College Fire Safety Management Requirements

Original Language Title: 高等学校消防安全管理规定

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College fire safety management requirements

    (October 19, 2009 People's Republic of China Ministry of education, the Ministry of public security promulgated as of January 1, 2010, 28th) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to improve fire safety and to normalize its management, prevention and reduction of fire hazard, safeguard lives, property and property security staff, according to the fire control law, higher education law and other laws and regulations, this provision is enacted.

    Article in universities and higher educational institutions for adults (hereinafter schools) fire safety management, these provisions shall apply.

    Other units within the school's fire safety management, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant regulations.

    Article on fire safety in schools shall comply with fire safety laws, rules and regulations, carry out the policy of putting prevention first and combining prevention, carry out fire safety duties to ensure fire safety.

    Fourth school fire safety responsibility should be implemented step by step and post fire safety system, a clear step by step and post fire safety responsibilities, determine, post fire safety responsibility at all levels.

    Article fifth school fire safety education and training should be conducted to strengthen fire drill, raise fire safety awareness among staff and help themselves escape mechanism.

    Article sixth of school units and staff shall fulfil their protecting fire control facilities, preventing fire disaster and reporting fire alarm and extinguishing of fires, maintenance of fire safety obligations.

    Seventh administrative departments of education to perform their management responsibilities for fire safety work in colleges and universities, checking fire safety work, guidance and supervision in colleges and universities, urged colleges and universities to establish and improve and implement the safety responsibility system, and fire safety management system.

    Public security organs shall fulfill their duties of supervision and administration of the fire safety work in colleges and universities, strengthening the fire supervision and inspection, guidance and supervision of fire safety work.

    Chapter II fire protection safety responsibility

    Article eighth school is school fire safety responsibilities of the legal representative who has overall responsibility for the school fire safety work, carry out the following duties on fire control security:

    (A) implementation of the fire safety laws, rules and regulations, and approved the implementation of fire safety fire protection safety responsibility system and school management system in schools;

    (B) the annual work plan and the annual budget approved fire safety, fire safety in schools work Conference held on a regular basis;

    (C) ensure funding for providing fire safety and organization;

    (D) urged to carry out fire safety checks and major fire potential corrective action and deal with significant issues related to fire safety;

    (V) shall establish fire organizations volunteer fire department, and other forms and carries out mass self help themselves;

    (Vi) signed with the secondary unit in charge of the school fire safety responsibility;

    (G) organizations to develop fire-fighting and emergency evacuation;

    (VIII) promotion of fire science and technology innovation;

    (I) the fire safety of other duties stipulated by laws and regulations.

    Nineth school leaders in charge of fire safety at school is school fire safety Manager to assist legal representatives are responsible for fire safety work, carry out the following duties on fire control security:

    (A) develop school fire safety management system, organization, implementation and coordination unit within the school of fire safety;

    (B) the annual work plans of the Organization formulate fire control safety;

    (C) the annual budget of the audit of fire safety work;

    (D) organize the implementation of fire safety check and fire hidden;

    (E) urge the implementation of fire prevention facilities, equipment maintenance, repair and testing to ensure their sound and valid, to ensure access to the evacuation routes, emergency exit, fire engines;

    (F) Organization and management volunteer fire department fire service organizations;

    (G) organizations to carry out publicity and education to staff the fire of knowledge, skills and training, organization of fire-fighting and emergency evacuation plan for implementation and practice;

    (VIII) assist school fire safety the responsibility of them doing other fire safety work.

    Other leadership responsibilities within the school responsible for the fire direction, supervision, inspection, education and management responsibilities.

    Tenth schools must set up or clear bodies responsible for fire control and safety at work (hereinafter referred to as the school fire) with professional fire management staff, carry out the following duties on fire control security:

    (A) development of school fire safety annual work plan and annual budget, developing school fire safety responsibility system, fire-fighting and emergency evacuation and fire safety management system, fire safety responsible for approval and reported to the school;

    (B) monitoring the implementation of inspection units of the school fire safety responsibility system;

    (C) the supervision and inspection of fire control facilities and devices, equipment use and management, as well as fire-fighting infrastructure operation, regular inspection, testing and maintenance;

    (D) identify key units for fire safety in schools (position) and supervised its good fire safety;

