regulation.

    Article water prevention work should stick to the forecast, there is doubt exploration, exploration prior to excavation, adopted after the first principle, protection, blocking, drain, exhaust, section of control measures.

    The fourth Strip coal mine, the mine's main charge (including legal representative, actual control, the same below) is the first person of water prevention and control work in the unit, Chief Engineer (technical lead, the same below) responsible for technical management of water prevention and control work.

    Fifth coal mine, mine shall be in accordance with the unit's water situation, to fulfill the needs of water prevention and control professional and technical personnel, complete special survey water equipment, the establishment of specialized survey water operations team.

    Hydro-geological condition is complicated, very complicated coal mine, mine, except in accordance with the first paragraph of this article shall, should also set up a special control institutions.

    Sixth Strip coal mine, the mine shall establish and improve flood control and responsibility, disaster prevention and control technology of management system, flood forecasting systems and water troubleshooting, system of governance.

    Seventh coal mining enterprises, mine water control of the unit shall be compiled long-term and annual plans, and their implementation. Article eighth coal mine, mine mine field within and around regional hydrogeological conditions are not clear, effective measures should be taken to identify water.

    In front of a water hazard identified, non-extractive activities.

    Found mine flooded when shall immediately stop the flood threat of mining in the region, the withdrawal of workers to a safe location, effective security measures, analysis finds water causes.

    The Nineth coal mining enterprises, mine water prevention education and training of workers to ensure employees have the necessary knowledge of water control, improved water control work skills and the ability to resist floods.

    Tenth coal mine, mine water prevention and control technology research and scientific and technological research should be strengthened, promoting the use of new technology, new equipment and new technology to combat water and raise the level of water prevention and control technology.

    Hydro-geological condition is complicated, very complicated coal mine, mine, should be equipped with necessary water rescue equipment.

    Chapter II types and basis of hydro-geological information

    First hydro-geological classification

11th according to mining damage or affect aquifers and water, mines and around goaf water distribution, water gushing or burst of water distribution, mining flood-affected and ease of water prevention and control work, mine hydrogeological type classified as simple, medium, complex and very complex, 4 species (see table 2-1).
Table 2-1 type mine hydrogeology
│                      │                                    类              别                                    │
│       分类依据       ├──────────┬────────────┬──────────┬──────────┤
│                      │      简    单      │        中    等        │      复    杂      │       极复杂       │
│ │ │ Damaged by digging or mining-affected hole │ │ │ affected by mining damage or are affected by the mining damage or │
│ │ │ Aquifer properties and supplies-breaking gap opening, fissured, karstic water │ mining damage or affect the pores and thick │ │ karst aquifers karst aquifers and old empty water, │
│ │ │ Or bad conditions, supply conditions, recharging │ fractured, karstic aquifer, recharge old │ │ sand and gravel aquifers, surface water, its supply conditions │
Little or lacking impact │ │ │ │ General, have some recharge sources │ water, surface water, which supplies │ good, supply charge │
│的含│                │                    │                        │件好,补给水源充沛  │沛,地表泄水条件差  │
Q │ │ │ and water unit discharge q ≤ 0.1 ≤ ≤ 5.0 1.0 │ 1.0

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