    (E) supervision and inspection authorities do inflammable and explosive dangerous goods storage, use and management, approval of school units use naked light in operation;

    (F) fire safety education and training to organize fire drills, spread the fire of knowledge, enhance the staff's awareness of fire safety, fighting since the beginning of the fire escape and self-help skills;

    (VII) volunteer fire department fire service organization under regular fire safety knowledge and training in fire-fighting skills;

    (VIII) promoting fire safety preparedness, protection staff induction training;

    (Nine) accepted standing school within other units in school within and school, and school within units new, and expansion, and alterations and the decorative decoration engineering and public gathered places input using, and business Qian fire administrative license or record procedures of school within record review work, urged its to police organ fire institutions for declared, assist police organ fire institutions for construction engineering fire design audit, and fire acceptance or record and public gathered places input using, and business Qian fire security checks work;

    (J) establish and improve the school archives of fire prevention and fire safety account;

    (11) in accordance with job requirements to report relevant data;

    (12) to assist in fire accident investigation and handling of public security fire control institutions, assist the departments fire accident handling and aftermath.

    11th school secondary units and other campus units shall perform the following duties on fire control security:

    (A) implementation of the fire safety management of school provision, combined with the actual situation of the Unit develop and implement their own fire safety system and fire safety procedures;

    (B) established their own fire safety responsibilities evaluation and reward-penalty system;

    (C) to conduct regular fire safety education, training and exercises;

    (D) conducting regular fire inspections, to check the records, to eliminate fire hazards;

    (E) prescribed configuration fire facilities, equipment and ensure that it is in good working condition;

    (F) according to the requirement of safety evacuation signs and emergency lighting, and to ensure that evacuation channels and safety exits;

    (VII) fire control room equipped with fire staffs and make shift job responsibilities, supervision and inspection work;

    (H) the new construction, expansion, renovation and decoration projects reported to the fire services of school record;

    (I) in accordance with the procedures and measures to dispose of fire;

    (10) other fire safety duties stipulated by the school.

    Units of the 12th school principals are the fire safety unit responsible, the other units within the campus fire safety is in charge of the unit responsible, this unit is responsible for the fire safety work.

    Except as provided in this section 11th 13th article, safety management of students ' dormitory management shall perform the following duties:

    (A) establish volunteer fire organizations involving students, conduct regular fire drills;

    (B) strengthening student dormitory fire, safety education and inspection;

    (C) to strengthen the night fire safety inspections, fire immediately organized to fight the blaze and evacuate the students.

    Chapter III fire safety management

    14th schools shall use the following units (parts) as key units for fire safety at school (location):

    (A) the student dormitory, canteen (restaurant), school buildings, school, hospitals, stadiums (Museum), a Town Hall (Conference Center), supermarkets (the market), hotel (Guest House), nurseries and kindergartens, as well as other cultural and sports activities, public entertainment and other crowded places;

    (B) school networks, radio stations, television stations and other media sector and postal services, telecommunications, financial and other units within the school;

    (C) the garage, oil depots and gas stations and other parts;

    (D) the library, exhibition halls, archives, museums and heritage buildings;

    (E) such as water, electricity, gas, heat supply systems;

    (F) the flammable, explosive and other dangerous chemicals production, filling, storage, supply and use sectors;

    (VII) lab, computer room, audio-visual education center and state key research projects, or are equipped with advanced precision instrument parts, monitoring center, the fire services communication centre;

    (VIII) the vital sectors and areas of confidentiality;

    (I) the tall building and basement and semi-basement;

    (J) the construction site of the construction project as well as temporary personnel;

    (11) other fires were more likely, and once the fire unit may result in serious personal injury or property damage (position).

    Key units and key parts of the Department, shall, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the provisions of the fire safety management, fire signs, strict management of fire safety. 15th article in school within held literary, and sports, and rally, and admissions and employment Advisory, large activities and exhibition, hosted units should determine hand is responsible for fire security work, clear and implementation fire security duties and measures, guarantee fire facilities and fire equipment configuration complete, and intact effective, guarantee evacuation channel, and security export, and evacuation indicates logo, and emergency lighting and fire engine channel meet fire technology standard and management provides, developed fire and emergency evacuation plans and organization walkthrough,

    And inspected by the fire services of school events held qualifying.
According to law shall be submitted to the local people's Government for approval, approved by the relevant departments before they can hold.

    16th schools shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, fire control facilities and devices configured, setting fire safety evacuation signs, emergency lighting, annual inspection and maintenance to ensure that fire service installations and equipment in good working condition.

    Schools should ensure that evacuation channels and safety, access to the fire engine. 17th school building, rebuilding, expansion, renovation, decoration activities must strictly enforce the fire code and the national fire protection technical standard of engineering construction and construction engineering according to fire protection design review, acceptance or filing procedures.

    School projects and school units in various works in the school fire tenders and acceptance of school fire agencies shall participate in. Construction units responsible for fire safety at construction site and under the supervision of the school fire, check.

    After the completion of building works the relevant drawings, information, files, and so on should be reported to the fire services of archives institutions and school record.

    Article 18th, half of the basement the basement and used for the production, selling and storage of flammable, toxic and other dangerous articles building site shall not be used as a student dormitory.

    Production, selling and storage of other items of premises and dormitory accommodation set in the same building, fire technical standards shall conform to the national construction.

    Student dormitories, classrooms and auditoriums and other crowded places to prohibit illegal use of high-power electrical appliances, doors, Windows, balconies and other parts shall be set to affect escape and fire obstacles.

    Article 19th opened public places and use of underground space, shall conform to the relevant regulations of the State, and reported to the fire services of school records.

    20th school fire control room should be staffed with full-time attendants, certificates.

    Fire control room shall not be appropriated for other purposes.

    Article 21st schools purchase, storage, use and destruction of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, shall, in accordance with State regulations, strict management and discipline, and developing emergency preparedness and preventive measures.

    School of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods management and operations personnel, must be training beforehand, and certified. 22nd schools use open flames should be strict fire safety management. Ban smoking in places with fire and explosion hazards, the use of open flames; due to special reason needed for hot work such as electrical and gas welding, hot work fire services of units and personnel shall be filed with the school's bid for approval procedures, and implementation of the site supervision and take appropriate fire safety measures.

    Operators shall comply with the fire safety requirements. Article 23rd rental housing within the school, the Parties shall enter into a lease contract, clear fire safety responsibilities. The lessor is responsible for the fire safety management of the leased premises.

    Schools authorized by the management unit should strengthen supervision and inspection.

    Fire safety management of migrant workers by the employers responsibility within the school.

    24th when there is a fire, school should be an alarm and immediately activate emergency response plans, quickly beginning fire fighting, evacuation of personnel in a timely manner. Schools should be located within two hours after the accident reports by the Administrative Department of education.

    More than larger fires at the same time the Ministry of education. Fire put out, the unit should be protected under accident investigation at the scene of the accident, assisting public security fire control institutions to investigate the cause of the fire, fire losses in the statistics.

    Without the consent of public security fire control institutions, no person shall, without authorization, clearance of fire sites.

    25th school and its key unit shall establish and improve fire protection archive.

    Fire record should reflect the management of fire safety and fire safety, and updated as appropriate.

    Fourth chapter of fire safety inspections and corrective action Article 26th schools conduct a fire safety inspection at least every quarter.

    The main contents of inspection include:

    (A) fire safety education and training;

    (B) the implementation of the fire safety systems and accountability;

    (C) the fire security work to establish sound conditions;

    (D) fire prevention inspections and daily implementation of the fire safety inspections and records;

    (V) the fire hazard and the rectification and implementation of preventive measures;

    (F) fire-fighting equipment, equipment configuration and in good working condition;

    (G) formulation of fire-fighting and emergency evacuation, and organizing fire drills;

    (H) the need to check content.

    27th school fire safety checks should be completed to test records, inspectors, inspected unit head or related persons shall sign the inspection records found that fire hazard the fire hazard of the rectification notice should be issued in a timely manner. Units of the 28th school conduct a fire safety check at least every month.

    The main contents of inspection include:

    (A) the fire hazard and rectification and implementation of preventive measures;

    (B) the evacuation routes, evacuation signs, emergency lighting and exit;

    (C) the fire Lane, fire-fighting water source;

    (D) fire-fighting equipment, equipment configuration and effective;

    (E) fire safety flag is set and the complete and effective;

    (F) the use of fire, electricity has no illegal activities;

    (VII) fire-fighting knowledge focused on trades, as well as other employees;

    (H) the key units for fire safety (part) management;

    (I) the places where inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and for fire and explosion prevention measures as well as other important fire safety condition of materials;

    (10) fire (control room) on duty and operation of facilities, equipment, records;

    (11) the implementation of the fire safety inspections and records;

    (12) need to check content. Fire prevention inspection should complete inspection records.

    Inspectors and the Inspection Department shall sign the inspection records. Article 29th of fire key unit (position) should be carried out daily fire prevention patrol and determined people, content, location and frequency of the inspections. Other units can organize fire prevention inspection as required.

    The main contents of inspection include:

    (A) the use of fire, electricity has no illegal activities;

    (B) emergency exits, evacuation channel is smooth, safe evacuation signs, emergency lighting is intact;

    (C) the reign of fire-fighting facilities, equipment and fire safety signs and complete;

    (D) normally closed the fire door is in the closed state, piled up under the fire shutter effects;

    (E) fire safety in key parts of the personnel on the job;

    (Vi) other fire safety conditions.

    Hospitals, dormitories, public school classrooms, laboratories, ancient relics and buildings should be strengthened, such as night-time fire safety inspections. Fire safety inspection personnel should be corrected in a timely manner the fire violations, proper disposal of fire hazards, cannot be disposed of on the spot, it should be immediately reported.

    Found in the earlier fire shall immediately notify the evacuation alarm, and timely saves.

    Fire safety inspections shall be made out to inspect records, inspection staff and their supervisors should sign the inspection records.

    30th of the following acts in violation of fire safety regulations, inspection, inspection staff should be instructed related personnel to correct and supervise the implementation of:

    (A) fire-fighting facilities, equipment, or fire safety sign configuration, Setup does not meet national standards, industry standards, or not maintained in good working condition;

    (Ii) corruption, misappropriation or unauthorized dismantle and stop use fire control facilities and devices;

    (C) occupy or block, sealed fire exit and safety;

    (D) who bury, occupy fire hydrant or occupy fire prevention space, shelter;

    (E) use, jams, closed fire Lane, prevent the passage of fire engines;

    (Vi) in densely populated places on the doors and Windows settings affect escape and firefighting and rescue the obstacle;

    (VII) normally closed the fire door is opened, fire shutter effect stacking items under usage;

    (VIII) breaking into places where inflammable and explosive dangerous goods production and storage;

    (IX) illegal use naked light in operation or in a fire and explosion dangerous places to smoke, use open flame such as a violation of the ban;

    (J) the fire-fighting facilities management, personnel and fire inspection staff on duty leave;

    (11) after the fire hazards after notification by the public security fire control institutions do not take prompt measures to eliminate;

    (12) other acts that breach of fire safety regulations.

    31st School of education administrative departments and pointed out that public security fire control institutions, the police station of fire hazard, shall be verified on the elimination.

    Public security fire control institutions, police stations a rectification of fire hazard, shall, within the prescribed period rectification.

    Article 32nd cannot eliminate fire hazards, entities shall be submitted and the relevant unit or fire safety fire safety responsibilities of competent leadership, propose corrective actions, determine corrective actions, deadlines, and personnel responsible for the rectification of the sector, and implement corrective action Fund. Of the fire has not yet been eliminated, entities should implement measures to ensure fire safety.

    At any time could result in a fire or fire will endanger security, hazardous parts should be stopped or closed for rectification.

    Article 33rd relating to urban planning and other schools cannot solve the serious fire danger, the school shall promptly report to the competent departments or local governments.

    34th fire hazard rectification is completed, rectification unit the rectification of records should be submitted to the appropriate fire safety work responsibility or fire safety supervisor sign an archive for future reference.

    The fifth chapter of fire safety education and training

    Article 35th of the school staff and students should be fire safety education and fire safety training into the school's annual work plan.

    Fire safety education and training includes:

    (A) guidelines and policies for national fire service, fire laws and regulations;

    (B) unit, the post of fire hazards, fire prevention knowledge and measures;

    (C) relating to the performance of fire-fighting facilities, use of fire fighting equipment;

    (D) to report a fire, fighting fires and rescue each other skills from the beginning;
(E) to organize and guide the evacuation methods.

    Article 36th schools should take the following measures to educate students about fire safety, to learn fire prevention and fire-fighting knowledge, master alarm, fighting fires and methods of self-rescue, evacuation from the beginning.

    (A) conduct self-rescue, evacuation and fire safety knowledge simulation exercise, at least once per school year students fire drills;

    (B) according to the need of fire safety education and fire safety knowledge in teaching and training;

    (C) to not less than 4 hours of each class of fire safety education and training;

    (D) students the necessary skills to enter the lab and practice for training;

    (V) held every year at least fire safety talks and seminars and campus networks, broadcasting opened fire safety education program, school newspaper.

    37th school secondary units should organize new and enter the new position of employee fire safety training.

    Key unit of fire safety (location) at least once a year the fire safety training for staff.

    Article 38th of the following persons shall accept fire safety training:

    (A) the fire safety measures in schools and the secondary unit responsible, fire safety Manager;

    (B) the professional fire management staff, students ' dormitory management staff;

    (C) fire control room, operators on duty;

    (D) in accordance with the provisions of fire safety training for staff.

    Of the provisions of the preceding paragraph (c) must be certified.

    Sixth chapter, fire-fighting and emergency evacuation, and walkthrough

    39th school, secondary units, key units for fire safety (location) should establish appropriate fire-fighting and emergency evacuation, establish emergency response and management mechanism, for fire fighting and emergency rescue personnel, equipment and other support.

    Fire-fighting and emergency evacuation plan should include the following:

    (A) Organization: command and coordination group, operations group, communications group, evacuation guidance group, security and rescue groups;

    (B) the warning and alarm procedures;

    (C) the Organization of emergency evacuation procedures and measures;

    (D) the beginning fire fighting procedures and measures;

    (E) communications, security, protection and rescue procedures and measures;

    (Vi) other explicit content.

    40th school laboratory should be developed in a targeted manner of emergency preparedness and emergency preparedness related to biological, chemical and inflammable and explosive materials, the character, amount, risk and countermeasures of disposal of drug names, country of origin and reserve school fire department records.

    41st key units for fire safety in schools should be in accordance with fire-fighting and emergency evacuation organization fire drills at least once every six months, and the Union, and constantly improve the plan.

    Fire drills should be clear identification of personnel and inform the drill to avoid accidents.

    The seventh chapter fire funds

    42nd fire funds schools shall be included in the annual budget of the school to ensure fire protection funding to ensure fire protection needs.

    Article 43rd School of fire control and provision is made for the school of fire-fighting equipment configuration, maintenance, upgrades, alternate facilities, materials for fire-fighting and emergency evacuation, and fire education and training to ensure normal development of fire prevention.

    44th school earmarked special funding to address fire hazards, repair, testing, modification dedicated water supply pipe network, fire water supply system, fire extinguishing systems, alarm systems, smoke control systems, communications systems, fire control systems and other fire equipment.

    45th fire funds used uphold earmarked and balanced, to ensure focused and principle of diligence and thrift.

    No units or individuals may occupy or divert the fire funds.

    The eighth chapter rewards

    46th schools shall include fire safety work in the school internal assessment examination content, for outstanding achievements in fire safety work units and individuals for awards.

    47th fire safety for failing to perform their duties, violation of fire safety management systems, or unauthorized use, damage, damaged fire equipment, facilities, and other violations of fire safety regulations, schools shall order the rectification, give notice of criticism; directly responsible for executives and other persons according to the seriousness of the warning and other appropriate disciplinary action.

    Related to loss, damage of the preceding paragraph, such liability and responsibility shall bear civil liability.

    48th school breach of fire safety regulations or serious fires occurred, subject to penalty according to the provisions of the Fire Services Act, the administrative departments of education should be abolished when selecting the best qualified, and in accordance with relevant regulations of the State of the competent personnel and responsible persons shall be disposed of.

    Nineth chapter by-laws

    49th schools shall, in accordance with this provision, based on actual school, school fire safety management measures are formulated.

    Fire safety management in institutions of higher education other than University with reference to these provisions.

    Secondary school in 50th article of the rules, including colleges, departments, offices, centers, Center, and so on. 51st article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2010.

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